EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Did Not Leave Rehab Early, According to His Mom Jen Edwards (Updated)

“He’s still in the ‘hab, guys!”

UPDATE! On Tuesday, Jen told The Ashley that Ryan is being released from rehab today.

Mackenzie seemed to confirm this as well. In an Instagram comment posted on Tuesday, she told a follower that the time Ryan spent in rehab were “the longest f**king 90 days of my life and they are COMPLETED.”

Ryan Edwards has not left rehab, according to his mother Jen Edwards.

The mother of the Teen Mom OG star says that the report circulating that Ryan’s wife Mackenzie flew up to the rehab facility on Thanksgiving to fetch him is not true.

“Ryan is not currently home,” Jen told The Ashley.

“[Mackenzie] left early in the morning on Thanksgiving and missed dinner with her family,” Radar Online reported on Monday. “She flew with the baby to get Ryan. They’re home now.”

Jen says that Ryan is currently still in treatment.

“Ryan will be leaving the exact day he is supposed to which is set by the facility,” Jen told The Ashley. “He is not leaving treatment early. Ryan and Mackenzie are in a great place. They have asked that we not give any other specific information at this time.”

Jen also disputed the story’s claim that Mackenzie missed the Thanksgiving holiday.

“[Ryan’s dad] Larry and I were with Mackenzie on Thanksgiving Day,” Jen told The Ashley.

(Mackenzie did post a photo to her Instagram that stated she was on a plane on Thursday, however.)

Jen confirmed that the Edwards clan did visit Ryan at the treatment facility he’s been at since August, though.

“We all went to see him but not on Thanksgiving Day,” Jen said.

“Ryan? No Ryan here, sorry!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan checked into the rehab facility in August to seek treatment for his long-term heroin addiction. In October, Radar Online broke the news that Ryan had returned to rehab, and, on a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ the Edwards clan stated that Ryan would be in the intensive rehab facility for 90 days.

Mackenzie took to Instagram stories to dispute Us Weekly‘s write-up of the story.

“I was not aware that Thanksgiving was on the 20th…oh but everything is true on the Internet,” Mackenzie wrote in the caption of a screenshot of the story. “#YallStupid If you’re going to write something at least have the facts.”

Mackenzie posted this to her Instagram stories on Monday…

Mackenzie did not respond to the other part of Radar‘s story, which states that she is currently living with her parents because she is unsure if Ryan’s treatment will stick.

“If he relapses again, [Mackenzie] is going to file for divorce,” Radar‘s source stated. “She’s serious. She doesn’t want to continue to be with someone who doesn’t help himself.”

During her recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ appearance, Mackenzie was supportive of Ryan seeking treatment, even though it meant that he was absent for the birth of their son last month.


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Lover Lover ?

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“If I did not love Ryan, I would call him the most selfish a**hole ever for missing this,” Mackenzie said on-camera, adding that she was willing to sacrifice having Ryan at the birth if it meant that he could get sober.

“This is a drop in this baby’s life, and if he’s going to miss him being born and be healthy forever, I mean, what more could I ask for?”

Stay tuned…The Ashley believes there is more to this story, and will update this when more info is available!

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41 Responses

  1. How TF is October to November a 90 day treatment?
    It’s one thing to live your son to death but another to help him die.

  2. I had to read this several times to understand the story. I think Jen and Mack use certain verbiage to throw people off.

    1. absolutely. They very carefully pick their words
      sad they spend more time worrying about what people think than they do working on fixing things

  3. Mack is out for the attention. No one wants to pay you to see your baby or any other lie you tell. We see through you. Jen and Larry do seem like really nice people. I hope Ryan does the right thing this time for them at least.

    1. They are enablers that just try to sugarcoat everything this idiot does. He is a deadbeat dat, jobless, killed cats, threatened Maci and lied all the time about druguse.

  4. Yeah right they are covering for Ryan because Maci said if Ryan leaves early he can’t see Bentley anymore. She said this was his last chance. He’s definitely home.

  5. Notice the verbiage Jen uses in her denials. She carefully handling the words, in the way of people who want to convince themselves (and others) that they’re “not technically lying”.

    “He’s not currently home” is not the same as “he has not checked himself out of rehab”. It could easily mean he’s at Mack’s parents, or even at the store.

    “He will leave exactly when he’s supposed to” is not the same as “he will complete the prescribed 90 days” or “he did not check himself out earlier than planned”.

          1. Thanks for bringing Food City up! I nearly spat out my cookies due to you two!

  6. Mack is such an asshole. I bet she wasn’t aware that Thanksgiving is actually always on a Thursday, regardless of the date “y’all.”

    That article also said they’re living in her parents’ basement. What happened to the lake house?

    I think Mack should have her own show: “former teen mom in her early 20’s who looks 40”.

    1. I just googled her age cuz I couldnt believe she was in her early 20s and my jaw dropped!!
      What the heck is wrong with her and her parents and her friends? Hes 30, had a child, and a flipping hardcore drug addiction!!! What kind of parent would stand next to her at a wedding?? What kind of friend would encourage this?? “I love you my child and want what’s best for you please marry this almost middle aged, deadbeat dad with a heroin addiction. That would be the best way to spend the last 60-70 years of your life!”
      What in the world?? She has so much life left to live!

      1. Unfortunately this is where we are as far as young people today, getting your mug on tv at any cost is better than a 9-5. She started watching TM as a middle schooler, watched these idiots do very little and make hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in the process. Once she got Rhine’s attention she had her scheme in place and put it into action, what she didn’t expect was that his addictions would get so out of control it would lead to this. I have to say I have almost felt bad for her on those occasions that she obviously wanted to portray happy couple (ie. their wedding day and the day they went in for the ultrasound) and Rhine couldn’t help but mess it all up by being who he truly is; a horses ass. Now she’s in the basement with a baby that the baby daddy has no interest in, she missed out on that one of the spots that Cheyenne and Bristol filled and I really don’t see anyone hiring her as a wedding coordinator any time soon.

  7. These people lie so much for this boy, I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. One minute him and Mack are in a “great place” and the next if he relapses again she’s leaving…then Mack sits there and calls out a typo in an article like it’s some big deal…I’m sick of these people.

  8. Radar Online is a billion times more credible than those 2. They lie constantly and not only that, but they are horrible at it. Every sentence is carefully crafted to twist things around to cover things up.

    1. Jen & Larry are cool but they spoiled him and enable his bad behavior hby making excuses for him. That’s why he’s a jerk.

  9. I don’t believe a word anyone from this family says. Also, Mackenzie will divorce if he relapses AGAIN?! So the first time wasn’t enough for her?! (or multiple times, who knows how many times he actually relapsed in life) Like woman, you have a kid with him now, it was wrong to bring a child into this world but what is, is but now you should think about HIS sake too! Do you want him to have an always absent, always high dad?! Because I don’t believe for a second he will change, his addiction was hidden for so long and you (along with MTV and his parents) are just a bunch of enablers!

    1. Mack already had a young son and sought Ryan out for fame. Didn’t give a shit he was high as a kite and almost killed them (& innocent bystanders) on their parking lot “wedding day”. I’m quite sure she doesn’t care that he missed the birth of his son (I’m sure she’s upset she couldn’t act like they’re a cute little perfect family, but actually missing Ryan? Nah.) and I don’t see her bothering to divorce him as long as she remains somewhat relevant on the internetz.

      1. Yeah, I know she has a kid already, some people really shouldn’t breed. I bet she doesn’t care about Hudson too, didn’t she lose his custody or so I heard.

  10. Both Mackenzie and Jen have lied so many times regarding Ryan and his sobriety that I believe Radar online. I hope he is still in treatment for his children’s sake but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. I’ve never seen anyone on this show get so defensive and be so quick to shoot down rumors like Mack does. She just loves this attention way too much.

    1. Have you noticed the ones that got kicked off Teen Mom (Farrah, Mack, David), always have the most to say about it?? and we all know they would be the first ones to sign back on if given the opportunity. They’re all attention whores, and will do and say ANYTHING for attention.

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