‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Speaks Out About Rumors Circulating About Her Husband Ryan

“Would I lie to you!? Don’t make me write y’all a letter!”

Mackenzie Edwards is setting the record straight regarding the rumors about her husband Ryan‘s recent rehab stay– and the current state of their marriage.

The (former? current?) Teen Mom OG star hit up Instagram stories on Tuesday to tell her side of the confusing story of Ryan’s release from The ‘Hab.

As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan’s mom Jen claimed that Ryan completed his 90-day treatment program and headed home on Monday, disputing a recent Radar Online story that stated Ryan left rehab early on Thanksgiving with Mackenzie. 

Mackenzie also denied Radar‘s report that she is planning to file for divorce if Ryan fails to stay sober this time.

“We’re fine,” Mackenzie said of her and Ryan’s relationship. “It’s not as exciting as it sounds. But we’re good. Yes, they were the longest 90 days of my life. No, he did not leave [rehab] early and no, I am not getting a divorce! Damn.”

“I blame Maci for these dern rumors!”

Jen agreed, telling The Ashley earlier this week that “Ryan and Mackenzie are in a great place.”

In her Instagram stories video, Mackenzie talked about why she wanted to publicly dispute the rumors about her and Ryan getting a divorce.

“A lot of the response has been ‘Why don’t you just ignore it and move on?’ That’s all fine and dandy but if your life was out there and you were going through difficult things, you’d want the truth too!” she said.

Mackenzie has made it no secret that she plans to stand by her sobriety-challenged husband. While Ryan was in treatment, Mackenzie posted a photo of herself with Ryan to her Instagram account. The photo caused a lot of Mackenzie’s followers to criticize her for staying with Ryan. Mackenzie, however, did not hold back in her responses to the nay-sayers.

“I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable,” Mackenzie wrote. “Have mistakes been made? Hell yes. Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep. Why do I post pictures of my husband and myself? Because we do love each other. And that is real life. If you want to fault me for standing by my husband and sticking to my vows, then don’t follow me.”

“I’ve been sprung, y’all!”

This was Ryan’s third stay in a treatment facility (that we know of, anyway). In May 2017, Ryan checked himself into a rehab center, one day after he was caught by MTV-issued dashboard cameras nodding off at the wheel on his way to marry Mackenzie. Ryan’s first attempt at rehab was back in December 2012, according to his ex-girlfriendDalis Connell.)

Ryan has yet to speak out publicly regarding his rehab stay or release.

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(Photos: MTV)



  1. I hate that they expect us to swallow the BS they are serving. They said in early October that Ryan was going into a long term, 90 day treatment cernter. I’ve seen reports that they said he went in either very late September or very early October. Since he got out on thanksgiving, how is that 90 days? How much enabling do need to do? Are they trying to rush him to the grave? GTFOH

  2. This girl is thicker than paste. For the zillionth time Mackenzie, no one faults you for sticking by your husband or any mistakes. The reason people can’t stand you is because of the constant lies and twisting stories around. For months you say everything’s great, we’re happy, Maci’s the problem, Ryan’s sober……but now you say you’ve been through the darkest times imaginable. People would support you if you would either stop playing cover-up and tell the truth, OR just don’t say anything at all. It’s insulting. People aren’t that dumb and you’re a terrible liar. J

  3. “Mackenzie and Ryan are in a great place” – jfc Jen, your son is a heroin addict less than a week out of rehab. He is not in a great place alone or with anyone else!! NO ONE would be at this point. Stop trying to paint a Happy Family rainbows and unicorns picture. Admit he is struggling and has work to do and everyone would sympathize with you and wish you all well. They’d be tweeting you prayers and support instead of rolling their eyes at you. It’s all the lies and whitewashing that people are frustrated with, not the fact that your son is addicted to drugs.

  4. Mackenzie is the perfect villain lol. I enjoyed her and Ryan’s segments cos they were so clearly hiding a lot of tension from the cameras.

  5. The biggest challenge I see for Ryan is being back with his “loved ones”. Those 90 days hopefully helped him to become sober and to develop healthy coping mechanisms for his problems, but if his wife and family don’t acknowledge his problem and make adjustments to their behavior, he will be back to using within 6 to 12 months. Because now come some hardships for Ryan:
    -being a present father
    -being a good present father
    -finding a job
    -keeping that job
    -supporting his family
    -committing to his program
    -staying sober
    You know, having a regular life.

  6. This crazy woman just can’t take a hint that nobody likes her or believes her. It’s time to put a cork in it, Mack.

  7. For someone who complains about lies, she sure does love spreading them…and every time she tries to “defend” one of those lies she looks so stupid. The girl clearly suffers from insanity…she lies about the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Stevie Wonder could see their relationship is the furthest thing from fine, and him fresh out of rehab with that new baby at home…good luck girl. If he wasn’t there for Maci n baby Benny while he was sober(ish), I doubt he’s gonna be there for Mack n this new baby…married or not. I have a feeling he’s about to be doing a whole lot of Tindering while she’s at home taking care of that baby, getting on Rhines nerves.

  8. Immaturity and insecurity is what makes you run to social media to attempt to “set the record straight” all the time. If you really were happy and things were fine and great, you’d just brush it off and say “Fuck em. I know my truth.”

  9. Pathetic “Ashley” i hope you don’t get much money for gossiping about strangers’s lives..It is pathetic, really.

    1. Mackenzie! We know that’s you girl! The irony of you deciding to have your name be “Reality Check” while calling someone else pathetic. Whew chile!….the delusion!

    2. Blasphemy! The Ashley doesn’t just “gossip”, she does her research and if something is just a rumor she lets us know and updates us when sources confirm. Plus, you can’t be an attention seeking fame whore who hooks up with and marries an addict so you can be on TV and then won’t shut up about 1) MTV 2) your personal life and 3) you husband’s child’s mother on social media, and also want to be a “stranger”. It’s just not reasonable, so there’s that reality check for you.

    3. Quit putting your shit out there then, if you don’t want people talking about it. It’s actually pretty easy to not live your life in the public eye.

      Close your social media accounts, make new ones private, stop reading or responding to stories about yourself (especially the STOP RESPONDING part), and get your shit together. Get real jobs and live a normal life, and you’ll fade into obscurity before you know it.

  10. So, don’t get me wrong – all these people are authorized drivers of the Hot Mess Express – but some of the criticism is not warranted. Rehabs have been around since before reality TV. Husbands have been going to rehab and wives have stayed with them (and vice versa). Some may no longer be married, but some might be. The criticism of her staying with Ryan shouldn’t be based on the fact that he went to rehab multiple times (hey, maybe this time it will stick – we’ll never know until his next Tinder match spills the beans). Addiction is a disease and even though I believe it can be overcome when you try, I’m willing to see that it is an illness that you have to manage, kinda like other chronic illnesses. You wouldn’t advocate someone leave their husband because he had a chronic illness, would you?

    There are so many other things to prompt Thirsty Mack to dump his sorry butt:
    -the aforementioned Tinder hookups
    -no regard for her safety by driving clearly high
    -she doesn’t love him, he doesn’t love her
    -he’s unemployed with no signs of becoming employed anytime soon
    -he relies on his parents for everything – EVERYthing
    -his first Baby Mama has a restraining order against him because he doesn’t know how to act
    -the only reason he has a relationship with his first child is because his parents want to have a relationship with their grandchild and they fight for that, not him

    There are probably more. She really should leave him but she won’t because she loves the attention she gets by being with him and being associated with the show.

    My point is – don’t focus on the fact that she should leave because he went to the ‘hab – she should leave him because he’s a POS.

    1. Him successfully completing rehab would actually be a check in the “stay with him” column, rather than “dump his sorry ass” column. Although the successfully part is pretty damn important.

      I commend people that stay with an addict and HELP them work through the addiction and deal with the illness. I don’t commend people that do so because they get platitudes for such, and I don’t commend people that do so because it makes for a great viral story, either (both of which Mack falls under).

      I doubt most people actually give much of a shit about the rehab thing, let alone use it as a reason for why she should dump him, just another failed check mark on his things to do in life list (ok, most intelligent people anyway). There are so many reasons why she shouldn’t be with him, the most important of which is because children are involved and THEY deserve better. If two adults want to screw up their own lives..by all means, go forth and do so. If children are involved, however, all of your needs go out the window until their needs are handled, then you deal with your shit. (unless some kind of circumstance requires you to deal with your own shirt first so that you CAN deal with their needs…)

    2. I don’t think criticism against her is because of his rehab stays, I think it mostly comes from her willingly and knowingly marrying into that sad situation with a very young son. She knew Rhine had an addiction problem (remember on the way to the parking lot wedding she said something like did you take Xanax again?)…then she brings another innocent baby into that sad situation when Rhine is the furthest thing from healthy. Then she lashes out like an entitled child when people call her out for her piss poor decisions. With Mack a lot of her criticism comes from her enabling a junkie, her opportunism, and her delusion.

  11. Does anyone know the date he entered rehab? An article I read stated he went in September. If he was admitted on September 1, today would have been the 89th day. Soooo…

  12. Well… She is an expert on “vows,,,” she’s been married twice guys, she knows everything…
    Maybe she just needs to keep things private instead of trying to prove wondering to people she doesn’t even know. People are always going to talk, screw it, ignore them. Enjoy the new baby

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