EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Father Michael Denies Farrah Demanded Boxing Match Be Fixed; Says Farrah Will Never Fight Kail Lowry

“With these muscles, why would I need to fix a boxing match!?”

Farrah Abraham‘s father Michael came out swinging after an article published earlier this week accused his daughter of trying to force the promoters of her ill-fated boxing match to fix it in her favor.

On Monday, The Daily Mail reported that the former Teen Mom OG star “pulled out of her November 10 bout with Flavor of Love‘s Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander just days before the match after the event promoter refused to sign a contract that would allow Farrah to win.”

The site also posted a copy of what they claim is a contract drafted by Farrah’s lawyer that states if Farrah does not win the fight, it will be considered a breach of contract. (The Ashley has no idea if this is, indeed, the real contract or not, by the way!)

The fight’s promoter Damon Feldman told Daily Mail that he is planning to sue Farrah.

“Like a diva, she pulled out because she wins the match or she wasn’t doing it,’ he told the site. “She’s a complete absolute fraud.”

“OBVIOUSLY, they’re all just jealous!”

The Ashley reached out to Farrah’s camp for comment on this story, and received a written statement from Michael in response, in which he denied the contract posted to the site is the actual contract the promoters and Farrah signed. (The Ashley is posting Michael’s statement in full below.)

“I will say this Damon Feldman continues to lie and fabricate stories to hid the FACT that the he and the other promoters are in default of the REAL contract terms – not one of the possible negotiation draft(s) contracts which both parties exchanged in the negotiation process. 

Notice that the so called contract ‘Daily Mail’ obtained was not signed by the promoter which means it is not valid. And guess what they (Damon) could have altered that document…… adding or removing ANY statements to the document. Damon and crew will do anything to spin a story even commenting fraud and forgery. 

“World to Damon – stop operating as the gutter” You had a chance to work successfully with one of the most trending celebrities in the world – not a so-called ‘D’ personality that you’re used to – and you failed! 

Damon you failed by making legal commitments then tried to get out of them – from saying you are broke …… to the many other facts and actions that will be disclosed if required.

>Damon Feldman and his gutter crew need to have concern about being the ones sued for non performance and other items they committed. Damon don’t let your lies blind you from the truth because the entire world knows real truth – you failed…. you lied ….. you did not fulfill your entire commitments. END OF STORY.”

The Ashley reached out to Michael after receiving the statement to ask some follow-up questions, regarding Damon’s offer to forgo suing Farrah if she would agree to fight Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, who reportedly committed to boxing Farrah, should she agree.

According to Michael, that fight is never going to happen.

“Farrah’s not going to fight anybody, period, anymore,” Michael told The Ashley. “[Damon] had an opportunity he messed up, he lied.”

He denied that Farrah tried to force Damon to fix the fight.

“Fact is, Farrah is a competitor. She didn’t need any guarantee that she was going to be a winner. If she did, why would she work out so hard?” Michael said. “My daughter would never ever ask for that. She earns everything she works for including the fight. They’re the ones who should worry about being sued.”

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images)

28 Responses

  1. Disgusting as this sounds, Michael and Farrah act like a couple. Everything they say about each other and do together is just beyond gross.

  2. Michael was captured on film back around 2013 by TMZ, trailing behind Farrah while holding on to Sophia’s hand en route to the offices of Vivid Entertainment to sign Farrah’s “not porn” sex tape deal.

    At the time, Sophia was only about three and a half years old. Way to go, granddad. (Inserting huge eye roll right about here.)

    Since then, I have never believed another single, solitary word that has ever come out of Michael’s mouth.

    Not one.

    Just saying.

    1. That whole family is as dysfunctional as they come. Hopefully Derek would have had custody, had he not passed away.

    2. Yes, his lack of writing skills has not gone unnoticed. I don’t know if he still does it but he used to go on blogs and TRY to defend her. His writing was horrible and unintentionally hysterical. Neither Abraham has a good grasp on the English language, so I suppose writing wouldn’t be any different. You would think at the very least he would re-read his writing before hitting send. I guess he’s too busy carrying his daughter’s pocketbook, arranging fake boxing matches and her nightly porn show where she happily sticks things up her bum….. in addition to arranging for her to hook herself out with Sophia in tow to “wealthy” men around the globe. Yes Michael we are ALL haters who really just envy her. Money is the be all and end all. Integrity education and treating people with respect are all meaningless.

      Fwiw, This grown man depends on his porn “star” daughter to support him and his wife. The lack of self-respect is really pitiful. The only reason he’s allowed around Farrah and Sophia is because he tip toes around her and kisses her ass. Her mom can’t do it anymore therefore she’s out. What a family.

  3. Not from day 1 did I ever believe she would ever actually go through with it. Be honest Micheal she never had any intentions to from the get go.
    Bullies only fight people they can win.

  4. And if you believe the bull that Michael is putting out about this fight, then you probably also believe that Farrah’s porn flick was a “personal video that someone leaked to the public!” Farrah is a Kim Kardashian wannabe and she’s got her old man on the payroll as the guy that walks behind her and sweeps up all the crap she drops as she lives her pathetic, delusional life. I can’t take these loser asshats!

    1. I know someone that knew Farrah years ago (2011-ish). Apparently she would watch the Kardashians and take down notes.

  5. So I guess Michael is her publicist, agent, manager, maybe lawyer who knows. He’s definitely on the payroll and explains more as to why this douche always has a statement ready about how his daughter is being targeted and victimized and slut shamed or some sh*t like that. Farrah “trained” in her underwear Michael. Clearly learning how to fight wasn’t the real goal there. She probably thought some fitness place would see her and hire her to be a model or spokesperson for their stuff.

  6. I have to keep up with this girl. I have to know how she looks when she’s older. To see hoe Sophia turns out and to see how she acts like. I dont know why i have to, but I will need to know what heppens to her in the next 20 years and more.

  7. You had a chance to work successfully with one of the most trending celebrities in the world – not a so-called ‘D’ personality that you’re used to –

    Farrah is a “most trending celebrity in the world” and not a D-list personality? Who the hell does Mykhal think he’s kidding? He’a just as crazy as she is.

  8. Um, MYcull – the promoter not signing it is not anything that is in YOUR favor you know. The promoter not signing it is not proof that Farrah (you!) didn’t sign and present a contract that guaranteed she would “win” and if not it would be a material breach of contract.

    Reading that document – that HAD to come from Farrah’s camp. Why is the word win in quotes. Wouldn’t she want to win and not just “win”. Just shows the whole thing was some kind of publicity and attention seeking scam.

    And of course you were going to deny that Farrah wanted to fix the fight. Even you and Farrah aren’t dumb enough to proclaim, “Damn skippy it was gonna be fixed!”

    PS: WTF is Farrah doing to herself? I’ve never seen anything like that picture you have here. She’s gonna start looking all plastic from all the plastic surgery – she’s about 82% of the way there. Even Kim K doesn’t look that ridiculous.

  9. whys micheal so obsessed with farrah and always cosigning her bullshit there weird af and seems like incest to me nasty mfs yuck.the sick shit her poor daughter probly has to endure.so sad.

  10. Farrah did everything for publicity. All her staged “training videos” in her undies weren’t really training. She just worked out. How do we know this? We all saw the only practice match she had and she couldn’t even fight. No proper form, barely landed a punch. She knew she already lost but didn’t want to be humilated cause everyone wanted to see her lose. As for Michael talking about the non signed contract…umm duh why would it be signed by promoter? They probably said no thus an unsigned new contract from her lawyer. She can’t speak for herself cause she can’t speak but when Michael chimes in it adds no credibility to her claim. Farrah would be wise to live her life quietly and keeping her mouth closed.shes no celeb. She’s a wannabe.

    1. I’d give Leah a pass since she actually does seem to be making improvements in her life, but agreed re: the rest of them. Maybe give Maci a pass and put Mack Truck in her place. Mack would love the camera time anyway.

      1. I would not give Maci a pass. She is just an entitled as the rest of them. She thinks she is better than everyone else now that she is rich.

  11. “[They] need to have concern about being the ones sued for non performance and other items they committed.”

    I now see one is not born with the gift of Farrah speak, neither is it taught: it is inherited by your father’s genes

  12. WAIT, Did Michael say they had a chance to work with one of the most trending celebrities? WHAT!!! Now I know where Farrah gets her delusional behavior. WTF.

  13. Lmfao we now have Michael speak. And fake working out in your lingerie for photo ops is not really working out

  14. Of course Michael has to give his worthless two cents!

    So last week on the news pile that had Amber Baltierra there was a piece about David and Kayden. At the bottom of that piece it said that we were going to get an update about Olivia and David’s custody battle. Are we ever going to get this information???

  15. Farrah wasn’t ever going to fight anyone. She’s had way too much plastic surgery done, and Kim Kardashian would never do it, so Farrah will never do it. She wants to be Kim K so bad it’s like “single white female girl interrupted” or something…its pathetic…Seems like everyone except that promoter knew she wasn’t gonna go through with it. Farrah’s such a joke.

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