See All the Photos From ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry’s Pothead-Themed Launch Party (Exclusive Details!)

“Celebrate the ‘pothead’ in you!”

Reporting by Amber Belus

(All photos by Anthony Serrantonio, used with permission)

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry launched her Pothead line of hair care products last weekend with a marijuana-themed party in New York City! From the potleaf-shaped cookies to the CBD oil bar, it was a shindig that would have had even the biggest pot critics (lookin’ at you, Barbara Evans!) seeing the benefits of using CBD to get hair with a HIGH! HIGH! level of shine and body.

Sorry…The Ashley couldn’t resist….

Held at JA Studios, Kail’s launch party celebrated the release of the first three products in Kail’s Pothead line: the “Leave Me Be” leave-in conditioner (which is infused with CBD oil and shea butter); the Elixir hair oil (a CBD-infused oil treatment for dry, frizzy hair); and the Cloud Nine volumizing powder (which uses CBD to help pump up flat hair and give you Chelsea Houska-level hair height).

The products are available separately or as a combo pack that’s, of course, called “The Dispensary.”

“I started the line because, when my hair is done, I get compliments on it all the time so I really wanted to get into the hair product industry,” Kail told The Ashley‘s reporter Amber Belus on the red carpet of the event. “I wanted to set myself apart from other products, so I was like, ‘What can I do?’ I thought CBD was perfect. It’s the next big thing, so that’s why I did it.”

Kail said that she hopes her products (which — by the way— contain no THC so you won’t get HIGH! HIGH! from using them) will change people’s views on the topic.

“I’ll just hopefully bring new light to marijuana and CBD,'” she said, adding that more Pothead products will be coming eventually. “I’ll probably just stick with this for a while and see how it does, then expand my brand and grow it.”

The party was attended by numerous reality TV stars and personalities including Landon Ramano,  16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson, YouTube star Careless Morgan and Are You The One? star Diandra Delgado, as well as Kail’s half-sister Mikaila.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez made a surprise appearance at the event, which was being filmed by MTV for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9.

“Are there any pot leaf cookies left?”

Party guests tried out the Pothead products at stylist stations throughout the salon. There was a CBD oil bar set up for guest to try, as well as appetizers, courtesy of Full Belly Catering, including antipasto skewers, mac ‘n’ cheese cups and cornbread muffins with jalapeno cream cheese frosting.

Also of note was the “wacky-tobaccy”-themed dessert bar that featured cookies, brownies, candies and cupcakes, set up on a dessert bar decorated with light-up letters spelling out “Pothead.”

Check out more photos from Kail’s Pothead launch party below!

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  1. Damn you all are brutal. It is like no one can change their mind about pot. Good Golly, Kail is the most accomplished teen mom there is. Love her or hate her, she has a degree and a hussle. I think she looks great and her launch party looks professional and well put together.

  2. Wasn’t she the one who didn’t like Vee because of her association with marijuana at one point? Also, her hair doesn’t look that great.

    1. Money makes me smile too. At least she’s trying to start a business on the outside of TM money. Her kids always look happy, but not sure how much choosing dads who want to be involved plays.

  3. She gets compliments when she gets her hair professionally done…so that means she’s qualified to start a hair line? Doesn’t EVERYONE get compliments when they get their hair done? Isn’t that the point of getting your hair done? I guess every single person who’s ever gotten a compliment in their life is missing their calling if they didn’t make a product line out of it.

  4. Sorry, still gave you 5 stars for covering this but I realllly don’t care about Kail or her pothead. Good god girl..

  5. How did she get any type of clothing deals when she always looks so unfortunate? From the genie doo to the saggy soup can sized areolas to the shorts she always got smashed into her clit. Just unfortunate

    1. Yeah it’s hard to buy beauty products from someone who always looks so frumpy. I’m not sure I trust what she would recommend.

  6. The bottom half of that outfit is… horrendous.

    I don’t understand why you’d randomly decide to create a hair care line all about pot when you don’t even like it? Just seems really… fake. Did the cookies and brownies get you high? Just seems confusing and dumb all around.

  7. She’s so hypocritical. She slammed Vee for smoking weed (when she was also smoking weed) she slammed jos child support request (when she asked him for more money just a few years ago) she slammed Javi for sleeping around (while she’s pregnant with some other dudes baby) she slammed children wearing clothes from walmart (but she claims to be “white trash”) She wanted to start a hair care line because she gets compliments when a professional does her hair for her? Uh Ok I want to start a bakery because everytime I bring a store bought cake to dinner everyone likes it wtf lol….I don’t buy it that she decided cbd would be the choice ingredient having never spoken about it before. Just like jenelles make up line and ambers clothing line it’s a money scheme on impressionable and naive fans. If Chelsea came out with a skin care line everyone would jump on it and it would actually make sense because she’s trained on skin care. Time for their 15 minutes to be up it’s getting ridiculous.

  8. I’m all for positivity and praise when it’s deserved. I was happy for her when she got the deal through Khloe Kardashian’s clothing line. However, this product makes no sense. CBD doesn’t stimulate your roots or promote hair growth. So, I’m confused about it.

    1. Cbd is supposed to nourish, moisturize, and strengthen hair due to vitamin E & other oils/acids. Does it? No idea & unfortunately a lot of information about it is being blown up because it’s todays trendy miracle.
      It cracks me up how many people are hawking it & are either ignorant to differences in hemp cbd vs thc cbd or blatantly lying to sell you their mlm company brand of it

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