Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Clarifies His Statements About Shooting Trespassers on “The Land” After Instagram Shuts Down His Account

“Nothing but love here on The Land!”

David Eason, husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, got himself into hot (swamp) water earlier this weekend after his Instagram post garnered him a visit from the Secret Service, which he responded to by going on a weapon-showcasing Instagram rant that ended with him stating that he was willing to shoot anyone who dares to step foot on The Land uninvited, regardless of who they are: police, government officials or even the President himself!

On Sunday, though, David seemed to have changed his tune a bit. After realizing that Instagram had disabled him from logging into his account, he went on Facebook Live to clarify that, although he did threaten to blast anyone who trespassed on The Land, he didn’t mean the authorities.

“I’m not stupid enough that I would ever engage in a firefight with any sort of police or swat or anything like that,” David said, as he roamed aimlessly around The Land filming. “I’m not that stupid, even if they came to my house. It’s not an issue. I wouldn’t be opening fire on them. What I meant in that comment is that anyone that comes on my property who does not identify themselves and you come past my gate, I would take it as a threat.”

“I didn’t mean the cops…unless they’re crackheads!”

“You might take my posts the wrong way,” he said later on the Facebook video. “You might take what I said the wrong way and run with it, which is what everyone does. But I’m not that f**king stupid that I would ever try to shoot at some sort of authority that would come on my property. If I have my gate closed, they’re not gonna come past my gate, unless they come busting it down with some kind of search warrant. I definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to fight with them.”

David blamed his “haters” for getting his Instagram account shut down. (To clarify, the account still shows up to other users, but David says he can’t log in.)

“I guess Instagram took my posts complete total opposite of what I was trying to convey,” he said. “It’s easy for words to be taken the wrong way. That’s just due to all the haters that were going and reportin’ it, which is something that happens on almost all of my posts.”

David claimed when he tried to log into his Instagram account, he got a message that said the government is trying to hack into his account because they think he’s up to something.

“Sure they are, David! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!”

David stated that he would still shoot anyone who came onto The Land without his permission…but that does not include police or government officials.

“What I meant is any kind of trespassers that come down my driveway around my gate, unidentified, and you’re not invited, you best believe we’re gonna be in a fight,” he said. “But, police have come to the end of my driveway before and I talked to them from down here until I figure out why they’re here and then I walk to the end of the driveway.”

(As The Ashley previously reported, the police came to David and Jenelle’s house back in October, after Jenelle called 911 after a physical fight ensued between her and David.)

“I was just trying to be a gun advocate…that’s the only message I was trying to convey,” David said. “Anyone who wants to take it the wrong way, shove it up your ass.


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Thanks for the visit from your @secretservice friends today @realdonaldtrump. I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone “red flagged” them. Then I told them to get the fuck out of my house and dont ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy shit, I thought your people were all about border security. Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house. Dont expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before. #stayoffmyland #notrespassing #donttreadonme #posted #privateproperty

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“I protect my land from trespassers who are like, crackheads, or want to come take a picture or steal something,” he added. “Other than that, if any kind of authority’s comin’ to my house, they’re more than welcome. I have nothing to hide and they can come on up and see it.”

David’s social media posts have not only worried the U.S. Government, but also David’s own family. On Friday, following David’s weapon- and threat-filled videos being posted to social media, his sister Jessica took to Twitter to express her thoughts, mocking her brother for trying to act tough online.

“That lil baby arsenal lmao.. Extended magazines, a bag of bullets and a WHOLE box of buck shots? Shoo wee! I bet the USSS are shaking in their boots!” she tweeted. “But it takes more than 1 person to shoot all those guns. Where’s your army? I know that pet turtle can’t shoot, she just lays eggs.” (In Jessica’s scenario, Jenelle is the pet turtle, in case you didn’t catch that…)

Jessica claimed that David continues to post controversial videos because he enjoys the attention he gets from them.

“He’s feeding off the attention,” she tweeted. “Must…stay..relevant…

“Acting so tough as if they couldn’t sniper him in .05 seconds.. He needs to stop being an idiot,” she added.


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You know how crazy those Trump supporters are! You had better not like your president lmao #maga

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She also wrote that David wasn’t always this way, and that she feels Jenelle is responsible for the change in him.

“We don’t know this new guy… poisonous p**nanny has entered into his bloodstream,” Jessica wrote. “[Jenelle’s] the most horrible creature I’ve ever met. She has disrespected everyone she’s ever met in our family. I do believe she has brought out the worst in David, and I think he hates himself…And Jenelle controls David even more so.

“I think he’s fueling himself w the attention and instead of being smart with it, he’s acting like a villain.. I’m sorry. I can’t change him or I would,” Jessica wrote, adding that she does not fear for Jenelle or their kids’ safety on The Land.

“He is making these videos for this purpose,” she wrote. “To be the BIG TOPIC. Ignore him and he’ll go away. He isn’t going to hurt their kids or Jenelle. All of this attention is making him come up with more ideas to show off his stupidity.”

She also stated that Jenelle and David do not have a great relationship.

(The Ashley will give you a moment to get over the shock…)

“They don’t get along great. They fight and they should split up.. but they know no one else will have them for any other purpose than to either use Jenelle for her wh0re money or take David in as a fixer upper!”

Jessica claimed that David rarely talks to his parents, who both hate Jenelle and are appalled by David’s behavior.

UPDATE! Jenelle took to her own Instagram account on Monday to comment on some of Jessica’s tweets, and other responses to David’s rants.

“David never had a order of protection for hurting anyone,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “He was found not guilty. All lies. But he did have a no-contact order on him for saying a cuss word in front of his son while he was sleeping.

“David’s dad visits and helps him with his drums,” Jenelle wrote, obviously in response to Jessica’s comment that David rarely sees his parents. “That’s something they’ve always bonded over. David hasn’t spoken to his sisters in two years because of this media bulls**t.”

She did not, however, deny that David rarely speaks to his mother.

“Other than that, he talks to my mom more than his own,” Jenelle wrote. “Even all have Christmas dinner together and couldn’t be happier. His mom always busy doing her own thing. Let’s hope and pray people get the help they need.”

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86 Responses

  1. “I’m not stupid enough that I would ever engage in a firefight with any sort of police […]”. Except that you ARE in fact stupid enough to do exactly that. Can someone in a position of power please remove all of the guns, ammo, and children from The Land?

  2. hey lauren barns…..take ur “people” and get the fu*k out of the country than. u people make it trash. u want to live in the US but yet treat it like shit and complain about white people. go back to where u came from…and next time a white person marches or protests with u or has ur back..punch them in the face and tell them how u really feel..maybe they will wake up and we maga!

  3. Gosh, I just can’t count the number of times random crackheads have just wandered onto my property….David is just being smart.


  4. There was a mass shooting in my neighborhood of Squirrel Hill not long ago, by a man who was acting on his “right” to do something. He posted scary stuff online and thought of himself as untouchable. Now my community will never be the same and I leave my house every day and flinch, look over my shoulder, and I can’t sleep. We can’t laugh it off anymore, say ‘i was kidding’ or ‘people are just too sensitive.’ Be a MAN David and get HELP before this gets further out of control.

  5. Meth and anger issues are never a good combination, David. You make yourself look painfully ignorant everytime you open that dumbass trap of yours. Please fall off the face of the Earth already. The both of you.

    P.S. No man who is legitimately tough needs an arsenal of guns to protect him, you pitiful puss. You’re paranoid, no doubt, but this level of insecurity seems to be more of a baby dick issue, please seek help.

  6. So Insta shut him down…there’s a baby step in the right direction. Now if only CPS would follow suit and step up too…

  7. actually I dont give a f*ck about him…I’m just tired of racist black people continuously saying what they want about white people including how racist they are when blacks r the most rasist race out of anybody. also tired of millennials talking out of there ass and gun control bullshit. also tried of certain types of people wanting everything for free and wanting to do and say whatever they want and never have anybody step to them. And dont worry, the thumbs down does not bother me since these comments are always filled with dems and millennials…so now go complain about a classic christmas songs being sexual harassment while u listen to rap music talking about shooting people, drugs and f*ckin ho*s up the a$$

    1. Um… arent u the type of person who wants everything for free? Last time I checked you were living off 9f your trailer trash wife. Everything you own she pays for. Your a loser! You grew a giant beard that looks like you glued a bunch of pubes to your face to hide your hideously deformed jaw. Waste of oxygen low life

    2. White people are trash. And always have been. No matter where you come from…same bs. But love talking about us and black people. And it’s funny how this site never lets me post anything about white people but continually allows white people to say whatever they want about black people. This site is racist.

    3. Anyone not living on the land that humanity forgot would see this post and ridiculous. Race issues and your own personal issues aside this is a sinking pit of land where there are too many guns and too little supervision and brainpower to have innocent children. His right to have guns isn’t the issue. His republican or democratic stance isn’t the issue. It’s the negligence and downright abuse that is going to lead to a very sad end for the children trapped in his makeshift Jonestown type atmosphere that is the issue here. Make this an issue of skin color or political party problems because it switches the conversation. Black, white, green no one has the right to force this type of abuse on children

    1. Absolutely he is that stupid. Obviously he is coming down down his high And now hes looking at all the stupid shit he said and all the trouble he can go get in.. I’m sure Nathan has all this stuff on walk for court.

  8. Hey Ashley!! Jenelle did respond in her Instagram stories stating Jessica is lying cause David hasn’t spoken to her in 2 years and that he talks her her mom more than his family but they are all cool just busy. She also claims there order of protection cause he was found not guilty, just a no contact cause he cussed in front of his sleeping child lol. I found the last bit hilarious!

  9. That video was really scary. The only reason he’s backpedaling, is because Instagram pulled his account. I believe he meant everything he said in the video, because he’s a psychopath.

  10. HEY M. yea that white guy didnt threaten the authorities just for being like blacks do everytime they open there fuck*n mouth..he also didnt show up to a club waving it around or on the street where the stray bullet ends up killing a 5 year old… or rape and shoot anybody with the illegal guns he stole over a dime bag like some of the u know who people. so think about that next time u talk about a “white guy” thats free. He actually did nothing wrong, makes no difference if his yard had NO TRESSPASSING and TRESSPASSERS WILL BE SHOT signs all along his property. you know…its illegal to go on some1 property, especially when they are a threat and the property owner is a traget. but than again I’m sure u probably think that’s ok considering all the burglaries and home invasions some people like to do. wink wink

    1. He’s perfectly within his legal rights to gate off his driveway, preventing everybody from neighbors to the Girl Scouts from coming up to ring his doorbell. It is, however, antisocial and more than a little paranoid.

      He has a right to come across as antisocial and paranoid. Others have a similar right to opine that he comes across as antisocial and paranoid. Are you happy now?

    2. Confused as to why you start off your belligerent rant by specifically stating “like blacks do” then later said “like u know who people.” You already came out of the gates being blatantly racist, whats the point of saying “u know who people.” We get it, you’re racist.

      1. previous comments about white people. read b4 u go on ur naive rant. some white people actually have the balls to say something to offensive black people. unlike naive one marching with them when THEY HATE WHITE PEOPLE. smh

      2. I’m 99.9% sure that’s David ranting and raving…and aside from the blatant racism this clown is spewing…the fact that he’s unable to put together a coherent sentence and is home schooling Marissa is equally alarming. Only God knows lies that he’s teaching her on the land.

    3. What in the fuck does this have to do with race, David. Put down the pipe and shut the fuck up already, you ignorant oaf.

  11. He is the “gun advocate” that gives legit gun advocates a bad name. I’m pretty sure they don’t want or need his brand of “support.”

  12. I feel extremely sorry for the kids and I fear for their safety. I used to fear for Jenelle’s safety but not anymore. We all heard that 911 call and she still defends him, and puts him before the children. Fuck her, she deserves this.
    Also it’s pretty funny how David bashes “crackheads” when he’s addicted to pills himself. Pot, meet kettle.

  13. Next time a white guy complains that he’s so oppressed I’m just going to point out this. You can stock pile guns and ammo, brag about it on social media, threaten the POTUS and various gov. departments AND still walk around free. I pray for the kids because they are innocents in all this. She is JUST as guilty as he is in all this.

  14. Backpedal much David? That is terroristic threatening, it’s funny he made this new crap up to try and get himself out of trouble, He’s attention seeking and he’s going to be getting what he wants but it is not good attention.

  15. Dummy changed his tune real quick…you cannot threaten the GOVERNMENT…I dunno who he thinks he is. I really hope that he’ll now be forced to surrender all of his weapons, and won’t be able to own a firearm ever again..Threatening the president and secret service…WTF?

    The fact that his sister called Jenelle a pet turtle that lays eggs, had me ROLLING…Where has this Jessica been?…She was spitting out a lot of truth…I too believe David hates himself, he was already horrible, but I believe Jenelle has brought out the worst in him…as she does with everyone…and I also think that if we ignore him he’ll go away…AND I also believe David and Jenelle know they’re damaged goods…so they’re not getting out of that “marriage” anytime soon.

    1. Oh, but I did disagree with Jessica in regards to those kids…David’s going to eventually end up really hurting one if they continue to be in his “care”…It’s really unfortunate that those innocent kids are in that situation.

      1. Agree. Jenelle didn’t make David this way. This is David on money, fame and a power trip. Jessica needs to get it through her head that David is just as bad as Jenelle. When she starts to accept that, she might realize that he’s actually worse!! And yes, David is a danger to those kids, Jessica.

    2. Jessica tweets every now and then. She says some stuff that is true, but has a huge blind spot when it comes to David. She seems to think it’s all Jenelle’s fault and he was totally fine before he met her. She totally ignores the fact that he was a violent POS before Jenelle. In fact, he only learned about Jenelle while he was in prison after assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

  16. His sister spoke a lot of truth, but, sadly I fear it’ll just come across as fame whoring.

    And the only ones who will suffer are those poor kids. I grew up in a volcano of a home; the fallout is devistating.

    1. I just said that same thing about Jessica…she was dropping a lot of truth bombs, but I do think she has it wrong about David hurting those kids.

  17. His gate? The one that you can easily walk around because it isn’t connected to a fence or wall?

      1. They’ve posted pictures and yes, you can literally walk right around it. It’s just huge swinging doors with nothing on either side. ?

    1. A closed gate across a driveway is very much like a “no trespassing” sign. It’s meant to serve as notice to law-abiding people that they’re not welcome to go any further, not to keep out the malicious or the criminally-inclined.

      Of course, that also means he’s projecting all this hostility mostly towards people already inclined to respect his space.

  18. “I don’t care if you’re the police, if you’re the mother**king Swat Team, if you’re the President himself, my mama, I don’t care who you are…”

    Hmm, he definitely didn’t threaten authorities. Nope. Everyone misunderstood the words that came outta his mouth. ??

    Wonder what CPS, authorities, etc will claim when this man eventually kills someone? It is not “if”, but “when”.

  19. David’s sister Jessica just spoke a whole lot of truth about this situation, it’s quite clear he has this overwhelming need to stay relevant he’ll post just about anything. It’s so so sad to see a grown (quite overgrown) man cling to a social media account like this, it’s like a baby with it’s binky or blankie, he’s throwing a hissy fit ‘cuz it was taken away for a few hours. I’ve said it before, when a man like this feels impotent he has to concoct a false sense of self-importance (ie. “I was just trying to be a gun advocate”) to get him through the day, I mean, what else is he possibly going to do with his time if he doesn’t have strangers to argue with and demonstrate what a protector of the right to bear arms he is? These are two incredibly mentally unwell individuals isolated on swampland in charge of children. I wonder how things in Hillbilly Homeschool are going, I’m sure Maryissa is getting an exceptional education in this healthy, nurturing environment.

  20. The self hate is real on this one. Just do yourself a favor and step out of the closet. So no more woman and children are hurt.. because poor david cant play hide the sausage..????????

  21. So….. you “didn’t mean the authorities” and once again people “took it the wrong way and ran with it”? It’s LITERALLY what you said. You not only said it included the authorities, you then listed various types of authorities AND dared/threatened them to come to your property.

    But…..haters, right?

  22. I wish people would stop reacting to him. He’s doing all of this on purpose for attention. He gets a kick out of pissing people off with his gun talk. I think he is definitely a psychopath but I also think he’s trolling. Stop feeding the monster and giving him attention.

  23. He backpedaled on that real quick, didn’t he? Guess he got a nice, good scare when the US government started tracking him. And, yes, David, you are an idiot. Didn’t you learn there are consequences to what you say on social media? Apparently not.

    1. Hes all tough right?…. hes the biggest pussy on this planet. A big bully beating up woman and children.. I cant wait till he inevitably goes to jail for years. Who’s gonna be the bitch then …

      1. I honestly think that’s his goal. Hes hiding his true sexual orientation. Put that big deformed jaw into use.. sorry he is like another level.

    2. Online messages are taken very seriously now, they aren’t a joke. There are plenty of mass shooters who left disturbing messages online before going on a shooting spree. Then after it happens, people wonder why the government didn’t do anything when the warning signs were all there.

      I really don’t think David has any brain cells to figure out the massive difference between making serious threats and advocating for guns.

      1. I have a friend with mental health issues who made a terroristic threat via a text earlier this year. What they did was definitely wrong, but their life is ruined now – their teaching license (and livelihood) was taken away and they have legal bills in the tens of thousands of dollars trying to fight a potential felony conviction. Their name was all over the local news – they moved out of state and changed their name.

        What they said was perhaps on par with David’s rant, but the big difference is the authorities got a warrant and checked their home and vehicle – zero weapons were found. They have no history of violence. I know my friend is anti-gun to begin with so their threats were empty. OTOH, David has been convicted of violence and flaunts his arsenal. Why the heck isn’t he being brought up on felony charges like my friend?!

          1. Could be – we’re in a city that had one of the highest profile mass shootings in the past couple of years. As a result every threat is taken very seriously, as it should be. Too bad they’re not doing that in NC.

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