David Eason Accuses ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Cory Wharton & Cheyenne Floyd of Being Racist; Challenges Cory to a Fight on The Land

“When do we wraaaaaastle?!”

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason took a break from illegally towing vehicles this week long enough to publicly accuse Teen Mom OG dad Cory Wharton of being racist after Cory said he wouldn’t mind getting into the ring with the leader of The Land.

Last month, Cory told TMZ  that if he could box any ‘Teen Mom’ star he would choose Jenelle Evans‘ husband. David apparently just got wind of the interview and is not happy. 

“Talking about boxing matches… David, Jenelle’s husband, that’s who I want,” Cory said. “Set it up, man! Tell him to wear that Confederate flag on his back when he comes to the ring because it’s game time, baby.

“He came at my baby mama a couple of times on Twitter so if he wants to be brave on Twitter, let’s handle it!” Cory added. “We’ll set it up, it’ll be professional.

“Do we need to go buy bulletproof vests now or what?!”

In a (very) delayed response to Cory’s challenge, David took to Facebook on Monday to say he was down for the brawl. In his the Facebook message he posted, David also accused Cory and Cory’s baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd, of being racists.

(As The Ashley previously told you, before Cheyenne’s debut season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ aired, some tweets from 2011 resurfaced in which she claimed she wanted “to kill every white person” she saw. She eventually apologized for the tweets, mentioning in her statement that she is the mom of a baby with a biracial dad, as Cory’s mom is white.)

Anyway, David made it clear that he’d be down to fight Cory…as long as Cory was willing to come to The Land.

“So I just heard this racist b*tch Chyenne Floyd has one of her boyfriends who thinks he wants to fight me. Why because you and your girl HATE WHITE PEOPLE so you attack the most southern one… You’re better off taking sand-paper to a tigers a** than f**k with me boy,” David wrote on Facebook.

“Typical racist bastard, I would love to kick you a** son we don’t like racist people around here,” David continued. “It’s so funny that my LOVE for the south (rebel flag) sparks your HATE for white people, let your colors show dumba**. Come on down to Riegelwood since you want to fight me so bad, I’ll be waiting. Ya girls a hoe too!”

In addition to accusing people of being racist, threatening trespassers of The Land and being an all-around nuisance to society, David is currently facing criminal charges for the towing stunt he recently pulled. It’s not known why David is suddenly responding to Cory’s “fightin’ words” from last month, but David made it clear that he’s ready to fill Cory “with upper cuts.”

“I can almost taste that next paycheck! ‘MTV Dads: Boxing Battle’ here I come!”

As viewers may recall, David was fired from MTV earlier this year after making homophobic comments on social media.

Cory and Cheyenne have yet to respond to David’s comments.

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(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

45 Responses

  1. This has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have read. So black people are the only race that is t “racist”. Ew. Racism comes from every origin. Matter of fact… Do some research. I bet the numbers would suprise you. Uneducated bigot.

    1. u sound like a fu**in moron! any race can be racist. and hate to tell u…there are plenty of people even racist against their own race. and black people seem to be the most racist. I’m assuming u r black based on that ignorant hypocritical double standard comment. think about any time u talk about a race outside of your own. how do u describe them? what do u call them? what do u think of them? u already made it clear white people are dumb. but that’s not racist at all. u guys can say whatever u want about whoever u want on a daily basis and that’s ok. smh

  2. If Cheyenne’s a hoe, what does that make Jenelle? Nothing screams hoe more than 4 pregnancies by 4 dudes, and too many “soul mates” to count…and David still married her knowing she has more miles ran on her than a Greyhound bus, so what does that make him? David just sucks so bad. I wish Karma would just hurry up and bite him in the ass. It’s such a long time coming.

  3. David is just trying to stay relevant (since he can’t be featured on the show anymore). I think he purposefully posts provocative statements to keep his name in the public. Let’s just hope he gets some kind of charge that forces him to get all those guns off “the land,” before Jenelle ends up dead by “tripping over the gun.”

  4. David is just trying to stay relevant (since he can’t be featured on the show anymore). I think he purposefully posts provocative statements to keep his name in the public. Let’s just hope he gets some kind of charge that forces him to get all those guns off “the land,” before Jenelle ends up dead by “tripping over the gun.”

  5. David’s a keyboard warrior and abuser of small children. Why not challenge Corey to an actual boxing match instead of a fight on the land; I would assume so David can point a gun at him and claim “self defense” since it’s private property.

  6. Why the hell is everyone on this damn show wanting to fight someone else?!? Grow the hell up and be good role models to your children and families!

  7. To be fair, Cheyenne IS racist. Saying you have a kid with someone whose mother is white is the equivalent of saying you aren’t racist because you have a black friend who just loves you. Cheyenne should not be on tv. She should not be paid a damn dime, because if it were reversed and it was a WHITE cast member who tweeted she wanted to “kill every black person [she] sees” they would be drawn and quartered. The stigma that certain races CANT be racist is a myth and needs to stop.

    1. Yes if they fired David they should fire Cheyenne also and off the subject cory is just bringing all kinda BS to the show he needs to take that mess back to the Challenge

  8. Corey, if you gave in and fought David on “the Land”, you would see a shallow grave dug right next to the area where the fight would take place. You would never make it out alive.

  9. Does Cory actually DO anything for work besides reality tv? At some point it will all end and he will be unemployable after all his shenanigans from tv are available to future employers.

    1. I’m no fan of his but, it’s interesting that you should say that about Corey, because you can say that about like 90% of the people involved in this franchise.

  10. Why does it have to be on “The Land” ?
    Oh because Corey would never agree to it.

    Why cant it be in a neutral place because David knows he would get his street filled with uppercut.

    Corey please just agree to fight on “The Land” you know David will back out once it is set up.

  11. Yea… OK David.
    And you’re still married to Jenelle who we all know can’t do better than you… She’s stuck and just trying to make the best of her sorry marriage with her hillbilly monster. Plus. Her lady bits have been plowed through by SEVERAL soul mate candidates… He shouldn’t make her look more dumb than she already is…

  12. that Cheyenne girl is the reason i stopped watching teen mom. I never missed an episode from when 16&preganant started. when they said they were casting her, I never watched it again. She is rasict, and she has made many comments about hating white people and killing white babies etc. god forbid a white person said some crazy shit like that. their lives would b destroyed, not casted on a hit show.

  13. Thank you!!! David is a serious hypocrite. He calls Cheyenne a hoe but his wife has had 5 fiancés and 3 kids by three different guys. He states that anyone who comes on his land is trespassing which gives him liberty to shoot them, yet His wife trespassed on the land of the guy who brake checked her and damaged his property so when they defended their land she pulls a gun and it’s “self defense” no charges pressed. He thinks it’s abomination to be sexual with the opposite sex and his wife made out with her former bestie. If your on his property he’sbin The right but he meddles with another guy’s property and thinks he’s the law. He gets on Leah about make up at a cheer convention but his daughter has on make up at a cheer convention. Apparently David thinks he’s father on the year, husband of the year, the law, the chef, the historian, the survivalist and God. Oh and let’s put it out there that he’s not racist like he claims. His pride for the confederate flag goes against his all American stance since in his own words he states he’s proud of a heritage that we’re considered traitors for trying to break off from the nation in the first place. In a sense that sounds hypocritical to me. He should learn to shush his mouth.

  14. Cheyenne has said very racist things on her twitter. This is true. But David…seriously bro? You’re the last person on earth that should be shaming anyone for hate speech. You called gay people “abominations.”

    Also, I think Cory needs to shut his mouth. Trying to antagonize a person that is obsessed with guns and has been exhibiting insane behavior is not a good idea.

  15. Why does David keep calling Corey racist? Corey didnt make the comment and his mother is white. Is he racist against 1/2 of himself? David gets a little bit of wrong or ignorant information and screams it from the rooftops. He would be perfect for FOX news. I understand David calling Cheyenne racist (even though she is obviously mixed blood herself.)

  16. Yeahh ok David, a fight on the land would end with Cory kicking David’s ass, then David or Jenelle pulling the “your trespassing on MY LAAAAAND” and shoot at them?

  17. He best be watching his back from what I hear in the Wilmington and hampstead area .people are tired of these punks thinking I’m on TV I’m above the rest .boy are they wrong

  18. David has got to be one of the most unattractive men Jenelle could have picked. His head is like a butternut squash…like Popeye…

  19. Sooo even if Corey WAS racist (just humor me for a sec), why is that wrong, David? You yourself have stated countless times on every social media platform there is, that you can feel how you feel and no one can tell you to change your beliefs. So it’s ok for YOU to be racist and believe in everything else you stand for, but not for Corey? Yep, you make so much sense.

    Whatever will get you an article, right? You’re turning out to be a bigger attention whore than Farrah. Grow up, you’re too old for this crap. Be a man, get a job and then maybe your wife won’t have to pay for “your” house, “your” land, “your” kids, and “your” guns.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Someone might want to show him the clip of Corey taking down Tony on the Challenge.

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