‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Will Remain Locked Up in County Jail Until April: Here’s What Life in Jail Will Be Like For Him

“I gotta stay in here for how long?!”

Former Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards will be taking a temporary leave of absence from his home, wife and children (yet again), as he’s been ordered to kick it in county jail until April.

According to Radar Online, the Clerk of Court for Red Bank in Tennessee revealed that Ryan appeared in court on Monday regarding his recent arrest for heroin and theft charges and his case was continued to April.

Ryan’s most recent  mugshot.

“The case has been continued to April 15, 2019,” the clerk told the site. “He’s going to serve time in county jail until then.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan’s arrest stemmed from an incident in December in which he allegedly walked out on a $36 bar tab in Hamilton County.

The heroin charge (out of Red Bank County, Tennessee) Ryan is facing is not a new charge, but rather the charge that put him on probation. Ryan violated that probation when he was arrested for theft, therefore when he showed up to his probation meeting last week, he was taken in by police.

Soon after taking Ryan into custody, the Hamilton County Police Department released the following statement:

“On January 23, 2019, Ryan Edwards was reporting to Hamilton County Probation Office at which time he was arrested due to outstanding warrants,” the department’s statement reads. “Edwards was on probation for a prior conviction of Simple Possession out of Red Bank, Tennessee.”

“Edwards was arrested on January 23, 2019 p.m. by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Personnel and was booked at the Hamilton County Jail the same day at 4:57 p.m.,” the statement continues. “Edwards remains in the Hamilton Country Jail on a no bond after a Petition to Revoke was issued by the Red Bank Court. As noted above, his revocation of probation stems from a prior charge in Red Bank for Simple Possession on March 3, 2017.”

“Fortunately for Ryan, I love writing letters.”

Ryan has another court date scheduled for February 4, which we can assume is for his other pending charge.

While Ryan will be spending the next few months in the slammer, he’ll still have an opportunity to see Mackenzie’s smiling(ish) face during the facility’s visitation hours. According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, the facility utilizes video visitation services seven days a week as well as daily on-site visits.

All of Ryan’s visitors must be approved before they can visit him via video or in-person. Ryan will be able to visit with Mackenzie, as well as his sons Bentley and Jagger, via the video visitation.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans may recall, Ryan was released from a 90-day rehabilitation facility in November after seeking treatment for his long-term heroin addiction. He previously sought treatment in August of last year, and missed the birth of his son Jagger in November.

According to the website Jail Exchange, life in Hamilton County Jail is not particularly glamorous (even if you are a former MTV reality TV star!) 

“Inmates in the Hamilton County Jail are fed three meals a day totaling 2,500 calories, are allowed access to phones to contact friends and family members, are allowed at least one hour a day for exercise, have access to books, bathroom and shower facilities,” the site reports. “The inmates are allowed mail to be delivered to them as well as newspapers and magazine from trusted outside publishers.”

Both Mackenzie and Ryan’s mom, Jen “Mimi” Edwards, have yet to comment on social media about Ryan’s extended stay in the clink… though Jen has suspiciously unfollowed Mackenzie on Instagram as of this week…

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(Photos: MTV/Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department)


  1. My honest opinion- he doesn’t mind being in jail. It means he doesn’t have to take care of kids, hang out with his wife or work.

  2. I hope jail will change him, I really do……but then I remember one castmate (Amber) was already in it and she hasn’t changed at all if she is not worse now even. So no, I don’t actually believe he will change.

    LOL, I can’t wait for Mack’s excuses tho, got my popcorn ready!

  3. At this point jail time is the best thing for him…at least in there he won’t be enabled…but only time will tell if this is the thing that makes him get his act together…probably won’t be. He’s going to be missing out on MORE of Jagger’s life, but this is what Mack signed up for…knowing Rhine was a drugged out bum…just sucks the baby is the one that suffers cuz his parents are jackasses.

    1. No way will it change anything. He’ll be in there like it’s a vacation – nothing to do but exercise, watch tv, read magazines, hang out…..it’s just a county jail, not prison. Plus he’ll be playing the blame game as always instead of turning inward and taking a good hard look at himself.

  4. LOL, Fortunately for Ryan, I like writing letters LOL

    Think Bentley will videochat to Ryan when he is at Larry and Mimi’s house, when he feels like it anyway. That boy must be so fed up with his dad.

    1. The TV visits are not via Webcam. The visitor sits in a room with a camera at the jail and sees the inmate on TV who is in another room with their own camera broadcasting to the visitor, and the inmate watches their own TV with the visitor on it. But the visitor has to be at the jail. No way maci will allow bentley to go to the jail for this.

    2. Pretty sure Maci won’t stand for that. I certainly wouldn’t. It’s only for a couple months, he’s gone longer than that even seeing Ryan outside of jail. I don’t think there’s any need for Bentley to videochat his father in jail.

      What a waste of a life.

      1. Technically, he is being kept in jail due to violating probation for the possession of heroine charge. They like plan on revoking his probation for continuing to break the law on probation, and probably for consuming alcohol. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a no alcohol condition as part of his probation stipulations. It’s common with drug related cases.

    1. Too bad, so sad. Don’t break the rules and you won’t end up in jail. Easy peasy. I’m glad someone’s getting consequences for once. Lord knows Jenelle never does.

  5. This is the first thing to happen to him that might actually get him clean. Knowing that he has Jen and Mack to fall back on at any time has allowed him to continue on with his cushy life with hardly any consequences. Hopefully while he is in he’ll realize how good he has it and learn to appreciate it. Maybe he’ll even take a few classes, finally learn to do laundry or wash a dish.

  6. He has no business being inside a bar or consuming any alcohol at this point. Recovery should be about eliminating any and all addictive substance. How are you expecting to retrain your brain when you continue to alter its chemical state?

  7. Do we really think that Maci will allow Bentley to visit Ryan in jail, by video visitation or in person? I don’t see her allowing it, and I think she’d cut off Jen and Larry’s visits if she finds out they took him there.

    As far as Jen unfollowing Mackenzie…is it possible that Mackenzie is actually following through on her vague threats to leave Ryan if he didn’t come out of rehab as a changed man?

    1. That is the only thing that makes sense, I was trying to figure out why Mimi Jen would unfollow Mack. She can’t be so in denial to blame Mackenzie so that’s the only explanation. Wow…

      BTW I like your username!

  8. This bar tab situation is very mysterious. He skipped out on a $36 tab? I’m not saying I doubt but something sounds off. Is there more to this story?

    1. Maybe, they took away Ryan’s credit cards and cash, so he wouldn’t have access to pay for drugs. Maybe he didn’t have a way to pay for his drinks and no one knew he was even at a bar?!
      Then again, was he out by himself? Is there trust issues?!?! We want dets, lol.

  9. He is a mess and I fear that he will never get it together. His children will never have the father they need because Ryan refuses to grow up and stay clean/sober. It’s sad.

    1. Even before he got into drugs, he was never a father anyway. He hasn’t parented a day in his life. Bentley has never had a Dad in Ryan, drugs or no drugs.

  10. Jen unfollowed Mackenzie? Wonder if Mack and Ryan were day drinking together on the bar bill he stiffed? Whoever he was drinking with, I’m sure he said that it’s “their” fault the bill wasn’t paid. And Ryan’s parents will no doubt believe anything.

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