‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Adkins Welcomes Second Child, Days After Social Media Feud With Baby Daddy Caelan Morrison

What do you get when you take two reality show contracts, one unstable relationship, two kids and no shame…

Less than a week after feuding over social media with her baby daddy, Unexpected star McKayla Adkins has given birth to her second child.

Starcasm reports that the 18-year-old mom welcomed a daughter Tuesday morning after doctors induced labor the night before.


Prior to making her way to the hospital, McKayla provided her followers with an update on her YouTube channel.

As The Ashley previously told you, just last week, McKayla and baby daddy Caelan Morrison (with whom she also shares a son, Timmy) took to social media to deliver a series of attacks at each other, all but confirming that the two had parted ways.

Throughout the online feud, McKayla claimed more than once that she would not allow Caelan to be in the delivery room when she gave birth to their daughter. She also stated that the baby would not have Caelan’s last name.


Earlier in the month—before the couple went after each other on multiple social media platforms—McKayla announced that she had moved out of Caelan’s house and was living with her grandparents again, where she said she planned to stay indefinitely.

In a YouTube video detailing the new living situation, McKayla claimed she made the moved because she wasn’t getting “the help and emotional support and stuff” that she needed. She also noted that she was becoming depressed from being by herself because “Caelan works all day.”

UPDATE! In a video posted Wendesday to her YouTube channel, McKayla revealed that she has named her daughter Gracelynn Ann Adkins-Morrison. During her online feud with Caelan, McKayla had stated that the baby would be receiving her last name instead of Caelan’s, but it appears that she had a change of heart and gave the baby both last names.

Watch the video below to see more photos of Baby Gracelynn.

(Photos: Instagram, YouTube)

11 Responses

  1. I feel so sorry for Caelan and his mother ! They can never get back that precious moment the beautiful baby girl was born !

  2. She is depressed because he works all day and she is home alone? If he didn’t work then she would be mad at him for that. She could get a job and put the kids in daycare when the baby is old enough then she won’t be home alone and depressed, lol. Yea right, then she will have to do something. Her grandparents need to stop cleaning up her mistakes and letting her move in and out constantly.

    If her family and friends truly cared then they will tell her how terrible those wigs look on her.

  3. Am I the only one that doesn’t think she looks that great with Timmy? She is always complaining about how crazy and wild he is but not in the funny boys are wild way in an overwhelmed God I can’t stand my life kind of way.

  4. They were my favorite couple when this show first started, but as time went on it became so clear how spoiled and unrealistic she is. Basically she uses people, she is less than truthful and causes a lot of unnecessary drama. Her grandparents have spoiled her rotten, she uses her mother (who for the record I can’t stand) and she pits her against the grandparents. Caelan is a bit immature but he demands she puts on him is crazy. The episode where he was out with his friends when she decided she wanted to pack right then and there was insane, and then went on to make Caelan look bad in the grandfather’s eyes. She just expects everyone to drop everything to cater to her whims. By the end of last season I was cringing when their story line came on. I don’t think she is a bad person, but she definitely needs some professional help or she will really end up a complete disaster.

  5. I find Mckayla’s story difficult to watch at times. Initially she was my favorite girl on the show but it becomes clearer and clearer that she really needs to grow up and take care of some emotional issues. Her mother’s absence from her young life clearly affected her in so many ways. The way she’s popping out these babies it seems like she’s desperately trying to create her own ‘happy little family,’ but lacks the emotional tools and maturity to be able to bring that to fruition. I certainly don’t blame her more than Caelan (too lazy to double check the spelling lol) and I think she does love her son and now daughter very much, but I hope she’s able to gain some tools/resources to help her gain a better perspective. Considering addiction runs strong in her genes she really needs to take heed that she runs a higher risk of becoming addicted to drugs and sadly ending up in a similar position to the struggles her own mom went through. I also can’t stand how she tends to dress overly mature but can be such a spoiled/entitled brat when it comes to her grandparents especially. I truly do wish her and her babies the best, I just can’t stand watching her anymore.

  6. “Caelan works all day”

    Oh those pesky responsibilities! Maybe she should have considered this before having a second baby.

  7. She is such a beautiful looking girl. Too bad she is not as beautiful on the inside. To exclude the baby’s father from her is criminal. One that that’s going to bite her in the butt. But I’m sure it will be someone else’s fault (rolls eyes).

  8. This is why kids shouldn’t have kids. This girl isn’t able to take of or provide for the child she already had, now she’s got another child that everyone else will take care of. She’s just a spoiled brat.

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