EXCLUSIVE! Michael Abraham Responds After Farrah Abraham Posts Photo of Her Pre-Teen Daughter in Her Underwear to Snapchat

“I’m so proud!”

Farrah Abraham shocked her Snapchat followers on Monday by posting a photo of her 10-year-old daughter Sophia posing in her bra and panties in a store dressing room. The photo, which The Ashley does not feel comfortable reposting here, caused many followers to become enraged, with many writing on social media that the former Teen Mom OG star should be reported to Child Protective Services for exploiting her tween daughter.

Many fans called on Farrah’s parents– Michael Abraham and Debra Danielsen— to try to get Farrah to take down the risque photo. However, Michael told The Ashley that he sees nothing wrong with the photo his daughter posted.

In the photo, Sophia is shown looking into a mirror of a dressing room while wearing a Calvin Klein bra and a pair of panties. She is wearing dark lipstick and posing with her leg slightly up and her hands on her head to form what looks like “naughty devil horns.” Farrah, who is currently appearing on Ex on the Beach, posted it as a video, and a giggle can be heard.

The Ashley reached out to Michael about the photo, who emailed her a statement. (The Ashley is posting his statement in full, by the way.) In the statement, Michael compares what Sophia is wearing to a swimsuit, and stated that those who are outraged by the post are being prudes.

Here is Michael’s statement in full: 

“First of all we want to thank everyone that follows the girls snap chat and social media accounts! 

Let’s see…. underwear or a bikini bathing suit what’s the difference? There is none. Most likely, the people making this stir has a daughter, niece, granddaughter, wife, grandmother, aunt, neighbor etc. that wear bikinis that show much more than that picture shows. How about the millions of other parents that let there children wear bikinis and under wear in public – are they doing something wrong or illegal? Answer NO. So much for the prudish people!

Ok now the haters – we don’t care what they think – it’s sad they don’t have a life and have to ”hate” and ”spread judgment” to think they are relevant – but they aren’t! Lol!

As Americans, we have freedoms which  America’s service members (disclaimer I’m Disabled Vet) and other patriots have given their lives for. Prudish people and haters don’t minimize our armed forces and patriots that have paid the ultimate price so we all can have the freedom to live our lives as we wish – like all Americans.”


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On Twitter, many of Farrah’s followers reacted differently to the photo, with some comparing it to child p0rnography.

“Hope someone can help Sophia. Farrah has reached a new low in her questionable parenting,” one person wrote. 

“Anyone who says it’s like a swimsuit is not thinking this through—Farrah has opened the door for Sophia to think being in a bra and panties is ok in public, much different than a socially acceptable swimsuit,” another wrote.

This is, of course, not the first time Farrah has been called out for Sophia’s activity on social media. Last summer, fans were shocked when Sophia posted a video of herself twerking and dancing sexy in leather pants to a social media app. Farrah also allowed Sophia to post a video of herself wearing only a towel.

UPDATE! On Wednesday, Farrah commented on the controversy the photo she posted has caused. In an interview with TMZ, Farrah claimed the photo she posted “is no different than the kids modeling for Calvin Klein.”

“The ex-‘Teen Mom’ star also says the video — taken at Nordstrom in NYC — is not by any stretch inappropriate, because it was shot in a public area where kids look in the mirror after trying on clothes in the fitting room,” the site reports.

“I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins,” she said.

(It sounds like Farrah is desperately trying to get the clothing company to take notice of her daughter to gain a modeling contract…or something, in The Ashley’s opinion…) 

(Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. I would love to know how the Calvin Klein brand feels about having their name associated and advertised (i.e.dragged down) by Farrah and her daughter….. Furthermore, Michael said “How about the millions of other parents that let there children wear bikinis and under wear in public…” Huh??? Who is letting THEIR (I see where Farrah has learned her grammar and spelling from as he misused the term “there” in his quote) children wear underwear in public??? I don’t know a single one, let alone “millions” of parents allowing this.

  2. Farrah’s father is an imbecile, just like her. He has absolutely no balls, and is soo afraid of his nasty, vile, mean spirited bully of a daughter. The kid is doomed. It’s really sad that no one will step in and make her get help for serious mental illness. Period.

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    Sofia looks like a demon. Don’t wanna be rude but camon! This kid is screwed. Farrah is dangerous and she is putting a target on her kids back for bullying. No wonder all you EVER see Sofia with is her mom. No friends

    1. I would more concerned that a child molester would go after her. Bullying, yes, but Farrah is putting her child in real danger of being a sex crimes victim.

  4. You know I highly doubt that this Dad ass any bad things to say just because he doesn’t want to say anything to Farrah that is going to make her not want to be in his life because he’s so far stuck up her ass that letting her daughter be in a bra and underwear on line is suitable sorry a 10 year old or 9 year old however old she is is absolutely ridiculous there’s no reason that child should not have clothes on a bathing suit I understand but a little bra and panties know there’s too many perverts in this world but obviously the grandfather doesn’t care about that

  5. Didn’t the Kardashian’s just recently pose for CK underwear? I swear she watches and tries to copy everything they do!

    1. Farrah is SO obsessed with the Kardashians, it’s so blatantly obvious. She wants their looks, fame and success….but she’s too delusional to realize it’s NEVER going to happen….I almost feel like she’s grooming Sophia to be like them so that Farrah can live vicariously through her when Sophia gets older.

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    Sophia is just copying whatever her Mom shows her is ok to do. That’s how Farrah is she includes her daughter in adult activities….so what do you expect! She’s only 9 already makeup, leather jeans and allowing her to post any video on social media. She’s aspiring to be like Farrah ….After all Mom says it’s ok! So very sad…I wish CPS would take that child away.SMH

  7. I see a most unfortunate “mother/daughter” online webcam career in this poor child’s future.

    A child who probably NEVER stood a real chance coming into this world with another very damaged child — as her mother.

    Along with a grandfather, of course, who thinks it’s all very “artistically stunning,” and THE HATERS just need to get a life.

    Honestly, this stuff is just too perversely twisted and effed up to even laugh at anymore.

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    This is a disgrace to all girls and women!! Any woman who takes a pic of their child trying on underwear much less posting it for the world to see has no business raising a child!!! If you want to be paid to be sodomized fine but keep that to your nasty self and dont let your child know about it!!! Sexualozing and exploiting a 10 year old isn’t irresponsible or disgusting it a F-ing crime!!! #SVUfarrah

  9. Where is Sofia’s dad’s side of the family in this.. they need to do something to help this lil girl.. she is 10 I have daughters 20 and 17 and I would never allow that to happen.. this woman so called mother needs to get her head out of her ass and be a freaking parent.. as for Micheal there’s something seriously wrong w him..someone needs to get the authorities involved..

  10. Once Farrah’s entrepreneurial hopes went up in smoke, I believe she became a high priced call girl (God knows who would but whatever!) and her kid became a W-I-T. The signs have been there for a while. They will probably be tag-teaming soon if they’re not already. While this prediction may seem far fetched for 99.99% of the population, I think it’s right on the money for this complete whackjob.

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    She’s walking proof that our system doesn’t work in protecting our youth. It doesn’t surprise me what Michael said. I mean he’s okay with his daughter and porn. It’s always seemed to me that Farrah is prepping Sophia to follow in her own footsteps. Sick sick sick ALL of them.

  12. She’s walking proof that our system doesn’t work in protecting our youth. It doesn’t surprise me what Michael said. I mean he’s okay with his daughter and porn. It’s always seemed to me that Farrah is prepping Sophia to follow in her own footsteps. Sick sick sick ALL of them.

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    Take that child away from this vile woman. She is grooming her for pedophiles…the girl should not be sexualizes on film by her mother!!!!!!

  14. The Ashley, please please reach out to Derek’s family for a comment on this!!! I would love to hear their thoughts on it. This is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen from Farrah – and I saw the snippets of her “movie” but this continued robbing of any innocence that is left in Sophia, makes me feel sick.

  15. The Ashley, can you please reach out to Derek’s family for a statement??? I just cannot believe they have never made any comments up to this point? Not blaming them, I am just stunned they haven’t called her out or called CPS.

    Farrah, you physically gave birth to a child but you are NOT a mother.

  16. I think that is rediculas. Let her be a little girl. She should be playing with Barbie dolls not posing in a bra and underwear or a towel. And she’s way too young to be twirling even moving her little self like that!! Farrah is an attention whore and she’s using that lil girl to get it. SAD😣😠!!

  17. First of all, I’m sure veterans have fought wars and risked their lives with Sophia in mind, in the hopes that her Mom can post her in her underwear all over social media! The American Dream! (Sarcasm)
    Also most child swimsuits and underwear do cover the same areas equally but one is for the pool and one is for private. Not to mention taking pictures of a child wearing either of them and posting it to social media is creepy AF!
    This family is disgusting.

  18. Michael’s rant seems to go off into left field much like Farrah speak , what does this underwater photo have to do with those who have fought? I’m a little insulted that he would bring the sacrifice of soldiers into this sick choice his daughter made.
    What’s the difference? Well, when you look at mementos kept by rapists, peeping toms, perverts, it’s not swim suits it’s undergarments!
    A healthy mind distinguishes it different as well, I know my husband would much rather be greeted by a bra and panties over a bikini swimsuit, one says take me to the beach and one says take me to bed.

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    WTH is wrong with this mother? Does Farrah realize how many children are abducted each day? She’s a disgrace to all mother’s especially the ones that are in court fighting for their children and this bitch still has her child. What is wrong with the court system and child protective services????? Makes me feel really sad😥

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Farrah is very distasteful and has always been very weird. Her money has bought her boobs and various other cosmetic surgeries but she can’t buy class or morals….Obviously lol!!

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Farrah has no morals so why would anyone think she would instill any in her child?!?! The whole family is whack!! This isnt about being a hater….Farrah is just plain trash!!

  22. Farrah has went to I understand “momagers” but that kids a baby if she wants to model or act great but let her be child shes never gotten to be a real kid and this is like “kitty-porn” kind sick for mother to post picture of their child in their undies

  23. This entire family is a black hole of complete disfunction. That little girl is doomed. The second she turns 18, they’ll be taking molds of her vagina (if not sooner). Nothing short of grotesque.

  24. None of Farrah’s parenting makes any sence. Has the world forgotten exactly how she became famous in the first place?? A 16 year old having a baby and her parents exploiting her for profit. Farrah is the picture of what a parent should never be! Like mother like daughter, rinse, exploit, repeat!

  25. It is quite obvious from what we have seen, that Farrah’s own parents show extremely questionable judgment, and I truly wonder what went on in her house as a child. It is certainly reflective of her own poor parenting skills and judgment. I am not hopeful that the Apple will fall far from the tree, which is so sad

  26. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Considering that Michael raised Farrah and seeing how awful that turned out I have little hope for Sophia. How a grandfather can defend showing the world a 10 year old in underwear, provocatively posing is beyond me. Also, I don’t think it’s appropriate for young children to wear bikinis either, not because their bodies should be hidden or something to be ashamed of. However we live in a creepy world and kids should just be kids. Some articles of clothing are best left for adults. Farrah treats Sophia like her plaything instead of a child. It’s disturbing and sad.

  27. He makes me sick. He wont dare disagree with Farah because he knows he will be cutoff from her and Sophia. He may be trying to stay present and protect Sophia but she needs protection from his trashy daughter and to defend her appearing on a public site in her underwear is beyond a joke.

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    There is a difference you Moran!! Panties and a bra are undergarments not a bathing suit you are comparing it to… Are u really an idot!!

  29. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Look at the age kids are having sex these days. She really shouldnt post pictures like that my daughter’s almost 17 and i don’t like that she wears bikinis.

  30. Some fucked up shot had to have gone down in that house when Farrah was growing up. She’s so mentally ill and her parents brush it away. Poor Sophia. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    If there’s nothing wrong with it then why did she have to make picture in a dressing room?

    Farrah is teaching Sofia to be her best friend since she obviously doesn’t have any real friends.

  32. Meanwhile, Farrah’s secretly who published this “Statement” portraying as her father. On the contrary . . maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Real weirdos.

  33. I know it’s been said a thousand times over but how is it that social services in not in some way involved with this family? I have to wonder, besides every other issue with this poor kid… Is she actually being homeschooled? Is she actually getting any academic education? Is Sophia’s fathers family in any way normal? Maybe they could step in and fight to raise her. Farrah’s going to be out of money soon and won’t be able to begin to cover Sophia’s therapy expenses. I imagine her life story told via ghostwriter may make the money needed for such things. 😢

  34. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She is such a pig!! She does not deserve to be a mother!! That poor kid.

  35. Michael

    I’ve been trying to come to terms with a grandfather defending his daughter’s choice to invade her daughter’s privacy on a public site where she freely shares her own nude photos, promotes her anal sex porn video and flashes her vagina for all to see and comment upon.

    I have a question—

    Is this picture of Sophia, posing in her underwear, a photo you’d keep in your wallet to show friends and family who want to see a picture of your granddaughter? Is it a photo you’d blow up and have framed on your desk for your business associated to see when they walk into your office? Is it a photo you’ll copy and add to a photo album? Tell me, Michael, exactly who do you think would have an interest in your grand daughter wearing underwear?

    As a matter of fact, if I asked you to send me another picture of Sophia in her underwear, what would you do? Would you report me to the FBI as an unhinged person trying to exploit a child? Would you think I was perverted for wanting to see a picture of a 10-year old in their underwear? I think we both know the answer to these questions. Yes. You would say I was a pervert for wanting to see the pictures, so what does that make your daughter for wanting to show the pictures? This begs the question, why have a photo of your 10-year old daughter in underwear for all the world to see? Just because you fought valiantly for the right to have it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing, does it?

    Be a man Michael. Stand up for your granddaughter. You may turn out to be the only man she’ll ever be able to trust, otherwise, every time some perv hits her up on Snapchat asking for more underwear pictures, she’ll think “Grandpa could have stopped this, but he didn’t. He fought for someone else’s right to have pictures of me”.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Reason why,and of course I’m assuming,that Farrah pays his bills. She probably has him trained like puppet on a string. Pretty pathetic excuse for a grandfather.

    2. Lydia you deserve a standing ovation for that beautifully written essay! I could not have imagined anyone here saying it better (no hate, love the snarky comments from everyone but this piece was just SCHOOLING). I am very very sorry to hear this knowledge (partially?) stems from being exploited yourself though 🙁 I truly hope one of the Abrahams will read your message! Maybe The Ashley can translate it to Farrah Speak for them?

    3. Why does he brush it off as nothing??? It’s so disturbing. I wonder if he abused Farrah or knows someone who did and his guilt keeps him quiet. That family is fucked up, that’s for sure. Poor Sophia.

    4. Lydia, wonderful response!
      Well said!!! I wish he could read that and I bet he would definitely think twice. People should copy and send him this over and over so that he would have to read it! Your words are beyond true.!
      God bless you!

    5. Michael and Farrah need to be investigated for child porn and exploitation of a minor. I’ll bet Michael has child porn on his computer, with those sort of “Farrah-like” responses.

  36. Is Mykol running Ferel’s excort business?

    How can a father and grandfather think Sophia posing in underwear is ok unless he has an ulterior motive? Does he not know his daughter has sex for money and that her social media is essentially her advertisements? These men are seeing Sophia too.

    He is an absolute immoral moron.

  37. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    It’s time for child services to get involved. Farrah is not fit to be a mother.

  38. Is Mykol running Ferel’s export business?

    How can a father and grandfather think Sophia posing in underwear is ok unless he has an ulterior motive? He is an absolute moron.

  39. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    This is totally child abuse. Even if the kid likes it, the mom should know better. I think tht she is living vicariously through her daughter because she wishes that she could have done things like that when she was a young girl. Someone here messed her up but good and that’s her parents. I don’t know what they did to that girl to kill her self-esteem but they need to be punished too. Trauma can be passed down for generations

  40. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Why on God’s green earth would you do this in this day and age…there’s pigs and Vermon out there just looking for this type of shit to get off…you just opened the door for them to go into your child’s life…grow up before she gets hurt!

  41. Where the hell is he getting this information? That is one messed up family messing up another child. Children posing in underwear is child pornography- some twisted MF is using that picture for the wrong thing.

  42. If Michael bothered to respond to Ashley maybe he really will read these. This isn’t a bunch of teenagers or twenty somethings in here. I’m almost as old as him and I’ve seen a lot in life. I have watched since 16&Pregnant and I was really rooting for Farrah in the beginning. She was kind of dingbat and mean but a teenager. Like a lot of teenagers she thought she knew everything. Ten years later it is not that funny because adding the money and attitude it is as though she has had no learning experiences that usually happen in the twenties. You know, the part where you realize you are not an expert on everything. Seems like she missed that part. She wants so badly for Sophia to “redo” the sexy part of her life because she know it isn’t going to get any better from here no matter how much money she has to spend.

  43. Wow is about all one can say. It is fairly obvious Farrah’s parent have abundant issues that make it impossible for them to see what she has “evolved to”. Sophia is not going to be rescued anytime soon. With any luck someone has put some money away for the day Sophia decides to strike out on her own because she will need a lot of therapy. Farrah is an empty vessel that no amount of surgery or anything short of a couple months in the desert without a mirror will fix. Sophia is a mimic and has no value without her mom in the foreground. I no longer follow any of them on social media because it makes me sick and I don’t want to contribute in any way to such disaster. Too bad it is not a crime to nurture a character like Farrah.

    1. I have a feeling both her parents do see what she’s doing and “hopefully” down deep inside don’t agree with what she’d doing, but I seriously don’t think they will ever go against her or say anything Farrah doesn’t like out of fear they will be disowned by their own daughter. How sad and messed up is that?

  44. Because you’re a disabled vet (thanks for your service) does not make you a wise parent or grandparent. You have drank Farrah’s kool-aid and will continue to when Sophia starts giving you hers to drink. Farrah really is an idiot. It’s o.k. to say your kid’s an idiot and still love them. I’m just not sure how you justify ANYTHING that mess of a human does.

  45. So fucking inappropriate. Like what the actual fuck?
    Farrah must pay michael to side with her. this is just disgusting. What is wrong with this whole family? I really want to know what went down in Farrahs household growing up. Something screams to me that she was molested by someone close to her.

  46. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She just looking for more attention and she got it. Thanks alot social media. Why not unfollow her PLEASE. Quit giving her the attention she So badly wants from u people. Sad person begging for attention and using her daughter now. She better watch for pedifiles now!

  47. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Farrah just does it for the reaction, and it’s obvious she will ALWAYS get one.

  48. Michael is so up his daughter’s arse he can’t see how much damage she is making to her child! Like basically she is making her an easy prey for pedophiles! Disgusting.

    And yes, there are many celebrities who post way too many risque photos of their children……which doesn’t make it a right thing to do.

  49. Whatever Michael. I wouldn’t expect anything else from this enabler, clearly he suffers from Stockholm-syndrome with Farrah and if he ever comes out of this fog he’s going to regret all of this. I’m sure comparing this picture to kitty porn is an exaggeration, but Michael’s comparison of this to a swimsuit falls in line with all the other justifications for Farrah’s horrific choices. A parent allowing their kid to go to the beach in a bikini is one thing, posting a video of your child (that has and continues to be purposely sexualized in misguided attempts to make her a star) in underwear for hundreds of thousands(?) of anonymous followers is a completely different thing and he knows it. You can love your child and stick up for them, but there comes a time when you have to face reality. Michael is not a dumb man and he knows there is something very wrong with Farrah, yes we all hate her and in the past it looks like she just had a vile personality, but it’s clear that there are psychological impairments at play and very likely substance abuse issues as well. It’s well documented that Farrah schleps this child around the world financed by wealthy men, God only knows what it is that they expect in return. I hope Deb and her creepy-doctor husband are keep all of this in a well organized file to present to cps sometime soon because Michael is too blinded by the perks of being this garbage bag’s father to rescue his granddaughter.

  50. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I don’t think Michael would ever say Farrah does anything wrong. Farrah could post a nude picture of Sofia and he would say there’s nothing wrong with it. He’ll never cross Farrah again and he’ll be here biggest cheerleader because he knows if he does say anything that would upset her, he’ll get shunned by Farah and there’ll be no money and it for him.

  51. Dear Michael Abraham

    As a victim of child sexual exploitation, I’d like to inform you why so many people find the photo of Sophia in her underpants and bra a big problem. It is not because we are prudes or haters. It is because if you’ve ever been molested or raped as a child you recognize the grooming practices that adults use to make a child comfortable enough to not only molest and/or rape, but to continue that abuse for months or years into the future.

    As young children we are taught that underwear is a private matter. Of course adults often wear undergarments in public, mainly women who wear bras as tops, but children generally understand that what adults do is different from what children are allowed to do. Your statement that ‘millions’ of children pose in their underwear is false. True, as parents we may take cute pix of our kids who happen to be in their underwear, but most of us won’t share them publicly and none of the photos would be provocative or posed—more an incidental occurrence. Also, there is a big difference between a 4-year old running around in underpants and a 10-year old girl, in full-face makeup posing in underwear and a bra.

    There is a difference between underwear and a swimsuit. Underwear, as I mentioned, is what you wear in private and a swimsuit is what you wear in public. Most 10-year olds wouldn’t have a problem with being seen in a 2-piece swimsuit but if you say ‘go run around the block in your underwear’ they would be embarrassed. You’re right, it’s the same amount of clothing, but it’s the context that’s important.

    So what do groomers do? Groomers spend a lot of time de-constructing a child’s private world. They start by saying ‘there’s no difference between a swimsuit and underwear” and convince the child that that boundary no longer exists. Not that they have the child comfortable wearing underwear in public, they go to stage two and say ‘If you weren’t such a little girl, you’d take off your top, that’s what all the older girls do”. They will then point out occurrences where young women are topless or comfortable without their tops and the child will see this and feel like it’s not such a big deal. I’m not saying you or Farrah are groomers, but what you are doing is grooming behvavior whether you know it or not. You’re both normalizing provocative behavior to a very young impressionable child.

    As soon as the groomer has lifted the boundaries on clothing, then the physical part takes over, which I will not detail, but you can image how easy it is to take a child who no longer has the inhibition of privacy from underwear, to go to the next level.

    You may even feel because Sophia is “safe’ in your home, that no pedophiles, perverts or traffickers can get to her. That’s untrue. If you break those inhibitions it makes it very easy for a child who is on social media to be targeted by creeps posing a cute boys and because you’ve normalized these adult activities like wearing underwear in public, when a ‘boy’ says “Sophia, send me a picture of you in your panties”. She will. Why wouldn’t she? In her mind, there is nothing wrong with that. If someone said that to my 11-year old daughter, she would freak out, because being seen by other people in her underwear is not normal.

    So, this argument that underwear and a swimsuit are the same thing, is false. Intellectually, its the same thing, but the message you’re sending to the child is that she has no boundaries in that regard. You are not giving her tools to protect herself. As a matter of fact, you’re not giving her tools at all—how does she deal with a ‘boy’ who asks her to send a picture in her underwear, and reminds her that she’s already got pictures online in underwear, so it’s not a big deal.

    Sophia is a 10-year old girl, not a 27-year old woman. Introducing her to an adult lifestyle at this age will be determental. Your own daughter was pregnant at 17-years old because she was involved in an adult lifestyle. She didn’t have the tools to say ‘no’ to a boy who wanted sex. How will Sophia have the tools to say ‘no’ to someone online who wants to see more underwear? Or nude? Maybe all of this wouldnt be so bad if Farrah hadn’t been in a porn movie, or if she didn’t show off her breasts, vagina and rear end to the world. By doing so, Sophia gets the idea that none of this is harmful. Maybe not harmful to a 27-year old, but to a 10-year old it’s very harmful.

    Lots of porn stars have children and they shield them from groomers by not having a social media presence for them or allowing pictures of them in their underpants to be shared. They are being good parents in that regard.

    Sophia is 100% being groomed, and perhaps it’s because Farrah was also a vicim of child sexual abuse and she doesn’t know better, and it doing what she feels is natural. When dozens of people on social media raise the alarm that a child is possibly being harmed, it’s important you take a look at that.

    1. Well said Lydia. Meanwhile the two of them travel for dates for Farrah its only a matter of time. She needs to be removed by Derek’s parents. Her parents are messed up.

      1. What shocks the heck out of me is that Derek’s parents don’t do anything. When you see or hear about them all getting together, they look and act like Farrah is the model mother. I think they put up with her shennanigans just for the limelight.

    2. Lydia – I am so very sorry for your experiences. I wish they had never happened to you. I am grateful, however, that you are obviously intelligent and articulate, and have laid out the problem with this behavior better than I certainly ever could have. Hopefully, Michael, Deborah, or with luck, Farrah herself reads these comments and takes to heart what you said. I am afraid something like that is Sophia’s only hope.

      God bless you.

      1. Thank you Didi, you are so kind.

        Since reading his response I have just wanted to cry. I want to shake him just as I wanted to shake all the people in my own life as a little girl, who turned the other cheek. I want to stand in front of him—as broken as I am as an adult and say ‘hi Grandpa, it’s me Sophia…as an adult”. I want to scream, “this is what happens when the people close to you tell you it’s ok to pose in your underwear and wear makeup when you’re 10! This is what happens when you don’t give me the tools to say “no” or the support to stand by it. This is what happens when big men become interested in little girls and no one cares. ”

        Because, Grandpa Michael, little girls grow up…if they’re lucky.

        1. I am so very sorry you are in so much pain. Thanks, again, for being brave enough to try and make a difference in the lives of others. I am certain you have succeeded. If not for Sophia (and I’m still holding out hope you might), then for others just reading your story.

    3. Lydia, this is the best comment I have ever read on this site. You communicated your message so well, without judgement. Thank you for sharing.

    4. Lydia,
      As a nurse (who works in both behavioral health and also as a sexual assault nurse examiner) I just want to thank you for offering such a spot on synopsis of this situation.
      So insightful and authentic. Thank you!

    5. 👏👏👏👏 Bravo, fellow Lydia! Well said. I’m sorry for your experiences.

      Excellent point mentioning how other porn actors are shielding their children.

  52. If this is his reaction to Farrah’s shitty parenting, it only makes sense that Farrah is as screwed up as she is – she was raised by this tool bag! This actually explains Farrah’s hyper sexual behavior and her teen pregnancy, Michael acted like it wasn’t a big deal when she was growing up and probably encouraged her to act sexy at an inappropriate age. Now Farrah thinks that’s how you get attention – act as sexual as possible, but she takes it to an extreme because she never got much of a reaction growing up. Trash raises trash. Good job Michael.

  53. How is anyone surprised about this? This is exactly what our culture is promoting nowadays. Child Drag Queens performing in Gay Bars is okay but this isn’t? Yes its immoral. But be consistent people!

    1. I know I shouldn’t encourage this, but I’m curious to know which culture and bars you frequent that you see such things. One, because I don’t believe you, and two, because if that is true I want to stay far away.

      Because, no. Just no.

      1. I 1,000,000% believe all of this is child abuse and needs to stop. There are quite a few child drag queens being exploited right now and there is a movement to normalize it, calling it progressive. Its sickening. But people like Farrah are on the wave making it normalized. And it’s all starting with sex ed at inapporpriate ages and not monitoring what shows and games out children are explosed to. We need to stand up against the sexualization of our children in all situations! Its just going to get worse and worse.

  54. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    My daughter is 10 and just got her first training bra and it was exciting to take her to shop for it and spend that time together but I would never post a photo of her in it or even discuss it on my social media. This is such a vulnerable age and kids deserve privacy and modesty. I am not a prude, I am a mother who understands that this is not OK!

  55. Disturbing and dysfunctional. Bra, panties, and dark lipstick in a changing room is not even close to the same as a swimsuit. That poor child is doomed.

    1. Right?! Like there is a reason it is called UNDERwear, you wear it under clothes! I wouldn’t bat an eye if she accidentally showed her underwear (hey, that happened to me multiple times already unfortunately) but we know that is not the case here.

  56. I pray to God D.C.F. steps in and takes her child she obviously doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong raising her daughter and we all saw this when she was on teen Mom. She really needs a reality check and maybe someone from her family can take that little girl and do something right before it’s too late or I’m so afraid she’s going to steer that girl right into the p*** business or doing what she does and that’s going to be just another life so screwed up into drugs and p*** and every other thing that that girl does please this is a cry for help they need to get that girl away from her mother.

  57. Farrah knows EXACTLY what she is doing. She PURPOSELY does controversial things like this to keep her name front and center in all media. Farrah really has perfected this. This is all done by design by her with clear INTENT. Sooo sad.

  58. So, not only is she wearing underwear (it’s one word Michael, you dolt), but dark lipstick and “devil horn” gestures? That is in NO WAY like a 10 year old wearing a bathing suit on the beach. Farrah should be ashamed, but we know that’s above her pay grade. That poor child is doomed.

    1. at this point it’s not even about Michael Farah her mother that’s just such a messed up situation I don’t think anyone will ever get through to them it’s about the poor daughter I think Farrah actually thinks she’s a good mom and she’s not that family is so messed up. That daughter needs to be physically removed from the entire situation and maybe another family member could help raise her outside of those three and if not then unfortunately it would have to be maybe a foster parent but in order for this girl to have even a night iota of normalcy in her life she needs to be away from them I mean snapchatting pictures of her in a bra and underwear at the age of 10 could be misconstrued as pornographic I mean look where Farrah turn to her sex tape doing porn shows and all that stuff that’s what she could possibly push her daughter towards I mean her daughter knows all about it it’s sickening and she’s too young to be around any of these situations you’re right she’s doomed from the beginning to the family she was born into.

  59. Well, if “Sleazy Mikey”, the pervert, thinks it’s okay, then you KNOW for certain that all the perverts on the internet, will enjoy this photo, as well! How long, until her ‘mother’, the international HOOKER, has her working the ‘scene’ with her? I wonder if Sophia will get busted “working” the Beverly Hills Hotel, too!☹ That poor child doesn’t have a prayer! Even the grandparents are waste products, too!😡

  60. Oh so now that Farrah provides you money you’re not prudish, but when she got knocked up at 16-17 you thought it was a disgrace… Whatever Michael. Lol

  61. A) I like how Michael managed to turn a comment on his young granddaughter being featured in her underwear, into a rant about freedom and our military. Guess we know where the Farrah-speak comes from.
    B) Does anyone but me remember the episode of Teen Mom when Farrah went and got birth control for herself and Michael gave her a big speech about being chaste? These people need mental help.

    1. I almost expected him to end that e-mail with GOD BLESS AMERICA like Farrah has done in her tweets.

  62. JFC, Michael. “Prudish people”? I mean, he’s admitting the video of Sophia is “sexualized” by calling those of us who are disgusted by it “prudes.”

    Oh, and this isn’t a free speech issue or a patriotism issue either, Michael, you freak.

  63. What Michael actually meant to say is, “It doesn’t matter what I think. If I disagree with Farrah I will be cut off financially so whatever she does is fine.”

  64. I’m so tired of Michael abusing and flaunting the fact that he is a veteran to defend the trashy behavior of this whole family.

  65. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Being the creep he is I’m sure he sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have always suspected her issues began with Michael being inappropriate with her.

    1. Unfortunately, Michael is her biological dad. She calls him Michael because he is a step dad to Farrah’s older sister and they raised her to call him Michael.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      He is her father not stepdad. Farrah’s older sister he is the stepdad of or well was.

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