Jazz Jennings Opens Up About Terrifying Complication She Experienced After Her Gender Confirmation Surgery: “My Vagina [Fell] Apart”

“Well this blows…”

Jazz Jennings warned her followers that Tuesday’s episode of I Am Jazz would be “the most intense one yet”– and she certainly wasn’t lying.

The episode, which covered the scary period following Jazz’s gender confirmation surgery in which a “rare complication” caused her to undergo a second surgery. At one point during the episode, Jazz’s doctor tells her mom, Jeanette, that he made the right decision to perform the second surgery on Jazz, stating that Jazz’s newly constructed vagina had torn.

“I heard something go ‘pop’ and when I looked, the whole thing had just split open,” the doctor says.

After the episode aired, Jazz discussed what happened on Twitter.

“Even though my vagina falling apart was the hardest thing I ever experienced, I knew that one day I would be fully healed recovered,” she wrote, adding that she was hospitalized for three weeks due to the complication.

In an interview for TLC’s “Inside the Episode” clip, Jazz says that, after the second surgery, things actually got worse for her.

“They took off the bandages and the packaging and we found out that only 50 percent of the skin graft took,” she said. “So, basically I had no skin [in that area].”

On Twitter, she talked more about that period of time.

“My vagina looked SO bad that my mom, sister, and the surgeons wouldn’t even let me look at it,” she wrote. “Eventually, I used a compact mirror to get a peak and all I could do was laugh. If only you guys knew…”

Jazz added that much of the footage used in Tuesday’s episode was filmed using cellphone cameras, due to the camera crew leaving before the complications started.

“Fun fact: The camera crew left NYC thinking that I was on a steady path to recovery. When the complication occurred, the two producers who stayed behind documented the second procedure using my camera and their phones!” Jazz wrote.

In an interview with People Now, Jazz admitted that there were times following her second surgery she wished she hadn’t chosen to document her procedure for her show.

“Many times, especially after the complication, I was done with everything, I was like ‘get out of my face!'” she told the hosts. “They were really respectful about it though. They didn’t film too often and they did it on my terms.

“There was one interview I remember where I just started breaking down crying,” she added. “I just couldn’t do [the interviews] anymore…I was like ‘I’m not doing this right now! I just went through a lot and I can’t do this!’ So, I had to dismiss them.”

On Twitter, Jazz said that she was very upset about what went wrong with her much-anticipated surgery.

“I was depressed for about 2 days before I snapped out of it and accepted the situation for what it was,” Jazz told her followers. “I knew everything would be amazing in the end (and it is!!)”

Jazz even said that she was happy it was her who experienced the rare complication, rather than someone without as much support as she had.

“I’m glad that this rare complication happened to me rather than to another trans individual,” she tweeted. “With the love & support of my family, it makes it easier for me to conquer a challenge like this. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be for someone without that support system.”

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

55 Responses

  1. I am glad that your healed. But without thinking u should of kept your sperm in a sperm bank so one day if and when u get married u could of had a child of your own.

      1. Ahahaha, nice joke he did go true male puberty.. and as long he had balls he had sperm… and he easily shook his dick to porn as well..

  2. I am so happy that your doing well. I hope you get 9ver what is ailing you and get back on your feet. Your a smart girl and do what is best for you. College will always be there your health is more important. Good luck in all that you do. MONA

  3. I’m all for being who you want to be what feels right. If your not comfortable and its not right yes change it. But from the start they just caved in and gave her whatever she wanted jazz and her mom steam rolling the father all the way. I remember him saying she should wait to start the medication but no they had to do it. Yet now all her complications are because she oppressed too soon and not having enough tissue. But jazz is spoiled what she gets she wants and i’m sorry her being bullied or not being the right gender doesn’t give you the right to act like your better than anyone else or to act like a spoiled brat. Maybe if they were not giving her everything she wanted when she wanted things would be different. She showed her self when she got upset because the dr dared to tell her she was over weight and had to loose it. Spoiled obnoxious and demanding

  4. When you put your sh1t out there like Jazz has then people have the right to say what they want or how they feel. Whether we agree with it or not, opinions are made and each one of them is our own. Just saying…

  5. This is hysterical!! HIS “vagina” fell apart b/c you can’t cut your wanker off. ? His dna will ALWAYS be male. Have all the surgery, take all the hormones, keep believing the lie….Jazz ?IS ?a BOY?

    1. You clearly have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and I am not even woke. You are just a bigot

  6. I wonder if she got to bust a nut before they cut it off? I guessing if she did, trust me, you don’t want to lose that thing. Ladies, please do me a favor tonight and make that dude in your life dump a clip tonight in Jazz’s fallen little warrior’s honer. Just trying to make the world a better place, one load at a time.

    1. Against every sense of decency that I have this cracks me up! What a world we live in. Despite having the sense of humor of a teenaged boy no, I’m not going to replace my vagina with a penis.

  7. It’s funny how many people have soooooo much to say when it comes to how others want to addressed, let alone how and why they feel like they don’t belong in the vessel that’s been given to them. Not sure how that would be affecting your everyday lives, unless you have a relative who’s dealing with the same obstacle. No….you don’t have to be gung ho with the idea, but at least be supportive. People are real quick to insert themselves into situations that have nothing to do with them. Don’t wanna show empathy, sympathy, or support?? Then keep it moving….life would be less complicated if you mind ya damn business.

    1. When you put your sh1t out there like Jazz has then people have the right to say what they want or how they feel. Whether we agree with it or not, opinions are made and each one of them is our own. Just saying…

      1. People have their opinions…..fair enough, but using said opinions to criticize someone’s life……..


  8. Sorry for my ignorance, but is this not exactly why it was recommended she wait to have the surgery?! I understand she wanted to have her genitalia match her gender, but it seems so unnecessary and unhealthy to allow a child to go through such an intensive surgery. Some grown trans women never even get it done due to the healing time alone.

    1. yes and why they suggest not suppressing any hormones too early if she had they would have had more to work with . but she gets what she wants when she wants it the dad tried to speak up and the wife just ignored him

    2. Agreed. She’s too young to have to deal with the post surgery dialators everyday. It’s basically a sex you used to keep the new vag as deep as it needs to be. It’s really important for recovery.

    3. It has nothing to do with your age. She had hormone blockers since she was 11 so her penis and testicles never matured so there wasn’t much material to work with, no matter what age she was. The doctors clearly explain that

  9. The vagina fell apart???? It would never do that if you were actually BORN a female. This is just wrong and disgusting.

  10. Yeah but going through puberty could have worse long term effects on their mental health. I think you should trust doctors, parents, and patients in these situations that they are doing what is right for them.

    1. I totally understand your point about weighing the risks of waiting to have the surgery because of the mental impact of puberty. Having said that, early transitioning clearly made Jazz’s surgery risky, and at least temporarily jeopardized her physical health. I sincerely hope she recovers quickly with no long term damage.

      I don’t think doctors, parents, or patients should be granted trust. There are all kinds of treatments that used to be considered “the best” available that would now be considered inhumane, ineffective, or just plain junk science.

  11. I agree with other posters, Jazz is way too young to be deciding these things. It seemed like the family, mainly the mom, got a little wrapped up in the tv show and had to keep taking things further and further. The long term effects of all those meds and hormones can’t be good. Why not let Jazz develop a little more and at least get through puberty before doing the surgery? What was the rush?

  12. The publicity around the complications may encourage some parents to wait before giving a young child meds to suppress puberty. I am a huge ally, but I do worry about potential long term effects of medications in young children. In Jazz’s situation, it sounds like enduring puberty may have prevented some of these challenges since the tissue and skin would have developed naturally to work with. Regardless. Glad she is doing better!

    1. I thought the exact same thing! Sometimes the newest available treatment isn’t always the best, or comes at a high cost. It seems some people perceive any questioning about different treatment options as “not being supportive.” In reality we are asking the questions because we want the best for people!

  13. I’m assuming the “rare complication” was the parents decision to suppress puberty at their wise child’s request. Other then that I’ll put “my vagina fell apart” under things I hope my child never has to say.

  14. Im sorry but letting your young child go through this and taking pills and or shots(whatever they use) for a long time is so bad and cruel to that child. They haven’t grown fully yet, body and mind. This is very dangerous.

    There’s no going back now.
    She could have found a man that likes D, just sayin.

      1. I thought “she” was interested in boys in an episode. Am i mistaken. And then if it was a guy who was okay with “her” having a penis, that could be a relationship. There are tons of different relationships like that.

        Quotations because the child is still not biologically female you losers, downvote now.

        You can never change your gender. There was a guy who wantes to change his birthdate because he felt younger than what he was. Was there a reason he could not change it on his birth certificate, yes because he is not years younger than what he actually is. Just like a man cannot be a woman if he was born a male. People can be ok with it like their family and friends, it doesnt change the actual sex.

    1. She’s transgender, not a gay man so finding a man that “likes D” would have zero impact on her feeling like she has a body that fits with her gender…

      1. It’s as if people think gender and sexuality are the same thing. Gender is what you feel you are (male, female, agender, not on the spectrum etc.) and sexuality is what kind of people you’re attracted to (straight, gay, bi, pan etc.) Educate yourself, people, before you start to spew hate with using words like ‘his’ or “her” (in brackets) and talking about liking D all in one sentence as if it’s all the same thing. You don’t have to agree with this, but that doesn’t mean you have to be deliberately hateful and inappropriate towards/about a teenager!

        1. There are plenty of trans-women who don’t have bottom surgery, but date/marry straight men. I don’t think the OP was using pronouns and brackets to be hateful, but to be specific in their explanation. T said “There are tons of different relationships like that.” How is that hateful or inappropriate? Jazz’s parents have put what should have been her private information out there for fame and money…THAT is inappropriate.

          1. You dont like quotations kaiser and ensleys escape plan…

            “””””Her””””” “parents” should have told him to wait until after his teenage years were over to really think about all these changes. His mom told him that he can be a girl if he wanted to but if they waited awhile he could have thought differently. Could have been gay or just liked girly things and grown out of it. Instead, his mom had to force this silly nonsense of changing gender completely and even letting her still young hormonal child get major surgery. “She” could have died, but it would be ok because “she” died the gender that “she” thought she was.

            If my daughter dresses like a voy until a young age, I’m not going to automatically assume, whelp she wants to be a boy and give her pills to grow facial hair. Like wtf. She probably just likes dressing comfy, it would make sense because i dress in big shirts and shorts or sweatpants at all times.

            I bet jazz saw her sister, her mom and her bitch of a dad be feminine so he wanted to be a girl even more.

            Bottom line, jazz seems happy but i dont think she had to have this surgery so early in life, when a lot of people who have the surgery are never normal down there a mnd have suicidal thoughts. “She” seems like a happy “girl” but so was the 30 something year old weather forecaster from detroit who killed herself after laser eye surgery. Jazz would have been better off dressing like a girl and not taking hormone replacements.

            In today’s world it’s normal to be transgender. It’s the in thing to do. Wait a decade or 2 and see what happens to the world. I fear for my daughters future.

          2. @ macaroni, yes her parents wanted fame. That is a big thing now to have their 5 mi utes on the internet, screw the mental state of your kid, put everything out there, your kids don’t give a crap. Wait they will omce they figure out the real world and wonder how their parents let them do this to themselves.

            I want to have one arm and one leg, mommy, daddy, can I cut them off. Its just the way I feeeeeel.

        2. 80% of children who believe they are the opposite gender outgrow it by the time they reach adulthood.

          Waiting isn’t hating.

  15. He’s gonna regret permanently damaging his body like that. Should’ve gotten mental help instead of running to a surgeon. Shame on the parents. FYI I know this will be downvoted like crazy. Don’t care.

    1. Calling Jazz a “he” is super f-ed up. Down vote for sure. If you have kids I hope you’re supportive because your comment sure isn’t.

      1. I wouldn’t be supportive and I would disown them if they choose to not seek mental help. I am firmly against this and will always be.

    2. Why the f did this comment get so many down votes. Like I understand if you have an opinion about the surgery or the way her parents went about it, but calling her a he is actually very cruel and unnecessary. You are actually a horrible human and I hope you don’t have kids because I would hate to have a judgemental, piece of shit for a mother like you. And for any of you who up voted I personally hope you don’t have to deal with a child who is trans because I would love to see how you would react to the negative comments and judgements you would get about how you parent them.

    3. Ava…
      What you “think” she should be addressed as is so incredibly invalid and if you didn’t care about your comment being downvoted….you wouldn’t have brought it up. It costs $0.00 to be a decent human being.

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