Roger Mathews is Challenging Pre-nup He Signed Before Marrying Jenni Farley: Requests Alimony & Primary Custody of Kids in New Court Docs

“I would like your money…”

Last week, Roger Mathews asked his soon-to-be ex-wife Jenni Farley for truce…and this week, he’s asking her for some serious cash…and to forget about the pre-nup they signed back in 2015.

The Blast broke the news on Wednesday that Roger has answered the divorce petition that the Jersey Shore filed by filing a petition of his own. Roger’s petition challenges the prenuptial agreement he signed before their 2015 wedding, and he is now asking for monthly alimony, as well as child support from Jenni. The Blast reports that the documents filed by Roger request that a judge find the pre-nup “invalid and unenforceable.”

In addition, Roger is seeking primary physical custody of the couple’s two children, Meilani and Greyson, as well as joint legal custody.

Jenni requests that she get primary physical custody of the kids, and that Roger be limited to visitation… and paying her monthly child support.

This is just the latest round in the “Jenni vs. Roger” saga that has been playing out publicly for the last few months. On January 30, Jenni posted a letter to Roger on her personal website that stated that Roger was physically abusive to her, was trying to extort her, and  was only after her money.

In her letter, Jenni acknowledged that she knew Roger would try to challenge their pre-nup. She called him out for it, stating that Roger had always prided himself on being self-sufficient and not needing Jenni’s money from her MTV shows and other endeavors.

“I recall you being the man who touted himself on and off camera so many times…’I am not with you for your money. I will never want child support, alimony…I am a hard working man and can hold my own’ etc.” she wrote. “So where is this person now? How could you look me in the eye for so many years and say that you loved me for me and not for my paycheck?”

“I mean…I didn’t MEAN all those things…I was just kidding about not taking your money….”

Last Saturday, Roger responded to Jenni’s letter with a message of his own. In the now-deleted 29,000+ word letter, Roger discussed each of the accusations Jenni made against him, denying that he was an abusive “monster” as Jenni claimed. He also informed fans that Jenni makes way more money than he does working at his regular 9-5 job, stating that Jenni makes “millions” while he pulls in “maybe $100,000 a year.” 

Roger quickly deleted the letter, replacing it with a post to Instagram that begged Jenni for a truce in their very public battle. 

“Peace. Let it begin here. For two amazing children. They deserve it. Please,” he wrote. 

It appears that Roger did get at least one thing he requested. After Jenni posted the letter to her website and social media accounts, Roger and his legal team sent a letter to the judge in the case, demanding that Jenni be forced to remove the letter. As of press time, the letter is no longer on Jenni’s website or Instagram account.

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(Photos: Awestruck, MTV, Instagram)

20 Responses

  1. Isn’t the POINT of a prenup for…..situations such as this?

    Of course it becomes invalid and unenforceable when it’s convenient.

  2. Men, or Women, who spend a whole 3 or 4 years with someone and then expect alimony is just ridiculous to me! You barely put in any time to deserve someone else’s earned money, even if “earned” is a loose term. Makes them look like a gold digger, seriously.

  3. He sure got use to a lifestyle, didn’t he? Plus, with all the tapes that have come out, his instagram plugs and ads have all dried up. Oh well, Roger. Looks like you’ll just have to get a 9 to 5 job like the rest of us.

  4. Roger needs to get off his ass and get a job. That’s Jenni’s paycheque he was living off of, not his. I hope that prenup is iron clad and he doesn’t get squat. I used to have respect for that guy, how the times have changed. I hope that judge will see him for who he truly is. Those kids need their mom, no judge will give them freely over to him like that unless she were a train wreck which she isn’t. Get your act together Roger, you’ve dragged your own name through the mud all on your own. Time to salvage whatever decency you have left to quit trying to drag the EXCELLENT mother of your two children down too.

  5. Roger is seriously complaining about his prenup and his $100k annual salary? I wish I made that.

    It will be a big weight off Jenni’s shoulders when the divorce is final. I don’t see how Roger will get any of his outrageous demands, especially since Jenni is a fit mom and has so much on video of the abuse. Thank goodness Jenni got a prenup.

  6. A manipulative abuser to the core…If one form of abuse doesn’t work, he’ll find another. He can’t physically hit her anymore, or verbally abuse her because of the restraining order…but he can financially and further emotionally abuse her. He’s horrible.

  7. Poor Roger. He was tricked with a prenup. David is being made fun of. MTV needs to start a support group. Lets hope they can make room for Caits poor therapy horse and anyone that has come into contact with Farrah

  8. I so hope she and her legal team will keep their foot down.
    When she gives in to his demands, he is going to wiggle and slither to get his way every time for the next 19 years cause he thinks there is room to negotiate or simply get his way.
    Why has she still not pressed charges for the abuse against him?

  9. Roger is an ass clown. He willingly signed that prenup. Not sure what grounds he thinks he has that would invalidate it. He is more than able bodied and can go earn a living, to think he should be given alimony is laughable. Maybe he should go see if the chick he admits to cheating with will be his new sugar mamma.

  10. On what grounds does he think the pre-nup isn’t valid? He agreed to it a few years ago so what’s the problem? I’m old school – children should live with mom.

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