‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards’ Drink-and-Dash Charge Has Been Dropped But He’ll Remain in Jail

“So you mean it’s ‘three hots and a cot’ for the next two months? That ain’t fair!”

Ryan Edwards has a lot of problems, but a $36 bar tab is no longer one of them.

According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom OG dad got word during his court date on Monday that his “theft of service” charge— stemming from a December incident in which he allegedly ran out on a $36 tab at a local pub— has been dropped by a Hamilton County, Tennessee, judge. Ryan was arrested on January 24 for the incident.

Although Ryan’s theft of service charge has been dropped, he is not getting sprung from the clink for several more months.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan’s “drink-and-dash” arrest caused him to violate his probation from his 2017 arrest for heroin possession. He will remain behind bars until he faces that charge in Red Bank, Tennessee, on April 15.

Ryan’s latest mugshot offering…

Ryan was arrested when he reported for his probation office on January 24. He has been the Hamilton County Jail ever since.

Starcasm stated that Ryan’s “theft of service” charge may have been dropped because the bar decided not to press charges (perhaps because someone went in and paid the $36 Ryan owed for the six Jack Daniels Ryan guzzled on the day in question). At this point, though, that is pure speculation.

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Since news of Ryan’s latest arrest broke, his wife Mackenzie and his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, have gone radio silent in regard to all things Ryan.

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17 Responses

  1. People leave businesses without paying for things accidentally all the time, but I suspect that Ryan does not fall in this category. I just don’t get why. I’m sure he’s very recognizable in Chattanooga and has the money to pay such a small bar tab. So stupid, he could have avoided jail time, he got so many chances.

  2. Thank God
    He almost had to take accountability for his actions.
    No if this pesky judge can just see how wonderful & special Ryan is he will see that Ryan shouldnt have to be held accountable for messing up his probation & release him

  3. Ryan needs to be held accountable for SOMETHING in his life. He is constantly getting bailed out and let off the hook. Maybe this is what it will take for him?

    Now if we could just get someone (anyone!) to finally hold Jenelle and David accountable for ANYTHING AT ALL.

  4. I feel bad for him. I honestly do. It’s clear he still has a substance abuse problem. Perhaps some recovered heroin addicts are able to drink socially after several years of sobriety. Perhaps they can even do so sooner. But I highly doubt ANY of them walked into a bar by THEMSELVES less than one month out of rehab, drank 6 whiskeys and proceeded to stay sober and healthy. Just my opinion. He needs to start taking his sobriety seriously.

  5. First picture I really see Ryan smiling. I also know why he’s so happy here: he is holding his dog instead of one of the children. The love of Ryan for his dog is what we all seek for ourselves.

  6. The last time I saw Jen and Larry on TM 2 it seems like they may have started to slowly realized that they have been enabling them. It’s a fairly common mistake that parents do with their kids who struggle with alcohol & drugs.

  7. Ryan’s been away from Jagger more of his,life than he’s been with him & it looks like a trend he intends to continue…

  8. I’ll bet it was Jen who paid the tab. Thank goodness he’s still in jail though. Ryan had been getting slapped on his wrist his whole life.

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