‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Plopping Out Labor Lube & Prepping for Doomsday on The Land

Our response when someone asks why we still watch this disaster of a show…

Buckle up your gaggle of children, throw on your favorite “Mom AF” shirt and get ready to stand by your man… it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2!

We first check in with Briana who is sipping on a fruity concoction out of a lightbulb glass. (The DeJesus family collection of McDonald’s Jurassic Park collectible plastic cups must have been in the dishwasher?)

“Drinking this helps me not want to hit Devoin!”

Briana’s lightbulb elixir seems to have put her in a good mood as she’s decided to let Devoin take Nova out for an afternoon of fun and games, via an Uber ride, naturally. (As Briana tells us, Uber is Devoin’s only option, given that he doesn’t “have no car or license.”)

Devoin arrives and appears to be having a hard time standing up straight. He manages to pick Nova up and bid the DeJesus gals farewell, all without ever really opening his eyes.

Devoin will be taking his daughter to an establishment called “Monkey Joe’s.” We can assume that “Monkey’s Joe’s” is like Chuck E. Cheese’s— same skull-splitting noise level and same rip-off arcade games but minus the big furry rat.

Devoin and Nova finally make it to Monkey Joe’s (surely after spending a good hour or so waiting while the other people in their Uber Pool got dropped off). The two enjoy playing some arcade games while Devoin tries to make small talk with his daughter about her upcoming first day of school. (Clearly his Uber driver gave him some ice breaker suggestions in exchange for a five-star rating. #WinWin)

“So…um….are you gonna use all those quarters for games? I need money to catch the bus…”

Over in West Virginia, Leah has just picked Addie up from her first day of kindergarten and she’s less-than-thrilled that she didn’t get to play on the playground very much.

“We just got to rest our eyes,” Addie tells Leah.

“I could have shown the kids how to do that! I’m great at resting my eyes…”

Back at her house, Leah calls Corey to see how the other girlseses’ first day of school went. She tells Corey that she’s looking into getting an special needs advocate to help them work with the school regarding Ali’s needs. She says she’s looking up some phone numbers for attorneys who may be able to help them fight the school to get Ali better care.

Corey agrees. (We know this because they had to bust out the subtitles so we could understand good ol’ Corey Tyler’s mumbling. 

“I’m fixin’ to get the ding-dang law involved! They ain’t gonna treat our youngin like that!”

Next we check in with Chelsea, who is busy herding all of her assorted animals to take them inside. Pete the Pig makes an appearance, as does a dog named…Barbara! (I can just hear Barbara Evans sitting at home, watching the episode and talking to the TV: “Well, Chelsea, I see ya named ya dog afta me!”)

Anyway, Chelsea’s mom, South Dee-ko-tah Mary is also hanging around Chelsea’s new Log Mansion. Chelsea is 33 weeks pregnant, and Mary thinks that Chelsea could go into labor at any time (dontcha know!)

Chelsea gets up from her chair and discovers a pool of liquid under her butt. She gets nervous, wondering if her water has broken. Chelsea looks at the camera and makes sure the viewers at home know that the “wetness” is not due to her peeing her pants. 

“I just want that to be clear!” she says as she rubs her butt.

She calls Cole over to help her determine whether she sat in water or if she’s about to pop baby number three out, right there next to the chicken coop and pig pen. 

This is what Chelsea’s story lines have resorted to…

Cole determines that the buttcheeks in question are, indeed, moist. However, he is unsure if the moisture was caused by a leak in Chelsea’s baby chute or just a wet chair.

Chelsea’s mom suggests she take a ride to the hospital to get “swiped” and find out what the mystery substance on her gym shorts is.

“It’s better to get swiped so ya know…dontcha know!”

South Dee-ko-tah Mary tells Chelsea that, had her water broken, she would be feeling wet in her front (aka her gentleman greeter would feel like a ‘crick’). Chelsea is concerned that the baby will come too early, resulting in her having to stay in the NICU. 

Cole and Chelsea decide to go get Chelsea checked out at the hospital, just to be sure she’s not in labor. On the drive over, Chelsea has some contractions and she starts to panic.

Over in North Carolina, Hurricane Florence has just passed over The Land. Jenelle had all the kids at her house during the storm, but everyone came out unscathed (but perhaps not “unscabied.”) 

Jenelle tells her mom Barbara all about the wet and wild weather. For some reason, Jenelle is really proud that she and Lurch didn’t evacuate as they were advised and instead hunkered down on The Land until the storm passed. 

Hey, some things are just too valuable to leave behind. I mean, Jenelle’s endless supply of trucker hats, and Lurch’s Hooked on Phonics tapes aren’t gonna save themselves! Luckily, though, the hurricane didn’t actually hit Jenelle’s home.

When you can’t even get a hurricane to come to The Land.

Aside from leaky roofs, a nearly-collapsing floor, and having no electricity, the Evans-Eason clan survived on The Land.

Jenelle says that she and the family bathed in their swamp-water-filled pool to maintain their impeccable hygiene. 

“I really felt like we were in a third-world country,” Jenelle says.

Well…that’s probably how most people who visit The Land would describe the place…

Jenelle says that Nathan‘s mom Doris suggested that Kaiser ride out the storm at her place, rather than sit in Jenelle’s leaky and dark house and bathe in the swamp pool. 

“She was insinuating that she could take better care of Kaiser during a hurricane than I can!” Jenelle says.

Um…I’m pretty sure Chelsea’s pet pig could take better care of that boy than Jenelle does…just sayin’…

Anyway, things start to get really HIGH-larious when Jenelle starts bragging about all of Lurch’s survival skills. She credits his doomsday prepping for preparing them for the hurricane, as well as “the whole Kim Jong-un thing.”


“Bring it on, North Korea! I don’t mean to brag but soon our floor will sink so far into the ground we will have our own underground bunker!”

Over in Delaware, it’s almost time for Lux’s first birthday so Kail and her trio of boys are off to do some cake testing. (You know Kail is secretly pretending this is a cake-testing for her wedding to Lux’s dad, Chris!) 

Kail and her crew maul some pastries, and then they head home. Kail decides it’s time to burn some sage and talk about Chris with her friend Kathy. She says that the sage-burning is to “get rid of negative energy,” but I’m convinced it’s some sort of love spell concoction Kail’s cooking up to rub on Chris when he comes over for Lux’s birthday party.

“I’m gonna GET my man!”

“I don’t know if Chris and I are in a relationship,” Kail says [spoiler alert: they’re not]. “He’s the one person I feel like I never really got over.

Kail tells Kathy she isn’t interested in dating other people, though she’d forgive Chris if he was dating other people himself. She tells Kathy she’s “addicted to the chaos” which coincidentally would be a great alternate title for this show.

Kail says that even if Chris “cheated” on her right now, she’d be right back to drooling over his Instagram photos in about two weeks.

I think that’s nice…

Back in Florida, Brittany has crawled out of bed and relocated to the couch. She commends Briana for getting out of taking Nova to Monkey Joe’s because she has “the soul of a fat person…you don’t wanta be walkin’ nowhere doin’ nothin’”.

When the MTV crew shows up to film before 2 p.m.

Brittany reminds Briana that she can’t have Dr. Miami-enhanced body swingin’ all over the damn place. She could poke a kid’s eye out! Safety first!

Next, we swing back down to The WV, where Leah’s “setting” at her boyfriend Jason‘s house, calling up a special needs law-yer to talk about Ali’s education plan. Leah says that this will be the first time she’s spoken to the law-yer so…why not do it on-camera!?

Leah gets the attorney up-to-date on everything and is hopeful about how things will be handled with Ali going forward. She hopes that the school bus will agree to take Ali’s “willchair” with her each day to school.

After Leah hangs up, Jason says that he’s down to help Leah in any way that he can. (Careful there, Jason. The last guy who said that was Jeremy, and he ended up in a van full of trash, old fast food wrappers and jackets, hollerin’ on the TV cameras!) 

“I better go catch me up on some of those old ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes!”

Meanwhile in Delaware, Lux’s birthday is finally here, but MTV is cordially NOT invited due to Chris and his family deciding to RSVP “yes” to the event. The MTV crew basically had to chill out in creepy vans outside the house while Chris & Co. yucked it up at the party, but they were allowed to come back in once King Chris had left. 

(I will give Chris credit for resisting those MTV paychecks, though, even after all this time. All of the girls’ other significant others/baby daddies/general bootycalls have eventually cracked and agreed to film because they were unable to turn down that MTV dough!) 

Anyway, Kail is busy wrangling kids and patting herself on the back for convincing Chris to come to the party.

She tells Producer Patrick that things between her and Chris go back and forth, but it’s totally obvious that she is expecting Chris to one day realize how much he loves her and that want to be with her forever.

“Sure, Jan…”

Kail then tells Producer Patrick that as thrilled as she was to have Chris and his family at Lux’s party, it made her wish that her own family was in attendance, namely her mom—who we affectionately call Smirnoff Suzi. As longtime fans of the show know, The Suz has never been close to the Kail or Kail’s kids…or sobriety for that matter! 

All of Kail’s baby daddies have families that are very involved, and that makes Kail feel left out. She says that she’s thinking about trying to reconnect with her mom, whom she hasn’t seen in years. 

We are then are treated to a few flashback clips of Suzi (in all her spiky-haired glory) during Kail’s 16 and Pregnant episode, as well as a clip from an early season when Kail tells Dr. Drew that she left baby Lincoln with Suzi for two hours, only to find Suzi tanked when she arrived home. 

“‘Member me?”

“She’d be sober for a week and then go missing for a week,” Kail tells Producer Patrick of Mommy Dearest. “I was Isaac’s age staying home by myself, and I had every bar in town memorized and I would call to see if my mom was there.”

Anyone else think that Suzi and Catelynn‘s mom April would have made great drinking buddies?!

Speaking of Catelynn, Kail is about to film a podcast episode with her and Tyler Baltierra, so she decides to talk about the issue with them.  She hopes that Ty and Cate can tell her how to have a relationship with Suz without wanting to beat her to death with an empty vodka bottle on the regular.

Back in North Carolina, Jenelle heads to the pumpkin patch with two-thirds of her kids and Barb for some quality photo ops to post on social media. It’s the fall version of “family picnic time.”

Of course, Lurch has been shut-out of the Great Pumpkin Patch Caper, which Jenelle is not too happy about.

When your face is peeling off but you’ve planned to have a la-dee-dah time at Fall Family Picnic Day…

The next day, as Jenelle and Barb are slopping down their free meals at a restaurant, Producer Kristen informs Jenelle that, while she was busy forcing her kids to smile for the camera at the pumpkin patch, Lurch was blowing her phone up, threatening to show up and shut down filming. 

“He’s like, ‘How dare you take Ensley to the pumpkin patch?'” Kristen says Lurch texted her. “‘If you continue to film with Ensley, I’ll come there and ruin the whole shoot. You’re not going to push me out of my own life! You should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you!'”

“Yeah, yeah yeah,” Jenelle says. (We can almost see the wheels in her head turning, trying to wiggle her Lurch-of-a-husband out of the mess he’s created.)

Jenelle says she didn’t know about the texts, but immediately starts defending Lurch for sending them anyway. She says Lurch felt left out for not getting to be in the social media photos and he’s placing the blame on MTV.

“By George, I’ve got it!”

Jenelle then seems to switch game plans mid-sentence. She starts to laugh hysterically and says that Lurch was probably just trying to make Kristen “s**t her pants.”

It was all a joke, guys! That rascally Lurch was just playing a funny on the MTV producers!

“He was just trying to f**k with you because he was pissed off,” Jenelle says. 

Kristen does not look convinced, but Jenelle continues to brush the whole thing off because David is totally harmless, dude.

When you want to say “I told ya so” but don’t want to have to pay for your lunch…

Back in Florida, it’s time for Nova’s first day of school. Briana has suited up in her finest Fashion Nova track pants for the occasion. (Roxanne is probably wearing her signature red pumps, just in case a kid tries to mess with Nova. We all know what Roxanne is capable of doing when she’s armed with shoes!) 

Stella is coming along too, and she doesn’t seem to be thrilled about the trip.

Why does Stella always have the facial expression of a 45-year-old woman who is going through it…?

They pull up to Nova’s school (which is apparently inside the Publix Grocery Store? Do the kids attend K-6 in the deli, then move over to the paper products aisle to attend junior high or…?)

On the way in, Nova remarks that there are not any kids outside. (Um…that’s because you go to first grade in a grocery store, hun…)

Briana makes Nova stand there and take the obligatory “hold the weird sign so I can post your photo on Instagram” picture. 

“Nova you’re going to learn to read and write…and then can you maybe pick us up a loaf of bread before you leave school?”

Once they’re inside the classroom, Nova’s being stared at like a fish in a fish bowl. (After all, she is the only kid who brought a camera crew to the first day of school.) Nova begins to get emotional and is crying. Roxanne says Nova has a case of separation anxiety—the same thing her Aunt Brittany suffers from when she’s away from the couch for too long.

Later that day, Roxanne, her pumps, and Briana go to pick up Nova at school. Nova survived her first day of 1st grade and, just like Addie, is not too happy with the lack of recess allotted. Despite the shortage of playtime, Nova said she had a good day and then Briana randomly reminds her that she can go visit her dad whenever she wants.

Next, we head to New York City, where Kail and her co-host Lindsie are recording their podcast with Cate and Tyler. Once they start rolling, Tyler says Butch is killing it in his new drug-free lifestyle, while Kail says she doesn’t even know if her mom knows she’s had a third kid.

She says that, whenever Suzi isn’t lying in a pool of her own vodka-smelling vomit, she’s a really good person, and she wants her kids to experience that. 

“Hot mess parents? That’s our specialty!”

Tyler says he learned to cope with Butch’s wicked ways through lots of therapy and learning to accept the fact that addiction is a disease.

(When he starts talking about having to do “a lot of inner work,” you can almost see Kail’s eyes roll back into her head…)

Kail doesn’t know if she’s ready to welcome her mom and her mom’s drinking problem back into her life.

Catelynn suggests that she give Smirnoff Suzi some healthy boundaries if she starts a relationship with her again. (Can I just add that Catelynn looks amazing in this episode. There’s not a sweaty side-bang or zebra hoodie in sight!) 

Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Chelsea and Cole learn that the random wet spot Chelsea discovered wasn’t her water breaking, but rather her body “lubin’ up” to prepare for birth.  Chelsea is relieved that the baby is staying put for the time being. Chelsea says the doctor was able to feel the baby’s head during the check-up and Cole is kind of bummed that he didn’t get to sneak a feel himself.

“This better not be the hand that had my lady garden lube all over it.”

The episode ends with Jenelle’s infamous 911 call, in which she says David assaulted her and possibly broke her collarbone. (You can read all about that here and here, by the way!) 

Clearly this dispatcher isn’t a ‘Teen Mom 2’ fan…

Though we have to wait until the next episode to learn what really went down on The Land, we’re putting our money on Jenelle blaming it all on “Kim Jung Un.”

Until next time!

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. “When even a hurricane won’t come to The Land” – probably one of the top 5 photo captions EVER 👏😆

  2. Barbara, is a complete “sell out”. She is back to kissing Janelle’s butt for the money. Janelle is a horrible person but I think some people seem to forget that Barbara raised her! I think poor Jace would of been better off with foster parents!

    1. Not sure if it’s for the $$ or so she can just stay in Janelle’s life, but I’m disappointed in her too. I always got a kick out of her for comic relief and her amazing one-liners, however, you are right to point out that she is at least partly responsible for the way Janelle is today. There was probably more yelling than words of encouragement in her home.

      I was turned off with the threat Babs made to Kail. Kail is a drama queen herself but the threat was unnecessary. At first some commenters speculated she was getting close to Janelle to keep an eye on the kids and to be a buffer with Lurch, but it seems like she’s flipped over to team Janelle. HOPEFULLY Babs is playing the role of double-agent, but it’s looking less likely, especially when she took Janelle’s side on the Kaiser dispute with Nathan and Dorris.

  3. The 911 call was heartbreaking. She sounded legitimately terrified. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that UBT is abusing her and the children, and I can’t believe that she and UBT still have custody of the children, with all of the chaos and violence on The Land. Also, did anyone else see the video she posted and then quickly took down? It was UBT attempting to peel and chop garlic. The knife was upside down and the cutting board was sliding everywhere. Then, David said “I took an Adderall. I shouldn’t have f*cking tookin [sic] that sh*t.” If he is using Adderall without a prescription, that certainly explains his erratic and paranoid behavior. Take the kids and get out, Jenelle, before it is too late!

  4. I’ve never left a comment on a forum before but I just have to say your re-caps are absolutely genius – far more enjoyable and entertaining than the actual show itself. Thanks for making me laugh more than Jenelle fake laughing at Rascally Lurch – keep ’em coming!

  5. Amazing recap – I laughed so hard at the Kim Jong-un stuff. I had to rewind the episode when Jenelle said that… Jesus God Jenelle.

    Also I have that light bulb cup Brianna was drinking out of. It’s pretty cool and lights up if you push a button on the bottom.

  6. Thank you for your insights. I’m from a state that has close to zero funding for special needs in the public school system (children with different needs have to struggle through the system with teachers who aren’t trained in sped) i wonder if WV districts have the same issues. I am curious if Leah herself is part of the problem she seems to have trouble communicating her needs and expectations I do hope the advocate can clear it up. Hate to see children struggle to get what they need and Ali deserves better. If my comment came off as ignorant I apologise I just know if I had the resources the teen moms do I’d have my kids in the best schools possible wherever in the country that may be and make sure they get the best chance possible for their situation.

  7. I think Kail stopped fantasizing about Chris but come on! You were only good for hookups for him, I don’t think he ever loved you! (I guess it’s true women tend to fall in love in this situation) The fact that you got pregnant by him, means to him only that he has a child to raise.

    Jenelle is delusional. SO DELUSIONAL. I bet he is saying her to talk good about him and I bet he blew up Kristen’s phone because he was pissed he is not the center of attention. Grow up, you gross man!

    Chelsea is going to have to be pregnant on and on because that’s her only story line now. (Even Adam became boring) Let’s end the show before she has 10 kids lol.

    Leah is still so dependent of her man. I’m glad she is getting more help for Ali, such an adorable goodhearted kid!

    Briana, meh, don’t care about her.

    But I do agree Cate looked gorgeous! Anyone want the bet this was the day Tezlee was…….ew, nevermind, haha.

    1. Agreed! Chels just keeps popping them out and even that’s not interesting. Millions of women get pregnant every day. But at least she’s getting exactly what she wanted in life, “be married and have lot of babies.” I remember she told Cole that like 6 months after they met and he’s delivered lol

  8. I don’t understand why Leah doesn’t put her kids into better schools you have the money I’m sure there’s private schools around that area (if not you have the money to move closer to one) who would be more capable of handling the special needs your daughter requires. Why not give your kids the best if you can afford it. Why do the girls ride a bus?! She is fighting with the school over the bus not being equipped with a chair lift. She doesn’t have a job and could just drive her kids in and take the chair everyday. I understand the schools should be helping her but the districts in WV are some of the poorest in the country public schools there struggle to do the bare minimum.
    Kail has burned every bridge she’s crossed then wonders why shes alone.
    Chelsea is living a normal life good for her.
    I have nothing to say about the other two. Same dumpster fire different episode.

    1. I agree with you about Leah. Even Kailyn put her boys in private school. Just for their own protection being that they are on tv.

    2. As someone that works with the special needs community and has 2 of my own, just wanted to say that private schools are better in a lot of ways sometimes but NOT for special needs services. Public schools have many many many more resources and skilled therapists for special needs. (Except in the case of specialized special needs schools specifically, but they are extremely expensive and not in all areas. I’m guessing there aren’t any near Leah in WV).
      I am glad she is getting an advocate though, because she doesn’t know how to navigate the system on her own. She has said so many things on the show that made me cringe because it’s false information that she’s getting out there on national television — not her fault obviously, she doesn’t know any better at this point. But an advocate will be able to help her and Corey a lot when it comes to Ali.

    3. It’s quite possible now that she’s hooked up with an advocate who knows more about the local area schools that she might move her. However, her daughter is protected under FAPE with an IEP. Meaning she is legally entitled to a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. As she noted that her daughter is doing well academically, she is in the right educational placement. They might decide to look elsewhere as her needs sadly might get worse but socially and emotionally it’s good for her to be in a school with her typical peers. Inclusion is a big thing now a days with special needs kids. I feel bad that she had to get a new aide and sadly, rotating staff might be something she’ll have to get use to. Paraprofessionals are horribly underpaid. If they decide she would be better in a private or out of district school, her district would pay for it. Not her. Again, this all under the laws regarding FAPE and IEPs. Given the area she lives in, there might not be a whole lot of choices for her to move her daughter to. Again, teaming up with an advocate is a good thing. As a special needs parent, you’re learning laws on the go. Not for nothing but her daughter being on TV is a good thing. I’d like to think the school district wouldn’t want to be seen as lacking or failing her on national TV. Use what ya got!

  9. I usually can’t stand Kailyn, but her conversation with Patrick was a huge reminder why she is so broken. Her guard is so damn high due to her parents not being there.

    1. I think people tend to forget where Kail came from, because the show has been on for so long…she had a rough life growing up…so rough she had to go live with Jo’s parents for a while. The fact that his parents accepted her into their home speaks volumes as to how bad that situation must have been. I totally see why Kail is awful with relationships…she’s a product of her environment. Honestly aside from the 3 kids by 3 dudes, I don’t think she’s doing that bad of a job considering her childhood trauma (we all see how debilitating Catelynn’s “childhood trauma” has been for her). Her parents failed her, but it seems like Kail will be damned if she fails as a mom…Seeing how great her kids are turning out, she seems like a really good mom…she just sucks at relationships with men.

  10. The level of codependency in the DeJesus Coven is alarming and unhealthy. I would watch a show where Roxann, Briana and Brittany were forced to live on their own for 90-days without any contact with each other at all. It would be enlightening.

    Of course Briana would need supervision. I don’t know if she has a learning disability or what, but she has the emotional and intellectual maturity of a 12-year old, and shouldn’t be left alone wih her kids.

    1. Other than this thread I’ve never bothered to give too many Brianna comments, mostly because I use her segment time to let the dog out and check my mail.
      While I don’t disagree with you I think it’s Roxanne that can’t be alone. Does Brianna have a mild disability or is it simply due to the fact that her mother does everything for her including her thinking?
      Roxanne wants to keep her kids under her wing like two baby birds stuck in a nest while the mama bird squawks at everyone. What Roxanne HAS taught her kids is that they do NO wrong.
      Who knows how Brianna did in school… I can just about guarantee that she was one of those students that the district couldn’t wait to get rid of so they didn’t have to deal with the parent any longer.

  11. This whole Chris fantasy Kail has going on is so pitiful to watch…one minute she’s trying her hardest to keep him from seeing Lux, claimed he attacked her while she was holding Lux, and the next she thinks they’re soul mates…I just don’t think she wants to admit that they are/were friends with benefits when she got pregnant and ruined her marriage to Javi. She knows she came out the loser in that situation, and doesn’t wanna admit it. Javi moved on, so Kail’s trying to make it seem like she’s moved on to the love of her life.

    And Jenelle seriously makes me sick. She is so abused (mentally and physically) by David, but continues to defend him…at this point I barely have an iota of sympathy left for her. Anything else that man does to her, she has signed up for…putting herself and her kids lives at risk because she’s obsessed with the IDEA of a Chelsea like happy ending…when Kersten (or whatever her name is) told her David was threatening the crew, and then Jenelle laughing like a hyena like it’s a joke…NOTHING is funny about David or this threats…and I also really don’t like this Jenelle and David alliance Babs has going on…David is beating her daughter, and she wants to act like everything is rainbows and butterflies between everyone. That whole situation is gross.

  12. I’m more interested in watching Ali’s Dr, Dr Tsao than the women on TM. I bet he could have his own show like Dr Nowdzardan because his work is very interesting.

    1. A show profiling Dr Tsao would be way too intelligent for MTV. They keep lowering the bar instead of raising it.

    2. I am honestly thinking of changing my name to “Dr Tsao’s Mickey & Goofy tie”. I like that man and I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

  13. Jenelle is an abused wife. She does what she can to survive. There is NO doubt that David would take her out if she left him. I feel kind of bad for her 🙁

    1. I have no sympathy for Jenelle.
      When a woman stay in an abusive relationship, that is sad & i know it is VERY hard to make that step to get out but they have to make that step on their own.

      HOWEVER, when you decide to have children your #1 job is to keep them safe. Those kids especially Kaiser has been impacted by her decision to stay in this abusive relationship and thats why i have no sympathy for her or anyone else that continues to puts their kids thru that mental &/or physical pain.

      1. I have been where Jenelle is and have kids and though it’s tough realizing your being abused especially when it’s mental. That’s basically why he has her in the middle of nowhere. With nobody around nobody can say see how he speaks to her on a norm and now with him off show it’s note hidden so she can keep faking it. Despite understanding that I don’t have sympathy, mainly for the fact that she has tremendous support from not only her mom, fans and I’m sure Nathan if she was honest and told him. She has everybody ready to cheer her on for getting out of it but she not only ignores it, she viciously rebuffs it, attacks the support and further creates chaos by becoming a mini him. The fact that she is announcing we are all making David depressed like that will stop things but Jace can say “I’m scared of David” and her response it “well suck it up cause he’s here to stay” speaks on her concerns for her kids. That’s why nobody should feel sorry anymore. Her kids should have been the voice of reason but she chose to force them to the live with this. The first time I heard something wrong I chose my child. The fact that all this is from multiple people and she doesn’t care. She’s scum!

  14. Why does everyone seem to dislike Brianna and think she’s lazy? I don’t think she’s lazy, I mean she’s one of the only ones of them to have an actual job. That does not seem lazy to me.

    Yep, I’m a Bri fan and proud of it. She needs more credit than she gets tbh.

    1. Briana annoys me because of her poor decisions including:
      – Luis because “when you have a second baby daddy they supposed to be an upgrade”. I actually felt bad for her when she paid for a plane ticket for Luis under the condition he not DJ and he played her and DJ’d anyway instead of spending time with his daughter
      – Hideous butt stuffing
      – The Kail drama should have been handled better and more maturely, but then again it is Kail she was dealing with – it was painful to see two women with a bunch of kids between them acting like middle schoolers

      However, I too give her credit for holding down a full time job and apparently she’s been at that job for awhile. And she’s also making a real effort to work out her differences with Devoin for the sake of her daughter. And she was the one who sensed something didn’t smell right with Javi so she ditched him. Since Javi has been out of the picture you don’t hear much about drama in her life and that’s a good thing.

      1. Why? She will get pregnant with baby daddy #3 & have to go for the “mommy make over” again
        Since she will broadcast it AGAIN she will get it free from the fame hungry Dr Miami.
        Although she should find herself a better doctor that doesnt trade surgery for social media likes. He did a horrible job on her a$$

      2. I agree about the butt lol! I don’t understand why she got the surgery in the first place. Heck, I don’t understand why any of them have gotten surgery other than the fact that they have the money to or in the Dr. miami case that it is free.

    2. Well, here’s another view … she obviously can’t support the two children and herself with this long time job. Brianna seems more than happy to remain stuffed into this tiny apartment with her mother and her sister. I think Brianna needs to grow up , woman up and mom up! Is nova going to be able to invite a little friend over? Brittany and Brianna ( sometimes Devon or Luis) are laying all over the couch, Roxanne is sitting at the table questioning everyone’s business, all the mtv money and this little girl doesn’t even have her own room.
      I have a feeling that her job is something a high school student is capable of doing .
      I have the utmost respect for my servers, cashiers, etc. as they do make the world go around but, when you bring two babies into the world and can’t get out of your pathetic comfort zone to better their life then I’m not a fan.
      It’s disgusting to watch her party , and have elective surgeries while her daughters toys are stuffed in a corner of the living room so the built in babysitters don’t have to move off their ass to watch her play.

    3. She appears to be lazy on the show because she always filmed in loungewear and balled up on the couch or in a chair, while Brittany is playing with her kids.

    4. The only reason why she has an actual job is because she made it to the franchise late, and doesn’t get paid as much as the other girls. Brianna is too damn old to be as immature as she is…that’s why nobody likes her. She has the attention span of a goldfish, and the intelligence of a 6 year old…plus she’s all bark and no bite. She’s a chihuahua….

      I will give it to her that her kids seem healthy, happy, and well taken care of, so that counts for something…but as a person shes not the brightest.

      1. I’ve met individual rocks that are more intelligent then Briana. Although we do need to remember that like WV, the schools aren’t well in Florida. Nova attends Publix school after all.

        And true that she probably only works because her TM2 paycheck isn’t as big as the others (no McMansion or new Chevy Suburban yet for her 😢). But at least her situation is more like real teen moms (sans the free Dr Miami butcher-surgery) so that is a bit refreshing. More teen moms in their 20’s live in a cramped apartment with other cray-cray, co-dependent family members then a McMansion or triple-wide with granite countertops in the swamp. She’s a grown-ass woman now (and I mean GROWN ASS) and hopefully she’ll start making better choices for the sake of her kids. Maybe baby daddy #3 suppose to be an upgrade. She did have the clarity of mind to decide Javi wasn’t enough of an upgrade to earn that title.

    5. Breanna had to get her hair chopped off because she didn’t wash it for two weeks her word she was being lazy.
      My words GROSS!!

    6. What does Leahs boyfriend do for employment? He was wearing scrubs so I was curious and his house is nice and you know he is probably paying child support, so he must have a good and steady job.
      Maybe a older man is just what she needed?

      1. I believe he’s in medical sales…For a second there I thought he was a surgeon or a physician or something because of that house and those scrubs LOL…Seems to have his stuff together. Leah has come a LONG way. If only the other girls would follow Leah and Chelsea’s upgrade plan, and stop having kids with the POS bums.

        1. Leah’s first baby daddy is one of the best dads in the entire franchise. She had her “Cole” early on but she was too young, immature and probably confused at the time to keep her wagon hitched to him. Jeremy always rubbed me the wrong way – something seemed off about him. He did work hard, but he was a total work martyr and there’s some indication of a drinking problem.

          Would have been nice to see her make further strides without a man, but if Jason is a good one and she continues to go in the right direction then it can only benefit the girlses
          assuming he’s kind to the girlses. It was good to hear that she waited a few months before introducing Jason to the girlses instead of having him spend the night ASAP and get preggers a day or two later like most of the other characters on the show sans Chelsea (who also waited a few months for Aubree to meet Cole). Hopefully ‘ol Robbie doesn’t make a comeback…

    7. The way she is throwing herself at the new boyfriend is nauseating. Her surgically enhanced body is disgusting. She should raise her daughters and forget being a bitch in heat.

  15. Jenelle is mad because its hard to show everybody how her life and marriage are as happy as Chelsea’s life is, if Lurch is banned from filming. Im already bored of Jenelle and Bab’s segemts are random parks and eateries. Sorry the storm expedited the deterioration of your house Jenelle but tis to be expected with a trailer home. They werent made to withstand strong storms. This show is so scripted and manipulated by its “stars” that the show isnt even worth its salt anymore. Leah with that huge Louis vuitton bag and all these women driving $55,000 SUV is just not realistic for a teen mom. Bring on TEEN MUM.

    1. SOOO delusional, and I think she talks about it like it’s this fairy tale, because he’s not on the show to rebut it…that’s a situationship…not a relationship.

  16. Time to wrap this show up. These are now all damn near 30-somethings collecting money and being rewarded:

    Chelsea- As much as we like her, she’s just a married lady populating her home with her husband and his seeds.

    Kail- A selfish lady who wants to have her cake and eat it too.

    Briana- A lazy lady who causes all your drama she has.

    Jenelle- A crazy lady who is irresponsible and as much as an ass as her “husband”.

    Key word: LADIES, also known as WOMEN. No longer “teens” or “girls”.

    1. Why does everyone seem to dislike Brianna? I don’t think she’s lazy, I mean she’s one of the only ones of them to have an actual job. That does not seem lazy to me.

      1. DUH I agree with you! People get bent out of shape over this show. They want it cancelled but they don’t stop watching it. If people keep watching it why would MTV cancel?

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