Jon Gosselin Reveals How Many Times His Ex Kate Has Seen Their Son Collin Since Jon Got Custody of Him

“Where you at, Kate?”

Jon Gosselin says his ex-wife, Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin, has been Missing In Action in their son Collin’s life since he gained custody of the boy two months ago!

Jon posted some new photos of himself and the 14-year-old to his Instagram account over the weekend, showing him, his girlfriend Colleen Conrad and a healthy- and happy-looking Collin visiting the Philadelphia Auto Show. However, it was a comment Jon wrote in the photos’ comment section about Kate that raised the most eyebrows.

When one fan wrote that she thinks it’s weird that Kate never shares photos of Collin or mentions him on her social media, another fan replied that Kate probably visits and spends time with her son off-camera. Jon, however, set the record straight on how many times Kate has visited Collin.

“ZERO,” Jon replied.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jon was awarded temporary sole custody of Collin after Kate failed to show up at their custody hearing in December. (Kate was a no-show after a judge denied her request to postpone the hearing.) Collin has been living with Jon and his sister, fellow sextuplet Hannah, since being released from the residential care facility he had been living in for the past few years.

Kate had stated that she placed Collin in facility due to his “special needs.” However, in late December, Jon disputed Kate’s claims.

“He is not on any spectrum or special needs,” Jon wrote on Instagram.

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Fans commented on how happy Collin looks in the photos Jon has posted of him in recent months.

“Collin looks so healthy and like he is thriving!” one person wrote on Instagram. “So glad he has you as a father to advocate for him! Kudos!”

“Your children in your care look very happy and relaxed. Good job!” another wrote.

While Jon has custody with Collin and Hannah, he has stated that his other six children— 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara, as well as remaining sextuplets Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden— are not currently speaking to him. They continue to live with Kate full-time.

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(Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. Everyone is so quick to judge why he was in a center. He could’ve been self harming, depressed, bulimic. All of which are dealt with in a inpatient center.

  2. I’ve never liked Kate but never thought I’d see Jon stepping up and providing a stable home for them either. He appears to have made some life changes and I hope he can reconnect with the rest of the kids.

  3. “another fan replied that Kate probably visits and spends time with her son off-camera” lolololol yeah because Kate is all about doing stuff that will make her look like a decent person off-camera.

  4. Colin looks very happy,and it appears that he has lost weight that he gained which was probably due to medications that he was being given at the facility that he was in. Jon appears to be trying to make up for some list time with his son. I hope all goes well for this family and they can all move forward for the best interests of their children.

  5. It’s so easy to be a parent when the children aren’t little anymore! Kate has always had to run a tight “ship” to maintain some sort of continuity. Jon needs to step up and quit whining. Kate has done a good job considering daddy couldn’t handle the huge responsibility!

  6. She probably put him there because he has a mind of his own and wasn’t afraid of her. She seems to hold her love over them as a weapon. “Do as I want you to or else!”

  7. Kate has ALWAYS been a liar..From a mother to a mother she should feel ashamed for what she did to Collin.I still can’t believe that TCL is taking care of her house/bills.SHE ISN’T SHIT!!!!

  8. Hanna and Colin look very relaxed and truly happy.. You can tell the smiles are so genuine,happy& relaxed…
    Kate is rigid, and underlying anger…. Tries to hide but it comes out.. Also a CONTROL FREAK, you can see from very first video’s of the John&Kate plus 8… And as time sent on it got worse.. Colin probably strong willed, very smart and very active.. It is hard parenting a child like that.. I know my first born was like that.. They are leaders not followers.. Hopefully that has not been destroyed by Kate and the “special” school… Great work John.. I believe in time rest of kids will see that …. They will probably spend adult hood, in therapy because of Kate… Just the fact she has not seen Colin…. SHAME ON YOU KATE… He is just a child and needs unconditional love.. Control freak, John cheated due to your rigid control, and you couldn’t get Colin to conform to your standards. And John punished by not being able to see his kids.. Kate probably poisons the kids thinking … So you just get rid of.. Like I said…. SHAME ON YOU KATE

  9. So, it looks like Mady commented with a “😍” which is pretty shocking to me. She was not on good terms with Jon for a long time, but it looks like maybe there has been a change, however small. That’s great, since it’s a shame the kids have basically been forced to take sides because Kate and Jon couldn’t handle their sh!t and coparent like civilized adults.

  10. Didn’t he disappear for months when Kate was raising all those toddlers by herself?… He’s just another Instagram Dad.

    1. Then why did he waste time & money to fight for his son & Kate just not show up. What could be more important than being ar a custody hearing for your kid?

      I dont think he is perfect but i believe he cares a lot more than Kate

      1. Funny you say that now, but seem to forget the awful fame whore he was from 2009 to present, who abandoned his family to date Kates surgeon’s daughter Hailey, and hang out with coke heads named Michael Lohan and Kate Major on yachts, and blow all of his money on bedazzled Ed Hardy…while Kate was at home in PA raising small kids.

          1. She didn’t have any other choice but to get nannies because the kids father was going off having a midlife crisis…and he was too selfish to realize that kids needed their father there with them…not off in Hollywood or wherever he was going broke and becoming infamous.

            Kate isn’t perfect, and was stern but I’m not going to act like she didn’t raise those kids as best she could/knew how given the situation HE chose to put her in…and now 10 years later he wants to come out of the woodwork like he’s this stellar father…yea its a NO from me…he should have been there with them from the beginning…and if she was keeping him away from them back then, he should have fought as hard for them then as he claims he is now.

          2. Lol they always had nannies and/or lots of help from family and now forgotten friends. That wasn’t something she was forced to do because she divorced Jon.

            And Jon has said he has always fought for custody. I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but it’s clear that Kate and Jon were/are both very wrong and both totally messed up with coparenting.

            And still not clear on the Instagram parent thing…

        1. Never said that Jon was perfect, but Kate acts like she is. And I never said a nanny was better than a father, obviously. But you act like she was poor and alone taking care of those kids.

    2. What about one picture a month makes someone an Instagram parent? It’s been over a month since we last saw a picture of Hannah and Collin and he has them everyday.

      1. How long has it been? How long did Kate raise them? Time will tell. Could not have been easy raising all those kids no matter what you think of her. Something happened

        1. How long has what been? Since Jon has had Collin with him? Well to be fair, no one had Collin for years. Kate put him in a residential facility and publicly announced that he had “fluid” special needs (for which there was no diagnosis). Upon his release, Jon stepped up and Kate did not. I don’t know why and I won’t guess. She didn’t even show up to court and IF Jon is telling the truth, she hasn’t even tried to contact her child. It has been several months since he has had Hannah (beginning of last summer) and she seems to be doing well.

          But, let’s also clear up this notion that poor Kate has been all alone. She has always had help, hired or otherwise. She hasn’t exactly been willing to share the kids with Jon either. There seems to be some parental alienation going on.

          You’re right that something happened, but I won’t assume that it was all Jon’s fault. It’s beyond clear that they both had a role. They were both selfish and their kids paid the price.

          But again, how is Jon and Instagram parent? Still not clear on that.

          1. Yes, she did NOT raise those kids by herself. You know she had nannies and all kinds of help.

    3. I don’t think he ever disappeared….they divorced when the kids were 5. She basically kicked him out of the house and completely alienated the kids from him.

      1. How does nobody remember his Ed Hardy, Michael Lohan, Hailey Glassman days LOL….He was a piece of shit having a mid life crisis while Kate was raising 8 small children.

          1. And now?? You said Jon should have fought harder if Kate was trying to keep the kids from him, but what about now? Collin is still a child and Kate has apparently made no attempts to see or talk to him. She also failed to appear at a court appearance. Collin still needs a biological mom, right?

          2. I can’t reply to you for some reason, but I never said a nanny was better than a father, but it’s not like she’s doing it on her own and she’s certainly not poor. I feel sorry for those kids that have a controlling tyrant for a mother.

        1. We all remember. We’re just not pretending like Kate was a victim either. They were both selfish, greedy, and toxic.

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