‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She’s Ready For Baby Number Four: “It’s Time for Me to Have a Girl!”

“Plenty of room for one more!”

Despite already having her hands full with three kids and three baby daddies, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is ready to add to her brood… and this time, she’s wants a daughter.

Kail dished on her plans to grow her family during an episode of the Studology 101 YouTube show, where she told the hosts that three boys just wasn’t enough.

“Yeah, I definitely want more kids, I would love to have girls,” she said. “How it will happen, I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out.”


Kail is currently a mom to three boys—Issac, Lincoln and Lux, whom she shares with Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez, respectively—but she’s not looking to add a fourth son (or a fourth baby daddy!) to the crew.

“No, I think I would do gender selection,” she said. “I got three boys, that’s enough! It’s time for me to have a girl.”

(Kail’s big ol’ MTV paycheck will come in handy, as the gender selection process tends to be pricey!)

“I always wanted boys but now that I have three and I didn’t find out what I was having for any of them. I’ve had enough surprises,” she continued. “We got three boys, now I want a girl!”

Kail confirmed to Studology 101 that she is “super single” at the moment, so securing sperm may be a bit more difficult this time around, especially because she says she “won’t ever be with another man.”

Tell us whose sperm you really want, Kail…

She added that she’s never slept with someone she hasn’t been in a relationship with.

“I mean, it looks bad that I’ve got [three] baby daddies, but I really don’t sleep around!” Kail said.

Due to not having (or wanting) another man in her life, Kail is exploring other ways to get herself knocked up.

Last summer during a May 2018 episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail told her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea Houska that she was on a sperm hunt and was already researching some donors.

Raise your hand if you want your name taken off Kail’s list of potential sperm providers.

Kail even asked Chelsea to help her pick the sperm donor.

“I think we should do a ‘Teen Mom 2’ crossover for the next season where Chelsea comes with me to help me pick out a sperm bank donor profile,” she said. “I already started looking at the sperm banks.”

She added that she has big expectations for whoever ends up giving her their baby-making juice.

“[The donors] have to have a Bachelor’s degree. They do extensive genetic testing. [I’m looking for a guy who is] tall, dark and handsome and maybe has a PhD.”

“Well, I guess that means I’m out of the running.”

At the time, Kail told Chelsea her ideal option for fertilization would be Lux’s dad, Chris. (Because that went so well the first time… )

“I really want to write Chris a letter and request [his sperm] so that I have two full siblings,” she said.

Kail also expressed her desire to get knocked up again at last year’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion, telling Dr. Drew she wanted “just one more.”

You can watch Kail’s full interview with Studology 101 in the video below!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. the fact that it’s almost like United nations in her family..no1 shares the same father…her and her family sucks and none of the kids look alike like siblings should. plus if u havnt noticed…kail seems to think she is black or spanish yet looks and is white trash. and I’m sure if u ask ur parents…millenials…ur folks will say the same no matter what race they r. blacks want blacks for their children..Spanish want spanish..Asian want asian…so on and so on. how black moms u hear say..hey son…did u find a nice white b*tch yet? or an Asian mom persisting she has a dominican son in law? grow up.

    1. Kids don’t have to look alike to be siblings – biological or not. I know several families where a child/children are adopted and of a different race than the biological kids, but it doesn’t make them any less of siblings.

      1. yea and that’s sad. families should look related and actually be a family. not everybody with different father aunts uncles and mothers. and not just strangers making babies everywhere.

          1. u sound like a f*ckin snowflake. u r what’s destroying this country. ur f*ckin stupid. grow up. wake up.

  2. Pure selfishness! Kail does what she wants with no regards to anyone else including her kids. Jo’s parents took her in and she was messing around on their son while living in the Rivera home , she cared less on how the consequences played in on Isaac’s life. Kail was NEVER in love with Javi yet she forced the fatherly roll on him, look at the love and bond that became of it and who really has the aching heart after she whored around on her deployed husband…Isaac!
    Why does she want a girl so bad? Nothing about kail is lady like, she carries herself like a trucker. She wants Chelsea to help her pick a donor? Kail needs to reserve Chelsea on some girly lessons.

  3. Hopefully she’s been smart enough to invest or save her money, cause when the MTV gravy train stops, 4 kids will get pretty expensive pretty quickly. Her self proclaimed “useless degree”, podcast and hair product line aren’t gonna support 4 kids forever. I shudder to think she might have to…..get a job…..😳

  4. Yup, seems about right. It’s a day that ends in Y so of course a teen Mom girl is knocked up/ wanting to get knocked up.

  5. Exactly CoryandTrevor. These people are so underdeveloped and stunted as adults, they have no concept of what the real world is like. Reality is gonna come crashing down HARD when the show ends. (God willing that it DOES ever end, good LAWD.)

  6. The only reason kail wants more kids is she got suuuper lucky and Issac and Lincoln are not little handfuls. Makes parenting a breeze. Throw one bratty child into the mix, or worse, a Sophia, and things would change. Plus all three kids go to different houses half the time so she almost never has all three at once. When Tyler and Cate have their fourth girl and mail has her fourth boy, they can swap. Also gender selection… Creepy much?!?!!

  7. But I thought she couldn’t get pregnant… wasn’t lux a miracle baby? These girls constantly lie. She always blathers on about how she’s upset her boys will never know her family so the logical thing is to have a girl with a donor so she wouldn’t have either side of a so called family. Very reminiscent of Tyler and cates quest for a boy. Who will she drop this baby on when she wants to vacation kid free?! Sad she’s trying to fill an emotional hole in her life by having kids when that’s obviously not the answer three boys down but of course a girl would complete the picture……. Therapy intensive therapy is needed here. I try to like these girls but they get worse and worse every year continuing their cycle of bad decisions, lies, and it’s getting old. End this MTV.

  8. I wonder if Kail has ever thought of what her kids THEMSELVES might be thinking. Having to be packed up to go spend time with different fathers (or in the case of a future sperm donor, NO father), while many of their friends come from “same father” households.

    If not, then I hope somewhere along the line she’ll give this at least “some” consideration.

    Given the fact that her decisions affect not only her, but her kids as well.

    1. I agree completely GeorgieDee. On a recent episode, wasnt Isaac confused about Javi’s new baby, and thought that was going to be his little brother as well? That right there should speak volumes to her. You have so many f-ing baby daddies your poor children are confused as to who theyre even related to at this point. (Not to mention she had Isaac calling Javi “dad” for years, knowing she was ultimately going to leave him.) None of these people consider their children, and Im sorry, its just unforgivable. If they did…ultimately they wouldnt have them on this travesty of a show.

  9. What Kail really needs is a therapist. Why are people so obsessed with having multiple kids until they get the “right” one (I’m looking at you, Cate and Tyler)? What is a girl going to give Kail that her three healthy boys haven’t? And what if this girl is a tomboy and rejects “girly” things? Pinning your hopes on an unconceived child is just setting yourself up for failure.

    1. Amen!!! They will never think they got the “right” child because at the end of the day the thing that isn’t right is something inside of themselves.

    1. Adopting doesn’t serve her narcissism. Just like recognizing her children as autonomous people separate from herself doesn’t.

  10. so I guess it will be another spanish or black child along with a 4th baby daddy. and yea..that’s what she needs…a girl to raise.

    1. So what if the kid is Spanish, black, Asian or whatever…what does someones race/ethnicity have to do with anything you weirdo? The fact 11 people actually LIKED this comment is disturbing.

        1. Agreeing with ignorant opinions about things people CANNOT (and quite frankly should not) change about themselves such as their race or whatever physical attributes they were born with, is disgusting. I feel sorry for you…it must suck to be that ignorant…and the sad thing is, you’re too ignorant to realize how ignorant you are.

          1. the fact that it’s almost like United nations in her family..no1 shares the same father…her and her family sucks and none of the kids look alike like siblings should. plus if u havnt noticed…kail seems to think she is black or spanish yet looks and is white trash. and I’m sure if u ask ur parents…millenials…ur folks will say the same no matter what race they r. blacks want blacks for their children..Spanish want spanish..Asian want asian…so on and so on. how black moms u hear say..hey son…did u find a nice white b*tch yet? or an Asian mom persisting she has a dominican son in law? grow up.

      1. So much this. The commenter didn’t even bother to look into what their ancestry actually was. They just see someone hispanic looking and call them Spanish. Eyeroll.

        1. How creepy and racist is it to look up someone else’s ancestry just so you know the “right” word to call their child?
          If the OP’s comment is ignorant, so is yours.

      2. You’re right, the OP’s comment was unnecessary. However, it’s unfair to say they were implying anyone should try to change an immutable characteristic.

  11. I don’t believe anything she says. Just like she said she never had sex with Dom and was single. Dom proved she was lying. Kail is just a whore bag who will spread for anyone.

    1. You must have cum in your pants today; new story on Kail. Your degree of hatred is astounding. I’m not a fan of the girl (or her poor decisions), but her kids have always appeared well taken care of.

  12. No need to state the obvious narcissism Kail is absolutely sick with, but I have to wonder if any of the cast of the TM franchises have any real concept of long term. I was her age not long ago and have always been concerned about retirement, savings, unforeseen expenditures etc. and I don’t even have any children. She seems to be a relatively smart gal (not emotionally of course), but she can’t really think she’s going to be able to support all of these kids with haircare product and podcast money. With this show alone mtv has created a s**tshow that is going to have generational repercussions.

    1. Broadcasts make decent money. Ot to mention she has her instagram product promotions due to her decade in the spotlight. You’re acting like she works at “The Waffle House”.

      1. My point is she’s making money right now from her podcasts/endorsements, but once the show goes off the air the attention and money will inevitably dry up, her claim to fame is this show and once the next train wreck comes along, the attention will move along with it. Without TM it’s going to be impossible for her to maintain the lifestyle she and the children are accustomed to and she (and Jenelle and Amber especially) is going to have a hard time adjusting. Also, there is nothing wrong with working at the Waffle House or any other restaurant position, it is honest often thankless work and I appreciate the folks who do it to support their families.

        1. You made a valid point about maintaining her current lifestyle after the show ends. Lol yeah I meant podcast not broadcast.

          Im not concerned about Kail finding a job though after the show ends, as she has a Bachelors degree. Her degree was in communications, no? She has some sort of experience with the podcast. Even if the podcast fails, she’s had regular jobs before (she met Javi working at a mall, no?)

          Also, I didn’t intend to shame people working at jobs like “Waffle House”. I know they work hard. They make minimum wage so probably live paycheck to paycheck. Ive worked minimum wage jobs in the past so it wasn’t intended as a jab. I should have been more articulate.

          1. Lincoln’s Flossing, I agree that she’d be able to get a job after the show ends as she does have a degree behind her. My opinion, when it comes to Kail is that she will never find happiness/contentment in her life because of her attitude. Mtv has been grooming these girls since they were 16 years old and they truly don’t have any concept of what it’s like to live without attention and money being hoisted upon them. She has been referred to as the “talent” by production so long can you imagine Kail working a regular 9-5 in an office in a low or mid-level position? She’d be ready to beat up her supervisor at the very first sign of constructive criticism because she has never ever faced any consequences for her behavior as it pertains to her current “job” (the show). She simply doesn’t have the tools to regulate her behavior as a normal, functioning, working adult as far as I can see. I hope she can get it together because the train is leaving the station soon and she is going to basically have to change her behavior and lifestyle about 180° if she wants to be successful long term.

      2. Working at Waffle House is 1,000,000x more respectable than being on or associated with a garbage show like “Teen Mom”. All these bitches will be broke within 5 years of the show ending…

        1. Many will be broke in 5 years, but I don’t think all of them will. Chelsea definitely wont. Briana, Bristol, and Kail probably wont. They’ve had normal jobs.

          1. The only one of them who might be okay is Chelsea. The rest throw money around like there’s no tomorrow. And they’ve ALL acquired very expensive tastes…

  13. Why does Kail think kids don’t need a father in their life? Between initially saying she’d raise lux without Chris and just have a girl with a sperm donor cause she “wants one…”

  14. How about going to therapy to see why you keep bringing children into the world without caring about family situations whatsoever? She keeps getting pregnant with different men, not giving her kids a stable lifestyle. All her kids know, is that they split time between parents and have multiple siblings who do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, it happens. But this would be Kails FOURTH child who doesn’t have that stability. She doesn’t care about what it would do the child, she just wants a girl. It’s selfish.

  15. This woman needs serious therapy and I’m going to have a feeling her kids will need it too. Women like her make me sick. They get pregnant for their own selfish needs but don’t even think about the children’s needs. Children need to be raised with BOTH parents in the home. Kids raised in single-parent households are more likely to commit suicide, have substance abuse problems, end up in prison, drop out of high school and have psychiatric problems. Kail doing more damage to her kids than vaccinations ever would.

    1. I’m a little confused to why I’m being down voted? lol.

      Are people offended over the statistics for single-parent households or me saying that having multiple babies with a bunch of different people is more damaging than vaccinations (which Kail has chosen not to do for Lux)? 🤔

          1. A kid having a single mother or father isn’t necessarily the direct cause of those things you listed, but if kids are in bad environments that WOULD cause those kinds of things it’s likely they will ALSO have a single parent. There are certainly single parents who do a great job raising wonderful children, and married parents who are awful parents and raise miserable children.

          2. @ANTOTO I never said it was a direct cause. I just stated what the statistics are. I’m just saying that the fact that those things are much more likely to happen to people raised in single-parent households than to people raised in two-parent households means that it is likely to be a contributing factor to why those children grow up to have more problems. I’m not saying that all single parents are bad people and raised their kids badly. I’m just saying that the kind of structure and stability for children that they need is not always supplied through single-parent households. It doesn’t mean that every single parent is a bad parent. I’ve actually met many single mothers that are good people and good mothers. I’m just telling you what the statistics are with single-parent households vs. two-parent households.

      1. It could be because you are reading into the statistics with your own bias. For starters, you seem to be including divorced/broken up parents regardless of whether the father is still present. The statistics to which you are referring are looking at children whose fathers are absent and have abandoned the family. There are other socioeconomic factors to consider as well when trying to understand what it could mean. Basically, you took something you saw once and are applying it to this situation without understanding it.

        Kail’s boys have loving fathers who are active and present in their lives (jury is still out in Chris), so these statistics have nothing to do with them just because Kail isn’t still with the dads.

        I didn’t downvote you and I don’t think it’s a big deal, but since you asked…

        1. Like I said, I was just stating the statistics I read about “single parent households.” I don’t know if that means just whether one parent had completely abandoned the children or if it includes divorced/broken up parents but both still have access to their kids. But regardless, I think everyone can agree that kids being raised in a household where they have access to both parents every day is always the better scenario.

          Thanks for the reply.

          1. ALWAYS the better scenario? I actually disagree. I think that’s only true if the marriage/partnership is a happy one. Parents who happily live separately is so much healthier for children than parents who live together but fight all the time. A happy house is the best scenario – if the parents can make that happen together that’s really awesome. But I’ve seen too many times when parents force the marriage when they really shouldn’t and THAT is problematic for children, IMO.

          2. Well, duh. That’s an obvious exception. But you can’t deny that kids being raised in a home with two parents that have a healthy, functioning marriage is better than a one-parent household.

          3. Soooooo “Basically, you took something you saw once and are applying it to this situation without understanding it.” Before you throw out statistics about suicide and claim Kail’s kids are at an increased risk, you should probably understand said statistics.

        2. Even when adjusting for multiple variables including socioeconomic status, children from single parent homes still face more challenges than children in two parents families.
          Data including children born to married parents who later divorce, and children born to absentee fathers shows the children are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to become teen parents, have lower GPA’s, less likely to attend college, and are more likely to go through a divorce themselves when they become adults.
          Children from single parent homes are 7x more likely to witness domestic violence than their peers raised by both biological parents. On top of that the coming and going of boyfriends/girlfriends leaves these kids with a much higher rate of neglect and abuse.
          Kail’s boys have loving fathers, but those fathers are not in the house with their sons on a day to day basis. Add in the boy/girl friends that Kail, Javi, Jo, and Chris bring into the boys lives and it’s pretty obvious the family structure is unstable at best. In addition, Kail wanting to use a sperm donor in order to have a daughter means she would be creating a child with an absentee father. So these statistics are relevant.

          1. Javi and Jo both have 50/50 custody with Kail, so they are just as involved as she is. Jo has only introduced Vee, who he married.

            Is the situation stable or optimal? Absolutely not. But, they are too far removed from the statistics regarding suicides and crime rates for children with absentee fathers.

          2. The reality is the boys are losing time with both their mother and father even if the custody is 50/50. Kids with married parents get 100/100. Statistics for children of divorced parents (not absentee fathers) show they are twice as likely to experience a serious psychiatric disorder. These kids lose emotional security, and I think that issue is on display when we see how hard Isaac took it when Javi moved out.
            I think it’s fair to say we all hope that none of Kail’s children will suffer the adverse risks associated with single motherhood, but the fact remains they are unfortunately still at a higher risk.

  16. She states she wants an intelligent person with a bachelor degree. Then she mentions the last clown, Chris. He seems real intelligent. Lol… How will she support her kids when Train Wreck Mom 2, finally ends?

  17. Genetics I understand but wanting the donor to have a degree never made sense to me. Degrees doesn’t equal intelligence. If she wants a girl so badly then why not do IVF? That’s the closest thing we have to gender selection.

  18. Good grief. Just swap one of your sons for one of Catelynn and Tyler’s daughters, since all you three seem to care about is the genitalia of your child

  19. Oh good grief, major eye roll here. The last thing she needs is another baby.

    But, the photo captions for this post are perfection!

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