Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Reveals How His ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Star Mike Sorrentino Helped Him Get Sober & What His Relationship Status with Jen Harley Is

“Three fist pumps for Sitch!”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says he has a great sober coach: his Jersey Shore co-star Mike Sorrentino!

In an interview with Us Weekly, Ronnie— who just publicly announced that he recently completed rehab for alcoholism and depression— said The Situation had a big part in him deciding to get help for his drinking problem.

As ‘Jersey Shore’ fans know Mike has been sober for over two years after battling a drug and alcohol addiction, and now serves as a source of inspiration to those in recovery.

“Mike definitely pushed me to get healthy. Just him being around was definitely an inspiration,” Ronnie said. “When you’re the way I was – just depressed, always angry, resentful and just regretful was a big thing – you look at him and you’re like, ‘I want that. I want to be positive.’”

Ronnie added that Mike and his other ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars has been there for him throughout the last crazy year of his life (which has included numerous social media feuds with his baby mama Jen Harley, several incidents that ended up involving the police, and plenty of bad drunken decisions made by Ronnie). 

“We got you, bro!”

According to Ronnie, Mike was very happy when he found out Ronnie was going to get help.

“He was just like, ‘I’m proud of you … I’m glad that you finally got to your point,'” Ronnie said. “He’s like, ‘People can try to push you and force you to do things that you want, but that’s not the way you get someone to do it. You have to want to do it.’”

Ronnie told the magazine that he communicates with Mike every day, despite the fact that Mike has been in prison for the last month.

“We talk every day through email,” Ronnie said. “He’s doing great. He still has his positive attitude. He still sounds like he swallowed a book of poetry.”

Ronnie says he plans to make some big changes to help erase the chaos from his life. He recently told Us Weekly that he is planning to move from Las Vegas— where Jen and their daughter Ariana currently reside— to Los Angeles to get a fresh start.

“I think out in Vegas, I just didn’t have any structure or routine,” he said. 

Still, he plans to make his daughter the primary focus of his life.


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“That little girl is like my guardian angel,” Ronnie said of the 10-month-old. “I say it to this day, she saved my life. Without her, I don’t think I would have taken this step, because what did I have to lose? I’d be a single guy doing whatever I’d want, but now I’m a father, I’m a role model…she’s getting older and she’s getting smarter and she’s going to start asking questions.

“The things that I’ve done over the course of the last year…I wouldn’t be walking around with my head held high,” he added. (Well…to be fair…it’s hard to hold your head high when it’s being dragged alongside of your baby mama’s car…) 

While Ronnie didn’t specifically state that he was (finally!) done with the off-and-on relationship he’s had with Jen Harley, it sure sounds like he’s leaning that way. (Surely the cops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are breathing a sigh of relief!) 

“She’s always going to be the mother of my child, at the end of the day,” he told Us Weekly. “All I can do is control myself and the things that I do. At the end of the day, I want to be the best father that I can be, and that means that I have to take care of myself. . I can’t control her…”

When Ronnie was asked if he felt that Jen could benefit from going to treatment, he declined (for once) to throw his baby mama under the bus. He did, however, state that he hopes his story encourages “others” to seek help if they need it.

“I hope that it encourages a lot of people, whether it’s her or people in my family, or my friends,” he said. “I don’t want to be this person that’s this angry and resentful and just has so many regrets.”

Watch Ronnie talk about how his sobriety may affect his daughter: 

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  1. I tried to watch the video, was blinded by Ronnie’s new veneer’s – there are horrible. His natural teeth were nice. It’s a shame when these ‘celebs’ ruin their natural teeth for these giant fake chompers.

  2. I hope he can stay away from alcohol and Jen. It’s going to be hard on him if he continues to go to clubs, etc. Also, why would he want to move to L.A. when his daughter is in Las Vegas? If he wants to be a major part in her life, he needs to be close to where she lives. Plus, HOW does Mike have access to e-mail when he is serving time in prison????

    1. In federal prison the inmates have access to an email server where they can exchange emails with people from a pre-approved list. Both outgoing and incoming emails are monitored.

  3. You mean there is STILL a relationship status??
    Just end it already! You two are stupid psychos together and no shit she’s going to still be the mother of your child at the end of the day, why do people say that?? It’s so cliché and so obvious, realize something else! You’re not good together, but you both have to be smart enough to raise her without being big babies yourselves. Give that kid a chance at healthy and normal!

    1. I hate when people say that crap too. “The mother of my child” as if its some deeply profound statement. Its like code for “I hate this b****, but unfortunately, I gotta deal with her forever.”

  4. I don’t understand why he would move so far away from his daughter if he doesn’t have to. I can’t imagine moving how many hours away from my baby!

  5. Anyone remembers JS days when Mike and Ronnie hated each others guts?! I’m glad that is over! I think being in contact with him will just benefit Ron. He did say when Mike got engaged to Lauren that he wishes to find a relationship like that one day. I hope he is done with Jen forever, is single for a while and then the right one will cross his path who will love his daughter like she is her own! Good luck Ron!

  6. Good for him…one step at a time…but I know Jen is probably going to antagonize him and try to make his life hell out of spite so that he’ll backtrack…he’s crawling out of the hole, and she’s going to want to bring him back down with her…hopefully he won’t fall for it because he’s got a clearer mind.

    1. I am amazed that you are trying to put all the blame on her saying she would antagonize him into going back to his old ways. While Jen is not angel, Ron has had a drug, alcohol, and anger problem for years now and has had no issues will his own downfall. He probably hasn’t had a clear mind since middle school

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