Trouble on The Land! ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Declares She’s “Separated” From Husband David Eason

“If we divide The Land in half…I get the half that hasn’t already sunk into the ground!”

Jenelle Evans may be down a soulmate (again!) 

The Teen Mom 2 star appears to have split from her trouble-makin’, gun-totin’ husband David Eason. She made the breakup “Facebook Official” on Saturday by changing her relationship status on her personal Facebook page to “separated.” David, who recently got back onto Facebook after a temporary ban, also changed his status to “single” on Friday. 

Jenelle first indicated there was trouble on The Land when she posted to Facebook and Instagram, “Wonder where my husband went?” on Saturday. By that time, though, David had already changed his Facebook relationship status.

She then posted a photo of herself (as you do), declaring “Single AF!” (For you older folks who aren’t up on the lingo of “the kids,” the “AF” stands for “as  f**k.”)

The line to apply to be Jenelle’s next soulmate starts right over here, fellas…

When that failed to get Jenelle the attention she desired, she updated her Facebook status to “Someone change my mood,” along with a broken heart emoji.

(Insert eyeroll here…)

The Ashley is still working on getting the details from The Land; however, her sources tell her that Jenelle gave no indication that things were amiss between her and David earlier this week, which was when she was last in contact with ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers and crew.  (The Ashley will have more info on this very soon!) 

Jenelle is likely very concerned about her finances at this point. The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle did NOT have David sign any type of prenuptial agreement before they got married.

“Well Juh-nelle…ya know I’m really broken up to hear ya not wif David anymore… really…honest…”

Things have been tense over the last few weeks, though, due to the last two episodes airing. This week’s episode, in particular, really upset Jenelle and David, from what The Ashley hears, and Jenelle is very angry about it.

It appears that whatever happened between Jenelle and David started around Thursday, which was also Valentine’s Day. Jenelle— who usually posts lovey-dovey posts about her current soulmate on February 14— was suspiciously quiet over the holiday. 

The Ashley will update this when she has more info…

(Photos: MTV, Facebook) 




  1. Believe me I hate Junkelle as much as the next person, but I won’t ever blame or make fun of any woman for leaving their abuser. That man was twisted and she probably would have left him sooner if not for the fear of this exact media reaction. Man, I’m defending jenelle 🙈🙈🙈 what’s happening lol

  2. Unfortunately, with how stubborn Jenelle is I truly believe that posts like this and the massive amount of nasty comments are what’s driven her to stay in this relationship. She’s trying to prove she’s doing better and believes a stable relationship is a part of that. I strongly believe that she IS doing better and landed herself in an abusive relationship. With four children she’s responsible for I’m sure she’s been worried about finances and custody along with public opinion and the nit picking from sites like this only adds to her stubbornness. Learn about personality types and the types of things to say if you actually want people to take what you’re saying seriously. I’m not putting the full blame on any one person obviously, but if you want her to leave so badly you’re not saying anything that will make her listen.

  3. Enough is enough! Anyone with a life really doesn’t care!
    Janelle wake the @#$% up! Dont have anymore children, don’t look back to anyone of your lovers. Divorce husband, Reunite wirh mom after apologizing to her. THEN….

  4. I hope she stays away from him for good, and reconnects with Barbara for the sake of her kids. They need the stability in their life, and, sadly, Babs is the closest thing to that they have. It would be nice to see Nate and his mom step in without the constant custody and CPS threats too, as that’s likely going to push her back into UBTs arms, just to be reactionary. They need to play this sensibly, offer JE the shoulder to cry on, and, when she trusts them, get Kai away from that monster. I just feel bad for poor Maryssa. It’s got to be awful knowing that ALL of her siblings, half and step, can get away from David and she’s the only one that can’t.

  5. I’m starting to think they do this on purpose to get a rise out of people and also stay in the news. We all know how bad they crave attention. They need to be ignored.

  6. For the sake of the kids, I hope it’s true. I hate her, but JE is marginally more human when alone, and that brief period between Nathan and Swamp Dick was the healthiest she’s ever looked. For her children she needs to be in that place again, but with her mother’s and Nathan’s mother’s support. She needs to learn to thrive on her own, or those babies will keep being taken from one abusive home to another.

  7. Why is the first thing they do is update their relationship status?? Im guessing these 2 got 0 attention growing up and crave it now

  8. She’s living for this random “separation” her instagram stories are all focused on her being “single”. You’d think she’d be mire emotional about this. But no she’s partying in her sheshed lol

  9. I don’t believe they’re broken up for one second. They’re trolls, and this is what trolls do…they lie for attention.

  10. NO PRENUP! Well,whenever this marriage ends Jenelle is in for a big bite of a reality shit sandwich. In Jenelle’s head she lives in some fictional Disney princess story while her life is funded from “ reality “ television…she won’t be threatening to stop filming once her divorce starts. David came into this with nothing but a rap sheet until she lavished his life style, their divorce is going to be soooo mud slinging ugly poor Ensley they’ll both be fighting for her.

    One thing that is for sure is that David will leave this marriage with a whole lot more than he came into it.

    1. Honestly I feel like every guy she’s with never dates her because of love, they date her with the intentions of fame and money…but once they get into the relationship with her they soon find out that, how did Kieffer put it?…That bitch crazy.

      David never loved her…he was a broke ex-con who went straight after Jenelle and her coins, because she’s an easy desperate target…and look where her desperation has gotten her…she’s a battered woman with no prenup. Maybe the no pre-nup is karma for her putting her kids in such a shitty situation.

  11. Janelle is a pathological liar, and lies about everything else, so why should we believe this? Probably just a public relations move to get publicity for her and the clan on the land.

  12. He was kicked off mtv so they are probably doing this to get onto marriage boot camp or a vh1 show. If they were really done she immediately would have come out and described his abuse like she did with every single guy she dated.

  13. Those children will be safer without Lurch on the Land. Especially poor little Kaiser. Juhnelle is in no way capable of caring for 3 kids alone so Nathan May get Kaiser more often after all. Jace lives with Barb so she’ll just have to find somewhere to dump Endtable Er Ensley. Juhnelles next soulmate is out there somewhere!

  14. She is a drama queen…those poor kids should not have to go through and see all this. David was a good guy SHE made him like this!!
    He had alot of patience with her and sorry to say her son Kaiser. He is a handful!!!
    And his father is an idiot. He gets the Oscar for loser of the year he does not care about his son. So getting back to Janelle

    1. I know the first thing I think of when I hear great guy is chocking your pregnant girlfriend. Every child can be a handful so if it’s something you can’t handle with love and compassion you simply shouldn’t be around the child. Lurch should be caged and kept away from all children.

      1. well a good guy likes long walks on the beach armed with giant weapons, hanging out by a beautiful roaring fire while your collarbone cracks, exercising while chasing around innocent people trying to avoid him, and someone who loves women so much it hurts.

  15. And yet she wonders why people hate David so much and are so invested in the drama. She feeds the hell out of it when she plays these infantile Facebook games. If you’re really serious about separating (which I would hope you are), there’s no need to change you Facebook status. It’s just games and attention seeking behaviors, and then she cries when she gets it.

  16. Wait. Wait just a minute. It took this for her to leave? Not answering his phone for a few hours? So I guess when he’s verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically abusing you and your kids that’s cool, but not texting back is the straw that broke the camel’s back? Man I knew she was a piece of work but this takes it to a whole nother level.

  17. JenElle you are young and so pretty you have beautiful kids stay with teen mom you can make so much money for you and your kids you can give them a life thats.better than most listen to your mom listen to your fans mostly listen to your heart David will never be able to provide the life you can have with the show he will eventually cost you everything you’ll be left with nothing don’t leave t he show I’d David wants out let him go he’s just going to hurt you and yours kids for once do the right thing divorce him and work on yourself I can see you deep down are a good person think about your kids not David

  18. If it’s true, this break up is the best thing that could happen for Janelle. She needs someone with maturity and someone who does not have the hate that David has inside him. He was abusive both mentally and physically.

  19. Each day that she stays in that marriage the less likely she’ll be able to fight him off in court on division of marital property. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to make a case for alimony to get a steady supply of her money coming in. His lawyers can even make an effective case of how he is Ensley’s main caretaker and go for primary custody. She better get moving on Divorce proceedings before he drains any joint finance accounts.

  20. People leave her alone. Yes she’s made mistakes but who hasn’t no she hasn’t learned from her mistakes but she is still human how can you help her to learn give her some support. When all you give her is negativity, then that’s all you’ll get back. My prayers are with Jennelle and the kids and I hope she can find some REAL FRIENDS AND SUPPORT to get her self away from David and can stay away.

    1. Speak for yourself, I haven’t made the kind of mistakes that she has. EVER.
      And as for her needing help, she has had freaking MTV resources available to her for YEARS but has been too stubborn to admit she needs help or even that anything has been wrong. At this point she’s in her late 20s and these are CHOICES, not mistakes.

  21. I think it is the best thing for Jenell. She is a beautiful young lady she could find someone a lot nicer. She has 3 beautiful children. She needs to love herself and then she can find Mr. Right. She needs not rush into another relationship. Jenell you have more time now to find yourself and take care of those beautiful babys you have. Wishing you all the luck possible. Maybe some day you and your mom can have the relationship as Mother and daughter. For she should realize mom has been there every time. She takes great care of her oldest child.

  22. It will be the BRST thing Jenelle will EVER DO. David has been the WORST mistake she has ever made. GO JENELLE we are here for you, stay strong don’t go back to someone who abuses you. He hit you once (maybe more) it won’t stop

  23. Smartest thing she could have done…finally saw the crazy in his eyes did she …now stay away from him…

  24. I’m thinking she needs to hook up with Butch. He said she was beautiful and he’s been there and done that, when it comes to drugs and alcohol. And now that he has his life straight, she could use an older wiser father figure.

  25. Wait…something isn’t right. No 911 calls? No facebook live rants? There’s no way these 2 had a mature breakup. I think I agree with those who say that they are doing it for attention.

  26. I don’t think they’ve split it’s all for attention and limelight. There’s no way David would let her walk away that easily. The only way she’d get away from that psycho if he was sent to prison.

  27. Enough is ounouph would you want your kids treated like when they were married they see alot and think it’s ok to be treated like that break the cycle

  28. I call BS. She’s doing this for attention, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both in on it. They’ll be happy and lovey dovey in a week. 🙄

  29. Everyone keeps saying good because of the kids but let’s not forget who they are left with alone is just as bad.remember when David was half normal and told Janelle to go to a hotel with Kaiser so they could be out of the way and they could move sooner?? And Janelle REFUSED because she would ” be alone in a hotel with Kaiser ya because that’s so much fun ” .she refuses to watch her kids as much as I dont want anyone in a abusive relationship let remember Janelle by herself is just as bad if not worse than her with david.

    1. I agree completely. Jenelle is NO better than David. (Remember when she left a screaming baby Kaiser in his crib…turned out the lights and just left the room like it was nothing?) She’s a POS as much as David is. Which is why its hard for me to have any sympathy on her, and go along with this “poor, abused woman” mentality.

  30. The land scares me. Also sidenote, but
    Where are all the dogs these teen moms go through like men ? Jennelle used to have kennels upon kennels in her garage…. #freekaiser #wherethedogsat

  31. About time Janelle. Now that IS a smart woman! Protect yourself and those children. Stay single 4 a while and do not turn back!

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Hopefully this is for good he looks like a really bad monster I was worried when she married him but she has got to live and learn and maybe she has. Just to bad for her daughter to have no father in the home but for the most part it is awesome.

  33. I wish she would get therapy and just get a job and stay away from guys altogether for awhile and get her life together with her children….Then one day a great man will walk in her life and it will b ed great.(Herlife). Get your life in order with your kids baby .then worry about a man last…Never worry about a man!!

    The right one will come along at the right time…Good luck Hun..
    Leave David where he is at .or he is going to end up hurting you.physically &mentally Believe me I’ve been thru it ..Good Luck Doll…much love peace and kindness

  34. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Jenelle’s next relationship is just another pregnancy away!

  35. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Who cares! She’s allowed this man to whip her ass, and she’s been covering for him.KARMAS A BITCH!

  36. OMG Janelle run! …and don’t look back! This guy is a ticking time bomb ready to blow at any minute! Even on the constant hunt for something done or said that he can pounce on and he can jump! I have even been worried he would hurt you and or one or all of kids! You have a very good opportunity for making money with this show don’t let the likes of him ruin that for you you have kids to raise!

  37. Show of hands who didn’t expect this to happen.

    *puts her hands firmly in pockets*

    But honestly, this relationship was doomed from the beginning. I still don’t understand how Jenelle never saw major red flags flashing, when she started dating him. Anyway, the only person I care about now is Ensley. Kaiser at least has a father who wants to get better. Oh, what about Maryssa?! Don’t tell me she will live with David, yikes!

  38. Well, if this is a permanent separation and not just a break, I guarantee you Jenelle will start playing the victim and confirm David’s abusive behavior like there is no tomorrow. I’m not saying that David isn’t an abusive pos, he absolutely is. But the thing about Jenelle is that she does the same thing with all her exes. She paints them out to be Prince Charming while she’s still with them and then as soon as they break up, she paints them out as demons. I guarantee you she will be back on Tinder within a month and the whole thing will start all over again. This woman needs serious therapy.

  39. If this is true, the upside is that she’ll be so distracted by the pity party that she’ll leave Jace alone with Barbara and stop making custody noises. I can’t think of many things that would damage that kid more.

  40. She is better off without his dumbass she can do better she was looking when she came into the relationship she can look on she’s a very beautiful woman and she can get anyone she wants as far as the finances what she came in there with she takes what he came in there with he takes what they bought together they have to split Margo

    1. You’re not the brightest are you? You act like Jenelle was some shining star before David. She can’t get any guy she wants, most wont touch that. If you think that’s beautiful, you must not get out much. If you think what they each came in with financially is what they get, you need to study some more. Since a prenuptial agreemwas not signed, he can get what is considered hers. Don’t know who Margo is, but sounds like Jenelle may have homeschooled you too. P.S. punctuation is fundamental.

    1. Be with her babies happily? She hates motherhood, so that won’t happen. No way Jenelle can raise the kids in her own.

  41. For her and her kids safety and their happiness I hope this is true. This is a time when people should show her support so she’s not driven back to him. I’ve been there and when I watch him I see my ex ( minus the drugs) I used to make up excuses because before any other kind of abuse happens they get you mentally and emotionally 💔 it took one day of courage when he was gone. I took my son and never went back. I started over I didn’t even care about stuff. I just needed my son. He saw me get hit the night before for the first time that was my eye opener. I was in no way gonna let him think it was ever ok to treat a woman like that. He was only 3 but it made all the difference. I’m just saying if someone cut me down it may have scared me from going.

    1. If she wasn’t just as much of an abusive POS as David is, I would agree with you wholeheartedly. But, in this case, she IS just as abusive and just as much of a POS who doesn’t deserve to be called “mom”, by anyone.

      The only people that matter at all in this family, are the children. The adults, and I use that term very loosely, made their own decisions, made their own beds, and they can deal with the personal consequences that go along with those choices. You can’t blame all the shitty things Jenelle has done on David, when she has ALWAYS been just as bad-even long before he came along. At some point, that finger needs to be aimed in the right direction…at her.

      Jenelle isn’t just a “victim” of domestic abuse-and I hate putting that in quotes because I would NEVER belittle anyone that is, but she’s actually a perpetrator of it herself. The best thing anyone can to do support her, is to remove those children from her life permanently and make sure they go to the most loving place possible, together. None of them deserve the shit Jenelle and David have put them through their entire lives.

      No two domestic violence cases are ever identical, but it is pretty clear in your comment that you and your child were the victims in your case, not perpetrators. The same cannot be said for Jenelle. You really shouldn’t compare your own situation to her situation…you’re selling yourself extremely short and giving her far more credit than she’ll ever deserve. She, herself, is extremely abusive and has always been given the benefit of the doubt (though no sane person will ever understand why).

  42. I sure hope she stays away from him, his the biggest psycho idiot she’s ever had! She just wants love, I think if she realized her own worth and allowed live to find her, just maybe she can have a secent, happy life. God Bless her n keep her safe! Amen

  43. No matter what is going on with the adults, those little children don’t deserve the treatment they’ve received from them. I’m praying the God protects them and keeps them from any further harm.

  44. Well I guess she will be pregnant soon with her next soul mate. Who’s gonna buy that swamp land with the sinking trailer on it? Seems to me her and Kail have parallel lives. David will be posting nudes and drug pics.

  45. He pushed her fingers on the keyboard bu accident causing her to type seperated. The. She called 911 to explain it was all just a big misunderstanding a d she overreacted.

  46. Too bad she put his name on everything she owns. When they do divorce, and I am sure they will in time, he is going to take her for all she’s worth. The only person she has to blame is herself. I don’t know why she ever married the deadbeat loser, but he hit the lottery marrying her.

  47. Hopefully she and the children can remain safe, the most dangerous time for a person in an abusive relationship is when they decide to leave. It’s sad because I can’t think of anyone she’ll be able to run to except Barb and it is inevitable that she’ll be screaming at her and cursing her out within 20 minutes of walking into her house. Another inevitability (if David really is out of the picture) is that Jenelle will be on Tinder by the end of the month, declaring {insert name here} as true soulmate #6,237 and purposely pregnant this time next year. If she’s really left Lurch in the swamp I’m happy she has come to her senses and I already have the popcorn on deck waiting for all the deviant horror stories from “The Land” to come out of those two idiots.

  48. I know most people do not like Janelle.But I’m rooting 4 her all the way.With the exception of her beautiful kids, she’s had 10 yrs.of both bad choices & bad luck
    I do believe if she could just find a good guy who would love & support her, she would just blossum.I hope teen mom is patient & supports her through this difficult time.

    1. Bad luck?? What bad luck? She’s been an active participant in the dumpster fire of a life she’s created for herself. There’s no luck involved. Jenelle is just as disgusting as David. The ONLY reason for anyone to hope she musters the strength to leave and stay away from David is for the sake of the kids. And I bet anything that she’ll stop whining about wanting Jace back, she’ll hand Kaiser over to Nathan and poor Ensley…she’ll keep Ensley because she’s trying to make money off of her with the stupid IG. She’s going to pull a Farrah and try to get Ensley endorsement deals for toys and crap like Sophia.

  49. A break-up is long over due, David appears to be a aggressive, mean, overbearing violent racist, Jenelle jumps out of one toxic relationship with these kind of men you add alchol & drugs this is all she knows. She needs to heal alone no men just her children if she don’t get it together she will lose the love & respect from Jace.

  50. I don’t even have a snarky comment for this one, if her and all the kids can legit get away from him unharmed then that’s fantastic.

  51. I hope she’s serious. She’ll probably go back to him. If she’s going to leave, now is the scariest time. David doesn’t handle his anger well. Praying for the safety of the kids.

    1. I disagree. Chinelle is too invested in her image-always trying to promote the good housekeeping front. But her drug usage and instability always destroy that for her. I believe she desperately wants the public to think she has her sh*t together!

  52. Not getting my hopes up since there is a really good chance they are either being extra thirsty for attention or, if they are being serious, they will make up soon. Jenelle is addicted to drama.

    1. I don’t think it’s really any one thing that happened in this week’s episode that set him off. Things are coming to a head because every Monday Lurch gets to see on screen how awful his behavior is coming across. The cameras scramble when he comes on scene, Jenelle is basically relegated to filming on park benches and parking lots because of him and no one is buying her bs “explanation” about the 911 call. At the end of the episode Barb told the producer Jenelle’s version of the story and confesses that she knows Jenelle’s being abused and held captive on “The Land” (something that we all already know). It’s all about control, they thought that Mtv would take Lurch back if Jenelle played hardball and now that he sees they won’t he’s losing what’s left of his mind.

  53. Ugh cheese and crackers- here I am hoping mtv would be pissed at her & kick her off, now shit is getting good. This is what I signed up for- not fake scenes where they talk about not filming David.

  54. Hurry up and get yourself out of this toxic relationship Jenelle, so that you can get yourself right into a new one as if your past practice. What a bunch of bums and losers out there on “The Land.”

  55. Good, its about damn time. Hopefully they divorce but I’m sure that’ll be a train wreck. I feel bad for all those children involved.

  56. Teen Mom fans have NEVER been wrong about a guy. Ever. On one hand I feel terrible for her. Obviously brain washed and abused by a control freak. He’s so volatile, aggressive, antagonistic, etc. Then she just never listens. Like ever, to anyone. We all said this from the get-go. I would love to see David penniless, broken and homeless. Forever. He doesn’t deserve those kids, mtv, any of it.

  57. Jenelle is a successful business women. She has done more in her life and made more money than 95% of you useless single mom’s who will comment here. I suspect a lot you that comment are broke single moms begging for child support from their “baby daddie’s”.

    1. Successful?
      What success are you talking about her clothing line that closed down or her failed cosmetic line?

    2. @LizzaHaters Jenelle has a job because she got knocked up at 16. What else has she done but put a string of deadbeats before her kids?

      Oh, you should learn how to properly use apostrophes.

    3. Whatevs Jenelle. If you didn’t have Teen Mom money you’d be a broke single mom begging for child support from your baby daddies too. My guess is you will be broke soon as well. Especially when David takes all your money you twit.

    4. Jenelle, do you really want your daughter growing up thinking that all this is okay? They learn by what they see. What if this is Ensley in 20 years…will you be okay with having her boyfriend/husband doing the same things to her that her daddy is doing to you? Put yourself in her place in the future. Would of…could of, but you didn’t. Please save yourself and your children.

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