‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Says She’ll Quit Drinking If Her Husband Ryan Edwards Asks Her To; Explains His “Drink-and-Dash” Charge Dismissal

“Just don’t forget to pay your bar tab!”

Mackenzie Edwards may have a husband in the clink, but that doesn’t mean she can’t go out for a drink!

The Teen Mom OG star defended herself on Instagram over the weekend, after posting a photo of herself having drinks out with a girlfriend. When nay-sayers chided Mackenzie for continuing to drink, despite her husband Ryan‘s ongoing addiction issues, she informed her followers that she would quit drinking immediately if Ryan requested it.

“If Ryan asked me not to drink, I wouldn’t take another sip,” Mackenzie wrote. “I’m not really a drinker in the first place. I can count on one hand the number of drinks I’ve had in the past year…”


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Spicy margs with my fave gal pal? I think yes 🖤

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When another follower asked Mackenzie if she and Ryan were divorced, she replied “hellll no,” and then explained why she has stuck with Ryan through all his recent struggles.

“I set my boundaries with Ryan and those boundaries were not shared with anyone but us 2,” she wrote.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan is currently in jail (and will be until at least April) after he violated his probation in January by reportedly leaving a bar (where he had been day-drinking for several hours) without paying his tab. He was arrested for “theft of service.”

Two weeks ago, the “drink and dash” charge was dropped against Ryan. Mackenzie offered some new info regarding how that charge got dismissed.

“Ya know the funny thing about that is the case was dismissed Feb 4 @ 9am after our attorney provided the receipt where the tab was paid that day,” Mackenzie wrote on her Instagram.

“Mackenzie wrote a strongly worded letter to the bartender on the back of that receipt. She likes to write the letters and such, ya know!”

Despite Ryan’s attorney allegedly “coming with receipts,” the ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad will be stuck behind bars until at least April 15, when his next court date is scheduled.

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  1. Jenelle and Mackenzie have a lot in common. Everytime they make excuses for their dumb a$$ husbands, they sound like f***ing idiots. How embarrassing

    1. Dear lord. Where do you drink? $6 shots is pretty normal, so that could be one an hour, or $3 beers (basically any domestic) would be 12, or two an hour. They don’t live in a big city, so the prices should be low enough to get you sloshed.

      1. True 😂 I do live in Fort Lauderdale where a mixed drink is like $16 and a beer $8. Still seems super boring to sip a shot or a beer alone for a whole hour by yourself, for 6 hours. Lol

  2. My boyfriend struggles with alcohol and never asked me to stop drinking, I brought it up to him and said that I would gladly stop for him. He broke down crying and said he would love that, but didn’t know how to ask that of me. My point is, sometimes you have to be the one to offer.

  3. The whole $36 bar tab is just ridiculous already. My initial thought and comment was that there’s more to it and it makes no sense.
    While I don’t care for Mackenzie and I think she sniffed Ryan out like a bloodhound that ended up with a rotten piece of garbage, I don’t think she manipulated this comment , “that day” is ment to be the day of his bar visit.
    If I had to guess I’d say someone was bent out of shape after serving him for 6 hours with no tip. Ryan walked out without signing , they probably made a police report and decided to go ahead a run the charges through and failed to report that they were made whole . If Ryan’s attorney produced proof of payment then something similar to this happened. If they allowed a customer to drink for six hours without securing a tab then they should be used to drunks stumbling out forgetting to pay.

    1. If it was that easy to produce the paid receipt from the date of the dine and dash, why not dispute it with the restaurant THAT DAY, so that the restaurant could drop the charges sooner than Feb 4?…He was arrested January 24, and she said it was dismissed Feb 4…It took them 2 weeks to come up with a paid receipt?? It’s 2019, not 1999…with the tap of a finger, they could have even looked at their bank statements to prove it was paid the day of the dine & dash, but it wasn’t proven until Feb 4?? cmon…The tab was paid in February…that comment is absolutely manipulated, and looks like you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

      1. They went to their court date in February, she never said the bill was paid on February 4th! He was arrested for violating his parol, if he had a bank statement showing he was charged for services the day he was at the bar who is he going to show???? He is going to show it at the set date for it.
        This is the second article I read pertaining to this matter , I work 50 plus hours a week. I read through articles and catch up here and there… I don’t have time to nor do I care to go out of my way to argue people’s opinions on a comment board especially on every topic and board… I have a life!
        Seems to be your enlightenment to thumbs up and down everyone and leave your negativity to strangers on a regular basis like the comment police.

        1. …but you just went out of your way to respond…twice…and with 2 long paragraphs…that’s a lot of time you’re wasting out of your busy schedule…Mack is that you?…I see you over there contradicting yourself again

  4. Just admit it girl, you wanna be on TV, even if it’s Teen Mom, and wanna mooch on Rhiiiine’s paycheck. No mentally healthy woman with the minimal amount of self-respect would tolerate Ryan’s behavior, especially when children are involved. I know Mack’s pretty dumb but come on. I can’t think of anything besides easy money that keeps her there.

  5. What exactly are her boundaries? If she’s willing to put up with her husband’s infidelity on top of his several arrests, I can’t see her having any normal boundaries. Mack, you don’t fool us. You want to be on TV and you want the $.

  6. Agree with others here that if Mack can’t afford to keep a “trained” spokesperson on speed dial to spin all of Ryan’s messes to the public, then she herself should just STOP talking.

    Clearly, if nothing else —this magical bar receipt turning up now, the “copy” of which was obviously “hiding” inside the bar’s cash register at the time Ryan was arrested is the clearest case in point.


  7. The people around her should really advise her to say nothing at all to the public when it comes to Rhine because every time she does she ends up sounding like an enabler, excusing his bad behavior, blaming someone else or just flat out lying. There are so many people from the Teen Mom franchise that would benefit greatly from a social media cleanse.

  8. Oh right…if there’s a receipt from that day, it’s because his damn parents went over and paid it after they found out what he did. She is Queen of twisting her words to make them not technically a lie, but not the truth either.

    BTW Mackenzie, if you need “boundaries” in your marriage, WTF kind of marriage is it anyway?! Sounds like a group home to me.

  9. Nice one Mack! You can ‘count on one hand’ the drinks you’ve had in the past year because you were pregnant for most of it.

    1. She thinks she’s so clever…she twists her words to make every situation sound less worse than it is…the girl is a master manipulator.

  10. Mac, he has no interest in sobriety. He does what he has to do so he can get out and use again. He doesn’t care about you, or his kids. Pack up your babies and RUN. Start a new life for you and your boys. Ryan will only lead you all into disaster.

  11. You see what she did there? She said the case was dismissed on Feb 4 when they provided a receipt saying the tab was paid that day…He was arrested back in January, and she just admitted that the tab wasn’t paid until Feb 4…she just played on words to make it sound like it was paid back in January.

    She really needs to stop trying to defend him. She always makes it worse for everyone, when silence is golden.

  12. What’s the date on the receipt Mack?? She always dances around the truth, and thinks the public’s to stupid to read between the lines…

    I will say I don’t see a problem with her having a drink with friends while he’s incarcerated. She’s essentially a single mom right now of 2 small kids, and probably needs to release some stress…that being said, if she was drinking around him or had alcohol in the house, then that’s a different story.

  13. Its funny, Mac….
    If YOU had a receipt then the bar would have a copy, hard and digital. Lies lies lies.
    That “receipt” was Jen went to the bar and offered to pay it, and probably plus some, to get it dropped.

  14. I set my boundaries with Ryan and those boundaries were not shared with anyone but us 2,” she wrote.

    Wonder what these boundaries are; obviously not cheating, getting arrested or relapsing.
    I bet being a jobless loser is over the boundaries…. no maybe not

    1. Her boundaries are probably a photo op every 2 months to give off the facade that they’re a “happy” family, and Rhine has to hold Jagger for at least one of the pictures so he looks like a “doting” dad.

  15. She is such a liar! If that tab was paid that day, the bar would have not reported it. I thought they dropped the charges because the bar decided not to press charges. But it doesn’t matter because it was a probation violation.

  16. Yeah, Mac and cheese,thats pretty funny that once the bar was paid they dropped the theft charges. Theres nothing funny about this situation. Its tragic.Talk about enablers.

  17. “I set my boundaries with Ryan and those boundaries were not shared with anyone but us 2,” she wrote.

    Wow wonder what these boundaries are; obviously not tapping/cheating or doing drugs

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