EXCLUSIVE! All the Details of Jenelle Evans’ Angry Phone Call with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Execs—Just Days Before She Split with Husband David Eason

“Leave me aloooooone!”

Jenelle Evans made it clear over the weekend that she has split with her husband David Eason and, while the Teen Mom 2 star has not revealed what exactly caused her breakup, The Ashley can now reveal what was happening on The Land in the days leading up to David leaving!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, early last week (right before the breakup), Jenelle and one of the ‘Teen Mom’ executives had a loooong phone call in which Jenelle ranted and accused the producers (particularly her main producer Kristen Schylinski) of ruining her marriage and purposely doing things they know will upset David.

“Jenelle was screaming at the executive that every week, her life gets worse because of the show airing and was dropping F-bombs like crazy at the producers, Kristen, and even her mom [Barbara Evans].”

“She was particularly angry at Kristen during the call,” the source added. “She told [the exec] that she doesn’t trust Kristen, and that Kristen is fake because she tries to make it seem like she’s on Jenelle’s side when really she is trying to hurt Jenelle’s marriage.”

(From what The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her, there are no plans to have Kristen replaced as Jenelle’s producer, though…at least as of now.)

“I don’t make enough to deal with this crap! I should run away and join the circus, since I’m already used to dealing with clowns!” 

“She said Kristen wants David out of [Jenelle’s] life because of the problems he causes for the crew with filming, which is obviously not true,” the source added. “She accused Kristen, and the other producers but mostly Kristen, of manipulating scenes to make David look bad. She said that’s why her life is in such bad shape right now and David is so mad at her.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jenelle did not mention anything about splitting with David at the time of the call, though, so the breakup must have happened very soon after. However, the source believes that the episode shown last Monday was the straw that broke the swamp camel’s back.

Last week’s episode featured a scene in which Babs confessed she’s only being nice to David because she’s afraid he’ll “snap in a haaaartbeat,” and that Jenelle gets “in trouble” with David every time she films for the show. Barbara also stated that she believes David “is hurting” Jenelle and there’s a “domestic violence thing” happening on The Land. 

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jenelle was absolutely livid that the producers allowed Barbara to say those things on camera. While she mainly blames the producers, because she believes they “coax” her mom into saying things like that, she was also very mad at Barbara.

“Dude, you guys are the worst bosses I’ve ever had…I mean, you’re also the ONLY bosses I’ve ever had but still…”

“She kept saying ‘f**k you guys and f**k my mom’ on the phone,” the source said. “She mentioned to [the exec] that she believes Kristen and her mom have worked together in the past to purposely make David look bad because they both want David out of her life.”

Jenelle was also upset that the security guard, Andre Sanders, was summoned to have that conversation with Barbara. Jenelle considered Andre a friend, as he is very close to her sons and got along with David, so she felt betrayed. As you’ll remember, Andre was the person who married Jenelle and David back in September 2017. She was more upset that the producers put Andre in that scene than she was at Andre himself, though.

(You may remember that The Ashley told you about this security guard chat scene back in December. Andre was only part of this scene because Barbara literally had no one else to film with. She had already filmed a bunch of scenes with Kristen about this topic, so they needed her to talk to someone else so they chose Andre. He was not chosen purposely to upset Jenelle, just for the record.)

Andre with Jenelle and David on their wedding day…

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, so far, Jenelle has not filmed about the breakup.

“The producers and the crew are very worried for Jenelle right now and they are really, really hoping this breakup is permanent,” the source added. “They have had so many of these before, but this one is the longest that they know of.” 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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  1. “The producers and the crew are very worried for Jenelle right now and they are really, really hoping this breakup is permanent.”

    So Jenelle is right, then, producers do want David out of her life.

  2. I remember the day when MTV was about the music and not about the drama. These poor women that got stuck into the show and rely on MTV for a paycheck now with no viable skills it’s so sad. Can’t wait for the day that MTV goes out of business and gets off rtvs permanently.

  3. If this break up is for real (of which I still have my doubts), besides taking Jenelle for every nickel he can get David will no doubt immediately move for custody of Ensley. After all, in his teaspoonful of a methed up mind, he’s the world’s greatest dad who has ALREADY won full custody of another child, his daughter Maryssa.

    And in that case, as far as MTV firing Jenelle anytime soon – well, just forget about it. She’ll be the only TM girl with, count them…THREE custody conflicts going on at the same time. A veritable “hot mess express” MTV ratings coup.

    Even though knowing Jenelle as some of us longtime viewers do, girlfriend will probably be far more concerned with her Tinder profile for her latest “good guy and soulmate,” than anything else at that point.


  4. Jenelle, I’ve watched you and your story since you were 16 and pregnant. You have made some bad choices, but have always tried to bounce back. The older you get , the harder it is to bounce! For your safety and your children’s safety, get away as far as you can from David. As a domestic violence advocate, I can see the signs . You deserve better. You deserve life.

  5. This was David’s plan all along. Brain wash Jenelle, destroy her reputation and credibility (even more than it already was), get his name on everything from the house to their cars, marry her, push everyone away from her and try to get her fired from MTV, and get and keep evidence against her that he can use in court and so he can blackmail her. He did this to have evidence that she is mentally unstable and unable to care for ensley, ruin her financially and keep proof that he was fuckin rakin and taking care of the land to prove that she is unable to take care of the land by herself. He did all of this while funneling her money into his own account and also saving all of the money he did while filming for MTV and doing that commerical.

    I bet as soon as they are separated after awhile we will hear about his book deal “Surviving life married to Jenelle evans” or some type of MTV special where he exposes everything.

    I don’t think David is as dumb as we assume and Jenelle has met her fucking match.

    1. I pretty much said the same thing…every guy that gets with her doesn’t date her because they like her, they’re on a mission to use her for fame and money (Amber’s honestly in the same boat, except she picks guys that don’t whoop her)…but Jenelle’s so desperate for a man, that she’s willing to look past the obvious, and make the absolute WORST decisions for herself and even worse her kids.

    2. I remember there being a CDAN blind item a couple of years back about how there is a video of a Teen Mom 2 star smoking meth, just in case the person that has it in their possession is accused of being the aggressor. I honestly don’t know how credible CDAN is, I don’t follow him much, but this would certainly make sense as to why she hasn’t had him locked up for DV(for a fake or real incident) yet. It would explain why no action was taken after that frantic 911 call(which certainly sounded real to my ears) or why she isn’t putting him on blast. That was 2 years ago, I’m sure he has even more similar dirt on her now. I know it is reaching, but it would make sense.

  6. “The producers and the crew are very worried for Jenelle right now and they are really, really hoping this breakup is permanent,”

    I would love to know when the producers, the crew, Jenelle’s family hell even this “source” giving the information…are all going to start to worry about the CHILDREN in this situation. Jenelle and David made their own beds, let them stew in that steaming pile for a while, they’re both abusive, both horrible people, and neither is fit to be a parent. Whatever mess they might be in, they put themselves there.

    It’s actually sickening to see this “source” claim everyone is so concerned for Jenelle, to be honest. What about the kids, it’s not like they have any choice in these matters, they’re stuck with these degenerates.

    1. YES!!!! They are not worried about her, they are worried about a TV show. And getting the good stuff on film. People on -line are worried about the kiddo’s. Not MTV

  7. I feel for her and no offense but her husband has proved time n time again he has an anger problem..for her n her kids sake I hope she will love herself enough to get out why the getting is good she will end up hurt worse if she chooses to stay with him.. You are doing better be positive n move forward u dont need a man god has given u 3 men who will always love n never leave u and that is ur sons praying for you..

  8. I mean I also hate Producer Kristin and think she’s very fake, but Jenelle, no one MAKES David look bad, he takes care of that himself with ease.

  9. Paging Sir Nibs…. Jenelle needs a new soulmate. This is your moment to SHINE. Since she seems to mold herself into whatever her current soulmate is into…. Please become a juggalo. Because that transition will be fucking hilarious.

  10. PLEASE FIRE JANELLE! She and her loser husband both suck as ppl.. janelle blames everyone else for her effed up life, and I’m sure the kids are the ones paying the price. Those poor kids need to be removed from the them, off of that swamp…

    1. Part of me does wonder if this is a publicity stunt… Either way, she should be fired. She’s a lot like Farrah. She blames everyone else for her bad behavior…

      1. I think Farrah’s Porn life is much more acceptable than allowing your children to be abused. MTV was just mad they weren’t allowed to pee in her house lol

  11. Why do these people put up with this shit??? Jenelle is obviously a crazy person that blames everyone but herself for her problems. The fact that MTV got rid of Farrah but continues to keep Jenelle on the show is a complete mystery to me. This is getting ridiculous.

  12. You married a big time loser, Jenelle. That’s on YOU. Ain’t nobody running around (on or off camera) making him look bad. He does it all himself. That’s the nature of a dumbass loser! Yes, even YOUR dumbass loser! Even Jace saw the warning signs, yet you shoved that loser down his throat with NO regard for his safety or security! Same goes for Kaiser. Better get your shit together – and fast – before you lose so much more by staying in a marriage with him.

  13. Deflection at its finest. Own up to your own mistakes. Your marriage is in trouble because both of y’all are white trash with money and no common sense. All the “family” trips and staged pictures are trying to outshine the dark shadow BOTH of y’all cast. You were drunk in love signing everything over to David. Now, he realizes that he can get everything because he had you under his thumb is dawning on him. He has beat you AND your kids, now he’s going to leave you penniless after ten YEARS of being on this shit show. Your kids don’t deserve this. You, are at fault. Grow a pair and stay single for once in your life. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND OWN UP TO YOUR FAULTS. You’re not likable. Without the drama in your life you are dull AF.

  14. Jenelle is constantly insisting she’s changed and matured and this conversation is proof that she hasn’t and never will. She is absolutely DELUSIONAL.

  15. He doesn’t plan on actually leaving her. He’s doing this to manipulate her even more. He’s going to give her an ultimatum – him or the show. She will pick him and become isolated even more.

  16. She is mad at a producer for pretending to be a friend?
    How long has she been doing this shit show now, 10 years? They all suck up with the cast to get good material for the show. That is their job.
    It’s about money.
    She should understand that, she chooses money over her marriage. David doesn’t want her to film but she still does.

    I know he has no right to demand that she stops filming but when she is so concerned about David and how MTV makes him look, why film? Well, money.

    1. And that’s called control. David doesn’t want her to film but she still does. It’s called being in control you idiot

  17. Why is David so damn upset about what people say about him? Because it’s true and he’s a POS and can’t handle the truth

  18. This just proved that the breakup isn’t for good. It’s not his mistreatment or his abuse of her children that led to this. It’s the producers and her mom making them argue. He beats your child and clearly terrifies jace and Marissa but he’s not treated fairly by the crew and that’s the issue.

    1. Nah…it’s not real….she hasn’t filed a restraining order yet, or accused him of abuse….I give it another week before the “reconcile”

      1. I’m hoping MTV pulls the plug on the show. Without those big Teen Mom checks Jenelle and David wouldnt be able to affored those,good lawyers and CPS can get in there and take those kids. Its MTV money that is making this situation spin out of control.

        1. Honestly I don’t want to think about what’ll happen if these two lose all their money… We think it’s bad now, but it’ll be so much worse it that happens

        2. Agree 100%. It’s very irresponsible what Mtv has done here. Under “normal” circumstances, Jenelle would’ve most likely lost her kids to foster care (or Barb) years ago. They’ve funneled money to these two horrible people, and it seriously needs to stop. They’re enabling Jenelle to continue abusing her children by paying her all that money. Unethical and immoral to the max. Shame on you Mtv.

      1. I may get downvoted to hell for this, but I don’t believe he really did. While I agree David may actually be the one that physically abused her, she has cried wolf too many times. Andrew supposedly hit her, Kieffer had DV charges pressed against him to “teach him a lesson”. Gary “choked” her, Courtland “choked” her, Nathan “choked” her…. What is this bitch’s sick fascination with being choked?!

        1. Don’t forget Nathan had DV charges pressed against him for choking the infamous ex Jessica Henry too (the one who Jenelle had to go to court for for throwing something at way prior to the choking incident).

  19. Babs is right….this is the only job Jenelle has had for the past 10 years. This is her main source of income and she would be a fool to give it up. She would become homeless indeed. Years ago, I thought she was improving her life when she completed a medical course. But her poor choices always got in her way. MTV has created this mess for all the Teen Mom 2. This show should have ended a long time ago. David is so controlling that he won’t even let her be alone to film the show. David needs to get a REAL JOB and go to work to support his ever growing family. What a cluster!!

    1. Babs has always been right when it comes to Jenelle. The issue is she just comes off as harsh or cold, but I think she just has an issue with communicating well enough to get her point across.

  20. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t believe for one single second that this breakup is real. Not one single second. David would never in a million a years leave so quietly and he would never leave Ensley without pitching a huge, take no prisoners fight.

  21. What is it going to take for jenelle to say enough is enough. I think she stays because lurch is holding proof of her fucked upness over her head and the fact that there is no prenup. I wish those kids were with people who love them. Jenelle doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.

    1. He manipulated her at thinking like that. This is a typical domestic violence behavior. I hope she is done for good now (Because this call was BEFORE they broke up). I mean, ofc Jenelle is no angel herself tho….

  22. Jenelle is the worst case of arrested development I’ve ever seen, all throughout this article it mentions how she is mad at this person and that person for making Lurch look bad, but she’s never mad at Lurch for being a horrible person. There comes a time in every person’s life where they have to admit they are wrong, might not be the best judge of character and learn to show humility. This will never happen with Jenelle because she’s such an incredibly damaged person. I feel so sad for her kids, there’s no way they make it to adulthood without souls disfigured with battle scars (second only to poor Sophia).

  23. Well Jaaaahnelle for years now everyone told you to straighten up your life but you being you knew better than everyone else. So loose everything,be on the streets, smoke your weed and say it’s everyone elses fault.

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