7 Funny Things Reality TV Stars Tweeted This Week

“And I’ve got plenty more dad jokes where that one came from!”

Our favorite reality TV shows love to spend time on Twitter, pouring out their innermost thoughts, throwing shade at their co-stars and, of course, making us laugh (whether they’re being intentionally funny or not…

The Ashley has concocted a list of the funniest reality TV star tweets from the last seven days!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Randy Houska brought the “dad jokes” while discussing the topic of putting kids on leashes: 

Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe perfectly summed up life after appearing on the show:

‘Teen Mom 3’ star Katie Yeager had the best answer for this question:

TV editor Simon Holland summed up what weekends are like after you become a parent:

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Wells Adams obviously saw “A Star is Born” One Too Many Times:

‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak summed up the wonder of technology for us:

‘The Bachelorette’ star Diggy Moreland is said what we’re all thinking:


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