Farrah Abraham Sued For Over $101,000 In Unpaid Store Rent

“I better raise the price of my blowup dolls, just in case!”

Farrah Abraham‘s furniture shop may have flopped last year (along with her other two businesses), but she’s allegedly still on the hook for years of unpaid rent, says the company she rented space from to house the businesses!

TMZ broke the news on Sunday that the former Teen Mom OG star is being sued for the over $101,000 the company says Farrah skipped out on.According to the company that owns the Oaks at Lakeway Mall in Texas— where Farrah operated her Furnished by Farrah store and the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique— Farrah signed two five-year leases for the stores in 2016. However, as The Ashley previously reported, both businesses (as well as her Froco yogurt shop) shuttered in 2018. 

“What do you say I let you take the Froco mascot costume and we call it even?”

TMZ reports that Farrah still had several years on both businesses’ leases when they closed, but she allegedly stopped paying rent.

The leasing company apparently tried to send Farrah notice that she still had to pay up, but was told that Farrah would not be send any more money.

“In docs, the Oaks at Lakeway says an attorney repping Farrah’s boutique responded that they have “no intentions on making any further payments under the lease agreement,” TMZ reports. 

Farrah is also reportedly the guarantor of the lease, which makes her responsible for the unpaid funds, according to the lease company.

This is just the tip (pun intended) of the Backdoor Teen Mom’s financial problems. She is being sued by several other former associates and business partners who say she reneged on deals. 

“Stay away from my Backdoor cash!”

In December, Damon Feldman, who is the CEO of Celebrity Boxing, officially filed a lawsuit against the Ex on the Beach star, seeking damages of $12,000 he says he lost when Farrah bailed out, last minute, of a boxing match she was scheduled to do in November. 

“Farrah Abraham, I just don’t understand anything about you,” Damon wrote on Instagram in January, after vowing to “hunt her down” until he gets his cash.

“You stole our money, you stole almost $100,000 of investors’ and sponsors [money]. You took sponsors’ money. You didn’t fulfill what you were supposed to.”

In addition, Farrah is also being sued by Avonte Campinha-Bacote, her former lawyer, who claims Farrah decided not to pay him for services rendered.

The former lawyer filed the suit against Farrah in November 2018, claiming that the reality star failed to pay an invoice of over $2,577. The lawyer claimed in the lawsuit that he assisted Farrah in filing a temporary restraining order against her ex, Simon Saran, as well as helped her with negotiations for her celebrity boxing match and other projects.

In the legal papers, the lawyer claims that Farrah reportedly justified her non-payment of the lawyer’s invoice by stating that, because she didn’t follow through on a deal he helped her with, she shouldn’t have to pay him. (He did state in the papers that Farrah paid all of her other invoices from him, though.)

The Ashley reached out to Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, for comment on the latest lawsuit.

“I don’t have a comment on this item,” he responded. “It’s Farrah’s business item not mine. The story is not complete with all the facts.”

(Photos: FOX, MTV)


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  1. Let this be a lesson, Jenelle. Though Farrah was sloppy, spreading herself thin with small multiple businesses while having no idea on how to handle them. She deep in now, with all this debt.

  2. I know michael’s trying to say that the story isn’t complete because it’s missing certain facts, but I’d like to think he’s actually saying “this story isn’t complete [just] with all the facts,” as in: “this story isn’t complete. It has all the facts, but it doesn’t yet have all the lies and spin that we like to add.”

  3. She’s such a looser, she’ll claim bankruptcy and once again “get off” on it. (Pun intended). Funny how daddy spoke up when she was called a coward for cancelling the boxing match, now he has nothing to say. Your daughter is the biggest looser along with her mother. That poor little girl is so damaged already by everyone around her.

  4. I can certainly see this loathsome woman deciding not to pay. I hope they sue her big time, Farrah and Sofeeyah will be living in Myculls basement.

  5. Can we all agree, if Sophia’s dad was alive, there’s no way in hell Farrah would have custody of her?

    Also since when is Farrah an escort? I must have missed that somehow. Makes perfect sense though.

    1. I dunno, I feel like he would have been kind of like Adumb. I know it’s not fair to speculate negatively on him, though.

  6. I can certainly see this loathsome woman deciding not to pay. I hope they sue her and son big time, Farrah and Sofeeyah will be living in Myculls basement.

  7. Michael and Deb kissed Farrahs butt because of the teen mom money. Now that thats gone they are gonna start acting like parents again.

    1. Deb fore sure! She sold her soul to the devil for a facelift. Farrah could have literally spit in her mother’s face and Deb would say “ I support you baby”.
      I only read The Ashley ( as far as teen mom goes) so I don’t know everything that goes on with these freaks , I do recall Deb doing an around about face as soon as the teen mom money came to a halt. Deb was all about her daughter needs help and Sophia needs stability blah blah blah. Michael is a sap that’s so afraid of Farrah for fear of her denying him his place as a father …she calls you by your first name ya damn fool, wake up!!!!!!!

  8. Ashley can you track down her employees and get the scoop?
    I’m dieing to know what it is like to work for Farrah.
    And Sophia don’t forget Sophia was in charge too.

    1. I can totally picture Farrah encouraging Sophia to walk around her store barking orders at the employees and being rude in general.

  9. She’ll make better money once Sophia graduates from Farrah’s W-I-T course. Then they can tag team, which I would not be the slightest bit surprised if it were Farrah’s plan.

  10. Every business that closed Michael stated that THE LEASE WAS UP and Farrah was exploring new sites to move to with the exception of the yogurt shop that he stated was under possible buy outs to go country wide in grocery chains, no comment now Michael?
    This sums up quite a bit, Farrah is as nutty ( more) as her mother and a BIG liar like her daddy. Yes, we’ve all known this but solid confirmation is always a plus.

      1. Made such a big deal about Brick and mortar too, well that costs money Michael. She can pay when her movie comes out.

  11. Chicken lips, I thought the same way. Mykol has always asserted himself in Farrah’s financial affairs, even her sex tape. Either he knows there’s no way out or Farrah has cut him off.

    1. Michael and Deb kissed Farrahs butt because of the teen mom money. Now that thats gone they are gonna start acting like parents again.

  12. Might be easier to list who ISN’T suing her.

    Farrah thinks she is above everyone else, and that she doesn’t have to fulfill her side of a signed contract.

  13. “The story is not complete without all of the facts.”
    Either she signed legal documents binding her to pay x amount of money and she didn’t follow through or the entire report is false. It’s black and white Michael.

  14. I am so SHOCKED by these allegations against Farrah. Why are all these people soo jealous of her and her “successes”?! ???‍♀️ Girl, sign those checks and stop trying to make “businesswoman” happen. It won’t happen for you.

    1. In all honesty I think Farrah is bankrupt now. If she’s not it would be in her best interest to use what little money she has left and file for bankruptcy and start living in her means. Otherwise she’ll soon be back in Debra’s rental again.

  15. All these lavish ..cough cough.. “TRIPS” (she also drags her daughter along on) are basically her ESCORTING services for$$$!! Sophia, unfortunaltely, is likely to follow her disgusting mothers foot steps when she gets older seeing all this garbage.

    1. Mhmmm, her friend said on their live that’s exactly what she’s doing -Escorting-. She’s so broke she has no other choice.

  16. The fact that Mycull has no comment is indicative that he knows Farrah is screwed on all of this and can’t even try to pin the blame on anyone like these two usually do.

    Either that or Farrah kicked Mycull off the gravy train and he’s not getting paid any more either.

    You know, if Farrah was a smart businesswoman (I’m not even going to say smarter because I think she’s a vapid idiot), she would have negotiated to only pay until the landlord filled the space. That might be what they are after, but if I were them and it was Farrah, I would definitely try to stick her with the full 5 years.

  17. “I don’t have a comment on this item,” he responded. “It’s Farrah’s business item not mine. The story is not complete with all the facts.”

    WT actual F??!! This statement isn’t even in English! LOLOLOL

  18. Farrah’s probably going to have another “leaked” sex tape come out this year to pay for these leases, her lawyer fees, and the lawsuit over the boxing match she dropped out of. Her current escort gig isn’t going to cut it with her spending habits.

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