Kailah Casillas Says Lindsay Lohan Did Not Seem Sober & Exhibited Strange Behavior During the Filming of ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’

“Next you’re going to accuse me of being a bad dancer too!”

Upon firing employee Kailah Casillas on this week’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Lindsay was labeled a drug user— an accusation that Kailah is not only standing by, but providing proof to back up her reasoning.

According to Us Weekly, Kailah (who is also known for her appearances on The Challenge) says she never witnessed her former boss using any drugs during her time on the reality show, though she still believes Lindsay was high, due to how she says Lindsay was acting.

“I didn’t see her doing any drugs; I can’t say that I did,” Kailah recently told the magazine. “I will say, in my own opinion, throughout all of the time that I was there, she was far from sober. But that’s my own personal opinion.”

“Define ‘sober’…”

Lindsay’s reps denied the allegations and noted that letting Kailah go was the right call because “her inappropriate, mean girl comments will not be tolerated or taken seriously.”

(Slow clap for that response… we just love a timely movie reference!)

Kailah added that she and Lindsay didn’t get off to a great start in Greece, and that Lindsay never warmed up to her.

“The very first day that I was there, I went up to Lindsay without a camera with me and tried to shake her hand and say, ‘Hi, I’m Kailah, I’m one of the new ambassadors. I wanted to introduce myself.’ I feel like that’s a pretty normal thing to do but from that moment, she gave me, like, an evil eye and a handshake where it wasn’t really a handshake. I realized from that moment that she did not like me.”


Kailah talked more about her ‘Beach Club’ experience on her vlog, as well as some of Lindsay’s seemingly strange behavior both on- and off-camera. She recounted a day when Lindsay came to work with a friend and was “on another different f**king planet.” Lindsay allegedly grabbed a microphone and yelled at the DJ until he agreed to play Eminem… and then proceeded to sing-a-long to four songs in a row.

“All of us, the cast members, were standing there like what is going on, this is so f**king embarrassing…,” Kailah said.

There had to be some sort of pharmaceutical explanation for this dance…

Another odd run-in, Kailah said, happened when Lindsay made her take a shower with her, though she noted that both were in bathing suits and it was not a sexual thing… just an awkward one.

In addition to the Lindsay’s Linsanity, Kailah said the whole show experience was weird and not at all like her past appearances on reality TV.

“I’m used to being on ‘The Challenge,’ it’s very straight forward, there’s no bulls**t that goes on there,” Kailah said. “I mean, there is, there’s drama and stuff but it’s always very clear what’s going on… this is not that kind of situation. I just felt lost the whole entire time I was there. I didn’t feel like myself at all.”

While Kailah’s ultimate firing appeared to have been sparked by Lindsay’s complaints about the staff’s messy house, Kailah said it all boiled down to her being the only one who stood up for herself.

“I think she really fired me because I was outspoken and she didn’t really like that too much,” she said. “She’s probably been surrounded by a bunch of yes-men all her life and no one really speaks up to her or talks back. Even some of the cast members are still doing that … .”

‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ airs Mondays on MTV.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. I actually watched some of this show and Lindsay does seem like she’s messed up on pills or something. Her speech and behavior were always odd. And a person with a history of substance abuse running a club is a disaster waiting to happen. Also she has not aged well, she looks like she could be in her 40’s.

    1. They might only show her sober on the show, you don’t know what the crew has seen/filmed that we will never get to see. The soft-edit, basically

  2. I’m not surprised…Lindsay has been an entitled disaster for YEARS. The girl tried to kidnap/”save” a kid from “child trafficking” while the kid was walking with his mom last year…then got upset when the kids mom hit her when she wouldn’t back off…and wtf is up with that accent? I remember when she did that show on OWN, and could tell she was still a drunk drug addict. Sad, she was on top of the world when we were kids, a lot of people looked up to her…now she’s a joke.

  3. I’ll admit to watching this show as a guilty pleasure, and because Greece is just gorgeous to look at. But yeah, I’ve been wondering ever since it started airing why nobody seemed to be saying what is totally obvious: Lohan is crocked out of her damned mind, seemingly all the time, and in every shot. She slurs, she rambles, she is incoherent, and she repeats herself (my brand my brand the brand) incessantly. I don’t know if it’s booze or blow, but she’s hammered. I’m just glad someone finally said it.

    On an even sadder note, let’s be honest, for a 32 year old woman, she looks like hell.

  4. I couldn’t even get through the first episode of this show. It was such a bizarre set up to have a bunch of alcohol and a pool in a mansion with your employees then randomly show up unannounced a couple hours later to “be angry” about it.

    I believe the girl that got fired. Did Lindsay get a bunch of fillers on her face? She looks about 45 years old.

  5. I used to run into Lindsey Lohan at clubs in New York quite frequently a few years ago. She was a raging drug addict, alcoholic, and racist back then. I believe everything Kailah is saying. Maybe she’s changed, but I highly doubt it. Terrible person.

      1. I personally witnessed her call someone a “fucking gypsy” at 1Oak. She got herself banned for a time from PH-D at the Dream hotel for calling people the n word. She was a total cokehead back then (2011-2014) but to be fair so were most people. Just honestly a shitty person with zero redeeming qualities.

        1. That’s awful. I do think that a lot of her being alienated by Hollywood is to do with how she is as a person. I do feel sorry for her because I don’t think she had a great upbringing and being that famous from such a young age has to be damaging but at the same time she doesn’t seem to ever change her ways or even want to change.

  6. Lindsay did this show bc she thought she could make some money and earn back some good press by being a behind the scenes Lisa Vanderpump like character on this show but in the end she’s just such a cracken that she can’t help but turn herself into an even bigger joke than she already was

  7. I definitely wouldn’t put it past Lindsay, Speaking from the viewpoint of a RECOVERING addict, I know the amount of DAILY work on yourself and your recovery that it takes to REMAIN clean and sober and she’s not even close to doing the necessary things in order to stay clean! Sorry !!!

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