Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“I certainly have a type, don’t I?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Take That Coltee! The Blast: “90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Limas Debuts New Boyfriend & Smashes Colt Face Pinata During Her Vegas Divorce Party 

Colt Mania! Starcasm: Photos & Complete Recap of “90 Day Fiance” Star Colt Johnson’s Las Vegas Divorce Party

‘Housewives’ Star Wanted! Reality Tea: Warrant Issued for ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Gina Kirscheneiter After She No-Shows at DUI Arraignment 

Where Are They Now? Hollywood Life: Updates on the First 16 Winners of ‘American Idol’

Pooch-a-Polooza! Page Six: New ‘Vanderpump Dogs’ Spin-off Reportedly in the Works 

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2 Responses

  1. I saw something that Coltee succeeded in getting Larissa’s green card cancelled and she got the letter right before her party, but I can’t find it again. Did anyone else see that? Just wishful thinking on my part?

  2. She looks like she has had some work done.

    Looks like a stable relationship, going to strip clubs together.

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