Farrah Abraham Talks About Probation, Having More Kids & (Of Course) Herself During New Podcast Interview

“Pull up a seat for your backdoor, I’m about to drop some knowledge!”

Former Teen Mom and current Ex On The Beach star Farrah Abraham took a break from “writing” book reviews and being handed lawsuits recently to record an episode of the HollywoodLife podcast with Bonnie Fuller, during which she dished on her dating life, her relationship with her parents, being an entrepreneur, life on probation and more. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the episode highlights, including Farrah talking about how lucky some people are to get to be around her. Of course, the interview with chock-full of Farrah’s signature “Farrah Speak,” which we left intact for you to enjoy.

On being on probation & doing her community service:

Farrah, who is currently on probation for resisting arrest last summer at the Beverly Hills Hotel, called her two-year probation sentence “unrealistic” though she said the 50 hours of community service she had to serve at the Austin Animal Center “really was good.”

In addition to being assigned to do dishes and wash clothes at the center, Farrah said she had the opportunity to “help so many” of the fellow volunteers by simply allowing them to be in the presence of one of the “Top Celebrities in Our Nation,” Farrah Abraham.

“I blessed their pathetic, non-famous lives!”

“I just got to guide them and they loved it so much,” she said. “Like, they didn’t know they were going to come in and have a celebrity talk to them, be with them… It was really awesome. So you can just make connections wherever with whatever and help so many people along the way so it’s cool that I was on probation, I guess.”

On working while on probation:

Farrah said because she’s on probation she brought her own security team to the ‘Ex On The Beach’ reunion show taping to keep people from trying to fight her.

“Every time I’m on a reunion, like the last reunion I showed up to, I think it was for ‘Teen Mom,’ I think Amber [Portwood] stormed on stage and tried to fight me,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Guys, I’m on probation, I can’t be having any of that,’ so I bring my own security and they understand how serious I am.”

On her ex, Simon Saran, and what she learned from their relationship: 

Before breaking down what she took away from her time with Simon (whom she referred to as “Slimeon” at one point because she said he’s a slimeball…good one), Farrah said she wanted it to make it clear that she isn’t a “man hater.” 

“Come on, that was a great joke! SLIME-ON…get it!?” 

“I just have to say that because I know a lot of guys just hear women say negative things, but this is all feedback,” she continued. “I just learned a lot about… I mean, I’ve traveled the world, I’ve been a celebrity feature at strip clubs and many other things and I have seen the worst in the opposite sex and I have seen the best.

“I think dating someone for two years or whatever that was, I saw a lot of use of myself as a single mom. I just didn’t understand a guy trying to use a single mom so much. It was just very eye-opening.”

On her ideal partner: 

Farrah was happy to spew about what her perfect mate looks like. 

Show us a photo of your perfect mate, Farrah…

When she was asked to speak on her experience on ‘Ex On The Beach,’ specifically the aspect of the show that allows contestants to date each other’s exes, Farrah likened dating someone else’s ex to “eating people’s s**t.” 


“I’m just not one to date anyone from my productions, anyone from the talent world, no sports players, no entertainers,” she said. “I mean, I’m open to probably dating a director or something of that nature.”

“Director guys, the line to date me forms right over here!”

Farrah later said (in her own “Farrah Speak” way) that whoever is “lucky” enough to date her has to help her elevate her status.

“They have to help you raise higher and I would say most of the little pond that I swim in now, they do not help me rise higher so I don’t swim with that.”

On her relationship with her parents, Michael & Debz OG:

Farrah said her relationship with both of her parents has improved and that she’s “very proud” of them. She also said they all remain in family therapy, which, judging from Farrah’s quotes, she feels her parents need much more than she does.

“Someday hopefully you guys can become as stable as ME!”

“I think we’ve all grown so much. I have to say, it’s in big thanks to the therapists, the trauma therapists and a lot of the counselors and people who I’ve had over the years because by shaping me and helping me see that I can’t control other people. It’s really been like,’OK if you can’t help people connect with you better, then all you can do is use yourself as a tool to hopefully help the relationship and that’s kind of where I learned to sculpt and guide and help my parents grow because they are not open to change. 

“After a certain age, some people are just like, ‘No, this is my way,’ and that’s kind of where my parents got,” Farrah continued. “They hit that rock and it was just their way or the highway and over two birthdays—last year, this year—my mom is like, a totally different person.”

According to Farrah, Debz OG credited Farrah with helping her change.

“She’s like, ‘Thank you so much for just changing a little bit of yourself and it’s helped me recognize how I need to change,’ and the same way with my father.” 

All hail St. Farrah!

On her relationship with her mom in the past: 

Farrah said before things were good between her and her mom, Debra had a habit of tagging Farrah in posts on social media, which Farrah wasn’t a fan of. 

“So, I kind of blocked her for a little bit and I’m like, ‘You can message me, you can talk to me, rather than telling people you’ve talked to me and you just put it on social media,’ because for us and our bonding experience and our relationship, that was not going to work. 

“That works for other celebrity family relationships and I think that’s inspirational to some degree, but it wasn’t going to help us with ours.” 

“Hey Farrah, did you get that meme I tagged you in?”

On Sophia’s education: 

Farrah said Sophia doing online schooling has “been really easy” and causes “less drama, no bullying” and allows everyone to focus on the betterment of Sophia. She also said Sophia has access to her teachers by video chat, phone calls and email if she needs help, but it doesn’t sound like Farrah is spending too much time teaching her daughter herself. 

“I kind of feel like too much of a mom with schooling could almost ruin your relationship in a little bit of way,” she said. “So I try to be helpful and not overstep it.” 

“Do you think letting Sophia watch ‘Ex on the Beach’ could count as a ‘social science’ lesson?!”

As to whether or not Sophia will return to traditional school in the future, Farrah said they are still undecided; however, she would like for Sophia to avoid having a high school experience like her own— specifically the bullying and the whole teen pregnancy thing (despite having praised the latter in the past.)

She also wants to keep Sophia away from feathered animals and insects, apparently…

“I think being around minds and social influences of birds and bees, having a first boyfriend, those things, prom and all that… I think it’s great you can go to dances and do all of those things, but I don’t think relationships at that time are important because people change so much, you don’t really know who you’re dating.” 

On whether or not she plans to have more kids: 

Farrah said that her having more children “doesn’t seem plausible right now,” she isn’t completely shutting the door to the idea of growing her family. 

“Welcome to the family… “

“Like, I’m open to adoption,” she said. “I feel again like I don’t want to necessarily go backward if it feels backwards.

“You got to love someone a lot, you got to go through all that stuff, she continued. “If I ever have a relationship again, yes, it’s going to be a marriage, it’s going to be everything couples do and so I don’t know. But if it’s not the right thing, I’m not going to make someone be there and ya know, make them go through all of that.” 

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(Photos: MTV, WEtv, Instagram)

35 Responses

  1. I thought that Farrah started homeschooling Sophia so she could travel with her. She didn’t want to be “that mom” that left her child with her parents while she gallivants around the world. And the best education is apparently being dragged around while your mom “works” and slowly replaces her entire body with chemicals and plastic. Honestly, I can see it. Basically Sophia’s educarion was cramping Farrah’s lifestyle and this way she could seem like she was hands on and involved in Sophia’s life.

    I know Farrah once lamented how her parents were always away on business and left her with nannies.

  2. Please keep that IMP at home! The world doesn’t need the wrath of her. It’s bad enough that society has to endure Farrah and her self centered deceitful parents. From the very beginning these people have been despicable, how long was it before they were truthful about their estranged marriage? It’s said that “ the love of money is the root of all evil” if this family doesn’t confirm that, I don’t know what does. Deb and Michael raised their daughter , the world has to deal with her like a rabid monster, now all THREE have their claws in the kid.
    Seriously, none of our children needs to be subjected to disrespectful, gradma hitting, panty posing Sophia Abraham! I can only imagine what a teacher would have to deal with. You ruined her , you deal with it.
    I’m enlightened that this whole family is becoming a speck in the rear view mirror.

  3. Idk now. The more the months or even years go by the more i think she needs a brain scan. There seems to be zomething wrong with her mental state. Whether it be her health or some sort of mental thing that happened when she was young. I still feel bad for sophia.

    Both sophia and farrah needs help.

  4. Ms. Abraham, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. I see, you won’t let your daughter go to public because you have done so many reckless and low down things that this is the reason your daughter can’t go to public school. You have run this child through the dirt that you are. She never plays with other children and you choose to home school her. You call your self this FAMOUS STAR……Yr famous for adult movies and low down life you live.

    You are FAMOUS alright. IN YOUR OWN MIND.

  6. I see, you won’t let your daughter go to public because you have done so many reckless and low down things that this is the reason your daughter can’t go to public school. You have run this child through the dirt that you are. She never plays with other children and you choose to home school her. You call your self this FAMOUS STAR……Yr famous for adult movies and low down life you live.

    You are FAMOUS alright. IN YOUR OWN MIND.

  7. Please Do Not breed again!! Get yourself Spayed and Neutered!! The last thing the world needs,wants or can stomach is ANYMORE of YOU. And take the Kardashians with you!!

  8. She is ridiculous my IQ legit drops listening to her non sense!! She is no A lister WOW! She is delusional and Every time she speaks it shows just how crazy she is!! Her daughter is the one I feel bad for.

  9. So if you get married and that is a big IF… You say..”make them go through all of that.” Honey if you have to make anyone do anything that is so sad. I can see in her case though how she has to make people do things, just having people around her is all forced. Also, it is usually a great thing when a child is adopted. In this case I pray it never happens that would be a sad day for any child….

  10. Her relationship with her parents didn’t improve I’m sure, she just manipulated them some more so they would do and say what she wants.
    When they don’t please her and kiss her ass they are cut of financially, from Sophia and their daughter.

  11. No man wants to give her their baby gravy.
    Because they don’t want to be tied to a neurotic narcissist.

    They want you only to pump n dump.

  12. Of course she home schools Sophia. The poor girl would probably get beaten up every day just because of who her mother is. That is completely unfair because it’s not her fault that her mother is the poster child for being a POS!

  13. Lol she’s open to adopt ha ha yeah right! Who is stupid/crazy enough to give that dingbat dumpster muppet a baby!??? Really fasshole Farrah a baby lol delusional!! And eww gross she looks like her puss has an oder!!

  14. So she’s looking to move directly from having no relationship, to getting married (because if she ever has a relationship again, it’s going to be a marriage) to somebody very successful who’s never had a relationship before (since a prior relationship would imply they’re somebody’s ex)? So, what, an arranged marriage with an intellectually challenged Saudi prince?

  15. What is wrong with her? No, seriously, what is wrong with her? Her whole situation is very sad to me. Obviously I don’t know this as a fact, but I don’t think Farrah has one friend. You always see her with her parents, her child or her security guards. She’s trapped, alone, inside of her own head. Obviously her rich fantasy life has spilled over into her “reality”. She really believes she is all the things she thinks she is.

  16. I can’t. I had to stop reading when she aid she wouldn’t sate any “sports players”. Since we all know she is not clever enough to be “playing” stupid, it’s pretty clear that she is neurologically damaged. I don’t know what happened to her, be it drug abuse, some sort of psychological impairment coupled with a personality disorder, whatever, she really believes what she is saying. It would be fine for her to live in this altered state of existence if she weren’t dragging a small child around in the gutter with her.

    1. I’m convinced there’s some sort of undisclosed abuse. Her relationship with Mykall is just toooo damn weird. I don’t think any of them will ever admit it. (Its “not their way” after all.) But something is seriously wrong with that family. I could honestly see some sort of abuse that maybe Farrah thought was consensual, so shes too ashamed to admit it. She’ll just be batshit forever. Poor, poor Sophia.

      1. I completely agree. Her relationship with her parents has always been really really strange to me. I recall during her 16&P episode DebzOG had said she didn’t want to be in the delivery room because she didn’t like blood so Farrah was going to be alone, and we all know her interactions with Mycul are just bizarre. You are definitely on to something and I think that when Sophia inevitably writes her tell all one day we might get some semblance of the truth to what the root of Farrah’s mental dysfunction really is.

        1. Yep. Sophia’s tell-all should be very interesting indeed. Isn’t kind of messed up that, literally EVERYONE knows this poor child is growing up in an unfit environment, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do? As long as the child is being clothed and fed, theyre considered “safe” with the bio parent. There is nothing positive, developmentally appropriate, or just…GOOD about her upbringing. So sick.

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