5 Weird Things We Learned From ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards’ Latest Instagram Live Q & A Session

“Ryan’s in the clink…what else am I gonna do to fill my time?”

With her husband Ryan Edwards in jail for another monthMackenzie Edwards has a lot of free time, so the Teen Mom OG star did another Instagram Live Q& A session with the show’s fans earlier this week, revealing some odd fact-lets about herself, her family and the show.

Just as she did during her February late-night Instagram Live session, Mackenzie complained about having to film for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ This time, however, she also tackled the subject of Ryan’s other baby mama, Maci Bookout!

Here are five things we learned about Mackenzie from the Instagram Live session.

1. Ryan was pushing for some very, um, interesting names for their son.

On ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Ryan seemed unenthusiastic about having another child. (He did, after all, “joke” to Mackenzie that she should only call him once their son turns three!) However, Mackenzie swore that Ryan was an active participant when it came to choosing a name for their son, whom they ultimately named Jagger.

During the Live session, Mackenzie stated that Ryan shot down most of her name suggestions.

“Pretty much any name that I threw out there Ryan didn’t like, and any name that I threw out there he didn’t like,” Mackenzie said. “He wanted [to name the baby] Otis or Felix, and that has no, like, family [connection]… I was like, ‘NO!'”

Mackenzie then suggested Jagger, which Ryan loved.

2. Mackenzie’s father played professional football.

Mack’s parents have managed to keep their mugs off of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ so we rarely, if ever, hear much about them. During her Live session, though, Mackenzie revealed that her father (Bob Standifer) is a former pro football player.

Mackenzie claimed that her dad played for the 49ers and Kansas City; however, The Ashley could only find online records of Bob Standifer playing for one year in the NFL (for the San Francisco 49ers), and two years for the Oakland Invaders (of the United States Football League). 

Bob Standifer did, indeed, have a successful football career, though. He was named All-American at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (UTC) in 1984, and actually declined to participate in the NFL draft in 1985. The Times Free Press once named him one of Chattanooga’s Top 13 Defensive Linemen of all time.

3. She still doesn’t get along with Maci, apparently.

Maci surprised many ‘Teen Mom’ viewers last month when she posted a series of professional photos to her Instagram that featured her and Mackenzie (along with all of their kids) smiling together in a photo. Mack and Maci– whose feud has been documented on many a ‘Teen Mom’ episode– seemed to have put their differences aside.

View this post on Instagram

You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones building up one another instead of tearing each other down. ✨ Just getting around to sharing this one. This shot was taken roughly 15 minutes after sunset hence the darker tones. So, I admire both of these women for different reasons. Grateful I got to hangout with these ladies and was able to snap a few of these sweet women and their even sweeter squad of babies. AboutMe:@christancgeorge . .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #chattanoogaphotographer #chattanoogaweddingphotographer #nashvilleweddingphotographer #nashvillephotographer #tennesseewedding #tennesseeweddingphotographer #chattanoogaengagement #theknot #theknotchattanooga #atlantaphotographer #atlantaweddingphotographer #calhounphotographer #clevelandphotographer #clevelandweddingphotographer #knoxvillephotographer #knoxvilleweddingphotographer #memphisphotographer @radlovestories @theonlytennisee @beautifulkindoflove #charelstonweddingphotographer #savannahweddingphotographer #savannahphotographer #savannahweddingphotographer #ashevillephotographer #ashevilleweddingphotographer @elopementlove #chattanoogaportrait @love.likeyours #chattanoogaphotographer @messyhairandcameraflares #letstacoboutitworkshop #magnoliapines

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However, judging by how Mackenzie answered a question about her relationship with Maci, it seems that there is still hostility between Ryan’s baby mamas.

“Maybe,” Mackenzie responded to the question asking if she will ever get along with Maci. “Miracles happen every day…”

4. She has a real job.

Mackenzie has talked about “going to work” on the show, but has never really discussed what she does for a living (other than being Mrs. Ryan Edwards, of course).

During her Live, Mackenzie said that she works a “regular” job in insurance sales. 

She also reported that Ryan’s parents help her out a lot.

5. She still hates filming but loves to complain about it.

Mackenzie’s previous Live session was chock-full of complaints about having to film for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and this session was no different. She told a fan that filming is “not stressful, just annoying,” and that she recently had to film for the new season and talk about Ryan’s current behind-bars situation.

“We do like them checks, though, don’t we, Mack?”

“I’ve had to film about how sad and emotional I am [about Ryan being in jail],” she said sarcastically, before adding, “Sometimes I’ll get sad. It is sad. But in hindsight it’s not because [once he gets out of jail], all this is over.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Ryan is stuck in the clink until his next court hearing in April. (Mackenzie confirmed this.) Until then, she said she has to film for the show even though she hates it.

“I have a contract and like I said in my Live a little bit ago, we both agreed that supported our family so might as well [do the show],” she said. “And it’s really almost impossible to get out of your contract.”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

27 Responses

  1. Reply to her comment that once hes out of jail it will be all over- I think she is being sarcastic, I think she knows its not the end and is mad/angry because she’s wondering WILL IT EVER END! PLEASE remember we are not in her shoes or her life. Also, anger is fear and pain. Im so tired of knocking people when there down. Please pray for her and her family. Ultimately, it is the of God that can mend all of this pain and chaos. We may not be going through what they are but I bet we all have our own struggles

  2. Wasn’t she a medical assistant or doing some kind of healthcare or in school for healthcare when we were first introduced to her? Then again.. wasn’t Jenelle trying to be a medical assistant too? ???‍♀️

  3. I wonder how she got the job in insurance….lol

    Shelter Insurance – Bob Standifer, Jr.
    Auto insurance agency in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  4. She also stated on the live she works at her dads insurance agency. She never really had to go out & submit job applications because good ol daddy cam to her rescue and supplied her a job. Gotta pay for all those new keeping ahead of the jones vehicles somehow.

    1. Go figure Carissa! They just got another new truck I see and I think another last year. She try way too hard. If you don’t like MTV, get out, several others have, BUT then they won’t be able to have all those new toys etc.. smdh !!!

  5. She’s a bigger moron than I thought if she really believes this will “all be over” once Rhine gets sprung from the clink…maybe she means their relationship will be over??…Let me chill. I’m giving the girl too much credit.

  6. “But in hindsight it’s not sad because [once he gets out of jail], all this is over.” — is she seriously this delusional?? Or does she just think the audience is as dumb as she is? How many times have they said this now? Every time he goes somewhere for a stint, they act like it’s a magic solution and he’s no longer a heroin addict. And how many times has he actually been clean? ZERO. Are we all actually going to play “happy stable family” AGAIN? JFC.

    And the filming….wasn’t it just like a year ago that she and Ryan were furious that they were no longer filming…..now they ARE filming & can’t stop complaining about it. Get TF over yourselves – you’re getting to be on the level of Jenelle, Farrah, and Adam.

    The pic of Ryan and the baby – the baby looks like he’s thinking, “Seriously Mom, you brought me into this trainwreck of a family? Can I go over to Maci’s house?”

  7. Does anyone know what Ryans parents do?
    I assume they have a decent amount of money considering they supported Ryans $10k a week drug habit.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Google told me Larry works for Coca Cola and Jen is a SAHM.

  8. Maci is a saint for keeping her mouth shut about this psychopath. If it were me, I probably would have gone Amber-mode on Mack’s ass a long time ago. Maci is the sole reason why Mack gets this attention and an MTV paycheck. It shouldn’t have to take a “miracle” for Mack to get a long with her. If anything, Mack should be kissing Maci’s ass. But I guess you can’t expect that from someone as delusional and crazy as Mack is.

    Well, a new season is coming and Mack will continue to embarrass herself and I’m all for it!

    1. You can’t see Mimi Jen dancing it up to Mick Jagger in the 80s? That’s a close enough connection for Mack lol

    2. Notice the names Rhine picked are usually used as names for animals…He probably thinks of the baby as a pet….Kinda like how Jenelle thinks of her kids…remember on her 16 & pregnant episode Barb said you think this baby is a dog or a cat that you can just leave in the house when you want to do whatever you want!…Rhine seems to have that same thought process.

  9. I believe her when she says she’s not emotional over Ryan being in jail. The easiest times for her are probably when he’s away getting “help,” because that means he isn’t scouring Chattanooga for girls to bang or out getting drunk at bars during the middle of the day. I honestly cannot figure out which one of them is more toxic in their relationship – the irresponsible addict who is a ticking time bomb, or her.

  10. Shame on Mackenize, with not a single doubt this isn’t Ryan’s choice. Ryan will NEVER get better with the cameras, Ryan has never gotten used to the exposure and he can’t handle it. There’s always something that drives a drug problem, he can’t hack the pressure of telling his life and his relationship with Mackenize made it all the worse. From my point of view she pushed herself on him, pushed marriage and having a baby. This is not love, her husband needs to get healthy , she has him coming out of jail only to go into another of a sort. We can only hope that instead of running toward drugs he runs to a divorce lawyer.
    My heart goes out to Jen, she’s a very loving supportive mother and wonderful grandmother. It has to be a horrible feeling knowing your child is broken , he’s in this fragile humpty dumpty state and the camera crew is on the way.
    Mackenize keeps making damn sure that she brings up the contract.. she’s doing this for a reason. She wants everyone to believe there’s no going back. I think his parents know it’s detrimental to Ryan’s life not to film and his bitch wife is blowing smoke up their ass with a contract.

  11. Every time I see her, I have to remind myself she’s younger than me! There is something about her manner and attitude that appears older. I can’t put my finger on what it is, as it’s certainly not maturity as her catty remarks are reminiscent of a high school mean girl. She has so much jealousy towards Maci as I think she was under the impression she would be loved by all and come across as Ryan’s saviour. Instead, she seems bitter that she’s signed up to a life married to an adult baby, who blames everyone else for his lifestyle choices, but himself. Deep down, she knows if Maci clicked her fingers, Ryan (and Larry and jen!) would come running. You can see they adore maci, and appreciate that she continues to make every effort to keep Bentley part of their lives. Not many mums, teen or otherwise, would keep in contact with their exes family, especially one who was disinterested himself in his own child. I just hope that Ryan is able to look back and see how much Maci wanted ryans family in bentleys life. Also, he should be thankful that Taylor never tries to be his dad, but has helped guide and support him, so he can see what the relationship between a father and a son could, and should be like.

  12. She has always come across as angry from day one. I don’t know why she’s doing any of this. At some point don’t they have an OPTION whether or not to renew their contract? If this was all so miserable for all these girls then why not just opt out once and for all? I know I know, the money. But no amount of money would sway me to put my miserable complaining face on national tv for the world to see. They wonder why people snark on them. Whatever people say about them, I’m sorry, but they ask for it.

  13. She lovessss filming. Remember when Maci said she wouldn’t film if they filmed Ryan killing himself and how mad Mack Truck was all the time? No one wants to see her anyways. I can’t stand her, propping her baby’s bottle up for a Q&A no one asked for or that time on Instagram live she shut the door on her crying baby?. Her baby’s name is so dumb too I feel so bad for him:(

    1. Of course she loves filming. She even bitched about not be filmed at the last reunion. She’s a pathological liar and thinks we’re all a bunch of idiots that believe her bs.

  14. I literally laughed out loud at her saying “this will all be over” when Ryan gets out of jail. LMAOOOO ok then. The denial is strong with this one.

  15. Jenelle filmed for a total of seven minutes this season. So, I’d say not filming while still in a contract is absolutely an option.

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