Maury Povich Offers to Help ‘The Challenge’ Stars Johnny Bananas & Wes Bergmann Settle Their Long-Running Feud

The real Challenge? Getting these two to act their ages…

Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann’s on-air rivalry on The Challenge often spills over onto social media and, while fans of the MTV reality show may enjoy the rivalry between two of the show’s most notorious vets, Maury Povich (and his trusty lie-detector test) may be stepping in to help referee.

After their ability to spar in-person came to an abrupt end during “War of the Worlds” when Johnny and his partner were eliminated just three episodes in, Wes and Johnny continued to exchange jabs on Twitter. Last weekend, Wes posted a meme insinuating that Johnny tried to convince production to create a “Redemption House” for the season following his elimination. That’s when all hell broke loose and Maury had to be called in.

(For those unfamiliar with the gentleman featured in Wes’ meme, his name is Andy King and he appeared in the recent Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix, in which he talked about offering to perform a certain sex act in exchange for some bottles of water.)

Johnny hit back at Wes, accusing him of being obsessed with him and calling on ‘The Maury Povich Show’ to help…as you do.

“In case anyone out there still isn’t convinced that Wes’ Banana obsession is unhealthy, this is what he’s tweeting at 8am, 2 weeks after my elimination. Hey @TheMauryShow please send help #ImYourDaddy #StayObsessed.”

Wes (of course) responded to Johnny’s reply by accusing him of being the obsessed one (and also pointed out that most people are awake at 8 a.m. because they have, you know, regular jobs to go to.)

“1st- there’s nothing weird about being up at 8AM unless they’re quasi-unemployed, like you,” Wes wrote. “2nd, I GUARANTEE you’re more obsessed with me, than I am with you. But finally I agree with you on something… @TheMauryShow can you help us? I want proof that I’m the FATHER: of truth.”

Wes later tweeted, “Name the time and the place and I’ll be there. I want to prove once and for all that this man is obsessed with me. Thank you Maury!”

Amidst the back-and-forth between the Challenge vets, a follower reminded Johnny that he was the one that used Wes’ face on a Christmas sweater he was selling on his website.

On Saturday, ‘The Maury Povich Show’ responded to these knuckleheads on Twitter, offering its services to find out who is more obsessed with who. 

“@johnnybananas, @WestonBergmann & @ChallengeMTV let Maury get to the bottom of this DRAMA once and for all with a Lie Detector Test!” the show responded on Twitter. “Who’s man enough to take the test? Your fans need to know the truth!”

(The Ashley can settle this right here without having to hook Bananas or Wes up to any contraption: they’re both equally obsessed and need to take up a new hobby.)

While it has yet to be revealed if this ‘Maury’ moment will actually happen, fans of the show were quick to come up with questions to ask Johnny and Wes while they were strapped to the lie-detector test.

Longtime fans of ‘The Challenge’ are likely very familiar with the Johnny vs. Wes rivalry and have watched the two bicker and trash talk each other for years. The two have actually faced each other in eight different regular-season Challenges—The Duel, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III and War of the Worlds—and two Challenge specials—Champs vs. Pros and Champs vs. Stars. Of those 10 face-offs, Johnny outlasted Wes six times.

Currently, Johnny has won the second-highest amount in ‘Challenge’ history, having taken home a total of $682,793, whereas Wes is the seventh-highest earner with a total of $248,000. (In case you care, Ashley Mitchell has won more money than any other player in ‘Challenge’ history by a landslide. Currently her winnings total $1,121,250!)

UPDATE! It appears that Johnny and Wes have already shot a segment with ‘The Maury Show!’ They apparently did this before posting these tweets, according to this well-known ‘Challenge’ source.

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter, Instagram)

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  1. People were posting on reddit that this has already been filmed before they even started tweeting. Disappointed, it’s not more real.. but I’m a huge challenge fan so I’ll still watch.

  2. Wes’ burns are actually funny, and Bananas are all about him being the victim. Seriously, how many times can a grown man say, “… when the whole house is against you.” I also get the feeling Wes is maybe an actually cool dude outside of the challenge, when I’m 100% positive Bananas is a douche all day every day.

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