‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Has Split with Boyfriend Jason Jordan (Exclusive Details!)

“We’ve done split!”

Leah Messer‘s relationship with Jason Jordan has come to a bitter end!

The Ashley can confirm that the Teen Mom 2 star has split with her boyfriend of about eight months. The couple took a short break in their relationship back in October, but were back together within a few weeks. This time, however, The Ashley hears that the split is for good, as things ended badly. 

“The first time they broke up, Leah’s manager (whom she does her Life Reboot podcast with) basically told her that Jason was no good and that she needed to dump him, so Leah did,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “The manager felt Jason was too controlling of Leah, but Leah still wanted to be with him even after the breakup, so that’s why they got back together.”

“This time they split because he had become even more controlling of Leah and she realized it for herself,” the source said. “He was very jealous and was basically trying to run her life.”

“Does this mean I don’t get to be on The TV no more?”

The Ashley hears that the breakup happened about two weeks ago, and that Jason has been actively trying to get Leah back since then. 

Leah has not confirmed the split; however, she did post a meme to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday that reads “When someone shows you who they are believe them,” adding “Facts.” 

Leah is just about finished filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9A, so it’s unlikely that the breakup will be covered on the current season. (As The Ashley previously told you, though, the show’s “9B” season is happening, so it’s possible that it could be part of that season.)

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. I just Loooooove Cole and Chelsea. You can see what an awesome guy Cole is. He’s a very loving husband and father. He is truly a genuine nice guy !

  2. I actually was on HIS side. I thought he was trying to fit in and be a good guy to those “out of control little girls”!! I am not sure Leah will ever be able to have a real , grown up relationship….until all her girls have moved out. She is just one of those little girls with two men…. She STILL has Corey and Jeremy anytime she needs them…except for sex…. Its all kind of sad.

  3. I think Leah’s mother is such a failure…
    She has no idea how to guide Leah. She seems to have been more concerned about being her friend and getting along with her than actually being a parent.
    I remember one episode where she was pretty much “this is your life and choice” about getting married to Jeremy and getting pregnant… My jaw dropped that a mother wouldn’t take the time to talk to her because yes, it’s her life but mothers are supposed to guide their children and help them make the best LIFE CHOICES… I sure hope she is happy though, she seems to be doing better. Just stay single for awhile, it’s okay to be alone… Not even thirty and already been through more than I have! Go back to school, become the nurse u wanted to be… Do something girl!
    Show your daughters you can kick ass!

  4. Leah has come a long way, but you never really know the progress someone has made until you can see it in their actions. This is very encouraging, she put herself out there & was able to recognize it wasn’t working. I hope she continues to make good decisions

  5. I hadn’t formed an opinion of him yet, but other fans were saying things just didn’t add up with him. Hmm, guess they were right!

  6. Arrivederci Jason! The way he played down to Leah’s need for reassurance and immaturity was so aggravating to watch…. heeey girl heeey🙄
    I thought he’d correct her when Leah said she didn’t want to be “ argulatory”, guess not.
    I finally got time to watch this past episode, there seems to be a pattern with Addy that Leah lacks the smarts to see,its hitting her in the head like a V8 commercial.
    Jeremy does need to spend more time with Addy, he is gone awfully long BUT the big thing right now is Addy wanting to do everything her big sisters do. Leah called Cory to give him grades( like he can’t look them up himself) as soon as she hangs up Addy is telling her “ now call my daddy” if the twins stayed home on the weekend Addy would cry to stay home too.
    I’m sure 40 year old Jason seen a lot more of this than our 5 minutes a week. It’s pretty bad that he sunk so low as to keep throwing Jeremy under the bus.

  7. Jason is a jerk and a womanizer. Be careful because he will stalk you and never leave you alone until the next woman comes along. HE US A VERY DANGEROUS MAN.

  8. Yeah, she was way too codependent. When they came back together, I was like “Why Leah, you can do better!” I mean, I was on her place, when a man tries to control every aspect of your life, you just need to get the hell away from him! She realized it quite fast, it took me three years!

  9. I’m glad Leah broke up with Jason before it got out of control. She and her children deserve only the best. Stay strong and always respect yourself. Much love and admiration for you and the kiddos!

  10. I’m glad she took off the rose colored glasses before it really got out of control for her kids sake. Good for you Leah, stay strong! Much love to you and the kiddos.

  11. U come in to it and it’s only 8 months u and him talk about stuff. As if it’s been 10 yrs. . Where’s the dating part

  12. I think Leah’s doing a good thing by high tailing it in the OPPOSITE direction of this dude if he’s as controlling as some of us viewers (myself included) think he might be.

    After seeing how low the bar has been set by Jenelle with “controllers” who pretty much walk through the door on Day One giving their opinions and setting rules and standards for kids who DON’T belong to them – I’m glad she’s made this decision.

    Now hopefully… she’ll stick to it this time and move on.

  13. Leah don’t let that control ur life. U have made such wonderful progress with ur health issues and came back stronger than ever. The right man will come along and then I will know it. Hey maybe u could get ur own (COLE)!!!!! Lol. But seriously it would be nice if he had a single brother.

    1. I just Loooooove Cole and Chelsea. You can see what an awesome guy Cole is. He’s a very loving husband and father. He is truly a genuine nice guy !

  14. David #2. David is alledgly controlling of janelle. Some men just can’t handle us strong women nowadays. Girl power at it’s finest!!!!!😎😎😎👸💪💪😘😘😘😄

  15. Well, she’s right! “When a man (or woman) shows you who they Really are, Believe them!” As I, and probably many others have noticed, they will rarely change. Someone can try to mask their true feelings & or personality, but is is SO going to come out eventually. Ang generally at full force then..and you’re left to regret it.

  16. Great to hear that news Leah is a beautiful lady and mother and he was much too old for her honey mr. Right will come along for you and it will be easy you don’t have to work hard for someone to love you when Real Love Comes it will run smoothly and you will know this is your forever one

  17. I felt like something was off with him almost right away. He seemed to like the camera a little too much. I felt like he was in it for the TV fame. Too bad too. He’s a cutie!

  18. Why did they never show her dating that black guy? These girls need to keep their new relationship off camera for at least a year to see if it last. That would weed and seed out the losers. And im glad Leah knows her worth.

  19. I was always creeped out by him from the beginning. He acted way too eager to jump into the family and become involved with the girls. He acted thirsty for attention and air time honestly.

  20. Hmmm…good! Something about him just had not set well with me since the beginning. He reminds me of what we called a ridge runner & they are not the type that you want to get involved with. Being from WV the pickings are slim, most are on meth or opioids. I won’t even go back there.

  21. He is a creeper. Something about him is off. I’m glad she broke up with him. He seriously gives me pedo vibes.

    1. Wow now that you mention it. I couldn’t put my finger on just what it was but you may be right. Something about him skeeves me out.

  22. Its seems lior the only man that actually wanted Leah for Leah was Corey. All the others were users. Robbie was a user. Jeremy was looking for fame and sex. The trainer needed a place to stay. Lets see who she pulls out of the hat next because we all know she can’t stay single for long.

  23. Leah follow your heart u are awesome in so many ways I’m so amazed in how you raise ur kids take care of yourself and ur job stay yourself always I’m here if you ever want to talk and always praying for you been in the same shoes and happy now love ya girl cici

  24. Guess she reached back to her monkey days of motivational speaking and decided to “stand in your power”. Where was it stated he was supplying the drugs during that time? I thought it was her own father? I’m glad she kicked him to the curb, he was one comment away from totally detailing any coparenting relationship she has with Jeremy.

  25. I kinda sensed that he was tryna turn Leah against Jeremy because we all know that when she’s single, her and Jeremy hooks up. Jason is probably insecure and saw Jeremy as a threat . That’s just my opinion.

  26. Very glad shes moved on…he gave me an uneasy feeling. Time for her and the girls for awhile…good luck Leah

  27. Wonder if the past few episodes played a role. There was probably a lot of friction with Jeremy because of Jason overstepping and talking about Jeremy and Addie.

    Good for Leah for dumping him. I don’t think anyone actually liked him.

    1. Not everyone you lose is a loss. More women could benefit from remembering that. You sound desperate.


  29. He always seemed shady. Especially crossing boundaries bad mouthing jeremy. He sounded like a total moron when he said that jeremy shd just quit his job, and that he could find a job W.V. Idiot comment.

  30. Wasn’t he Leahs supplier when she was using a bit? I think it was put out there from more than one person too. I’m glad she got away then, granted she’s clean and on a good path, just hope she continues, he used her for the spot light for sure!!

  31. Exactly why these women shouldn’t be enmeshing their kid’s lives, moving in and out of multiple men’s homes is disgustingly trashy when you have three daughters.
    I really hope she takes a break; I’m getting another sudden marriage will be next, rapidly followed by childbirth.

  32. Ugh yeah… red flag #1: He was pushing that “Germy is a bad dad” super hard. Setting the narrative to cut out the weakest link and control things by “stepping in”. Transparent

  33. Good news. He is definitely a creepy creeperton with a side of pedo vibes. Good for you Leah. Always put yourself and your beautiful daughters first.

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