Farrah Abraham Says She Can’t Live in Los Angeles Because She’s Being Stalked: “He Would Just Watch Us All the Time!”

“Why is everyone so obsessed with me?!”

Everyone wants a piece of Farrah Abraham, and, according to the former Teen Mom OG star, one person isn’t content to just purchase a Farrah blow-up doll to get close to her.

In a new interview with TMZ, the Backdoor Teen Mom revealed that she has a stalker who has allegedly been lurking around the LA home she was staying at.

Although the TMZ cameraman really wanted to talk about how Farrah totally ripped off Kourtney Kardashian‘s Instagram photoshoot a few weeks ago, Farrah kept shifting the conversation away from being a copy-cat and onto the topic of her being stalked.

“I was dealing with a bunch of stuff like, my house getting cased, me being stalked that day, so I just really don’t have enough time for this made-up drama,” Farrah said of the day she posted the KopyKat Kourtney photo. “I got real-life drama.”

Farrah talked more about her alleged stalker.

“I do not know who it was and it happened multiple times so it’s just been wild, pretty much,” she said. “He would just watch us all the time and it’s getting a little bit crazy…I had to report it.”

(Honestly if Farrah wears the outfit she’s wearing in the photo below, that should sufficiently frighten the alleged stalker away…)

“I had to get out of there…I flew out and now I’m fine,” Farrah said. “I’m coming back [to Los Angeles] for work. That’s just part of life, I guess.”

Later in the interview, the Ex on the Beach star went on to explain that she has decided not to live in Los Angeles anymore, due to all the problems she’s experienced here.

(Do you hear that? It’s basically the entire Southern California population breathing a big sigh of relief…)

“I think that LA is just not the place for me to live,” Farrah said. “Last time I was here, my cars kept getting stolen. I had to put people in jail for that. I’m just focused on safety for my daughter and I.”

That may be convenient, considering Radar Online recently reported that Farrah and her 10-year-old daughter Sophia have been shacking up at Casa de (Whatever) Michael in Austin, Texas. The site claims that Farrah has had to move in with her father, Michael Abraham and his fiance Amy

“See? I have to wear these glasses so I’m not recognized by all my crazed fans!”

While Farrah’s claims that she’s being stalked may be very real, this is Farrah, so they should be taken with a grain of salt, as she has a history of exaggerating “crimes” against her. After all, back in 2016, the former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star claimed that she was “almost raped” by an Uber driver…only to later admit that the “almost-raping” was actually just the driver looking at her.

“I felt like I almost got raped,” she said at the time. “You’re violating me by looking at me. Don’t act like a rapist … I have a severe problem with that.”

She later  told Page Six that the driver was “looking at her lecherously” and that “it could have escalated into a rape situation,” adding that she “got into the car and the gentleman was looking me up and down.”

Farrah got herself banned for life from using Uber for the ruckus she caused.

Watch Farrah’s full interview about her stalker below!

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(Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images, Instagram, MTV)

23 Responses

  1. Bottom line.. she’s broke. She can’t afford to live here in LA. God, I wish she would get the mental help she seriously needs. She’s so sick, and a compulsive liar. Period

  2. If she’s worried about the safety of her daughter then she should probably exploiting her on social media.

  3. I wish you would stop writing ANYTHING about that miscreant, and give us more Sister Wives.

  4. I would bet money she is making this all up lol she probably saw the same neighbor walking out of their own home to go to work and since the world revolves around her assumed he was only out there to see her. People were probably staring because the house has a porta potty in front that she makes everyone beneath her use aka everyone who is not Farrah

  5. Oh, Farrah. It probably wasn’t even a stalker at all. Just a repo man or possible bill collector.

    Listen, just pay what you owe, and I’m sure whoever it is will go away and leave you alone.

  6. I have never been a fan of this woman but I have to say this video is about the only time I have seen her be civil and coherent. Though she still needs to learn some manners using her phone whilst talking to someone is rather rude in my book albeit she was probably not expecting a,microphone shoved in her face.

  7. By “casing out the home” and “stalking”, she probably means that a guy walks his dogs around the neighborhood everyday and happened to look over and see Farrah. He probably just happened to see Farrah screaming on her front porch as a horse and dog can be seen trying to escape from the backyard.

  8. She lives in an alternate reality. The “stalker” was probably just someone performing scientific observation of an alien life form. I would feel sorry for her if she weren’t such a reprehensible specimen.

  9. Really? She can’t live in Los Angeles because she can’t afford it! She wants to live like an A lister, but she’s NOT. Good luck ?

    1. How can you say that

      Are you kidding
      There was a guy coming to her house every day Monday thru Saturday putting envelopes in her mailbox & the same guy does the same thing to her neighbors (just to watch her her)
      Then some kid on a is throwing paper on her front lawn everyday.

      See people are out to get her

  10. They’re not stalking you. They’re stalking your child that you posted underwear pics online of. Congrats on opening your doors to the pedos. Moron

    1. Farrah, this person probably wasn’t even a stalker at all. Just a repo man or bill collector.

      Listen, just pay him what you owe him, and more than likely he’ll go away and leave you alone.

  11. Farrah is the boy who cried wolf. She’s made so many outrageous lies and outlandish false claims that no one would believe her if/when something really does happen to her.
    And I also read some of the comments on the copycat Kardashian post, my favorite was, “But where’s her belly button?” ?

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