Audrina Patridge’s Ex Corey Bohan Says Courts Ruled Their Daughter Kirra Can Not Appear on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ or In Audrina’s Paid Social Media Posts

“Keep our kid off your show…and out of your Flat Tummy Tea Instagram ads!”

Corey Bohan says he’s not the monster his ex-wife Audrina Patridge made him out to be in court during their bitter custody battle for daughter Kirra— and apparently, a judge agreed with him!

The Australian-born ex-husband of The Hills: New Beginnings star took to Instagram on Saturday to post a rare update on the custody battle– as well as where the domestic violence charges that Audrina filed against him in 2017— stand. He also announced that he has been victorious in his fight to keep Kirra off of Audrina’s new show, ‘The Hills: New Beginnings,’ as well as any other television or social media project Audrina may have wanted to include Kirra in.

“It is with great honor I have been awarded split legal custody of our daughter,” Corey posted to his private Instagram account. “And [I have been] able to keep Kirra off TV and paid social media. In addition, I have finally been vindicated and the domestic violence charges have been dropped.”

(Just to clarify, Audrina is still allowed to post photos of Kirra to social media; however, she is not allowed to use Kirra in any partner/sponsored post on social media that she makes money from.)

Audrina and Corey split in 2017 after just 10 months of marriage. After the split, Audrina filed for and was granted a restraining order during their divorce proceedings, claiming in court documents that Corey had a series of “emotionally and physically abusive episodes.”

Kirra, Corey and Audrina before Audrina filed for divorce in 2017…

In those court docs, Audrina claimed Corey has “displayed angry, rude, and emotionally abusive” behavior toward Kirra, and asked the court in March 2018 to strip Corey of his visitation rights for Kirra. Corey has always denied that he was abusive to his daughter and Audrina.

“These [past] two years have challenged me in ways I cannot explain,” Corey wrote on Instagram on Saturday. “It’s been long enough. Not only was I accused of domestic violence but I had my daughter taken away. I cannot tell you the pain this caused.

“Having your marriage fail is one thing, but being publicly bashed for self-attention is low,” he wrote, later adding, “I came to America in hopes to be a respected BMX athlete. It was my dream and passion. To have that tarnished by BS is heavy.”

Corey’s mother, Lea, also revealed her thoughts on her ex daughter-in-law in the post’s comments.

“Audrina is all self and now I refer to her as Audrainer,” Lea wrote. “She has caused so much heartache to Corey and drained us all…only thought of herself all the time.”

Corey has been adamant that appearing on reality TV is not in Kirra’s best interest. In  court documents filed in October, Corey wrote that he feels that “being in the public spotlight could be extremely damaging to such a young child.”

“I refuse to think it’s ok for our 2yr old daughter Kirra Bohan to be shown & exploited on reality TV. Not just my child but anyone’s for that matter,” Corey wrote on Instagram in August. “I stand up for what I believe in. This post isn’t an attack or negative rant. This is about our daughter Kirra Bohan.”

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In his post on Saturday, Corey encouraged other fathers to fight for their relationship with their children.

“I want and hope that my fight inspires others; other single fathers that just want and deserve to be there for their children,” he wrote. “Do not give up. Be a good person. Fight the good fight. Our children deserve the best.” 

Audrina has not commented publicly on the custody battle resolve and domestic violence charges being dropped. However, it’s likely that her battle with Corey will be discussed on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings,’ which premieres on MTV this summer. 

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9 Responses

  1. Not knowing either of them, I find his behavior a bit suspicious. I’ve heard far more from Corey than Audrina, yet he is ranting again that she is bashing him publicly. It also strikes me as odd that he keeps referring to Kirra by her full name “Kirra Bohan.” Who keeps using their own child’s last name when referring to her? It’s like he’s trying to remind everyone that she has his name i.e. she belongs to him.

    Worth noting that he says he got “split” (joint) legal custody, but says nothing of physical custody. This must mean that Audrina retained sole physical custody of the baby. If he got joint physical custody, he would have definitely said so.

    Dropping domestic charges (were they dismissed or did she voluntarily drop them?) doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t happen. Not saying he definitely abused her, but the charges being dropped doesn’t mean that he didn’t. And his mom isn’t helping his case. She sounds just as petty.

  2. he said she trashed him publicly and that was wrong.. yet, he is trashing her publicly and his mother is calling her names publicly…lol ok.

  3. I still think he did this out of spite. If he and Audrina were still together, I can almost guarantee that Kirra would be allowed on the show. I remember pictures from back in the day of him and arguing with Audrina and her crying…and they even broke up at one time because of his controlling ways. He comes off as such a petty guy to me…and what’s up with that whole “It is with great honor” line?? He’s acting like he just ended world hunger.

  4. I believe Audrina. Something always seemed off with him to me.

    & of course his parents and family are siding with him and are badmouthing Audrina – blood is thicker than water. Doesn’t mean or ‘prove’ anything.

  5. Abusers are notorious for using their children as a way to hurt and/or control their victims and judges are notorious for allowing it to happen. How many abusers are granted some level of custody on a daily basis? Way too many. Look at David and Jenelle, FFS! His mother coming to his defense and trashing Audrina means nothing. Abusers are expert manipulators.

    1. “His mother coming to his defense and trashing Audrina means nothing. Abusers are expert manipulators.”

      Exactly! Who would trash the mother of their grandchild! Now we all know just where he learned to be abusive and manipulative.

  6. I have so much respect for him for fighting for his relationship with his daughter. It’s a beautiful thing.

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