MTV Reboots Failed ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ Show as ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ (Exclusive Details!)

Get ready for… ‘Teen Mom: The Regurgitated Ones’

MTV is attempting to breathe new life into  Pretty Little Mamas— the dud-of-a-reality show it debuted last August— by slapping the Teen Mom branding on it!

Us Weekly broke the news on Friday that ‘Pretty Little Mamas’– which only lasted two episodes when it first premiered– is now being called Teen Mom: Young Moms ClubThe show– which follows a group of six young women from San Diego who all got knocked up early in life— is being touted as being “part of the ‘Teen Mom’ family,” but that’s not what The Ashley is hearing!

The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom’ sources tell her that, while the network is trying to rub some of the ‘Teen Mom’ “Midas Touch” onto its ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ flop, the new show has nothing to do with the existing ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

“[The show’s crew and producers] have no clue why MTV would do this, being that ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ or whatever they’re calling it now has completely different producers, completely different crew and nothing to do with us,” one source told The Ashley. “They basically just renamed ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ and are trying to sell it as a ‘Teen Mom’ show.”

“Wait…don’t we need like two more baby daddies each to be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show?”

The real ‘Teen Mom’ crew just found out about this “addition” a few days ago, and the producers were tasked with informing the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG girls about it.

“Calls went out earlier this week to calm down the ‘Teen Mom’ girls, so they wouldn’t get nervous that they were being replaced or anything,” the behind-the-scenes source said. “The girls have been pissed off because they feel like they are always the last to know when it comes to changes within the franchise, so MTV was trying to be proactive by telling them before it hit the Internet, in hopes of avoiding them ranting on social media.” 

When Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant was added to the franchise, it was different, as that show uses the same crew, producers, production company etc as ‘OG’ and ‘TM2.’

All of the moms who were featured on the original ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ show will be back, along with new addition Heather, who must have gotten knocked up during the hiatus and now fits on the show. 

During its first run, ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ was a complete bust, with ratings so low that MTV pulled the show from the air after only two episodes. The show premiered to terrible ratings, with only 440,000 viewers tuning in on August 30. The next week’s episode, which aired on September 6, had even more horrific ratings, pulling in only 317,000 viewers. That 25 percent drop in viewership from Week 1 to Week 2 was enough for MTV to yank the show off the air. However, the network never made an official statement indicating that ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ was officially cancelled.

We agree with Babs…

Pretty Little Mamas er… ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ premieres Monday, April 22 on MTV. 

Watch the trailer for the “new” show below:

(Photos: MTV; ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. Everything I’ve seen tonight is old trash that MTV already aired???? Come on mtv you already knew this show was lame and a flop but yet you re-air last years garbage!?!?! Another shit show oops I mean rerun that you sadly renamed….

  2. I hated the pretty little mamas show. Bunch of rich kids living off their parents who were so entitled and RUDE! The blonde was bossing her friends around, making fun of someone for wearing cheap clothing. She was horrific. I was so happy when it got cancelled but now she’s back. Now trying to make it more about them as parents and hiding their horrible personalities behind it

  3. I actually kinda liked the pretty little mamas show and I think I saw Garrett from siesta key on there on a preview after one night I am not sure if it was the same Garrett but pretty sure it was I think he is the trainer to one of the girls that was the job he took for the rich family

  4. MTV saying they want to lower Teen Pregnancy, then glorifying it by revamping it a new show “Teen Mom Club” like its some elite status club one should strive for

  5. This show was SO awful the first time around, why do they think it’s better now? Have they sent all these girls for acting lessons? It was so fake and scripted, unbelievable it’s coming back! Ugh.

  6. MTV’s obsession with kids having unprotected sex is bizarre at this point. This also proves it’s solely THEIR obsession because they’re bringing back a show that audiences already rejected. Creepy.

  7. Hahahaha omg I forgot about that show! This is hilarious but let’s be honest I’ll probably be watching.

  8. Thanks The Ashley! I would have tuned in for the first episode to check it out and would have been severely disappointed. None of those girls, but especially the “head” girl, could carry a show o or even remotely make it interesting.

  9. “All the girls got pissed”?!?!
    Why??? Because a bunch of nobodies are copying their shitty lives & parental skills?! GTFO!! So dumb

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