Over It! Judge Rules That Josh Duggar is Never Allowed to Sue His Hometown or County Again For Invasion of Privacy, Following Multiple Dismissed Lawsuits

“Well crap. Now what am I gonna do with all my free time?”

Case closed!

An Arkansas judge has ruled that Josh Duggar is no longer allowed to sue Washington County or the City of Springdale for invasion of privacy, after the disgraced Duggar son has tried— and failed—to file multiple lawsuits against the officials.

Last March, the former 19 Kids & Counting star filed a lawsuit against his hometown and county for releasing documents to In Touch Weekly back in 2015 that proved that then-teenage Josh molested his sisters Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth, as well as a fifth unnamed victim. (Josh later admitted to actions, but felt that the city and county official released the documents unlawfully.)

According to Radar Online, Josh did not win his latest attempt to sue the officials for invasion of privacy. On March 28, a judge ruled in favor of Washington County (which had previously filed a motion to have Josh’s lawsuit dismissed…again.)

“Having reviewed the motion and the response thereto, the court finds that the motion [to have Josh’s lawsuit dismissed] should be and hereby is granted,” the docs read. “It is therefore considered, ordered and adjudged that this matter shall be dismissed with prejudice as to the re-filing of any claim, counterclaims, or filed herein.”

According to USLegal.com, when a lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice, “the plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment…”

(Basically, the judge is telling Josh, “…and don’t come back with another frivolous lawsuit!”)

“You need to accept that you lost…you lost BAD!”

This is the second time Josh tried to take down Springdale and Washington County, as he was also unsuccessful in 2018 when he alleged in court docs the scandal caused “severe emotional distress, mental anguish and substantial loss of income.”

He also claimed that having the documents released caused him “shocking degradation and egregious humiliation.”

A judge dismissed the lawsuit in November 2018, and Josh appealed, only to have it shut down again.

Josh’s molestation scandal (which was immediately followed by the release of documents proving that Josh had been unfaithful to his wife Anna via an account on the adultery website AshleyMadison.com), did cause him and his family a lot of stress, not to mention money. When the father-of-five’s controversial past came to light, “19 Kids & Counting” was axed by TLC and he was banned from appearing on the Duggar kid spin-off series Counting On.

Over the years, he has tried to make his way back into the spotlight, but has not received a very warm welcome from his former fans.

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  1. Once a pervert always a pervert. We see how he became a scumbag behind closed doors as an adult, all the while preaching conservative family values and the removal of other people’s rights in public.

  2. I do not agree with what he did but the person who released the information did so illegally if I’m correct because he was a minor at the time of the offense and I do believe that person should be punished.

  3. God her whole Instagram is people saying how wonderful a mother she is and his wonderful her family is. This is why sexual abuse keeps happening, people make excuses or forgive the molester when they should cut off all contact.

  4. This is really rich, coming from a f*!#ing child molester:

    He also claimed that having the documents released caused him “shocking degradation and egregious humiliation.”

    Nevermind how his victims felt. What a selfish, creepy, entitled douchebag.

  5. Who would have the balls to try and win money because he molested his 5 year old sister?? So ecstatic this was thrown out!

  6. “Oh no, poor me, I was stressed,they mentioned my name and I was righfully accused of being a disgusting human being!” This man is despicable, no words about his sisters and how he is sorry he did this to them, no word at all. Rot in hell.

  7. I totally believe that Josh has the right to see the county and even the state he was a child a minor when that happened and has every right to see the people who brought that into the public eye for no reason other than to slander him personally it’s my understanding that Joshua went to his parents and confessed that he’d played touchy-feely with his sisters and his parents took it to the police as punishment only make sure that the lesson sunk in and that the girls had a right to be heard. None of the girls same core ethically traumatized and they were all very very open and honest about what had happened with family and friends but it never should have gone to a police level where it was leaked to the press and to the public. That judge is wrong and he has a right to see that police station for leaking that information on a minor on all the minors because the girls were underage to

    1. Slander means spreading something that is untrue. This very obviously happened, which makes it not slander. stop normalizing sexual abuse.

    2. Mary, are you a Duggar or one of the kool aid drinkers who went to law school at Jesus U?

      Either way, your logic is flawed.

    1. It’s been mentioned on multiple sources that she was not one of the victims (was probably too old for him)

  8. So whining about his privacy has reminded everyone yet again that he molested his sisters. Poor Josh you just can’t seem to win. Lol. BTW Anna has been losing weight and looks great while Josh has morphed into a pudgy, balding man who looks at least 10 years older then Anna. If only she would kick that loser to the curb…..how I would love an alternate universe where she left him for someone else.

    1. Sadly she’s so brainwashed she’s probably trying to look better so that turd doesn’t cheat or godforbid go after his own daughters.

  9. Well I’m happy that this child predator wasted all that money and still didn’t win anything. He is a sick demented human being

    1. He’s such an entitled spoiled brat. It’s about time he’s learned you can’t always get what you want.

      1. I wonder where he might have learned he can do what he pleases and the women can just take it without any repercussions… *cough* Jim Bob and Michelle *cough*

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