‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Finally Sells Wife Christine’s Las Vegas Home After Making Drastic Price Cuts

“FINALLY! We sold one!”

The “Kody Brown Cul de Sac of Broken Dreams” will soon have a new resident!

Radar Online reports that the Sister Wives star has finally unloaded his wife Christine Brown‘s Las Vegas home, after slashing the price several times and even making a personal appearance at several of the open houses in an effort to use his celebrity to sell the home. 

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Kody & Co. packed up last year and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, putting the four wives’ Las Vegas homes up for sale in July. Unfortunately for Christine and Kody, Christine’s five bedroom, four bathroom home sold for well under its starting listing price of $675,000.

The sale price is listed as $599,900 (which, according to realtor.com, is over $11,000 what the home is estimated to be worth).

Even with Christine’s home sold, Kody still has two more wives’ homes to sell. Janelle‘s house is still for sale, as is Meri‘s home (wet bar and all!) Meri’s home was listed in January and has already had its price slashed once. (Um…don’t these home-buyers see the wet bar!??!)

Janelle’s home— a six bedroom, five bathroom oasis complete with baby birthin’ tub— went on the market last October for $649,000. Currently, its price has been slashed twice already and it is now listed at $574,900.

“I wouldn’t show people the episode of me giving birth in that tub if you want sell that house!”

(The fourth Cul De Sac of Broken Dreams house– which belongs to Robyn— sold in February.)

Janelle— a licensed Nevada real estate agent— had been the original listing agents on some of the Brown Family homes but she is no longer listed on any of them. The family gave her the heave-ho in favor of another listing agent.

Back in July 2018, Kody spent $820,000 on property for his family’s new Arizona homes. Kody purchased a plot of vacant land in Flagstaff, and that land has split into four parcels (presumably one for each of his wives.)

Currently, the Browns are all living in rental homes in Arizona, except for Christine. She purchased a three-bedroom home with Kody in September for $550,000, according to public records.

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12 Responses

  1. What I don’t understand is why Christine would make such an investment in a home that will end up being just temporary? Does anyone know what the thought process was behind her buying and the others just renting? I can see buying if you’re planning on staying there for awhile, but just for a year or two? Doesn’t make sense to me because she will still be responsible for those payments after moving into her new home and what if the old home doesn’t sell for awhile? Then she will be back to financially supporting two properties again

  2. Maybe they had no storyline of interest so they had to move and bring all this unnecessary chaos into their lives and hope we are interested in watching it unfold? Either that or Suzie and Shea are right that Robyn calls the shots. But why would the other “wives” go along with it? I don’t think they would if it was something that was all about Robyn so probably it’s for a storyline. I think they are chasing a paycheck.

    I personally don’t even know why I watch the show. I guess just waiting for the bottom to drop out because their lives seem like such a sham and usually things like that will eventually crumble. Are we all just waiting for that? LOL.

  3. I’ve always wondered just how the hell they afford everything. Is TLC really paying them that much money that they can afford the homes and all of the vehicles?

  4. They all had nice homes in Las Vegas, their kids went
    To schools where they were accepted. They had a good college to go to for the older kids and had lots of support in the community. Sad they gave it all up.

  5. All because Dayton is going to college in Flagstaff and Mommy had to be nearby. Queen Robyn reigns again.

    1. If this is true, they could have saved so much money just letting Kody move with Robyn and the rest stayed. Or, hell, Meri could gave stayed at her B&B, and Janelle and Christine just live next to each other since those houses really aren’t selling right now (and they seem to like each). I’m not sure how they’re going to afford anything once the TLC money dries up – at least Janelle seems to have a job (in Vegas! So why uproot and I assume you’d have to get a new license for a new state?!).

      I cannot wait until this all blows up. They just keep making insanely dumb, especially financially, decisions. And I’m sure it’s because they are allowing the *male leader* (the dumbest out of all of them except Meri) to call the shots. Goodness ya’ll, you’re supposed to be showing us how great it is the life you’re living and for years now people watching this can see what a nightmare it must be.

  6. I also wondered why they moved. They had the whole cul-de-sac to themselves in Las Vegas. Now they are scattered in Flagstaff, AZ living in rentals. Financially, it would make sense to stay in Nevada because of the taxes there. I can only read between the lines and it sounds like they were in trouble financially. Agree that once TLC is done they will be in real trouble. A lot of the kids are out of the house now and they all seem to be doing OK as adults.

  7. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stay in the homes until they sell, instead of spending even more on rentals, all while paying on the new land? Kody really is a dumb ass. I’ll just assume his lack of brain matter and wives’ lack of spines come down to generations of Mormon inbreeding. I feel bad for the decent kids that happen to be cursed into that family.

  8. Nasty old man nasty old ladies respect ur self i feel sorry for ur 20 kids i hope they run like forest run run run

  9. I wish this family would take some financial classes and get a financial advisor to help them make these decisions. They have already filed bankruptcy in the past and still seem to have not learned from their mistakes. Once TLC is done they are going to be really in financial trouble.

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