EXCLUSIVE! Inside David Eason’s Most-Recent Court Hearing: ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Takes the Stand & Judge Makes Final Ruling

“This here’s my courtin’ cap!”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason were back at their “home away from home” on Thursday— a North Carolina court room!

The Teen Mom 2 star and her banned-from-TV husband faced off with Sandra Britt in a Columbus County courtroom, over a charge of communicating threats, which Sandra claimed David did during a spat they had outside of the gate of The Land back in January. 

The Ashley has all the details of what went down in the courtroom– and how it all ended!

(As The Ashley previously reported, Sandra claimed that David allegedly threatened her with a gun — after she parked near his Riegelwood, North Carolina, property. Sandra’s daughter later told The Ashley that her mom “was parked on a public road, not their property” and that David chased her down with his four-wheeler, pulled out his gun and said he would shoot her then cussed her out. David later posted his version of events on his Instagram.)

Anyway, The Ashley can confirm that both David— and Jenelle, of course— appeared at the hearing (apparently without a lawyer) on Thursday, and The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle took the stand on David’s behalf.

“Jenelle testified that his gun was inside of their nightstand at the time that [Sandra] said David had it on him and showed it to her,” the source said. 

“Ya gonna believe Pinocchio Evans?!”  

The Ashley can confirm that, following the testimony and other court proceedings, the judge found David not guilty and the case was dismissed.

While David may not have to worry about this court case, he still has another criminal case pending. In June, he will face one misdemeanor count of “Injury to Personal Property” and one charge of “Tampering with a Vehicle” for “self-towing” a stranger’s truck last year and then posting video of himself doing it.

As The Ashley told you, David is due to appear in court to face those charges on June 3.

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

44 Responses

  1. Unbelievable. Everybody knows they are lying. Is everyone too scared to hold them accountable??

  2. The NRA owns republicans. So much so that they just last month refused to reauthorize the Violence against Women Act. Which bans guns from perps.

  3. Should a gun really be kept on a night stand in a house full of kids? I’m no expert but surely it should be locked away securely or at least out of reach of little hands?!

    1. If the gun is locked away when an intruder comes through your bedroom door it defeats the purpose of the gun. You’re already out of luck at that point.

      1. The chances of a kid finding a gun and blowing someone’s brains out by mistake is about 76 billion times more likely than an intruder coming in to murder your family. But keep on telling yourself you need to “protect my family”. Hope you don’t have curious kids.

        1. My entire life we had guns in our house and never once was I or any of my siblings curious and blowing peoples brains out . Teach your kids properly about guns . They e proven this with hidden cameras that kids who’ve not been educated about guns are more likely to play with them then a kid who has been

    2. Hell Jenelle carries hers in her car in Jace’s reach and NC police not only saw it but had Jenelle walk away from car leaving Jace alone in car with a loaded gun inches away from him. Evidently in NC doesn’t have a problem with children having easy access to weapons

    3. We have a small safe that fits in our nightstand and uses your finger print or code . So it could be in their nightstand in a safe

  4. Money makes the world go ’round…..and sadly Jenelle has enough to hire better lawyers than all their victims. Sad sad . She’ll always get off scot-free every time until her money runs out.

    Side note – that picture of David – jesusgodleah jenelle, how can you look at him and be even remotely attracted to that?? He literally looks like one of those weird animal Sasquatch things from the movies. And he acts like a little boy who snuck his Daddy’s guns and is showing off for his little friends. He’s such a neanderthal. How is she not repulsed?

    1. Oh GOD i can just smell it.
      Imagine how bad that thing must smell.
      And being out there in the woods, riding 4 wheelers h stuff there has to be bugs.
      Oh god thanks alot now im picturing a colony of bugs in his smelly beard

  5. So, Duhnelle admitted that her FELON husband’s GUN was in the nightstand? Umm… I thought felons weren’t supposed to have guns.

    1. She said he doesnt have a felony.
      He has a carry permit so he is legally allowed to own & carry a firearm. I dont know how & why they allow him to because he has been to jail & has a domestic violence charge & even had a restraining order against him, my state would have revoked his license for any 1 of those reasons

    2. David must not be a felon then. His jail time must be for misdemeanors. I’m pretty sure the judge is well-versed in county, state, and federal laws.

      David’s charges will be coming soon. This charge was just suspicious from the beginning. Why would the real estate lady, and her non-witness daughter, go to TMZ prior to filing a police report? That was just strange. There were also different stories told to TMZ about whether or not a gun was pointed at her or not.

    1. I’m actually curious about this too. She gets out of everything but the video is real proof. They might need Dustin level lawyers for this one to keep the video out of court.

    2. Same way Jenelle the Teflon Mom got out of, following a guy home running over his mailbox & pointing a gun at him, that was on video too & never saw the inside of a courtroom for that.

  6. Those two are going to keep getting away with crap until they kill someone, one of the kids, or each other. So embarrassed to be a citizen of NC right now.

    1. Ive said the same thing. They’re being enabled to an insane level, so they keep upping the madness. Someone is going to get hurt, and it will be Mtvs fault for treating it all like one big (publicity-generating) game. This is a serious, volatile situation, and Mtv is eating it up.

  7. Are you freaking kidding me?
    They are going to be so full of themselves.
    I would like to know the Judges thought process on this one. Like was there really not a case like a he said she said? Or did he just not GAF?

    1. Ps. They better not ever move, because apparently NC kisses their ass and I’m not sure any where else would.
      Did the Judge see Jenelle road rage video?

    2. In a criminal trial, the burden of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” She says one thing, he says another. Both are plausible stories, how can you say one is true and the other false beyond a reasonable doubt?

      1. They have both said they are always packing, hell- it’s on his hip frying eggs and holding Envelop.
        No one took any evidence with them?
        As Judge Judy says Where did you think you were going today?
        I bet the other party didn’t have a lawyer and the Judge was just annoyed.

      2. The burden of proof is on the state when it’s the state’s charges. That’s not the case here and this wasn’t criminal charges, he was being sued personally by this woman…for money. I do recall the towing stunt he pulled but this one is news to me, must have missed it or forgot . I can’t wrap my head around why the sheriffs department keeps turning the other check on the Easons.. that 911 call of Jenelle’s would have him cuffed and charged anywhere else.
        Anyway, in this particular case his communicating threats apparently caused this lady something negative, it doesn’t state what she suffered or what she was asking for. It’s pretty clear that this boiled down to this lady not having enough to prove her case.

    3. Even though we all know Jenelle lied and David is guilty if the real estate agent had no proof and it was just he said/she said there was nothing the judge could do with no evidence. It sucks but David is so unstable and violent it’s only a matter of time before he commits a crime where there is proof. I just hope no one gets hurt before he goes to prison.

      1. I wonder where David is hiding his bump stock that is shown in the video above. Go get him for that and send him away to a federal prison while making the community safe again. He’s a menace to society the way he threatens people and damages the property of others.

      2. I hope to God he doesn’t kill a family member and blame it on Kaiser or Envelope getting HOLD of a gun
        And I really pray it isn’t Kaiser.

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