Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Says She Fears For Her Life Now That Her Baby Daddy Josh Drummonds Is Out of Jail

“Stay away!”

Earlier this month, 16 and Pregnant dad Josh Drummonds was suddenly released from the Texas jail he’s been locked up in for the past eight months. His release came as a shock to many who are familiar with the case, as Josh— who has been in and out of the legal system for years– was facing two very serious charges.

However, no one was more surprised than Nikkole Paulun, who gave birth to his son, Lyle, during the second season of “16 and Pregnant.”

In a video posted to her YouTube channel earlier this week, Nikkole detailed how she found out that Josh was released, why she fears for her life now that he’s a free man, and what she’s doing to protect herself and her kids.

“Josh is out of jail…he was released and it was a very, very, very shocking day,” Nikkole said in the new video. “Nobody expected him to get out of jail any time soon and especially not right now, we thought maybe in a few years.”

(As The Ashley reported at the time, Josh was arrested on September 1, 2018  and charged with two felonies after he allegedly assaulted a security guard inside the Texas hospital he was being treated at. According to Galveston County’s Daily News, Josh was allegedly in the hospital following a suicide attempt. He was waiting to be transported to a Houston psychiatric hospital for an evaluation when the alleged incident with the security guard occurred.)

The charges against him were “Attempt to Take a Police Officer’s Weapon” and “Assault on a Police Officer.”

Josh and a newborn Lyle during Nikkole’s “16 and Pregnant” episode…

“Those are two very serious charges,” Nikkole said. “They are felonies and supposedly the state of Texas takes stuff like that very seriously. But, unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way we thought it would.”

Nikkole stated that Josh already had a strangulation charge in the state of Texas, which he had spent a year in jail for, so she thought Josh would be punished more harshly.

“We really thought with the amount of violent behavior he’s had, and with those two charges, that he would definitely be going to prison or even a mental health facility for several years,” she said. “I had been living in this mindset that I had a long time before I had to deal with him getting out, and having to deal with all the emotions that causes for me and the scary feeling’s everyone’s going through. My friends and family are very worried for me and my well-being and my safety.”

Nikkole said that Josh was evaluated in jail every month since he was arrested in September, to test to see if he was mentally competent enough to stand trial. There have also been hearings held once a month.

After the last hearing, Nikkole said that she was shocked to read online that Josh would be entering a plea the next day. She said she assumed it meant Josh was about to be sentenced and would be locked up for a few years.

According to the court website, Josh’s charge for attempting to take a police officer’s weapon was dismissed, and Josh would be getting out of jail in September 2019.

“He basically got sentenced to one year in jail for those two charges!” she said. “I thought that was outrageous. You would think that somebody who did this would be charged and sentenced to something way more serious.”

“I was upset, because I thought I had years before I thought I’d have to deal with him,” Nikkole said.

Nikkole was even more shocked when she got an email from the website Starcasm. The site’s writer had been given an update on Josh from the jail, stating that he was being released that day.

“My jaw dropped!” Nikkole said. “I instantly felt really sick.”

A call to the court confirmed that what Starcasm had told Nikkole was true: Josh was, indeed, being released from jail ASAP.

“I kind of went into shock and panic,” Nikkole said.

She added that, since Josh was released, she’s been having nightmares and has not stayed alone at her home.

“There are a lot of other things I’m doing to protect myself and protect the kids that I can’t talk about because he could watch this video,” she said. “He’s on social media. I just want to ignore him and not feed into any of his crazy, manipulative tactics.”

She said she hopes he stays in Texas and does not come back to his home state of Michigan, where Nikkole lives.

“I really hope he’s not coming this way,” Nikkole said. “If he gets anywhere near me, I do have a personal protection order. I have it court-documented that he has threatened my life several times, and that I’m very afraid of him. At this point, if he comes anywhere near me and I feel any type of threat, I will not hesitate to hurt him. It’s either me or him, or me and my kids or him, and I refuse to let anything bad happen to any of us.

“I’m not going to let him win,” Nikkole said, before speaking directly to her ex. “Sorry about your luck, Josh. I know you wish I was dead. I know you hate me, but it’s not going to happen.”

Watch Nikkole’s full video below!

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(Photos: YouTube; Fort Bend County; Instagram)


  1. I understand this is a very real issue, but she faked a whole pregnancy and the death of an infant, excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for her.

    1. I remember when that came out. Did she have any response from when it came out that she faked the pregnancy and miscarriage?

  2. Um…what did she do to her face? She looks different. I never understood why she wasn’t picked to replace any of the Teen Mom casts or add to them over the years. This girl is a total mess. Perfect fit.

    1. A while back she claimed that she was but said she had to turn it down because the laws in Michigan (where she lived) did not allow children to film often due to child labor laws. Fans questioned this because Catelynn and Tyler lived in Michigan too.

      1. She probably turned down the offer (if she even really got one) because she knew her fake pregnancy and stillborn baby hoax was going to be brought up at some point and she doesn’t want to address it. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t have custody of her kids and she doesn’t want anyone to know. I thought her mom had custody of Lyle at one point.

  3. If she’s that afraid, maybe a break from social media would be good. You know, not give whereabouts, photos, and the like, maybe not antagonize him.

    She isn’t known for her smart choices though.

  4. Nikkole has zero credibility in anything she says. we know Josh is messed up but here she is, always wanting attention, taunting him on social media and this from the girl who faked a pregnancy and stillbirth for more attention.

  5. I wonder if Farrah helped her with those eyelashes! It looks like they don’t quite fit on her head! Listen we get it Josh is bad but maybe don’t call out a person you think is dangerous on social media.

  6. Also, as a side note, I remember thinking Josh, Adam Lind, and Rhine were total snacks when their respective 16&P’s aired. Thank God I have since learned that my initial attractions are never to be trusted

      1. Agreed. As much as I rolled my eyes at Maci, I put up with the same behavior from pretty guys when I was 16… especially older ones. The good news is that- and this made all the difference- I was on the pill

  7. Sorry, Nikkole, but you are the living embodiment of the boy who cried wolf. That’s what happens when you’re a pathological liar- when something true happens to you, people roll their eyes. And this likely is true, because he’s nuttier than squirrel turds, but all I can think is that you two are perfect for each other.

    1. I agree with your comment.
      And also after faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage, she should be keeping a very low profile.

      Listen love, josh wanted distance from you when you dated him, I think it’s safe to say, no matter what a Cnut he is,he’d not want to be bothered with you and your life.

      I do not like you and I hate what you did, I an desperate to me s mom, but I can’t have children, and for a bitch like you to do what you did, is absolutely vile, you deserve no media outlet attention, because that’s all this is, attention seeking sick in the head liar.

  8. What a good idea to challenge a psycho online. A psycho that can and will come back in your life cause you have a son with him.

  9. I remember this girl’s 16&P episode and thinking how ridiculous she was trying to sound like a six year old while playing hide the salami with that psychopath at the same time. During the birth of the baby I felt so bad for her mother because it was clear she hated Josh with every fiber of her being but she had to keep quite for her daughter. Her and Chelsea’s story have so many similarities, only Chelsea had the luxury of getting picked up by TM and not having to worry about income. Theirs are true warnings stories to all the young girls who want the “bad boy”, bad boys often turn into horrible men and deplorable fathers.

    1. I find it very hard to have sympathy for her. Several years back, she went to great lengths to fake a pregnancy for many months (even fooling her own mother and room mate), and contracted with a tabloid beginning with the letter “R”for the exclusive story. All of a sudden the father of the supposed baby she was pregnant with (not Josh), her friends, and even family members came out exposing her- she had been faking the pregnancy, bought a faux baby belly, and text exchanges, pictures of strap on bump, etc. were put out there. Of course she had a “miscarriage”, but not wanting to lose that sweet tabloid money, sold the miscarriage photos and story. She photoshopped medical records (which were proven totally bogus), and took a picture in a hospital bed when her mother had surgery. The sick thing is she had videos of her son touching the fake belly when she had it on, talking about how excited he was for a brother, and then breaking the news that “the baby had died”. It was one of the most despicable things I have ever seen. Then she bragged about getting breast implants with the money from the tabloid. There is something very, very wrong with her and I feel bad for her children. It’s clear she desperately wants to be famous and holds onto that 16&P episode she was on with every fiber of her being.

      1. I heard a little about this, but what you describe is absolutely horrific. If she really did go to all those lengths just to get money or likes or whatever, she is a legit sociopath. Can you imagine being that desperate for attention? I’ve always said that getting infamous on a reality show that young is a bound to have many of these young girls (many of whom have poor self-esteem, co-dependency issues, lack of familial support) stuck in arrested development and she is a premier example (just look at all that s**t she has on her face when she’s supposedly hanging out in bed with the kids). Elvis is more likely to re-enter the building than this girl is to ever get a job, I can guarantee you she thinks she is above that. It’s very sad, but she’s a lost soul and no one deserves the drama that the baby daddy has created, but I promise you that if he wasn’t bringing it she would find some way to create some in her life (much like a Jenelle).

    2. I remember watching her episode and feeling bad for her cause she seemed naive and desperate to keep this guy who was absolutely cringeworthy. The way he treated her mom as well was horrible. Then they did the after the episode the episode special and found out she hotbed jealous of his new gf and called cops on him for breaking probation and watched him get arrested outside her house. We he got out she left her mom after her mom told her not to see him and moved into his mothers house. She watched him do drugs and act up and eventually left but years later brought him back into her life with both kids. She knows he’s dangerous but continued to let him around her kids. On top of her fake stillborn and her letting her daughter see her father that she said abused her it scary to think she allows her kids to witness such dramatic things. She wants Josh to see this. Her whole life is posted up on her YouTube channel!

      1. Her whole naiive, immaculate conception act on 16&P was such obvious manipulation to try to make her come off as the virginal, innocent snowflake taken advantage of by big bad Josh. Don’t get me wrong he’s garbage too, but back then she was just as bad. I agree with you, she wants Josh to see this; like one of the previous commenters said, if she really feared for her life that bad she wouldn’t be all over social media. Can you imagine what a dimwit like this would do if she didn’t have wi-fi for week? The verdict’s in, she’s just more trash for the TM and 16&P dumpster fire.

        1. Oh I definitely agree with you. That was what I thought when I first saw it but then listening to what she’s said and done really painted her differently for me. I have a hard time believing that Josh was ever a sweet gentlemen that she claims he was that swept her off her feet. She was already like that before. Hence why she allowed him to treat her mom badly and her treat her mom the same. I feel bad if she’s scared but she’s literally provoking it and sounds like she may have her kids now having to live with that fear too by them not even staying the night at home. Poor kids. The girl loves attention. I mean she tattooed herself to get free sessions at the tanning bed. Who does that!!?

  10. Shut up Nikkole. You faked the death of a baby, and now you are using this for attention. Just. Stop.

    1. Exactly why are we forgetting that she faked a pregnancy and stillbirth?? No one ever calls her ass out for it. It’s deplorable! And Josh is all kinds of messed up but maybe don’t antagonize the situation by passive aggressive shit talking on social media about him Nikkole 🙄 dumb ass

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