Leah Messer Calls Out Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason For His “Irrational Behavior” After He Continues to Troll Her Instagram Account

“You best be staying away from me, troll!”

Jeremy Calvert recently sparred online with David Eason, and now it’s his ex Leah Messer‘s turn!

The Teen Mom 2 star finally responded after the banned-from-TV husband of Jenelle Evans continued to troll and write comments on her Instagram posts, as well as Jeremy’s. As The Ashley previously told you, David got into a online spat with Jeremy (which caused both of their Instagram accounts to be shut down) but David was back to trollin’ on Leah’s account on Friday…and Leah was not having it!

Leah posted an Instagram photo of herself with Jeremy at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion earlier this month, and David left a comment on the photo, trashing both her and Jeremy. (The comment and Leah’s response has since been deleted by Leah, but The Ashley managed to snag a screenshot of both!) 

“Why is his hair so thin though?” David wrote of Jeremy using his new Instagram account @hicktownking. “Probably all the stress from watch [Leah] strung out on drugs while texting and driving with kids in the car…Poor babies someone needs to save those kids from this addict before it’s too late.”

“Well if that isn’t tha pot callin’ tha kettle black!”

Leah, who rarely gets involved in online spats with her cast mates, decided to speak up— via Instagram comment— about what David wrote, pleading with Instagram to once again boot David from the social media app.

“Haven’t you already been blocked by Instagram how many times again for bullying on social networks?” Leah wrote to David. “They even though Jeremy’s account was you! @Instagram pleaseeee take down this account too. They are a harm to our communities and our families. Get off my page with your threats, defamation and irrational behavior!” 

Jeremy has refrained from making any more comments about David. (By the way, if you want to follow his new Instagram account, it’s posted below.)


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Reunion ready !!!!! When @leahdawn92mtv picks out ur outfit!!!

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Over the past year or so, David has feuded with many of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars. He has come for Javi MarroquinCorey SimmsCory Wharton, Randy Houska, and of course Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith via social media.

UPDATE! David has responded to what Leah wrote. In a comment posted to his Instagram stories (that featured a photo of Leah), David wrote, “Plan B is not to be ‘taken as needed.’ I wouldn’t expect anything better from this dumb*ss. She can hardly even form a sentence when she talks.”

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60 Responses

  1. While he is right about what Leah did, what a hypocrite. I literally have never seen one clip of Jenelle driving her car where she is NOT texting or talking on the phone or checking her social media.

  2. Why is this guy obsessed with basically everyone from this show?!

    Oh right, he has nothing better to do. Loser with a capital L.

    1. According to Jenelle, he is more like a small print guy.
      She complained about the size of his lady pleaser.

  3. Is the timing just a coincidence or is Lurch this upset that Pauly D totally digs Leah and not his wife (and him)? Pls take them trolls and abusers living at the land off tv.

  4. I think Jenelle just does cleanup for David…he leaves these ridiculous and embarrassing comments on the TM stars’ accounts, and then Jenelle jumps in trying to legitimize it. Ultimately, they both just look stupid. Leah for the most part keeps to herself and minds her own damn business. David and Jenelle do these things in the hopes it will somehow justify their own bad parenting. Instead, it just makes them both look stupid.

  5. Trolling is such a little bitch thing to do…and considering how big of a little bitch David is, it makes sense that he trolls people from different accounts.

  6. Jenelle has a question in her IG story asking if Plan B is birth control. Clearly taking a shot at Leah because she had said something about using it “as needed”. The irony there is that Jenelle was using abortions as birth control for how long? This pig needs to be checked.

    1. I saw that this morning. I have to wonder what on earth they do all day if they like troll their co stars with insults all the time. Proof they need jobs.

  7. Why so many ads with the chin on them, last thing this animal abusing, child abusing druggy deserves is advertising, she shouldn’t be promoted at all, anyone who uses her in ads must think it’s ok to behave the way she does.

    1. If I were Jenelle I’d be wondering why my husband seems to obsess over Leah. He picks fights with her cast members and then she gets mad when the cast members start fighting back and calling those two ass clowns out.
      Also Jenelle you can’t make comments about Plan B being used as birth control when you’ve had an abortion or two yourself. Moron.

  8. It’s hard to imagine that David thinks he is qualified to critique ANOTHER parent when you can clearly see how unhinged he is and what a THREAT he is to his own children! ?

  9. David a phyco? him and Jenelle need to turn into bush people a get animals so they can have self ststaining life on “the land” and never leave that place and both should give up social media their both bullies and no one likes them the only people they think are friends actually just sale stories to media lmao CRAZY PEOPLE, NEED HELP

  10. How can anyone confuse jermey with David!!?? Sexxy bitchh!! Leah ur she blessed love m e some Leah h tf on the drama that David like s to cause . Of course I’m only interested in my own bf but love giving uu guys compliment s. Both sexxy bitchh es btw.. it takes class acts to be very to be honest make s leah sexxxy ier then Jenelle..

  11. What an idiot. I can’t imagine being so hateful to go and specifically target and bully people online. He seriously needs a good ass whooping. He is clearly unhinged.

    1. I would seriously donate to a go fund me account for some ones bail, attorney fees, court cost, or what ever else they need just to see him get his ass beat.

  12. David eason should be jailed for all his threats and jenelle will wake up one day and look back on all his wrong doings and the mental abuse he has done to her and her children.He has issues and as long as nothing gets done he will eventually physically hurts someone.

  13. Imagine being so miserable about your own self that you troll your wife’s co workers IG accounts all the live long day? What an ass.

    1. Earth calling Mr. Eason, Mrs Eason and stepdad, hellooooo, when you have raised your boy better than this, it is time remind him of that. Get him help.

  14. No way David wrote that. It was too “intelligent” sounding.

    Was it Juhnelle? Did they hire a trailertrash ghost writer to come to The Land?

    1. She did after she wrote the comment. Then deleted it lol. I mean when someone is an ass to me, I’m going to say what I have to say.. give them a good 30- an hour to make sure they read it & then delete, block. Well actually I never delete & I’m sure Leah knew he would see it so she didn’t wait very long to delete & block.

    1. SwallowNextTime – your name made me laugh out loud! So applies to this group of baby makers ?

        1. Insomnia and reading your comment, I’ll never get back to sleep lol.
          Love your name btw!!!! ??

  15. David quit stalking people on the internet. Met Jeremy somewhere and let’s see who’s the bigger man. How about Nathan? Corey? Cory? Javi? All talk and no action.

  16. The crackheads from The Land have no room to speak regarding drugs and their childrens’ safety!!!! Hypocrites!!

  17. He is delusional.

    Aside from anything that leah has or hasn’t done, how the f*ck can he feel justified in saying things like that when him and jenelle are the worst parents to ever grace this planet. Jesus christ alive.

  18. He just tries to bring whoever he can down in an attempt to stay relevant, like anyone cares what he has to say. Leah is way above his league of creepiness, and I’m happy Jeremy put him in his place before. This guy just needs to fade out of social media completely!

  19. I wonder what this emasculated sasquatch’s family thinks of his behavior. Such a big bag hillbilly online whose only hobby is living off his sludge-bucket wife (whose claim to fame is due to her uterus) hoarding children on The Land and scanning social media accounts of z-list reality tv participants. If ever there was a “man” in need of emotional Viagra it’s this piece of garbage. Also, did his beard get a weave?

    1. Wow, it’s been a long time since I laughed out loud at a comment on the internet. This was epic. Thank you 🙂

      1. Thanks, he’s just such an insufferable excuse for excrement it helps one come up creative ways to describe his depravity. I just imagine him waking up mid-afternoon, drinking a cup of hater-ade, ordering whoever happens to be around to fix him up some vittles and eagerly scouring the web for his name all day and night. Hopefully Maryssa is carefully digging an escape tunnel hidden underneath a rug or something after he a Jenelle pass out at night.

  20. Um, who was it that pulled a gun on some random driver during a road rage incident, and followed the guy to his house? All while their child was sitting in the front seat? You know what they say about people in glass houses…

    1. He has one remember? Jenelle bought him the scrape the crap off bottom of boats business.
      Guess it’s up there with her eye brow kit and make up line, and t shirt business.
      They all must be off the grid like her YouTube channel.

      1. Lest we forget that aside from all her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jenelle also graduated high school early has a medical degree and is in charge of homeschooling Maryssa. A very accomplished woman she is.

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