Answers to Your Questions Regarding Jenelle Evans’ “Appearance” on Monday’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode

Jenelle’s “I’m Not Hungover” sweatshirt is a nice touch…

Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 caused an uproar on social media, due to the announcement that the show’s crews would no longer be filming Jenelle in her home state of North Carolina, due to David texting them and promising to “show up during any upcoming Jenelle shoots and force production to shut down.” 

This caused a lot of the show’s fans to reach out to The Ashley via social media with questions.

The Ashley has gathered up a list of the questions she was asked most-frequently since the episode aired, to give ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans some answers!

Q: Did David really text the show’s producers and threaten to ruin every shoot?

YES! In fact, The Ashley told you guys this had happened back in February and Jenelle actually responded to the story via social media, stating that The Ashley was lying and that David never contacts the show’s producers because he “doesn’t care enough.” 

Obviously, this was not the case. 

Over the past few episodes, Jenelle has only been filmed in another state or via FaceTime phone calls. (There was one episode that she was not featured in at all and, from what The Ashley hears, there may be one more 9A episode that she does not appear in.)

This message ran during Monday’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode…

This is not the only time David has purposely messed up shoots. In an effort to annoy the producers and make his presence known while Jenelle was on-set filming the most-recent reunion, David constantly texted Jenelle in hopes of distracting her from filming. (He denied this as well but, The Ashley assures you it happened!) 

Q: Did Jenelle get paid for Monday’s episode?

Jenelle did indeed get paid for “appearing” on Monday night’s episode. As The Ashley stated in a previous post, cast members are paid their episodic pay rate if they are featured on the episode in at least one of the following ways: in-person (via a regular shoot); their voice on a phone call that was made specifically for the show; or via FaceTime (as Jenelle was on Monday’s episode). 

A cast member is not paid for text messages. If a cast member’s text messages to, say, a producer or baby daddy are shown, but the cast member does not appear, they will not be paid.

If the cast member does not appear at all, they will not be paid their episodic rate and, therefore, their season’s “paycheck” will be less. Jenelle’s check is already smaller than it should be, due to the episode she was excluded from this season because there simply wasn’t enough footage to use to include her.

Did Jenelle end up filming in Kentucky? 

“Yeah….about that Kentucky shoot, guys…..”

Jenelle did not end up filming in Kentucky. As The Ashley told you back when it happened, Jenelle scheduled the trip to see her friend Jamie (who lives there), during her “breakup” with David back in February. A crew was scheduled to film Jenelle in Kentucky (which worked out great due to them not being able to film in North Carolina), but when Jenelle and David reconciled, she cancelled her trip— and her shoot!

This did not go over well with the show’s producers who were already scrambling to find acceptable places to film Jenelle. A crew had already been set up to film her in Kentucky by the time she cancelled it all.

Does MTV pay for Jenelle to travel to film, now that they can’t film her in North Carolina? 

YES! The Ashley’s sources have confirmed that, if MTV either sets up the trip with the sole purpose of filming, or if the girl agrees to allow the cameras to come on the trip, MTV will pick up the tab for hotel and airfare, if it’s needed. (With Jenelle, it’s almost always an Air BnB instead of a hotel, though. In recent years she has refused to stay in hotels.)

This means that MTV paid for the accommodations for Jenelle and Barbara’s trip to Atlanta, as well as Jenelle’s trip to Orlando to film with Briana DeJesus. However, if Jenelle (or any cast member, for that matter) chooses to do an activity while on the trip that is not filmed, they must pay for it on their own. If a dinner or activity is filmed, MTV will pick up the tab. 

MTV will not pay for the cast member’s drinks, though. Any alcohol is usually put on a separate tab so that the cast member can pay for it on their own. 

When you find out that MTV isn’t going to pay for your boxed wine…

Did Jenelle sign a contract for 9B?

Jenelle did not sign a contract to appear in Season 9B; however none of the girls did, as they only had to sign a Season 9 contract. MTV chose to extend Season 9 to include a “B” season, which the girls do not have to sign on for separately.

Why did they spend so much time on Jenelle’s online battle with Amber Portwood

This was stretched as far as it was because they literally had nothing else to fill Jenelle’s scenes with. Since this took place during a period of time that Jenelle had not filmed anything in over a month, the producers played this “battle” up so that they could include Jenelle in the episode. Otherwise, this would have been another episode in which Jenelle did not appear at all.

Why was Nathan randomly included in Monday’s episode?

Nathan and his girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt were shown on the episode having a very odd and forced conversation about Jenelle that seemed out of place. The Ashley can confirm that this is one of those scenes the producers had to “sneak” to film behind Jenelle’s back.

“I’m no fool! I’m getting my episodic pay, baby!”

As The Ashley told you previously, Jenelle specifically demanded that Nathan (and his girlfriend) not be filmed at all for the show anymore. 

“She has been trying to get [producers] to agree to stop filming with Nathan ever since he posted about Kaiser’s bruises,” the source told The Ashley in February. “They are still filming with Nathan, but now they have to do it behind Jenelle’s back or she will flip out and refuse to film again.”

Nathan’s scene was included, again, to keep Jenelle a part of each episode. 

Q: Has Jenelle been fired from ‘Teen Mom 2?’

The Ashley can confirm that, as of press time, Jenelle has not been fired from the show. 

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  1. WHY on earth do they keep accommodating this girl and her whack job husband?! This seems like far more money, time, and trouble than she’s worth. I’ll be so glad when teen mom is finally done with.

  2. MTV grow a pair and fire her ass. She’s not an entertaining train wreck anymore. It’s to the point where it makes me cringe watching her scenes.

    Ten example of why she needs to be fired:
    Feel free to add any I missed.

    1. NOTHING is ever her fault
    2. All David does is love and support her
    3. MTV is responsible for ruining relationship 785
    4. She “wants” Jace back. This decade old storyline is beyond old and tired.
    5. She’s entitled
    6. She pulled a gun on someone with her kid in the car while filming
    7. She’s abused her kids and animals
    8. She’s been in physical fights while filmed
    9. She is deceptive
    10. Is filming her worth the trouble?

  3. You know none of this is Jenelles fault. I blame MTV 100%
    She has been pulling this since 16 & pregnant.
    Im sure she has been acting like this since birth.
    Every year she gets worse & worse. Who could blame her.
    My husband doesnt call my job threatening people, because he knows i will lose my job (plus he is not insane). We all show up to work so we do t get fired, what are the repercussions for her? None

    She pushes the producers a little further every day & they let her get away with it.

    Not only do they let her do what she wants but they reward her for this poor behavior.since we cant film in your state we would like to pay for you to go on vacation.
    Well let me tell my husband to bust into my work so my boss has to pay me to go on vacation.

    I think all the girls should demand trips to Hawaii because they cant film in their state.

    MTV created this monster, they not only allow this behavior but reward it.

    David feels like, whats the worst that could happen? They get so annoyed they hire him back…or they fire her & she gets a fat check like Farrah did.

  4. Well i hope they dont fire her…it will give the wrong message & people will think that its unacceptable behavior.

    I mean every job allows the staff to run the show, so what if she costs them tens of thousands of dollars

  5. Ok, so I can have a free trip AND dinner, but I have to try and listen to Jenelle.. No deal!

    MTV, please fire her and donate her salary to planned parenthood or something!!

  6. Janelle is totally delusional. I feel sad for her because yet again she’s risking it all for some guy. I think she’s addicted to being in these toxic relationships.

    Side note: is it just me or does Nathan look douchier as each episode progresses?

  7. In other, more positive news, looks like David was denied visitation with Kaden yesterday. Olivia posted something about her son being safe and Jenelle posted about grudges and moms keeping kids from their fathers (pot meet kettle). Glad the judge saw David and Jenelle for what they are. I hope poor Kaiser gets the same good fortune.

    1. I hope we get a story on this cause that child always looked like being there scared the crap out of him. I’m glad his mom got control of that situation. On another note, does anyone find it crazy that they had to buy more chickens because her dog ate the chicks they had and then today she posts her letting all the chickens out on the land that wasn’t fenced? It’s like they didn’t learn.

  8. As this is the only source of income coming in to the skankySwamp.

    Better go get a job then lurking beard.

    (Better start making those boat bottoms shine like the top of the Chrysler building)

    Please ffs just fire her Ass

  9. I wish my employer would pay me for not showing up!
    She has no idea how privileged she is to be in this situation yet all she does is whinge about how unfair her life is. She’s got 3 beautiful children and more than enough money to support them. Yes her situation with David sucks but it’s also her decision to stay there and expose her children to him. Some women have no option but to stay with abusive partners but in my eyes she chooses to.

  10. MTV, if you’re reading this, FIRE JENELLE, I do not watch the show to see her! I fast forward her part and watch it to see Addie, Kail, Leah, Jeremy and Jo-Vee.

  11. @theashley, just out of curiosity was Amber paid for this episode even though it’s not her show?

    I know we all say time to cancel this mess but obviously we’re all gluttons for punishment and I would miss it (yes I’m ashamed to say that lol) but perhaps they should take the decent cast members from TM2 and OG combine them in one show & just name it mom’s or something then there’s no pretending this has anything to do with teen pregnancy anymore lord knows people love trashy reality shows

  12. I know this article is about Juhnelle, but I just watched Monday’s show and Jesus God Leah, is Leah that starved for affirmation that she constantly has to get her children to say they missed her or they love her or they love all her poor life choices?

    1. Right! Their silence to “ do y’all love Jason?” Wasn’t enough, she kept pushing , then she’s sure to tell them they are her baggage!

  13. Honestly though Jenelle makes the show with her drama…it’s really boring without it. Same with Farrah, her drama was “entertaining”, and Ryan’s. They keep kicking the entertainment off. The show has run its course…I only have it on as background noise now and if I pay a little bit of attention I still fast forward through Brianna.

  14. She really needs to be fired
    Her story is always the same crap different day and having to fill in just so she gets paid
    It’s not worth it
    All the other girls are interesting and should be filmed

  15. They need to part ways with Jenelle before something tragic happens. Jenelle always has always been filled with drama but not to the lastest extent, like following a stranger home and pulling a gun on him. It’s like David has her so brain washed that she lives to serve and protect him.
    The whole situation reminds me of Charles Manson, he got people confined to a compound on secluded land and poisoned theirs minds so much that they killed for him…cut your ties mtv

    1. I don’t think she has anything on them, I think it’s more that MTV wanted to be there with cameras rolling when David and/or Jenelle completely lose their shit and all he’ll breaks loose on the land.

      1. Sadly that’s probably the exact reason they put up with her and his antics. I was hopeful maybe it was to make sure she and her children don’t get hurt or killed if there were cameras present, but now I’m thinking they’re specifically sticking around to see this play out.

  16. Why you can’t just fire Jenelle and David Completely because u see there trouble a lot and a waist of time.

  17. Why haven’t they fired her yet?
    MTV…. DO us all a favor and get rid of Janelle. She doesn’t deserve the money or attention.
    She’s so much drama, pretty sure my blood pressure just goes up when I watch her segments.

  18. So, let me get this straight MTV, Farrah was ‘fired’ for being difficult to work with and for returning to the adult entertainment industry. Yet, Jenelle continues to keep her job even though she is making it difficult for them to film. Not only that, her husband keeps harassing her co-stars and the cast and crew are scared of him. So much so, they have to keep Jenelle and him in a separate state.

    I’m in no way a Farrah fan because she really is a vile person but, no one had to fear for their lives around her.

    1. Yeah maybe, but even so MTV is not responsible for her for the rest of her life. She needs to go and lay in the bed she made. She’s a grown woman and needs to finally be left alone to own up to all the consequences of her actions for once in her goddamn life.

    2. Farrah wasn’t fired. They just told her she couldn’t do both types of work, which was in her contract that she had agreed to. So she chose to leave and continue her sex work.

      Jenelle is making things a nightmare for them, but I don’t think she’s breaking anything in her contract.

  19. They can’t fire her, they know that without anyone having contact and access with janelle she will end up DEAD. She has her flaws but no women deserves to be murdered by a coward who grooms women in vulnerable situations. He will hopefully break the law again and end up with 1001 bullets in him from 5 cops.

    1. It’s not MTV’s job to babysit Jenelle so that nothing happens to her. They aren’t even allowed to film her in NC anymore and David could easily hurt her or her kids at anytime whether MTV is around or not. I have no sympathy for Jenelle. She’s complicit in the abuse of her child so she deserves what she gets at this point.

    2. Jenelle is NOT “in a vulnerable position”. She perpetuates domestic violence herself, she is as much of a “victim” as she is a violent offender. She has every resource in the world to leave, few, if any, actual domestic violence victims do. Does she deserve to die at his, or anyone’s hands? No, she does not. But let’s not pull the victim card here when she very much is NOT one in this case. She is as violent and disturbed as he is. She is abusive to her children and literally everyone around her. So stop with this “let’s defend her” shit already, okay? It’s pathetic at best, and it will not help actual domestic violence victims in the least, in fact, it puts them all in the position of not being believed when shit happens, because idiots like you defend people like Jenelle. He is not “grooming” her, clearly you don’t actually know what that word means or how it is properly used. She has been this way her entire life.

      1. He did in fact groom her,from prison and kept up the good guy act for long enough to fool her. I’m not excusing her behaviour towards her kids, her mother etc. But let’s not forget that she was raised in a abusive household. Unfortunately the cycle is continued in these situations. You can get your point across without name calling.

        1. You cannot “groom someone who was already acting this way, already presenting with these behaviors, and has her entire life. You, clearly, don’t know what the term grooming actually means, you’re not doing your opinion any favors here when you insist that you do. You are very much excusing away *all of her behavior when you say that he made her this way by grooming her. I’m not dismissing the fact that she didn’t grow up in the most stable household, she definitely did not, that is certain. But David didn’t turn her into this, he didn’t groom her, at all. If you’d use terms in the proper way, people might not think you’re an idiot. You literally put all of her behavior on him in your comment, lmao.

  20. I wonder if they’re trying to fire her. Usually the Ashley comments that she hasn’t been fired and probably won’t be but this time she said “as of press time she has not been fired.”

  21. Seems like more trouble than it’s worth to film her- wish they’d just replace her or cut her out already.

    1. Right? Sometimes you need to give people what they ask for to teach them a lesson. “OH, you don’t want to film? Fine, contract terminated, here’s your parting money and don’t blow it all on drugs!”

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