’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Lip Injections, Loans from Dad & Leaving the Country

Tell us what you like best about Colt, Larissa…

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Larissa and Colt inject some more dysfunction into their relationship, Elizabeth and Andrei settle into yet another funded-by-Chuck home, Nicole shows us that she likely failed the word association section of her SATs, Paola patches things up with Russ‘ mom, Ashley leaves Jay at home without any supervision and Pedro says goodbye to The Wife Chantel and travels to The Home Dominican Republic. 

First we check in with Larissa and Colt who are on a date night without Colt’s mom. With Larissa’s court case having been dismissed, Colt(ee) decides to celebrate their good fortune at a restaurant that doesn’t serve its condiments in plastic packets.

“No need to cut out that Sizzler coupon tonight, baby! We’re going fancy!”

The (moderately) happy couple decide to talk about their relationship in order to move forward and, you know, maybe not have to get the cops involved again. 

Larissa and Colt decide to literally reintroduce themselves to each other over dinner and naturally, Larissa demands that Colt also kiss her hand. (And…yes, this was just as creepy as it sounds.)

Colt goes on to ask Larissa how she feels about his mother and Larissa says she’s not out “to destroy Debbie” but that she wants her to mind her own business and maybe enjoy a few solo margarita nights here and there. For the sake of not getting a bread basket thrown at his head, Colt agrees, though he reminds Larissa that she still has to respect Debbie. 

“Wow…your hands are so much softer than Mother’s!”

Because Colt’s insistence to talk about his mom wasn’t bad enough, Larissa pulls a “hold my beer” moment and tells Colt that he needs to be willing to share his money with her because she wants a $3,000 Chanel bag. 

“I just want to money. Money, money, money, money,” she tells him. 

And, I mean, who doesn’t want “to money.” Am I right?

Larissa says that she gets upset when she “ask money for buy stuff” Colt refuses to give it to her. Colt says he will “move heaven and earth” to make Larissa happy…but he ain’t moving $3,000 out of his bank account to give to her to buy a purse…that we all know she will eventually use to hit him with.

Colt says they need to come up with a monthly allowance, which Larissa suggests he set at $1,000. Colt turns down that suggestion, so Larissa counters with $300. (We finally found something Larissa is worse at than being a wife: negotiating!)

“Wait! Are you saying you’re not in this relationship for love?!”

Colt ultimately sets the budget at $200 and because Larissa is as bad at math, she is satisfied. She resigns herself to trolling for knockoff Chanel bags at the Vegas swapmeet, at least for the near future.

Next we check in with Elizabeth and Andrei who, as you may recall, have decided to move out of the house being paid for by Elizabeth’s dad, despite only having one income and a baby on the way. Elizabeth visits her sister Jenn to vent about the disaster she’s gotten herself into. After hearing Elizabeth’s side of the story, Jenn declares that she’s #TeamDad and tells Elizabeth that Andrei is being irrational for wanting to give up his free lodging situation just to prove a point. 

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask dad to carry your baby for you, too.”

Jenn (who happens to be wearing an extremely appropriate shirt that reads “Over It”) reminds Elizabeth that moving into a new place requires a hefty deposit, which neither she nor her hot-headed husband have. Jenn asks if Elizabeth is going to go to dear old dad for some financial assistance (yet again) and Elizabeth says it’s her only option, but she can’t let Andrei know about it.

What could go wrong?! 

“It’s a foolproof plan! It’s not like this is going to end up on national TV or anything…oh, wait…”

And speaking of things likely to go wrong… next we check in with Nicole who is getting hyped about her upcoming trip to Grenada with Azan. Nicole meets up with her friend Jessica for drinks because she says unlike her family, Jessica is supportive of her Azan-wrangling aspirations. (Something tells me ol’ Jessica has aspirations of her own, one of which is getting her mug on a reality TV show.)

Nicole fills Jessica in on the wedding that wasn’t and even Jessica the optimist can see the red flags. She eventually asks Nicole about Azan talking to other girls during he and Nicole’s relationship, which Nicole is then forced to elaborate on.

After being treated to the clip featuring Azan’s incriminating voicemail, Nicole tells Jessica that she and Azan have moved past the incident. Jessica asks Nicole if there was any infidelity that occurred and we soon realize that Nicole doesn’t fully understand what that means, as she says it wasn’t infidelity, it was cheating 

“Nicole, girl, seriously that hair bleach must be slowly soaking into your brain.”

Over in Georgia, Pedro is packing for his trip. Chantel asks Pedro when he plans to come home from the Dominican Republic and Pedro basically tells her his trip is open-ended. Chantel is convinced that Pedro’s family wants him to send enough harvested American dollars for them to open up their business in the Dominican Republic and then have him divorce Chantel and come back home.

The two of them argue about whose family talks the most trash and eventually Chantel gets frustrated and leaves the room. (Pedro’s cheeks probably clench up any time a member of The Family Chantel leaves the room angry, as he’s afraid they’ll return with Shocky, their trusty taser gun!) 

Pedro says Chantel should be sweet to him because he’s about to go on vacation. Chantel obviously disagrees.

When you piss off The Wife Chantel and have to be The Solo Luggage Packer Pedro.

Meanwhile, over in Oklahoma, it’s the day after Paola’s drizzle of a shower so Russ stops by his parents’ house (at the request of Paola) to remind them that Paola thinks they need to step up their welcome wagon game. Patty is surprised to hear this news, especially considering the fact that she threw Paola a baby shower less than 24 hours prior that Paola herself was almost too busy to attend. 

Russ tells his parents that Paola has felt judged since first meeting his family, mainly for her choice in clothing (or lack there of). Russ’ dad Ron admits he thinks Paolo and Russ were too quick to tie the knot and that both he and Patty have questioned the relationship at times. Russ thinks Paola needs an opportunity to discuss her feelings with his parents and Patty and Ron agree.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is still going along with Andrei’s grand idea to move out of the free home in which they’ve been living. With Andrei still unemployed, Elizabeth doesn’t know how she can afford to foot the bill for this spiteful move, so of course, she turns to Chuck for financial assistance. 

“Hey Siri, call Daddy WarChucks.”

“Honestly, we don’t feel comfortable anymore and we just feel like you’re holding it over our head,” she tells Chuck—-the person she’s expecting to mooch off of once again. 

Chuck says Andrei failed to do work on the house like he had agreed to, leaving Chuck with an empty, unfinished home (and at this rate, a soon-to-be empty wallet, too).

Elizabeth admits that it was nice of Chuck to “help out” (um?), but she maintains that living in a house that Chuck doesn’t own, but merely pays for, is the better option. Elizabeth tells Chuck that she and Andrei have found an apartment and they have to have his help, but Andrei can’t find out the identity of this mysterious life-sponsor. 

“I’ll just tell him that, in the United States, we have little fairies who come and put rent money under your pillow when your life is really pathetic.”

“If you don’t have enough money to move out of the place you’re living for free, then how are you going to pay the rent?” Chuck asks, while reminding Elizabeth that “hope doesn’t pay the rent.”

Luckily for Elizabeth, Chuck does, and he agrees to be the silent backer of this horrible plan. 

Back at the house, Andrei and Elizabeth load up their (or possibly Chuck’s) truck and hit the road. Andrei reminds Elizabeth that they’re leaving this cushy living situation because of Chuck’s selfishness. (Um?) Meanwhile, Andrei still thinks the move is happening because of the extra work Elizabeth has put in lately. She’s certainly been working her father, so Andrei’s technically not wrong. 

Next we check in with Ashley and Jay, who are still fighting constantly. They decide to hit the gym (which is, of course, better than hitting each other…you hear that, Larissa and Colt?) 

While getting their fitness on (to look good for whatever loser they end up dating after this catastrophe of a marriage blows up…which we all know is coming),  Ashley tells Jay she’s planning to go to New York City with some friends. Jay doesn’t think it’s fair that Ashley gets to go on trips, while his biggest outings is going to and from the barber shop.

“Tinder works in New York City, though, right? Asking for a friend…”

Jay asks if this means he gets to take a guys trip, but Ashley quickly shoots down that idea. 

“That s**t isn’t happening, sorry,” she tells him, explaining that she knows how to act right and he doesn’t. Jay says if Ashley is going to continue doing things to spite him—and not filing the paperwork he needs to be eligible for work—she might as well just send him back to Jamaica. 

Over in Las Vegas, Larissa decides that since Colt won’t throw down the cash to get her a Chanel bag, she’s going to explore another outlet in which to spend his money, so the two of them head to a plastic surgeon’s office. Larissa says she wants to look like a Hollywood star and in order to do so, she needs to plump her lips.

“Hey Doc…you don’t happen to have any injections that could make Larissa look like, say, a 65 year-old woman who likes cats, do you?”

Larissa doesn’t know if lip injections are within her $200 monthly budget (spoiler alert: they’re not), but she says Colt should pay for them regardless, especially if he wants to continue having sex with her. Nothing like some good old fashioned blackmail to put the spark back into your failing marriage! 

Colt tells Larissa she’s perfect the way she is and that he loves her, so naturally she tries to convince him to go along with her plan by promising him more blow jobs. (And…yes, this scene was as awkward to watch as it sounds…)

Despite this incentive, Colt is still hesitant, though he ultimately agrees to fork over the $475 for the procedure. 

In all fairness, she was encouraged to find a job…

Larissa says Colt should be happy to do this for her because he “has a hungry sexual drive” and her enhanced lips will make her feel sexier. Colt tells Larissa she sounds like a prostitute, which Larissa fails to recognize is an insult. 

“The wife are the most expensive prostitutes ever, darling,” she tells him. 

I think that’s nice… Perhaps Mother Debbie can crochet that onto a pillow for the happy couple’s bedroom?

Ladies and gentlemen: the mental image that will outlive both this marriage and this entire series…

Larissa gets her lip injections and is pleased with the results (as is Colt) …so much in fact, that she’s already planning for fillers and Botox in the future. 

Back in Oklahoma, Paola arrives at Russ’ parents’ house to talk with Patty. Paola says coming to America was difficult because of the different ways in which people speak, dress and opt not to paint their naked bodies. 

Paola also tells Patty that she felt like the family assumed she was only with Russ to get a Green Card, which Patty admits did (or possibly still does) cross their minds. Patty thinks that because Paola is getting to know the family more, moving back to Oklahoma would allow their relationship to continue growing, but Paola (still unaware of Russ’ job offer) isn’t convinced. Despite this, Patty and Paola give themselves some kudos for finally having a breakthrough and end their conversation with a hug. 

“Thanks for showing up on time today… and also for wearing clothes.”

Meanwhile, Andrei and Elizabeth have settled into their new place and Andrei says he’s glad to no longer be indebted to Chuck. (HA!) To help pay for this mysteriously already-being-paid-for apartment, Andrei has been doing random trucking jobs, though nothing has been consistent so he’s looking for a more permanent opportunity. 

Dressed in his interview best—- shorts and a polo shirt—- Andrei interviews with a trucking company, but unfortunately is told that he doesn’t have enough experience at the moment to be a full-time driver. On top of that, the employer’s part-time on-call position is offering Andrei half of what he expected, so he tells the recruiter that he needs to talk things over with his wife. 

“Thank the Goodness for those American rent fairies, right, Elizabeth?”

Later, Elizabeth and Andrei hit up a thrift store to shop for baby products, where Andrei doesn’t hide the fact that he’s unhappy to to have to buy used items, such as shoes that have been previously filled with “dirty feet,” according to him. Elizabeth says Andrei needs to realize they aren’t rolling in cash (other than her father’s) and they have to live within their Chuck’s means.

Elizabeth asks Andrei how his interview went and he tells her he doesn’t want to do trucking anymore. Elizabeth starts to panic and says Andrei isn’t being very realistic. Andrei accuses Elizabeth of not being supportive of his decision to sit at home so he tries to relieve her worries by sharing his plan to be a handyman.

Nice attempt at getting cast on a second reality TV show, Andrei.

 Elizabeth thinks this career route is a bad move considering they Chuck already paid for Andrei to go to trucking school.

Meanwhile, it’s the morning of Pedro’s flight to the Dominican Republic and Chantel is driving him to the airport in the rain. During the drive, Chantel tells Pedro she loves him, and apologizes to him for their argument the previous day. Pedro offers little feedback, other than telling Chantel he doesn’t understand her side of things and reassuring her that she won’t be alone while he’s gone because she has the cat to hang out with.

(Has Pedro been spending time with Mother Debbie or something?)

After a cold goodbye, Pedro hops out of the car and heads inside. 

When you’re staring down the barrel of countless nights alone with just a cat to snuggle/argue with…

We check back in with Ashley and her friends, who have just arrived in New York City. Ashley gives herself a black eye with a champagne cork gone awry (as you do) but they still hit the town to drink obnoxious cocktails and talk about how horrible Ashley’s husband/life.

Ashley tells her friends that Jay hasn’t been answering any of her texts, though she doesn’t think he’ll do anything stupid.

“Cheers to Ashley and her terrible decisions, without which this TLC-funded trip wouldn’t be possible!”

She also tells her friends that she actually spoke to the dating app girl that Jay “tried to become friends with” and reveals that the girl is a senior in high school.


Ashley passes around a photo of the girl to her friends and notes that the high school student is “much larger” in size (along with being 14 years younger) than her. Ashley tells her friends that she still has questions about what went down between her much-younger husband and his even younger side piece, so she decides the group should make a call to the high school student to find out. (Hopefully the girl isn’t out shopping for a prom dress or something.)

“I bet she doesn’t even have a high GPA.”

Ashley dials the phone number but it goes to voicemail. Ashley leaves a message asking the girl to call her back and then returns to venting to her friends about her hot mess marriage. 

We check back in with Pedro one last time before this episode ends. He’s just arrived in the Dominican Republic and is ecstatic to be back in the presence of people who don’t want to berate him and/or shock him with a taser. The Mother Pedro and The Sister Pedro welcome him with home before getting a drink and talking about The Wife/Family Chantel. 

When you’re finally able to speak without the fear of your mother-in-law pulling out Shocky the taser…

Pedro says since the big table-kicking, brother-biting fight, he and Chantel haven’t been getting along because Chantel continues to side with her family, whom Pedro’s mom says are bougie. Pedro says although he still loves Chantel, he doesn’t know if he can continue living with all of the arguing.

Pedro’s mom tells him he’s young and doesn’t have to be tied down if he doesn’t want to be. Pedro’s family assure him they’ll support whatever decision he makes as long as he’s happy… and as long as that decision is the one they want him to make. 

Our final thoughts on this episode….and basically every episode of this show…

That’s it for this episode! 

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(Photos: TLC) 

15 Responses

  1. Colt, STAY AWAY FROM HER! Your mother is right and your attorney even told you to avoid her. Do NOT mess up. And for heaven’s sake, CLOSE YOUR WALLET. She is just a prostitute, has already been to bed with another man, and only sends you kissy-kissy messages when she wants to use you and take money from you. WISE UP. SHE NEEDS TO BE DEPORTED. We don’t want that trash in America. She used you to get into this country.

  2. Elizabeth and Andrei …..AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH! …. WORST couple EVER! LOSERS! She looks like she’s constantly sucking lemons ! He walks around like something from the caveman days !

  3. You know, at first I felt sorry for Nicole’s parents because there’s no way that people that seem rationale and of average intelligence could raise such a dolt. But then it hit me – Nicole might be a nugget short of a 6 piece, but she’s also naive as hell. The only people I’ve ever seen that are that naive are people that are spoiled and sheltered, which clearly she is (she and Elizabeth would get along great because they both know the art of living on their parents’ dime, if you get my drift…) So I blame the parents. Her stepfather seems to know what’s what. Nicole is so delusional, so naive, so blind – I’m beyond feeling bad for her because EVERYBODY tells her exactly what’s going on and what does she do about it? She video chats from the produce section of Whole Foods to show that’s she’s eating “healthy” (because clearly the batter and ranch dressing she’s gonna douse those veggies with weren’t in the shot).

    [Yes, I know that I’ll be spending eternity in a very hot place. I figure I’m doing a public service because I’m just saying what a lot of people are saying so I’m saving them a toasty afterlife.]

  4. Ashley’s lying is disturbing. She doesn’t want to be honest with Andrei because it will make him angry. But doesn’t the fact that Andrei isn’t working and that he must think money grows on trees negate the reason for lying to him? He must realize that they simply do not have enough money for the two of them to live on and now they are having a baby. Does he expect the baby to go out and earn her own money for food and clothes? But worse than that is the mess with Nicole and Azun. Now she says there was never $6000 and that there never was a beauty shop in Morocco. I don’t believe that there was never $6000, I think Nicole gave the money to Azun and he spent it. Now there is no money for a wedding and no money for the Visa. So instead, she will go to Grenada to do what? Hold hands? It seems like Azun is not interested in Nicole and she is chasing him. I really feel sorry for he little girl. I hope she doesn’t get caught up in her Mom’s mess.

  5. Larissa (falepalm). As evidenced from the show, she is not smart and her get rich/stay in America scheme was a failure from the get go. Colt is a creep but at least he had good sense not to fall for all of her mess.

  6. What does Elizabeth do for a living? She gets accepted into the apartment, she has to show proof of income. How could she not be able to afford rent?

  7. I really, really have an issue with a grown ass woman and mother body shaming somebody’s teenage daughter on national television. I don’t even care if she’s 18. She’s a child. And on top of that…contacting her. THAT’S A KID AND YOU’RE A GROWN WOMAN. I know their storyline is based around their relationship so of course they’re going to spend the majority of their time on air talking about it, but this is getting ridiculous because Ashley is ridiculous. I agree with Jay. If you’re done, be done and let him go home but essentially holding him hostage and sucking every ounce of drama you can out of a situation is honestly just…gross. She clearly feeds off of drama. She’s living for this and loving it and I’m honestly starting to feel bad for him. In all reality he’s a kid, too. She’s pretty but her personality makes her very ugly.

    1. While I honestly don’t like to even acknowledge Ashley’s fake attention seeking a$$, you better believe if some 30 something was contacting my 18 y/o bc her *husband* was talking to my high schooler… all Hell would break lose. Ashley feeds off the drama, and playing victim. Homegirl has tons of issues that are not addressed on the show and she may have legitimately gone threw trauma, but she brings the drama to everyone and every little thing in her life. Faking the original divorce? Faking dying/severe illness and the GoFundMe? Talking shit to Nicole knowing damn well her actual husband she was dumb enough to marry is talking and/or cheating on her… Then doesn’t file any paperwork bc she wants to *punish* him and act the victim because he’s on an app. He’s a damn kid himself, Ashley was dickmatized, had several weddings, did the whole 90 Day thing, and then gets upset/blames everyone else over her poor decisions. You have kids lady… get your shit straight. She THRIVES on attention and is total trash.

    2. In all honesty, yes I would be mad at a grown woman contacting my daughter but I would also be mad at my daughter for putting herself in that situation. What the hell is a 17/18 HIGH SCHOOL student doing on a dating app, trying to meet an older man?? Sounds like a terrible situation all around.

  8. Ok, I just have some questions. I don’t have cable now so I’m not able to catch the show. I’m missing Pedro!

    How did Elizabeth really expect to get away with that big of a lie? Can Andrei not work because of visa status, or he is just lazy about finding a job? Is this just a fake storyline and they make enough from the reality show to live on?

    What in the world is that fabric-covered binder in the picture of Pao and the Mother Russ?

    1. I feel Andrei is too picky. He is very prideful and doesn’t want to take a job that’s beneath him. Or if he is rejected once to just abandon that whole branch of work to not get rejected again. Just my thoughts about him.

      He would have had a hard time living with me if I was his wife, I can tell you that much.

    2. Elizabeth told Andrrrreei athat she got a bonus at work. Andrei was delusional and thought that, in America, you could get a high paying job with no experience. He went to trucking school, but was amazed that they would just put him “on call” until he had 6 months of experience. When he already has 3. That just made him to decide to throw away trucking and become a handyman since he did such a wonderful job repairing the house Libby’s dad gave them (insert sarcasm voice).

      Pao and Mother Russ were looking at Russ’ baby pictures. That was the album.

      It was SO nice seeing Pedro actually smile. I am no fan of The Family Pedro (OR the Family Chantal), but his mother was dead on when she talked about how Family Chantel puts on airs and are complete snobs for no good reason. Team Pedro!

  9. Last time I defended Chuck, now I’m firmly on the side of he needs to show some tough love to his dumb daughter. It’s one thing to allow them in your home/property for *free*, but to pay for them to move somewhere else that you KNOW they are not going to be able to pay rent for is… dumb. Not to mention if they can’t pay and get evicted it will be THAT much harder for them to move somewhere else and affect thier credit. I honestly don’t even know how they got approved when they cannot show constant income, most apartments require you to make double or 3xs a month from what the rent is. And Chuck paid for him to go to trucking school?! Did Andrei actually pass? Why is it that hard to find a job? Unless he’s just being picky about the money, which SOMETHING is better than NOTHING you idiot. I swear I feel an aneurysm coming on from thier stupidity and lack of appreciation. Ugh!

    1. I agree, Ash, this whole storyline raises too many questions. Chuck seemed like an intelligent adult before, why would he go along with this now? He’s tried to help them all this time, now he’s just going to give up and let them fall on their faces? Or, he’s going to keep paying rent and they just think Andrei will believe in rent fairies??

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