“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Meddling Mother-In-Laws, a Mad Moldovan & a Moroccan Whistle-Blower

Me at the beginning of this episode vs. me at the end of it.

Pour yourself a margarita à la Mother Debbie —minus the cat hair (we hope)—and relax on a comfortable couch paid for by your father-in-law, because it’s time for another episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 

First up on this week’s episode is a check-in with Colt and Larissa in the wake of yet another disagreement between Larissa and Colt’s mom, Debbie. After refusing to move her beloved slot machine to the garage, Debbie is once again on Larissa’s s**t list, right after modest clothing, thin lips, pumpkin carving and having sex with Colt(ee). 

“Debbie is going down… something I refuse to do…but honestly, can you blame me?”

Colt says Mother Debbie doesn’t like Larissa touching things that belong to her (such as Colt). Larissa says she’s done being roomies with Debbie and maintains that the slot machine is being relocated whether Debbie likes it or not!

Larissa says Colt’s refusal to pick sides (or rather her side) makes him a “pu**y” (and not the kind Mother Debbie feeds cans of Friskies to!) Larissa says she plans to have a shirt made so everyone will know it.

I think it’s nice when wives hand-make stuff for their husbands…

She also says Colt lied to her before they got married by failing to mention that he planned to shack up with his mom permanently. (It’s probably safe to assume he left out the part about the cats and their standing mother/son margarita date nights, too.)

“I told you about the margarita nights, I just left out the part about you not being invited to them.”

Down in the Dominican Republic, The Husband Pedro is dealing with the fallout from announcing to his family the impending arrival of The Wife Chantel. With Chantel flying in the next day, Pedro treats himself to a final night out with friends, including the girl he got his bump ‘n’ grind on with during his last night on the town. 

Pedro tells his friends that Chantel is coming to the Dominican Republic even though he doesn’t want her there and they tell him he’s like a dog on a short leash.

Yes you do, and her plan lands in 12 hours…

Pedro’s sister Nicole believes Chantel is only coming to create drama in the family. (As we all know, The Family Pedro creates quite enough drama on their own, though.)

One of Pedro’s friends wants to know what kind of moves he’s been using in the bedroom to make Chantel so crazy. Pedro demonstrates his Moves de la Sex….an act that will continue to induce nightmares for us for years to come…

“Maybe people will start throwing harvested American dollars at me when they see this…”

Next we check in with Andrei, the aspiring handy man, and his “pregnancy terrorist” of a wife, Elizabeth. Since admitting to Andrei that she’s been getting money from her dad to live on, Elizabeth has guilted Andrei into meeting up with Chuck to “make things straight.” 

Chuck hopes that Andrei will finally reveal his big plans to become financially independent, but Andrei isn’t interested in talking about anything that involves him working— or his lack of working. Andrei says he no longer wants to “do trucking” and that upsets Chuck (since he, of course, footed the bill for Andrei’s trucking school).

Andrei says it’s Chuck’s business as a dad to care about his daughter’s life, but it’s not his business to “get directly involved” in it, unless by “directly involved” he means “directly deposited” into he and Elizabeth’s bank account, of course. 

Explanation? No. Roughly $20,000? Yes.

Chuck tells Andrei he’s open to giving him a job, just as he has given one to Elizabeth. Andrei says he doesn’t want to do it because he thinks Chuck will hold it over his head and for some reason, Chuck credits Andrei’s ungrateful behavior to him being prideful. Andrei ultimately tells Chuck he doesn’t want to work for him and Chuck assures him he doesn’t need him working for his company anyway.

Chuck says Andrei doesn’t grasp the concept of finding and keeping a job in America and he’s concerned about the well-being of his daughter and grandchild. As he heads out of Chuck’s office, Andrei tells Chuck he doesn’t want to take any more of his time, though he conveniently leaves out any mention of not taking any more of his money. 

This kind of looks like a photo taken mid-robbery. I mean…it actually kind of is…

Down in Miami, the show’s other pregnant couple, Paola and Russ, are nearing their due date so they decide to check out a birthing center. The midwife (who looks like she hasn’t been hosed off in a week) kicks off the tour by telling the couple how many babies have already been popped out in the center’s birthing bathtub. (She also probably sleeps in there, but she doesn’t mention that to Pao and Russ.)

The midwife goes on to assure the couple that she’s had seven free-spirited babies of her own and that there’s nothing to this whole natural birthing thing. 

“And here’s where we’ll throw down a moderately-stained birthing tarp and a few floor pillows. It’s not much, but at least it’s not Oklahoma, right?”

Russ seems doubtful (and, at times, downright scared) of being in the birthing center. He says he’d prefer to go to a hospital and have a doctor present for the birth. He’s probably nervous that, should he agree to have his child born in this hippie dippie birthing center, he may find his wife shooting out his spawn in a dirty bathtub…and, hell, the midwife may even hop in there with her! 

“There’s plenty of room, just sayin’! And we all KNOW I could probably use a bath!”

Over in Pennsylvania, Ashley has decided to forgive Jay for his Tinder snafu. The couple decides to host Christmas because nothing says “everything is fine” like some good old-fashioned forced holiday merriment. Jay’s sister Poochie (yaaaas!) is among the family coming into town so Ashley and Jay head to the airport to pick her up, along with Jay’s brother and niece. 

Once they arrive back at the house, Jay proudly shows off his (aka Ashley’s) house, including his dishwasher (also Ashley’s). During the tour, Poochie asks Jay how things are going with him and Ashley and checks to make sure Jay is done with all “his foolishness.” (See? Ol’ Poochie knows what’s up!)

Jay assures Poochie that he’s a changed man, but his quick segue into the green card conversation has us thinking he’s already begun scoping out the local high school’s social event calendar. 

Next we check in with Nicole, who is sporting a fresh new ‘do in the wake of being stood up by her fiancé before vacation… yet again.  

“You like my hair? Gee thanks, just (got a partial refund from my canceled Grenada trip and) bought it!”

In order to not wear out her (probably already worn out) welcome at her brother and sister’s house, Nicole and her daughter May head to her mom’s house to stay for a few weeks.

(Soooo….are Nicole and her daughter just basically vagabonds, moving from house to house, trashing whatever room they’re allowed to use and then moving on? I wonder how many family members’ walls she’s written “Nicole + Azan 4-Eva” on?)

Nicole tells her mom Robbalee that she’s only staying with her until she heads to Morocco to get married and Robbalee doesn’t hold back, telling Nicole that she remains skeptical of her life plan.

“Am I on one of them prankin’ shows?”

Nicole’s stepdad Joe arrives home and announces his prediction that Nicole will be back from Morocco in six weeks, still unmarried. Joe says Azan has no intention of marrying Nicole—and he has proof!

That’s right, y’all! Joe has come with receipts!

We’re then shown a screenshot of an email Joe received from someone in Morocco, exposing Azan’s plan to take advantage of Nicole. 

Joe’s email from the mysterious Moroccan man…

Per usual, Nicole goes into defense mode and refuses to believe Azan’s intentions are anything but pure. 

Yeah they’re pure all right… about as pure as Nicole’s new hair color… 

It’s time for The Wife Chantel (armed with a ton of luggage and possibly Shocky the Stun Gun) to head to the Dominican Republic. Much to our surprise, Pedro is at the airport waiting for Chantel’s plane to land—with flowers and a balloon to boot. 

“Pedro excited you come. See how excited Pedro is? Pedro bought balloon that say ‘Please go home!'”

When leaving the airport, Chantel tells Pedro they better be heading to a resort and not to his mom’s house. Chantel seems to have no idea that The Family Pedro banned her from their home. Pedro confirms that they are going to a resort and then proceeds to tell Chantel that he’s had the best week of his life. 

Once Chantel settles in at the resort, Pedro tells her she needs to come by his mom’s house to say hello, even though his family can’t stand her. 

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is meeting up with her sisters to set up the registry for her upcoming baby shower. Soon after she arrives, the conversation turns from baby clothes to Andrei’s unemployed status. Elizabeth’s sisters agree that Andrei needs to step up his game but Elizabeth says they need to butt out. Elizabeth’s sister Jen says if the family is going to butt out, then Elizabeth needs to stop asking their dad for money.


Elizabeth says she has no intention of asking their dad for (even more) money but if she does, it’s none of their business anyway. She ends up storming out of the house.

When your inheritance starts disappearing before your very eyes because your sister got knocked up by a dude who’s allergic to work…

Later, Elizabeth is heated and tells Andrei her family is still on her case about him being unemployed. Andrei tells her not to ruin his day with “her” drama, yet her family continues to text her so she decides to respond. Elizabeth’s unwillingness to ignore everything (something Andrei excels at) pisses Andrei off to the point where he finally grabs Elizabeth’s phone and keeps it from her.


If only he took this kind of initiative when trying to snag a job…

Once Andrei realizes Elizabeth isn’t backing down, he finally gives in and hands the phone over. Elizabeth says she’s saw a side of Andrei that she’s never seen before and feels like the only person she has on her side is the child she’s carrying. (Um…what about your DAD who has literally done everything for you but carry that child!?)

Back in Vegas, Colt visits Debbie’s bedroom/aspiring cat grooming salon to talk about their tumultuous living situation. Debbie is still upset at the idea of anyone wanting to move her slot machine, especially if that someone is Larissa, who she says is acting like a “wacko jacko.” 

“Mother, when you’re done with Whiskers’ groom, can you brush my back hairs? I want to look good for Larissa tonight!”

Debbie says she thinks she should move out, although Colt says doing so would make him very sad and lonely—- and frankly dateless. 

In Pennsylvania, Jay is home trying to untangle himself from Christmas lights, so Poochie and Ashley go out for drinks. During their outing, Poochie learns that she hadn’t heard all the details from her brother about what he did with the high school girl from Tinder. Poochie says Jay is acting the way he used to back in Jamaica and Ashley says this is why she hasn’t filed for his adjustment of status. Poochie thinks Jay can change and hopes Ashley will be able to forgive him, because she’d hate to see her brother have to give up his cushy dishwasher-having house. 

We then head down to the Dominican Republic one more time to see The Wife Chantel come face-to-face with The Mother Pedro. To make sure she’s on her A-game, Chantel has brought along a translator to ensure she is both giving and receiving insults at full capacity. 

I think that’s nice…

TLC better have footed the bill for whatever counseling the translator required after sitting through this mess. The poor woman looks traumatized…

When the couple sits down with Pedro’s mom (and the translator), the fight with The Family Chantel comes up, but Chantel says she doesn’t want to talk about the past, especially if it means she has to defend her family’s hot mess behavior. Pedro’s mom continues to push the topic and Chantel grows noticeably more agitated, however, she assures Pedro’s mom she won’t flip over a table like her heathen son has done.

Pedro’s mom says if she would have been there during the fight, she would’ve have single handedly taken down The Family Chantel herself—- a threat Chantel doesn’t need the translator to understand.  

“And I wouldn’t have needed a taser to do it!”

Chantel decides to cut the conversation short and, despite Pedro’s mom’s wishes, Pedro packs up his clothes (the ones that don’t smell like booze and the perfume of random girls he’s been dancing on) and heads to the resort with her.

No doubt Chantel headed right to the nearest electrical socket to charge up Shocky for the next time she sees The Mother Pedro! 

Until next time! 

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(Photos: TLC) 

9 Responses

  1. Andrei is abusive. Making your wife leave HER baby shower, because YOU got annoyed? It isn’t always about your wants and needs. You need to get a job, and stop being an asshole.

  2. Elizabeth is very manipulative and jealous of her sister. She is envious that her sister established such a nice life and she is on the struggle bus. Ezabeth also plays Andrei and against her family and the plays her family against Andrei when she gets mad at him. She is gonna lose. Larissa needs to go home to her kids. She is over here fighting and being pissed about a life she agreed to. She needs to go home because she is looking for a,man to live off of and I hate to tell her but she need’s to get in line behind all the other women looking for sugar daddys.

  3. Nicole is SO DENSE…it honestly makes her segments the least entertaining to watch, but I can’t stop watching because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone be so willfully stupid! Literally EVERYONE, from around the world, is telling her to leave Azan alone, and that he’s using her for her money…but she insists that he really loves her….hell even Azan has said that he’s only 55% attracted to her, and she still insists it’s not true and he didn’t mean it! She needs to stop sending him money, and see if he’ll stick around….then she’ll know if it’s real or not….And I also detest how she encourages May to call him daddy. That kid is going to have some major daddy issues.

    Andrei is a total prick. He’s trying to alienate Elizabeth from her family, and I seriously don’t understand why he won’t humble himself, and ask her dad for a friggin job. If it weren’t for her family Andrei and Lib would be on welfare, and maybe because he’s not from America he doesn’t understand that living check to check aint fun. His pride and ego are going to be his demise. He seems like a really horrible human being, and now she’s stuck with him for at least 18 years.

    Why are Pao and Russ still on the show? I HATE their story…Pao thinks she’s hot shit, and Russ is a wuss. I seriously get on my phone and distract myself any time those 2 pop up on my screen. I only know what’s going on with them because of the recap. I hope they’re not back next season.

  4. Elizabeth is in for a really rude awakening with her lazy prideful possessive foreigner… just crawl back to daddy’s paid for home now – if you’re single Chuck will most certainly take care of you and his grandchild, screw this lazy ass that think his $hit don’t stink. He’s shown you who he is, do not fall into your own prideful behavior by trying to make BS work… said from someone who worked really hard to get her worthless husband to work/be responsible. Seriously Elizabeth if your father wasn’t handing you a job on top of heaps of money, girl, you’d be very screwed. Accept the loss and admit you should have picked better.
    Chantal… girl, you guys may like/love/lust each other… but him buying a one way ticket, not inviting you, then pissed you showed up, and not giving you some concrete date of return…? ADMIT YOU MADE A MISTAKE and cut your loses. Your family obviously feels the same and will support you, leave Pedro in the DR to rope in another young/dumb American. Trust me, you can find an AMERICAN guy just as good looking, if not better, with said bedroom skills and WITHOUT a chunk of your money going to fund the life of his family.
    Nicole… same as Chantal, girl you are being USED. Either you super lacking from a mental deficiency or you’re pulling one for the cameras and Azan is a team player bc you’re giving him a cut of TLC’s money.

    Colt and catmom, we all know how it ends. You get your creeper boy back than couldn’t find any American woman to touch him. But let’s blame Larissa! Larissa, take your abusive ass home and be with your kids.

    Russ and body paint Pao, *snore*

    1. I think you summed it up quite nicely pain in the ash??? The only area where I might differ from your assesment is- with Andddrrrei and Pedro (but especially Pedro)…they DID have to deal with some really nasty family-in-laws. I found Elizabeth’s family to be nastier than they needed to be in the beginning, and Chantel’s family was downright AWFUL. You can’t come back from that, something Ive learned too from having overbearing family members making hasty judgements about your spouse. While Andrei and Pedro are both acting pretty awful now, they were NEVER given a chance. And it’s exactly what both of their in-laws wanted. Imagine being in a new country and the only people you know are constantly accusing you of being a shithead opportunist. You can’t speak the language well, you can’t defend yourself quickly. Eventually you’d give up and act as bad as they’ve always accused you of being. (Andrei did have some weird control issues right off the bat, but those sisters of Elizabeth…geesh.) Pedro is acting out cuz he’s hurt. You can see it all over his face, and in a weird way, I feel bad for him.

      Oh, and Pao annoys me. Grow up and do whats best for your family instead of being so silly and selfish.

  5. Chantel needs to stop chasing Pedro. I understand she is trying to do everything to make her marriage work and she wants to be able to say she tried everything but when you have to chase,follow, or beg your spouse than your spouse doesn’t want the marriage. Marriage is hard work and both spouses have to put the work in, if one doesn’t the marriages fails. First she needs to take half the money in all banking accounts and open accounts only in her name. He bought a one way plane ticket, said he would be gone for at least a month because he didn’t know when he was coming back! He will come back when he runs out of money! Legally he has abandoned her! If your spouse/significant other says they need a day or 2 to think and clear their head than it could be a cause for concern but it’s not a red alert, but a 1 way plane ticket to go “home” is beyond a red alert, it’s a catastrophic alert!

    Elizabeth is in alot of trouble and danger! In reality, Andrei wants her family to pay for everything and provide him with whatever he wants without any strings attached or conversation about it. He doesn’t believe he should have to work to provide! He seems to feel Americans are beneath him, he is better than everyone because of where he comes from. He stated several times that it’s easy to get a job in the US, yet he won’t work! I believe Elizabeth and her baby is in danger and any other kids she has with him. The way he has acted, things he has said, and the things he has done with cameras and people around is bad,but it is much worse when no one is around! He feels superior to everyone, he can do no wrong, he knows better than anyone, smarter than everyone and that’s not just arrogance or conceited that’s dangerous! No American is above him! He is controlling, possessive, verbally, emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive to Elizabeth. He doesn’t want her around her family or friends, nor does he want them around the baby. It will get worse! If she is smart than she will be on birth control asap! The more kids she has the more control he has. It would be wise for her dad to have a “safe” house for Elizabeth and the baby that no one knows about especially Elizabeth and Andrei. It should have excellent security, cameras, and quick 911 response. There will come a day that it will be needed. Her family needs to keep track of everything that happens between Elizabeth and Andrei, everything needs to be documented! Unless something drastically changes, this will not end well! If you really pay attention you can see that she is a little scared of him. She couldn’t call her dad in front of Andrei, she left the house and didn’t just drive around the block. She said to her dad,”please don’t tell Andrei”,several times, she also stood behind the kitchen counter when she told him and kept looking down. There’s alot going on that the camera and crew as well as her family is missing!

  6. Not a single person on here is giving a good account of themselves. Dominican girl grinding all over Pedro the married man, Ashley and her pathetic attempts to still be seen as the hot girl, Andrrrre and his laziness, sheesh. And all this without even considering the train wrecks that are Azan, Nicole, Colt, and Larissa.

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