Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason After He Makes ID Channel’s List of Frightening Fathers: “He’s the Best Anyone Can Ask For. The Children Adore Him!”

“This man is a saint! How DARE you, ID Channel!?”

David Eason was just named to the ID Channel’s Top 5 list of “Frightening Fathers” and his wife, Jenelle Evans, is not happy about it!

The former Teen Mom 2 dad snagged a spot on the list, which was released on Friday and posted to the channel’s social media networks. 

“Here are five dads who won’t be getting the father of the year award,” the video caption reads.

It then flashes photos of David, in addition to kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro, Josef Frizel (who imprisoned and raped his own daughter for decades), John List (who killed his kids, mother and wife to ensure they all went to heaven), and Larry Ray, who allegedly turned his daughter’s college dorm room into a sex cult den.

ID Channel used the fact that David killed Jenelle’s dog brutally in front of some of their children as a reason for him to be included in the list. Jenelle— who has stood by David even after he killed her dog and they lost custody of their kids— took to Facebook to defend David (again) and even praise his fatherhood skills.

“This channel is false and bunch of BS,” Jenelle wrote. “You put my husband on the most frightening list when he was PROTECTING HIS CHILD FROM BEING BITTEN BY A DOG IN THE FACE.

“This is absolutely absurd. I’ve been physically beaten by ex’s, slapped in my face, almost died, ran over by a truck from my ex …. and NONE OF THIS was while I was in a relationship with David Eason. You have him on a list for SERIAL KILLERS and KIDNAPPERS AND ITS ALL UNTRUE.”

That face you make when you see someone slamming your husband on The Interwebs…

Jenelle insisted (once again) that David is a wonderful husband and father…despite the fact that he has two children he is not allowed to see (outside of a court visitation center), and one son he is not allowed to see at all.

“This is f**king ridiculous,” Jenelle wrote. “You base my husband being dangerous off of protecting his children? I’ve been through the ringer in life but one thing David has done for my family is being a GREAT FATHER. He is the best anyone can ask for. The children adore him and when you make some false ‘special’ to get your channel ratings is SICK. Our children are getting old enough to see all of this and the media is cold hearted. They NEVER look out for the best interest of your family or children.”

Jenelle then warned the ID Channel that they should expect some sort of divine punishment for including David in the video.

“God will see your actions,” she wrote.

This is not the only thing Jenelle shared on her Facebook page on Friday that raised eyebrows. A meme posted by the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star stating that her “life has been falling apart” but getting better was also…interesting, considering Jenelle recently lost custody of all her kids.

“My life has been falling apart but also together at the same time. Every person that has walked away has been replaced by someone better,” it reads. “Every situation that hasn’t worked out has led me to a greater one. So now when things go left, I know it’s for something else to go right.”

All of our faces after reading that…

Jenelle also expressed her anger over David’s Father’s Day being tarnished.

“Ruin Father’s Day before it even begins,” she wrote. “Niiiice.”

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(Photos: MTV, Facebook)


  1. Protecting your child from a dog does NOT equal killing a dog. Killing an animal is not a rational response; it is the response of a psychopath. If the dog was truly a danger to her children, many safe and humane actions could have been taken. Defending him for the MURDER of an animal is beyond insane and, frankly, pathetic. She somehow manages to make this situation worse and worse every time she speaks. I would be bedridden from despair if my children were taken from me. I wouldn’t be able to function let alone take a vacation to DC. I think life is easier for her without kids and it’s clear that she loves taking the easiest route possible in life. I feel so sad for these children.

  2. Are we seriously still giving these shit ass losers attention??!!! I mean come on!!!!! I hated fake (from head to toe/inside and out) Jenelle and her trashy, Duck Dynasty look-alike husband since day one. MTV has dropped them, why can’t this cite?!!

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    You may disagree, but I think Chris Watts is higher on the list than David.


  5. Huh? It is not 1952 where a woman was stuck in a bad relationship. The courts, religion and society no longer stigmatize a woman for divorce. She had the finance power in this relationship. She had the world watching, she had plenty of opportunities to leave and leave safely. I would hope if you or your child were in a bad place you would offer support, guidance and help leaving, if you are a woman. You could be a man not sure

    1. AGREED!!!! This bullshit about “being scared ” is becoming more and more pathetic as the days go by!
      She looked pretty happy and loved up the day “ONE DAY” after the kids were taken from her. Heartbroken my ass!
      The bitch hasn’t got a heart!

  6. Standing by and doing nothing but recording a child interacting with a dog in a manner that you KNOW is going to lead to aggression is not “protecting” them. He wanted to hurt that dog. Period.

  7. WTF!!! Just when you thought you heard it all from them. I can’t anymore. She’s a special kinda STUPID.

  8. “Every person that has walked away has been replaced by someone better,” it reads. “Every situation that hasn’t worked out has led me to a greater one.”

    Her children are the ones who have “walked out.” Parenting is the situation that “hasn’t worked out.” How can she be so blasé about all of this?

    List of people who have “walked out:”

    Her brother and sister
    All of her friends
    All her previous baby-daddies and their families and friends
    all the MTV crew/producers who used to come talk to her and hang out and pretend to sympathize

    Apparently “better” people who have walked in the replace those who have left:

    I just…. how can be so la-di-dah about the fact that literally everyone in her life, including all her children, are gone? How can she tell the world that’s it’s okay because they’ve been replaced by someone/something better? Especially when that someone is abusive, murdering David—the source of all the problems and someone she routinely has to call 911 on?

    I absolutely believe that he has brainwashed her enough to believe that maybe this is actually better for them: they just at to focus on themselves. Those kids were all “ungrateful” and attached to “bad people from their past” and it’s better to just live alone together on the Land. It’s not like they can afford the kids anymore anyways, right? Look how quick he was to give up on Maryssa after she didn’t want to see him one time.

    1. Did not mean to downvote and I can’t fix it!
      I don’t think Jenelle is brainwashed at all. She never cared at all about her kids in the way that most mothers do, I truly believe she’s an empty shell, nothing there. She mimics the men around her. She’s vigorously defending the dogkiller, because what else is there?

      1. YEP! I’m with you! I don’t believe she’s brainwashed , I think she’s as you described “an empty shell”.
        She’s an absolute c*** with no heart.
        I just hope those poor kids are feeling the love and safety of their new environments.
        As for David and Jenelle FUCK OFF !

    2. I hope she’s going down as one of the worlds “worst mothers”to have when the time comes around!!!!

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    I think David did a fine job of ruining fathers all by himself! Give credit where credit is due! Also, if David was protecting his child from a vicious dog, why did you take your children and flee then call the police and report it? You really need to stick with your first instict, and run as fast as you can!

  10. She’s her own worse enemy. Stay off line already Jenelle! Everything she posts just further incriminates her, we all know about her reckless life because she has not an ounce of smarts, beans for brains.

  11. SO. SAD. i would be crawling thru fire for my children. instead she’s praising and defending this shitbag. he’s on this list because literally EVERY other person sees him for what he really is! a fucking psychopath! and the whole “my kids are getting old enough to see….” BITCH. how about what they were seeing and experiencing in their OWN HOME?! 911 being called to your home two dozen + times in one year is not normal, “happy family” shit.

  12. People have been predicting for years that David would end up on the ID channel. She is a complete PoS for defending Nugget’s murder. I hope neither of them ever has custody of any of their children ever again. But then again, she’s apparently replacing her children with something better…like meth.

  13. I love the photo above of her with her potato shaped forehead and him sniffing god knows what. Bunch of weirdos. This girl is dumber than I gave her credit for previously. I thought she was just being stubborn and hard headed but nope, she is just plain old essstupid!

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he may very well have been trimming his nosehair with that contraption he’s holding. Real classy.

  14. Neither one of them should be in the presence of impressionable children. I don’t even feel safe to be within 100 miles of these two, they’re gunna BLOW

  15. She’s the worst woman pretending to be a MOTHER,and David is in the same EXACT CATEGORY..And both should NEVER, EVER, BE GIVEN CUSTODY OF THOSE CHILDREN AGAIN!!!

  16. Its so sad and pathetic to see that Janelle has absolutely no self esteem that she is defending every actions her monster of a husband does. It’s sickening to watch Janelle throw her life, kids and career away for that modern loser. Guess once she hits rock bottom she will finally get her life together.

      1. Never heard her demonstrate or express any interest in faith before. Now all of a sudden she is a god fearing woman who considers herself a mama bear. Stupid, pah-lease! No one is believing that fake persona that she developed for David.

      2. he probably told her it would make her look good to mention god as much as possible
        she was an atheist before…

  17. Jenelle is a perpetual victim and always will be. Every bad decision she has made is the fault of somebody else. Her mother, her absent father, siblings, ex boyfriends, her kids, the media, neighbors, her dog, the courts, MTV, etc etc. it really is unbelievable how one grown person refuses to accept responsibility for anything.

  18. Holy cow. How biggest stupid and idiot can Jenelle and David can be??? Well then. Let them go down the wrong path and let them ruin their own lives.

  19. Yeah, “everything is falling into place”, now she can pretend to fight for the rest of her kids like she has for Jace for 9 years! She’s not only delusional but a terrible human being.

  20. When people are in abusive relationships they tend to defend their abuser and side with them no matter what because they think but it’ll help ease abuse, unfortunately at the she’s going we’re going to end up getting a newscast that she’s dead or something or has gone missing if she doesn’t get help. People are so quick to judge actions but don’t realize that there’s circumstances causing her actions. None of it’s right by any means but she’s obviously being mentally and physically abused which has a lot to do with her behavior.

  21. Just when you think this girl can’t get any dumber, she proves you wrong. Jenelle is SUCH an asshole. Her and David are seriously perfect for each other. Thank God they can’t procreate with each other anymore. David and Jenelle are and always will be horrible people and parents.

  22. This is ridiculous to do .The man may not be perfect but not like those on this list .I hate dogs and if one nipped or bit my baby He would be a dead dog..And to have your kids taken away because he killed a dog is so stupid.

    1. David instigated the entire thing – the dog gave Ensley many warnings to back up and David sat there and encouraged the baby to “kiss” the dog. Killing the dog for defending itself after giving multiple warnings is absolutely despicable. He claims it wasn’t the first time the dog was aggressive but in that case they either rehome the dog or get it trained. NOT beating and shooting a 5lb puppy in front of children.

    2. The children weren’t taken away just because the dog was coerced into nipping Ensley. If you actually paid attention to this story, the older children testified against David and Jenelle regarding the violence and abuse in the home. CPS also conducted their own investigation and found the home to be filthy with several holes in its walls. The judge even told Jenelle she failed the children as a mother! So while the killing of the dog was I’m sure part of the decision, it was not the sole reason.

      And I just have to say, who hates dogs anyways?!?!

    3. The kid was messing with a small barley 10lb pup.
      The dog was being backed in to a corner ( scared) it snapped ( didn’t bite ) dogs can’t talk and say hey kid back off I don’t want you in me face taunting me.
      It did what comes natural and warned her to back off.

      No need to beat it within an inch of its life, then shoot him.
      All ow which was done in front of an 11 year old and a 4 year old.

      You are a grade A moron rhonda.
      And shouldn’t be around any animals at all period.

      Another animal abusing bitch like the easons

    4. The kid was messing with a small barley 10lb pup.
      The dog was being backed in to a corner ( scared) it snapped ( didn’t bite ) dogs can’t talk and say hey kid back off I don’t want you in my face taunting me.
      It did what comes natural and warned her to back off.

      No need to beat it within an inch of its life, then shoot him.
      All ow which was done in front of an 11 year old and a 4 year old.

      You are a grade A moron rhonda.
      And shouldn’t be around any animals at all period.

      Another animal abusing bitch like the easons

      Who hates dogs ffs

    5. I don’t like dogs, which is why I don’t have any and never will… But what that poor animal suffered through, makes me sick to my stomach.
      NOTHING justifies what David did.
      If you don’t know a damn thing about a certain kind of animal, don’t know how they behave and how they need to be treated, don’t have them as a pet especially with children around! Also, Jenelle has had at least another dozen pets that died or mysteriously disappeared. I once saw a collage of her with all the pets she’s had over the years!
      And by the way, they lost their kids over much more than the killing of that dog. This goes back years and years, the killing of the dog was just a catalyst.

  23. 20 reasons the Eason’s suck!

    1. MTV crew was afraid to film with him. He threatened the crewa multiple times and popped balloons with a knife on television because they were out of beer. Lmfao!

    2. He has an ungodly amount of firearms. Who needs that many??? That should raise a red flag right there.

    3. Janelle made several 911 calls where she claimed he assaulted her/her property. He was seen buying a door the next day which indicates the claim that he ruined the door is true.

    4. Nathan has video/pictures of Kaisers bruised behind and the little boy claims David did it.

    5. Jace called David and Jenelle “pieces of shit” and we witnessed Janelle pull a firearm on a man ON HIS PROPERTY with a 9 year old improperly seated in the vehicle.

    6. David publicly admitted via social media that he killed the family dog and so did Jenelle.

    7. In court, a judge has determined that David is not fit to see or be around his son and there is an order of protection on him. Also, he didn’t even man up and pay the child support he owed to her. Jenelle did with MTV money.

    8. Maryssa refused to see David more than once for child/parent visitation and he’s alienating her by homeschooling her. She spent the whole day freaking out in her room after David shot the dog.

    9. He murdered a family PET in cold blood when a phone call to animal control to rehome the pet or take it off the property (if it was so viscious it couldn’t be controlled) was all it would take. Also, personally bringing it to a shelter and stating you were concerned about the dog would have taken Nugget off of their hands if Ensley was truly in danger.

    10. He threatened the secret service who literally had to come to his house because they were concerned about a hashtag to the president and Speaker of the House!

    11. He has weapins constantly around his very young children who could play around with them accidentally and legit kill each other. If he sleeps with a loaded gun what happens if one of the kids hops in bed with him and sets it off?

    12. He harassed Nathan for talking to TMZ near court when he was already in trouble for child neglect.

    13. There is recorded video by someone in the home (with a small child in the background) in which David states to the person that they are a piece of shit and that they could die and he wouldn’t care.

    14. His 8 month pregnant ex was assaulted by him and left on the side of the road at night! He’s neglecting kids before they are even born.

    15. He has prior arrests and charges.

    16. He admitted on camera that he “shouldn’t have taken that Adderall”, an illegal and controlled substance if not prescribed. I’d like to see his legal prescription bottle!

    17. If Janelle said the 911 call was a drunken misunderstanding, then both of the parents were extremely drunk with 4 minor children in the home. I assume that is child neglect as well?

    18. On David’s first visit with the kids, he was forced to leave the visitation center because he was belligerent.

    19. A real eatate agent was scared to death when David came up to her with a firearm and threatened to shoot her.

    20. He’s a homophobic person who wore the Confederate flag (a flag made from people who revolted against the country which he claims to love in order to keep slaves) in an Instagram post.

    Happy Father’s Day David!

    1. when you lay it all out like this… mind-boggling how anyone could defend any of this!!! and lest we forget that whole little “self towing” incident.

    2. Melissa, spot on.

      And by just reading that, they should not give those poor kids back.

      I hope to god that the judge takes away their parental rights and custody.

  24. She has no heart for what she said about nugget. Especially after being “so upset”. I’m glad your kids are living a better life without you. Just goes to show how bad it was in that household.

  25. This blows my mind, we all knew jenelle was gonna start defending nugget’s murder. She was never a victim, she is just as bad as David, if not worse. I’m so glad her children, her MTV money and everything got ripped away from her. For her to post some stupid quote about everything falling into piece or whatever WTF!?! my jaw literally dropped when I saw that. Lol no jenelle GOD SAW YOUR ACTIONS and that’s why this is happening to you. Not even semi-good dad I know has murder a dog, smashed a front door down, had the cops called them multiple times so David is by no means a great dad.

  26. Bad publicity is better than no publicity, right? David is a sociopath, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he’s secretly gloating that he made it on a list like that, he probably feels like it makes him look like more of a “badass” than he already thinks he is.

  27. The Denial is strong with this one. You cant help anyone who doesn’t want the help. Just keep all the kids away from them, that’s all.

  28. So is she going on record in support of David killing poor Nugget? Protecting his children from a puppy right? These events really solidify for me that Jenelle has been and always will be a lost cause. She’s as vial as any of her partners, former and current.

  29. Oh Jenelle stop being so dillusional..he is crazy can see it in his eyes ..its because of him your kids were taken from you apparently don’t want them back that bad if you choose to stay with CrazyMan..look at life with eyes wide open not half shut..get it together …and stop defending the thing that was the cause of your childrens whereabouts..

  30. Jenelle, as I’m sure you’re aware (because it was you who probably recorded it), there’s a video circulating the Internet showing David a.k.a. “Your Dream Dad” cussing you out, telling you to die, and calling you the worst piece of shit he knows.

    So girl, please just give us all a break.

    ID got it 100% right.

    Thanks ID for putting this psycho’s name on a list where it TRULY belongs.


  31. Janelle, I went threw the same just like you and it sucks. It breaks my heart reading all this negative comments from people who doesn’t even know you or your beautiful family. But David should’ve thought before his actions now you both have no kids. I went threw the same thing with my kids and it hurts allot to see your kids taking away from you. The media has nothing else to do so they lash out on people that they really don’t know. I hope one day you’ll get your kids back and everything will be ok just do what the court tells you to do and you’ll be ok!!! David needs to get some kind of help for his anger and go back to work on the pipeline. I’ve been watching you since day one and your not a bad Mom it’s the negative comments and people that are in your life. Best of luck too you your in my prayers. David I hope you get help before you do something so stupid. I wish I could talk too you Janelle I feel your pain. God bless and pay no attention on the media there just bord.

    1. Are you deluded??
      Jenelle and her husband are animal abusers, child abusers and are both violent, the poor kids have been THROUGH a lot, David’s 11 year old daughter gave damaging evidence about him and jenelle.

      Don’t you dare believe the we are the victims in all of this BS.

      The victims are the kids, and the poor pup that was beaten and shot, in front of the kids.
      The negative comments as you say, are all truthful, where as your comment is barely literate and rediculas.

      God help your kids if you think that what those two morons did and continue to do, is just the media stirring.

      The media have printed and are stating the truth.

      Look at the above comment from another Melissa ( who has accurately commented)

      On the other hand you sound high as fk with your comment.

      Jesus god dude!!!!!

    2. “David I hope you get help before you do something so stupid”

      We are currently witnessing the aftermath of “something so stupid”. In fact, it’s been one “something so stupid” after another for David, as well as Jenelle. Lately, poor decision making has been in overdrive, hence the increasingly severe, yet deserved, consequences.

  32. She can have kind words and forgiveness for Eason but nothing for her mom? She has never respected her mom. Jenelle gets what she deserves!!!!

  33. It’s so obvious she’s in an abusive relationship. He does just enough to show her the “old” David. You know, the David she fell in love with. And that is why she hangs in there…hanging onto the way he was. Hoping David will change back to that person he once was. One big sign of an abusive relationship is isolation. He has moved her away from friends and family. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he sabotaged Jenelle’s job. We all saw her struggle with choosing between filming AWAY from David or not filming at all. She kept choosing to film and we know David was upset about that…making threats. He knew these threats would sabotage everything from film production to Jenelle traveling for TMOG. He knew that eventually Jenelle would either quit or get fired.So congrats to David. His shenanigans worked.

  34. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She can have kind words and forgiveness for Eason but nothing for her mom? She has never respected her mom. Jenelle gets what she deserves!!!!

  35. Sure,Every good Father kills the family Dog. Yep that is father of the year material. Run Jenelle don’t walk!!!

  36. Jenelle is a real piece of work is all I can say. How can she honestly say David is a great father? This man brutally killed her dog in front of her kids. She’s lost custody of ALL three of her children and she stands by her man. Jenelle needs to be in a psychiatric ward.

  37. The guy is a scumbag but he doesn’t fit that list. It’s kinda like clickbait or a ratings thing. I dislike them both and do think he is a crap human. Once he tossed Maryssa away for being upset at a supervised visit I knew he was for sure garbage. Despite being filth he isn’t as evil as as that man that locked up those Ohio woman for a decade+. That list was unbalanced.

  38. The guy is a scumbag but he doesn’t fit that list. It’s kinda like clickbait or a ratings thing. I dislike them both and do think he is a crap human. Once he tossed Maryssa away for being upset at a supervised visit I knew he was for sure garbage. Despite being filth he isn’t as evil as as that man that locked up those Ohio woman for a decade+. That list was unbalanced.

    1. Oh the down votes kill me on this one. I lived a block away from Ariel Castro’s favorite kid napping spot in Cleveland and I can tell you he was EVIL! I do think David is capable of that type of evil but to compare them is insane! Living so close to Castro…. ugh I just can’t compare the type of evil he was! If David keeps it up he might just prove to be as evil as Ariel 🤷‍♀️ Jenelle should gtfo asap though

  39. It doesn’t matter what any of us think Janelle is not going to change her mind. I mean her husband is beating down the front door and she’s on the phone 911 and her babies in the crib but she’s hiding. Murders a dog in front of his children. Threatens people with his guns. It doesn’t matter I wish that the scales would come off her eyes and her ears be unplugged that can she can see the real truth of her situation and hear the true concerns of people. Not until then not until the then will things truly change and get better.Now it is okay for David to kill the dog you supposedly loved. What excuses do you believe when he hurts the children. Please do not ever put these children on The Land . If it isn’t David it will be some other man.

    1. If he’s the fucking best these children can do…..their doomed… He’s a beast.. a monster..a abusers but she saying that the best the children will get?!!! Jesus God help them…. I pray that the judge makes their living arrangement permanent ones.. obviously they don’t know how to raise animals ..let alone children.

  40. Wow. Just wow. You protect your children before harm comes to them (i.e when the baby was getting in the dogs face). Good protective father’s don’t place their children in harm’s way, film the attack and then slaughter the 8 pound puppy in the name of defense and protection.

  41. “Delusionelle” needs to open her eyes and see David is separating her from everything.
    That’s what abusers do!! Then just like she’s doing here complains that everybody else is wrong and he’s perfect and he’s loving. What controlling abusers do “delusionelle!”
    He made you lose your job, your own children, keeps you from your friends and family, has you buy a house secluded in “the swamp” away from lots of other people.
    And by the way I live close to them!! We drove by the area one weekend, and it stinks! It’s trashy and sickening!!
    The only reason why I keep up with her on social media is just to make sure she is still alive!

  42. The children adore him?! So that’s why Kaiser was so scared of him? Maryssa didn’t want to meet him?! You’re so full of BS…

    She will defend this man until the day she dies. Which is worrying.

  43. What do you bet Lurch will be at Lowe’s or Home Depot buying a new front door today? Wonder if call #25 was placed to 911 last night. I understand why she’s defending him in the media, I really do. He takes it all out on her when the unflattering stories hit the media, proven by 911 call when she was hiding in the attic while he was kicking and beating the front door. But, at this point, I can’t even feel bad for her anymore. She’s had more than several perfect opportunities to leave, and hasn’t. So she’s obviously OK with it.

    Happy Father’s Day, David!! Oh, wait. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  44. It’s funny how she said he was protecting her kid from being bitten in the face , it’s not like that dog was a pit bull it was a tiny dog her stupid kid shouldn’t be putting her face all up in the dogs face I saw the video this idiot killed a tiny french bulldog and tried to justify it by saying he was protecting his kid lol this guy and this stupid whore never deserve to have custody of them kids ever again

  45. You can’t call 911 on this dude and then say he’s a good person, husband, dad, whatever. That isn’t how any of this works, Duhnelle.

  46. all everyone does is get off on dashing this girl they don’t know her they don’t know her life all they know is the lies that all these TV people tell you let this girl alone yes her husband did a terrible thing and no he did not kill the dog in front of no children they were in the house if y’all can read it said that there is no one on Earth that should tell a woman to leave her husband why don’t you all this reading this leave your husband’ it’s absurd

    1. He did beat the dog to a pulp in front of the kids, then took him out to the woods and shot him.

      There was more than that going on in that house, David’s own daughter gave damning evidence against both David and jenelle.

      Both of these adults are abusive mentally and verbally, and in David’s case physically too.

    2. Uh yea we do know quite a bit about her life. She’s been filmed living her life for 10 years, made several 911 calls that have gone public, narrated her life along with her husband on social media not to mention CPS and a judge removing the children from their care. Your husband who I can only assume is a controlling, abusive, brainwashing and isolating individual has done quite a number on you. Good luck kiddo.

  47. The only reason why she is defending the psychopath is because she knows better or he will get mad and start hitting things . I have to say this is diffently the worst guy she dated. I see why she is scared to leave him and is forced to stay. My mom husband threatened my mom if she left him.

  48. This girl is completely delusional and no amount of therapy is going to make her see what is wrong. She does not assess things like normal people.

    1. I think she takes a beating every time a story like this comes out (daily) so she tries damage control for self preservation. Is he as evil as those other 4 men maybe but he has not done what they did. He is his own special brand of woman beating bully.

  49. IMBECILE. Look it up janelle. Yeah, he beat, tortured and murdered you 10lb dog in front of the kids. Great Father. He beats you. Great husband AND father. He got you current kids taken away, which i pray you neve get back. He doesnt work. Great father.He’s violent and disgusting. She needs to get her head out of her ass, and leave this pos.

  50. Jenelle please get out of that relationship! You are in more danger than you know. Leave that situation and get your kids back, believe me I have been there before. You are too valuable, don’t let a man take everything from you

  51. ‘Ruin Father’s Day before it even begins’? Erm…. surely not having any of your kids left in your custody would make Father’s Day redundant in your household?!

  52. “God will see ur actions” that’s correct. God does see what a complete and utter monster David is and we all have seen what an idiot Janelle is on tv every week for years. He deserves jail for what he did to that poor dog and if Janelle is goin to stay with this monster she should notice he has brought her nothing but pain and misery and will always do so.

  53. God help if he’s the best delusJenelle.

    The kids adore him so much, that his own daughter gave damning evidence against him in court, and kaiser is PiSS ya pants terrified of him, poor ensley doesn’t know any different, as the vile behaviour by you both is attention to that poor little girl.

    You ate both deluded and so stupid that you can’t see the damage, you have inflicted on these kids, both mentally and verbally, and in kaiser’s case physically too.

  54. Holy fucking hell it would be super awesome if we stopped giving 5 mores minutes attention to this family of trash pandas. Their 15 minutes was already about 14 minutes more than was ever neccessary. Shes fucking 27 now? Who the hell cares what they do with their lives. They clearly don’t so we is anybody else investing anymore interest in them?? If either one is still alive 5 years from now, let me know since it’s obvious they and their oblivious stupidity are living on borrowed time. Let them be redneck lepers and stop gawking…there’s literally NOTHING to see here!

  55. i agree with jenelles judgment regarding this sick list- these monsters dont deserve to be mentioned . Not reg.her judgment about david. david is a psycho and bad father but putting him next to real criminals and rapists is kind of exaggeration.
    btw spelling of the monster father from Austria is wrong, but i am not gonna correct it, he shoyld be forgotten.

    1. There’s a reason he’s called UBT. He savagely beat Nugget in front of the kids. Strangled his pregnant ex-wife. 25 911 calls.He just wasn’t arrested for some of these crimes yet. There’s a reason the sheriff says he’s the most dangerous man in 3 counties, cps says there home is a “house of horrors” & he’s on gov’t watch lists.

  56. As long as all their kids are away from them and safe, along with any animals they own…..we should just leave them alone. Jenelle is BEYOND saving at this point. She NOW thinks him killing her dog is protecting his kid?! Wasn’t she so depressed about the situation, but now it’s just being protective. YIKES.

    Will she leave him once he actually almost kills her and leaves her hospitalized?? Maybe, maybe not and that’s pathetic.

  57. “I’ve been physically beaten by ex’s, slapped in my face, almost died, ran over by a truck from my ex …. and NONE OF THIS was while I was in a relationship with David Eason.” You have set the bar pretty high Jenelle. Why don’t you make a list of what’s happened to you and your children while you’ve been in a relationship with David Eason? Feel free to refer to the 911 calls, hospital visits and court documents to jog your memory.

    1. That’s the sad part – she really doesn’t know. She never had a good father in her life. She thinks this is as good as it gets.

    2. She needs to refer to the 911 call that states shes hiding in her attic from David. I’d say that classifies as abuse.

  58. What struck me was still insisting those kids just love David. She’s worried that they are old enough to see this list but apparently seeing their dog beaten and knowing he shot it isn’t cause for concern. I guess if they caught wind that’s he is a top five dangerous father that might shatter their image of their great dad.

  59. Today she posted song clips in her ig story. One clip was a song titled single and another clip was of a song lyric about I won’t go down for you. Trying to imply david is the bad one and she’s not taking the fall. So typical of instability to be defending him one minute and then supposedly leaving him the next.

  60. I bet that psycho is going ballistic after seeing that!!!

    How could she possibly defend him after the countless 911 calls that have been made, some fearing for her own safety. Yet she has the audacity to compare her own brush with domestic violence in the past in order to say that David is a perfect gentleman and great father? And she somehow always finds a way to re-victimize herself in doing so. If she put as much effort in loving, protecting and raising her children as she did in defending this bag of dicks, she wouldn’t be in this situation 🤷🏻‍♀️

  61. I absolutely hate them so bad. She didn’t care a bit about Nugget let alone her children or her mother. She is beyond disgusting.And that murdering piece of crap

  62. This woman is just completely delusional! Maybe that’s what happens when you live on “the land” basically cutting yourself off from everyone else?🤷 Those poor kids,it makes me so sad for all of them.

  63. ” I’ve been through the ringer (sic) in my life ” blah blah blah Even something as bad as this, still has to be all about her. Classic Narcissist.

  64. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I applaud that they included this piece of shit abusive dog killing human!! Well DESERVED!!!

  65. when she wrote that part about f****** protecting his children would be killing her dog I thought she was crying over the dog oh I guess not I guess the dogs wife really didn’t matter it’s just a matter that she still has him around no kids no dog no nothing

  66. Unbelievable that jenelles defending that bastard. She has Stockholm syndrome. The dog could easily have bitten that kid if it wanted to but gave her a warning to get out of its face. David was just waiting for something to shoot. Chanel is a follower and does not have a mind of her own. She SHOULD NOT EVER HAVE CUSTODY OF KIDS OR ANIMALS! But most of all, she is choosing to be with this horrible man. That shows how messed up her choices are. She is just as bad as David. Two peas in a pod. They both need to be in a prison pod and spayed and neutered.

  67. Omg jenelle, the more you defend him, the more the judge will see that you are not going to leave his side, and in turn, NOT give your kids back. Can’t you see that? Your mom has always been your saving grace. How about you praise and defend HER for a change?!!!!

    1. In that case, let her sing like a canary! I had the same thought but you said it better. This just shows the courts she doesn’t think they did anything wrong.

    2. It’s becoming more and more apparent that she truly does not want those kids back. Every week she does something so blatantly stupid that she should know hinders her from getting custody back of her kids. She’s enjoying her time on the land alone with that psycho and no screaming kids. Honestly I hope she keeps up with the antics so she never gets those kids back.

  68. Oh sweetie. You are a special edition of STUPID! Look at your track record. Why is it always someone elses fault? Why did you call 911 on him? We heard the call. If he’s a great dad, why are ALL the kids taken away? He is a bullet shy of Ruby Ridge and you are blindly following him.

  69. “They NEVER look out for the best interest of your family or children.” Neither do you, ya dumbasss! A JUDGE literally said this to you, ON RECORD 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. I literally said aloud while reading this, “No asshole, that’s YOUR JOB!!!!!”

      She will never get it, nor will she ever leave him.

  70. Oh. My. God.. 😒 this stupid bitch is just a frikkin delusional moron. I wish she’d stop the lies & verbal diarrhoea. That asshole of a “man” absolutely deserves to be on that list! It won’t be long before he seriously hurts or kills something or someONE else. Most, if not all, serial killers start off abusing & killing animals. They’re both psychotic & should NEVER have any living thing within 50 miles of them. Ever again. I hope those precious kids remain happy, healthy, without fear and SAFE away from these swamp fktards FOREVER. Remove all the animals too please!! JE & UBT – I hope you both rot in your moldy sinking trailer or, better yet, JAIL for the rest of your sad pathetic lives.

  71. “Way to ruin Father’s Day before it even begins”. Who is he spending his FD with? No IG photo ops. What were the big plans and great day that were ruined? He won’t see any of his 3 kids that day. But boo hoo, just like taking Kaiser before Mother’s Day.

  72. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    My how fast she forgets her mr beat a defenselss puppy”s head on a table ,rendering it unconcious ,thendragged it outside and shot it! Defending his kids? She waa crying about how the dog didnt really hurt her she is siding with him?? Psychotic bitch should be sterilized to prevent any more kids!

  73. David made the frightening fathers list? Looooooool. He’s not really frightening. He’s just an low iq imbecile who’s trigger happy.

    The kid is the reason why nugget nipped at it. Maybe teach your kids how to handle animals properly. Killing a defenseless dog cause He WaS pRoTeCtInG tHe ChIlD is an excuse to justify a senseless killing. If a dog is aggressive then re home it, take it to a no kill shelter. Murdering it is not the answer. Unfortunately many people are like David. Seems like we have a human problem.

    1. Trigger happy, low IQ individuals are actually kinda scary. Because they are stupid and heavily armed. Not a good combo.

    2. “David made the frightening fathers list?”
      . . .
      “…an excuse to justify a senseless killing.”

      You just answered your own question. If you’re committing a premeditated senseless killing — a savage beating in front of terrified children, no less — you are scary.

      While I don’t believe that David is the scariest (or even top 5) Dad who ever lived, he IS scary as hell. And I’m an adult; I can’t imagine the fear he strikes in the hearts of small children and animals. If eyes are the window to the soul, then he has a scary soul. He’s a psycho.

      Having said that, Jenelle should be equivalently ranked on some “Worst Moms” list. She’s a monster as well.

  74. “God will see your actions”

    Oh boy, Branch Davidian shit coming soon. She never talked about God before, has she?

      1. She was also a lesbian,and a body builder too, now she’s the “pioneer woman.” Jenelle is whatever her man wants her to be.If David tells her to they are becoming Amish, then Jenelle will start looking for a white bonnet and horse and buggy.

  75. God saw your actions, God saw David’s actions so God took your children away. David ruined Fathers Day you crazy b*tch!!!

  76. she is a sociopath, just like him. So much for her being “heartbroken” over Nugget.

  77. Hmm The child who is the oldest, and has spent the most time as his hostage…oops **spent the most time with him, doesn’t even want to see him, or talk to him. Maryssa is the hero (with Nugget)in this sad scenario, she and Jace TOLD THE HORRIBLE TRUTH, about life on the ‘laaaaand’. As a result, perhaps all the children will now have a chance at a safe and happy life, away from Mr&Mrs Jenelle Evans, and the nightmare, that is their life!

  78. Jenelle you’ve made your own personal hell. You deserve to be where you are. Stay in the swamp for the rest of your pitiful life. Your kids will grow up and spit on your grave.

  79. I don’t even know what to say about these lunatics anymore. I’m just glad those children are away from them. I just hope it stays that way.

    1. Me Either! I just wish he would be punished for #justicefornugget. I hate them both so much!!!

      1. Hi Audrey.
        How are you? Hope you have a great weekend.

        I also wish he would get arrested ( or in David’s words Harrested) I hate them both too.

  80. Pretty sure that literally all 5 children having been taken means that Father’s Day is already ruined. Or not. I’m sure on The Land the best kind of Father’s Day is one where there are no children to bother them.

  81. He is a future serial killer jenelle!!!! That’s why hes on the list. This girl is brainwashed and brain damaged. I think it is very accurate that he is being featured on that list!!.

    1. Yes!!
      He has anger issues, I love how he keeps her from everything.
      Something killers do!
      I follow her on Twitter just to make sure she’s still “okay.”

    2. I respectfully disagree on the brainwashed theory, in regard to the Junkie. She is every bit as evil and disgusting as he is. Brainwashed, a victim,?? …….nope! (Remember what she was like LONG before David Eason showed up!) She is his ‘female equivalent’.

  82. She is pathetic. How can she claim her husband 8s such a great father when hes not allowed to BE a father???

  83. Father’s Day is for dads who parent their children, not ones who abuse and terrorize them until they’re forcibly taken away

  84. Wow! She is in DENIAL and this wonderful man is the reason why your kids are not living with you !!!

    1. I knew she would eventually defend the killing of Nugget. He has her so messed up on the head. She is beyond help.

      1. She has always been beyond help. She just finally hitched her wagon to the psycho instead of the druggie or the thief or the roid head.

        1. Yo mama this is true. They deserve each other, she is no victim. I hope they both rot in Hell.
          How many visitation have they had?
          How was your vacation?
          They will probably celebrate with a slaughtering of a pig or chicken for a Homstead dinner for Father’s day so Serial killer David is happy.

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