Kail Lowry Slams Lauren Comeau for Using ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fame For Sponsored Posts: “Hope She Loves the Check From the Platform We’ve Given Her!”

“MUST you?!”

The [Flat Tummy] Tea is always scalding hot in Teen Mom Land!

Kail Lowry held nothing back during this week’s episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, striking out at Lauren Comeau (who is currently dating Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin) for using the fame she’s garnered from appearing on Teen Mom 2 to get lucrative social media deals.

“I hope she loves the check from the platform we’ve given her!” Kail said of Lauren. “It’s really irritating to see. I’ve said it before, I don’t think she needs to be part of the show.”

During the episode, Kails’ co-host Lindsie Chrisley also slammed Lauren for acting like she doesn’t want to be on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but still cashing in on deals she was offered because she is dating someone on the show.

“I know it’s been said in the past that [Lauren] didn’t want any part of this and whatever but it’s like, really?” Lindsie said. “Is that really how you feel because if that’s the truth why are you pushing out ads on Instagram every day?”

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Kail also stated that she was infuriated that Lauren had used her son, Lincoln, in some of her previous ads, and explained that she had put a stop to it.

“I messaged her myself,” Kail explained. “I said, ‘Do not put my son in any of your ads!’”

Kail acknowledged that she uses her kids in her own Instagram ads, but explained that she has arranged deals for the kids, too.

“If my sons are in any of my ads online, [my sons] are getting [paid] for that,” Kail said. “My kids get paid to be in my ads. So, [she’s] sure as s**t not going to turn around and do a $200 post and use my kid for free. That’s not the way this works.”

Lindsie agreed with Kail, adding that Kail’s already strained relationship with Lauren should deter Lauren from using the kids for money and fame.

“I would feel a type of way if I was in the situation you were in and another woman gets involved and is using my kid on advertisements,” Lindsie said. “Y’all already have such a not good relationship, so to do that I feel like it just fuels the fire more and it keeps things stirred up for no reason. It could be completely avoided all together.

“Don’t act like you don’t like the [‘Teen Mom’] platform, but then you’re using it,” Lindsie added. “It’s one or the other. You either like it or you don’t. If you don’t like it, that’s great, but stop trying to build yourself as a blogger on Instagram.”

During a previous episode of Coffee Convos, Kail has explained that she does not foresee herself ever having a good relationship with Lauren, and she resents MTV for trying to “force” a friendship between her and Lauren.

“OK, so…if you won’t be friends with Lauren, would you at least be willing to Jello-wrestle her on-camera during the new season? We’ve gotta get those ratings somehow!”

“She is very minimally a part of my life, very minimally,” Kail said during an episode last month. “I have nothing to do with Lauren and [her son] Eli. I need to co-parent with Javi for Lincoln. Yes, Eli is Lincoln’s sibling and I always talk him up…I don’t need to communicate with her and I constantly feel like I’m being forced from the show and people to talk about them when they’re not part of my life. I don’t need to talk to her, I don’t need to be a part of her everyday life. We don’t need to do that.”

Lauren and Javi have yet to respond publicly to Kail and Lindsie’s latest statements about Lauren.

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99 Responses

  1. Kale( pun intended) needs to stop acting like shes e:erything,the only thing she is ,is a breeder,using mtv,to make herself important nope,if it wasntfor mtv,where wld she be,, what a trashbag

  2. Some of y’all are seriously a bunch of haters. I’d feel exactly the same way as Kail. Sure she capitalized off the show, who wouldn’t ??‍♀️ But her income isn’t soly TM2 she has her hair care product line & it’s doing really, really well. And so what if she done the show i guarantee you most of the women on here would have jumped at that chance as well. Kail is one of the few of the moms on the show who I like & respect. Lauren has ZERO right.

  3. Kail is just SUPER jealous of Lauren’s relationship with Javi she claims she doesn’t want him but doesn’t want anyone else to have HIM that’s the type of situation this is ????

    1. I doubt it very much !!!!! Javi is no great loss ! Kail has worked and has been successful! . Javi seems to ride on the coat tails of the teen moms !

  4. I’ve been watching teen mom since the beginning and all I got to say is all of u use this show for fam if the show was gone so would all the money and how is it that young teen girls get paid for having baby’s this show is telling young kids to go out and have baby’s young an putting it in their heads that you can use your baby to make money it just makes me sick these are not teen girls anymore so why they still on a show called teen mom time to grow up and be real moms like most of us not on TV. Just saying

  5. Lauren seems like an opportunist just like Mackenzie. Dont like her. When that episode aired of her being all competitive who could cheer on Lincoln more at the soccer game that showed me a lot. She over stepped her bounds and was really rude. If I were her I would have tried to make an effort to make peace and be nice if I knew I was going to be in the picture for the long haul. She acted like a complete bitch. It’s obvious why she got pregnant after like a month of dating Javi.

    1. Easier said than done!!!! Kail has already said she doesn’t plan to be civil to Lauren, so why should Lauren TRY to be civil with Kail!!!! Coparenting is a two-way street and Kail doesn’t seem to have the ability to be civil!!! She is a no good hoochie mama (note the three kids with different baby daddies) that can’t keep her legs closed!!!!

  6. Oh Kail, come on now. You both are capitalizing your very best off this show as are most of the people who have clothing lines, skin care lines, etc. I liked Kail in the beginning but as the years have gone on I think she has turned into a negative, mean person to others due to her own insecurities and need to control everything. I hope she gets it together a little more positively for her kids especially if anymore come along!!!

  7. So Kail is upset that yet someone else is doing exactly what she does. Her ONLY money comes from her teen mom fame.

  8. Kail is just jealous because these Companies didn’t want her promoting them! Kail doing Flat Tummy Tea?Hahahahahahaha!!!

    1. Is she serious?!? Cause she got pregnant as a teen its her ” platform” i am almost speechless.silly little girl.she sounds bitter.all her ex rd have moved on

  9. Javi + Lauren are a match made in famewhore paradise. Why else do you stay with a dude who you know is screwing two other chicks while he’s screwing you, and then get pregnant within 5 seconds after you secured yourself as his 3rd choice. But you don’t want anything to do with the show… Mmkay.

  10. I don’t follow any of them on any of their social media, have a question for anyone that may know.. What is this shake that Lauren has in the above photo, weight loss product??
    I’m wondering if this may be a product that the company wouldn’t think to offer to Kail. Lauren takes a lot of pride in fitness and how she looks, there’s probably several companies that would love her endorsement.

    1. Nope, Lauren jumps on whatever will pay her, she has the mouth of a sailor and honestly thinks her, you know what, doesn’t stink. The Lauren you see on social media is NOT the real Lauren. Y’all, this isn’t Kail posting this either. lol

  11. Petty Betty doing her best petty. Let me explain it to you, stupid girl. You dont own the show, you have no say on who appears. You can easily be replaced by any random, just ask Farrah & Jenelle. The audience gives zero fks witch clown MTV puts on these TM shows. You are all interchangeable. If you leave 20 more are waiting in line to take your spot. So STFU, & entertain us, you’re no better than a dancing bear. SO DANCE FOR US!??

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Dnt worry lauren if it wasnt for mtv teen mom2 16th and pregnate. And her grtting pregnate she wont have anything and shes mad she had so many different boyfriends in this show am suprise she didnt have more kids shes an old ass drama queen tat if it wasmt for mtv she would have anything not even a life let her talk

  13. How is what Lauren is doing any less valid than what Kail is doing? You are recognizable to the public and capitalizing off of that. You can’t police how others use their fame. She’s not hurting anyone. Let it go.

  14. Okay, I think Kail is always jealous of her exes’ new girlfriends because she resents them for moving on so quickly. But….you did too?! The ink of your divorce papers wasn’t even dry before you got knocked up with Chris but no, Javi needs to wait for you to want him back or something?! And she did actually succeed in a part because before he got back together with Lauren, he hooked up with Kail again.

    I think she has low self-esteem but she is trying to up herself by bashing others. Trust me, I was like that and it only brought me disappointments and anger. Stop trying to tell people how to live their life and just let them live it!

  15. You may not like Kailyn but how can anyone be mad at her not wanting another chick to use her son’s image w/o her permission. This Lauren chick is just Javi’s gf not long even long term at that . It doesn’t give her the right to be using Lincoln in her money making scheme. Take your dislike for Kailyn out of the situation and be realistic, I’d be mad as hell that some chick I barely knew was making money off of my fame.

    1. Well, all she did was take a picture of him when he was visiting his father. Sure it’s Kails son, but he’s also Javi’s son so if Javi is ok with it I feel like whatever they want to while Lincoln is with them is fine.

  16. One hundred percent agree that Laurens nonstop add posting is annoying as you know what!!! Not saying I agree with everything Kail does but Laurens IG is non stoppppp soliciting twenty four seven. Mary Kays calling you Lauren!!

  17. You sent her a messenger yourself?! Who the f else would send it? Kail must have been pretty mad to skip the opportunity to use her super professional KL letterhead to get the word out. So if Lauren said she loved the show all would be well? Thanks for explaining exactly how to exploit your kids.

  18. kail the whale pot calling the kettle black. she laid on her back to get a show. she pulled this with vee now loves her then its javi now the gf grow kail

  19. Other than jenelle, kailyn is my least favorite. Her attitude stinks, and she thinks way to highly of herself. Being a 20 something single mother to 3 kids from 3 different guys, u would think she would hop down off her high horse and realize that without mtv she would be empty handed as well. U aren’t self made kailyn, hate to break it to u.

  20. For a girl that claims she Lauren isn’t a part of her life, etc Kail certainly can’t keep the girl’s name out of her mouth. Let’s be real..you’re only where you are because you got knocked up at 16 and lucked out that producers chose you to film. How different is the situation? You both capitalize on opportunity ?‍♀️

    1. It’s funny because they could choose not to address Lauren or talk about her at all. But by devoting a whole segment to her they show that they’re looking at her insta and that they’re threatened by her!

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Let her cash in only makes Lincoln life better Kail don’t let her bother you. She’s just trying to cash in too let her.

    1. So with this line of thinking, ex baby Daddies shouldn’t be on the show? That would mean half the cast is gone! Why would Ryan, Gary, Jeremy, Cory, Devon, Nathan or Joe film? ?

  22. I’m team Kali all the way!!! Let’s be clear she asked Lauren not to use her child in any ads.her dumb self did !!! Thts no respect 4 Kali!!!!

  23. “[she’s] sure as s**t not going to turn around and do a $200 post and use my kid for free. That’s not the way this works.”

    Only I’M allowed to make money off of these kids. She’s greedy and awful. Does she pay her kids for her ads they appear in? Lincoln is Javi’s son too, not just hers. She thought she wanted a baby daddy to give her a kid then go away until Chris showed up and did exactly that ??

    1. There are many reality stars advertising products on social media. There is plenty to go around! Kail letting her jealousy of other females has become old. It is also wise to have at least a cordial relationship with the other woman or women in your children(s) lives. It benefits the children! It’s not for you, it’s for them so stop being an arrogant woman and suck it up! I recommend for the fathers and dads to do the same! Liking and/or loving another womans or mans children becomes difficult when the bio parent acts like Kail does! David E has treated Kaiser with disdain because Nathan is the dad. One day Kaiser will blame his mother for how he was treated! I have always been grateful for the woman my ex married. She has always been wonderful, kind, accepting, and loving to my son. I did everything I could for us to have a great relationship for my/our son. Yes, she is his mom too! She took care of him every other weekend, week at Christmas, 2 weeks in the summer, she never missed his ballgames or school functions. She never called him her stepson and my husband has never called him his stepson. She calls him her son and my husband calls him his son. That’s how it should be! All of our kids are brothers and sisters NOT half siblings!

  24. “and she resents MTV for trying to “force” a friendship between her and…”

    I’d imagine Vee felt this way for a bit when Kail was shit talking her. But Vee is a mature woman.

  25. Can’t wait for Kail to lose all her income and have to try and make a living. Good luck getting your kids into schools with your anti vaccine idiot stance.

  26. Kail is such a jealous, immature idiot, who needs to realize the only people she is hurting is her poor sons. Kids are very smart and observant, so there is no question that Linc doesn’t see how differently you treat his brother and Isaac’s sister. You can say you speak so highly of his brother but actions speak louder than words. Kids learn from what you do and not what you say. You would be livid if Jo treated your other crotch fruit like this and you know it. I can’t wait until Chris moves on and Kail has her next target. BY that time I’m sure she will be fine with Lauren so she can focus her vitriol on someone else.

  27. Kail is such a miserable person, always carries herself like a sloppy bully. She’s just a bitter, mean OGRE.

  28. Karl and Ambien act like it’s “THEIR” show, and they own it, and have the final say on everything! I think it’s funny that Karl gets all worked up, when an obvious “opportunist” like Lauren shows up, and wants “in on the action”! The sense of entitlement with these noTeen Moms is unbelievable! MTV created a bunch of holier than thou Divas. End this shit show and these entitled nobodies, NOW!

  29. Lauren is only doing the same thing Kailyn is. Making money doing the bare minimum. Why is she’s so jealous?It’s like…one hooker calling another hooker a wh*re. For example lol.

  30. She has the right to earn a wage too. Kail is such a greedy pig. I’m really getting sick of her horrible face and her disgusting attitude.

    1. “[she’s] sure as s**t not going to turn around and do a $200 post and use my kid for free. That’s not the way this works.”

      Only I’M allowed to make money off of these kids. She’s greedy and awful.

  31. I think she blaming the wrong person he knew what was in those texts and showed them to her just to make sure there was trouble between them. I think she said it all before he dose not want them to be friend’s because she has a lot of stuff on him.

    1. Kali is just washed up and not attractive physically or mentally. He focus should be more on how many different baby daddies she has. If any of them started denying the kids she could have a week worth of Maury episodes

  32. Why does it matter what Lauren does? If she’s minimally in your life why do you seem to know about what she posts on instagram? Kail has had every Tom, Dick, and Harry around Isaac and that deadbeat Chris around both he and Lincoln yet she’s still salty about the mother of Lincoln’s other sibling being in the picture? Girl, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Get over it.

  33. I do not like Lauren, but she’s got a baby to feed, so I can’t knock her for utilizing her 15 minutes of fame and getting some extra money…Even if she didn’t appear on the show, I think she would gain a following as Javi’s baby mama just because people are curious about her, so she doesn’t particularly need the show. For example Courtland has over 66,000 twitter followers, and is even verified on twitter, and he never made an appearance on TM2. People follow him because they want to see Jenelle’s first husband…Kail sounds very entitled, bitter and immature.

    However, I do not like that Lauren was putting Lincoln in the ads. Once again Lauren has shown she doesn’t understand her role in Lincoln’s life, and thinks she’s more than just the expendable girlfriend/baby mama…Javi was ready to put a ring on Briana after a few months…but an entire baby later, Lauren is still just the baby mama. If Lauren realized her place, she would not exploit someone else’s kid without asking permission from BOTH parents if it were ok to put the child on her social media…especially if it’s for financial gain. She’s not even Lincoln’s step mom, God mom, nothing mom…and she continues to act like she has a say in Lincoln’s life. She is constantly over stepping, and doesn’t seem to understand boundaries.

    1. Exactly this!!
      And I’m sorry I would be bitter over the name calling too. Once in a text ok, twice Ok, but over and over I kinda get it.

        1. i always agree with both of y’alls comments/takes on things. (@roast & @lexii) just wanted to put that out there… longish time reader/commenter and every time i come on here I’m like “YES! what they said!! *thumbs up*”

      1. Exactly. Honestly by her calling Kail a twat, she gave Kail the power/self entitlement to feel validated in acting like a bitch towards her…and I really don’t understand why Javi would even show Kail the messages unless he wanted to start drama. My whole issue with Lauren is that she thinks that she’s a parent or a relative of Lincoln’s, and she isn’t…she’s not even a step parent or legal guardian. No one else on the show over steps the way she does….Vee, Taylor, Cole, Kristina, even Mackenzie…they do not do what Lauren does, and they’re actual step parents. It’s really weird, and kind’ve disrespectful. It’s very Leann Rimes of her.

  34. Kail needs some serious councelling sessions. If she spent a fraction of the time in therapy, that she does causing drama around herself, she would have a healthier lifestyle. It takes so much more effort to be angry and bitter, than to grow up and learn from your mistakes.

  35. Kailyn at it again. Kails acting like she’s above everyone. B please. Kail doesn’t like her because like Vee they’re way better looking. Kails a cry baby. Go build Chris a new home and chase after him. No one wants to hear what you think. Kails ugly inside and out.

  36. If anyone should be bitching about their exes s/o cashing in on TM fame, it’s Maci. Mackenzie not only basically has her own segments on the show now, she also treats Maci like crap while she does it. And yet, Maci doesn’t say a word because Maci chooses her battles wisely. Kail is just an extremely jealous and entitled person.

    1. I think the reason Maci doesn’t say crap about her is because Mack really isn’t that significant in her life… Maci has a fulfilling life, busy with her husband and kids. What does Kail have? Honestly?? Besides the material things…
      Kail doesn’t have that love, the friendship with someone who wants to build a life with her… The things money can’t buy… Kail doesn’t have. Instead, she popped kids out like pez for three different men… Adorable boys, but guaranteed that isn’t what she envisioned her life to turn out. But, she creates this drama herself . She needs to just not give sh*t about Lauren or Brianna or anyone else her exes will associate themselves with in the future should their current relationships fail… ?

  37. Why is Kail so upset? Is she the only dumb slore who can have three babies by three different boys and make money off of MTV without having to work a real job? Take a seat, bish.

  38. Kail gets under my skin. You can tell she’s extremely jealous of whom her past baby daddies date. She did it with Vee, Javi and Chris.

    She keeps her lip zipped about Chris because, KAIL was the other woman. He was in a relationship with someone else. Chris is probably embarrassed by her behavior and the fact that he got a married chick pregnant with her 3rd child.

    I just can’t understand how someone who has so much, gets so jealous of others. Girl, go live your best life and stop being so bitter about every single thing.

  39. I feel like she’s upset that Chris doesn’t want to be on camera, that’s the choice you made to get involved with someone before your divorce was finalized. Shut this sh*tty show down, these girls think their A-list celebrities.

  40. Who cares? Why is kail soooo salty about literally everything? She big mad someone might click laurens instead of her click bait? Its no different than Vee, Miranda, Ashley or any other new significant other of a baby daddy being on the show. Jenelle takes the top spot, but i hate kail the most after her. Kail is a disgusting person. There’s nothing to like about her. Nothing

    1. It depends on where you live. In America it’s generally check. Across the pond it’s generally cheque

    2. And in the states, the word,”spelt” means wheat or hay. It’s spelled “spelled” here. I’d hate for you to look stupid trying to correct someone else’s grammar. #grammarpolice #thatsreallyyouronlycomment

  41. Nobody can profit but her! It’s only wrong if SHE says it’s wrong. She has been seething with jealousy since Lauren announced her pregnancy. “I always talk Eli up to Lincoln” are you stupid, you really think he can’t feel how much you detest the mother of his brother??!! ?

  42. Well, Lauren left her home for a dude she really only knew from tv and promptly had a baby. She left friends, family, and a job (maybe) so of course she’s going to try to cash in any way she can. I can not fathom how so many people involved in this franchise make lifelong lasting decisions in the hopes that social media and tv appearances will be enough to support them and their children for any meaningful period of time once the shows inevitably go off air. I know Javi started some kind of gym, but that hadn’t gotten off the ground the first time she ever so reluctantly showed up on camera. I rarely agree with Kail, but I’m with her 100% on this.

  43. Not much of a hypocrite is Kail? It’s ok for her to profit from doing nothing but having children, each one with a different father, yet she begrudges Lauren any profit from her 5 minutes of celebrity. The reality is that they are all in it for the money and faux celebrity, so it should be a level playing field for all of them.

  44. Kail: it’s all about me all the time.

    It’s so annoying and she’s a child who needs to grow up. I understand not using Lincoln, but if I could have someone pay me to do an ad, you bet I’d do it.

  45. I m tired of hearing Kail complain about everything but before this was even anything spoken I also found it off the amount to endorsements Lauren uses on Instagram. She did it back when she was pregnant. The only reason I find it confusing it Javi himself said that they broke up the first time because Lauren couldn’t handle dating someone who was on tv. Now she’s embraced it in the most in your face way.

  46. “use my kid for free” ??
    Sorry, didn’t make it past this quote. Keepin it classy, Kail, as usual.

  47. While I don’t think anyone would turn down hundreds of dollars to simply post a picture, regardless of whether they want “fame” or not I do understand where Kail is coming from about the show. Javi and Lauren are irrelevant to TM2 and shouldn’t be shown nearly as much as they are unless they’re literally in the same room/place as Kail. They’re both camera crazy and it’s really annoying.

    1. Never thought I’d say this, but team Kail on this one. Lauren is as thirsty as Javi. Has to be because any woman of any self confidence would have told her man to screw off knowing she was third choice. But then goes and gets pregnant?!! She’s nothing but a wannabe.

  48. Lauren has been a fame chasing whore since before she even appeared in a single episode, pumping out these adverts for crap. If she want to whore out her own son fair play to her but as much as it pains me, I have to agree with Kailyn, she has no right to use Lincoln.

  49. “Y’all already have such a not good relationship.”
    The schools must not be well in South Carolina either.

  50. God this bitter bitch, the money ultimately goes to a household her own son lives in half the time. It literally has no bearing on her life how she makes money and should only be of concern if they didn’t have enough money and weren’t able to provide for Lincoln. Quit bein a bitter Betty kunty Kail

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