‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Says She Has Gotten Rid of Everything Her Ex Thomas Ravenel Gave Her: “I Just Don’t Want That In My Life”

“Haul it on out of here! It’s got Thomas cooties on it!”

Kathryn Dennis wants Thomas Ravenel out of her life– and out of her closet!

The Southern Charm star recently told Entertainment Tonight that she has purged 100 percent of the clothing, jewelry and gifts her baby daddy gave her over the years. Kathryn stated that giving away everything she got from Thomas (as well as “70 percent of her belongings” in general) has helped her have a “fresh start.”

“I just don’t want that in my life now, you know what I mean?” Kathryn, who recently moved into a new rental house with her kids, said. “I’m in a new place and I just, I don’t know … it’s actually made me a lot happier.”

Kathryn and Thomas have been locked in a bitter custody battle for their two kids, Kensie and Saint, for over a year, with no signs of the nasty feud coming to an end any time soon. However, Kat says that removing any items from her home that have ties to Thomas has helped her.

“Any chance I can buy back some of the crap I gave you so I can give it to Ashley?”

“I spend a lot of time at home, and I try to make my home feel like my sanctuary,” she said, stating that her sobriety keeps her from going out as much as she used to. “I am really so numb to all the craziness outside of me, that I live in the perfect little bubble.”

That “craziness” Kathryn is referring to may be Thomas’ ongoing legal issues. Last year, Thomas was arrested and charged with assault and battery, after Dawn Ledell, Thomas’ and Kathryn’s former nanny, accused him of rape and other crimes. Thomas has denied all wrongdoing and is set to send trial

As for Kathryn, she told Entertainment Tonight that, although she loves the house she’s currently renting, she plans to begin building a “forever home” in the Charleston area for her and her kids. 

To see a tour of the inside of Kathryn’s current Charleston home, watch the video below!

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(Photos: Bravo)


  1. Kathryn may be young according to the date of her birth but she’s definitely not young and innocent when it comes to men, her sex life and her drug and alcohol use. To start the show off with her shacking up with Whitney for I think a week she also had sexual relations with Shep(prior to getting into bed with Shep he asked her to take a shower to remove her fake tanning lotion so his sheets wouldn’t be stained). I also believe that she might have had a one nighter(or2,3,10) with Craig before bagging Thomas. On top of all her penis hopping comes the drug and alcohol use. It always appeared to me that she was either drunk or tipsy and possibly a bit stoned. At other times you could definitely tell she was doing cocaine just from the way her eyes looked and how intensely nuts she would act during her many different confrontations. If she really gives a damn about what’s in her children’s best interest she would stop running her mouth about all the bs going on legally and continue the 50/50 custody that seemed to be working out so well for those babies. In this country your supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. If and when that time comes then obviously something will have to change as far as the custody situation. Kids need both parents in their lives to become well rounded adults. God bless those babies. Unfortunately from what’s been shown so far they’re going to need all the prayers and blessings they can get!

  2. She and Thomas, needs to work a system that will be good, healthy, and comfortable to both their children, and themselves.

  3. This is the kind of stuff the judge was talking about when he suspended the gag order. She keeps talking and talking and talking about him. Say “no comment on my kid’s father, but my children and I are happy in our home, we got a kitten and blah blah blah”.

    Stop talking about him. You’re better than that.

  4. I like Kathryn. Thomas got a hold of her when she was 21 and basically still a child, got her pregnant, and drove her crazy…she didn’t know how to cope because she was so young and she went on a downward spiral, and now at 26, she’s still young, and dealing with Thomas’ crazy ass, Ashley’s mean ass, on top of all that 2 small kids, and she’s trying her best to co parent with her psycho ex. I couldn’t imagine taking all that on and being that young. I’m also glad she’s got her own place now, it’s complete 180 from Thomas’ basement.

    1. What a shit to put her and the baby in the basement of that huge house. That was the writing on the wall for the future right there.

    1. This show brings out the worst in people judgement. They hate Naomi,because she is outspoken, rich, educated and demands respect. They love Kathryn because she makes awful, self motivated decisions at every turn, and she’s called a victim. Katryns older than Naomi bit is treated like she’s a kid.Does anybody wonder why society is headed towards to shitter?

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