‘Teen Mom OG’ Continues To Draw Huge Viewership After 10 Years: A Look at the Ratings of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Premiere

“Let’s be honest… you couldn’t stop watching this train wreck if you tried!”

Teen Mom OG Season 8 kicked off this week with a bang—albeit, a different kind of bang than what landed the girls this gig ten years ago! (See what we did there?)

While the show has had— and continues to have— its share of haters over the years, its ability to be a ratings monster can not be denied, even a decade after the girls first appeared on our TV screens.

According to ShowBuzzDaily, Monday’s season premiere brought in a whopping 990,000 viewers in the first hour of the two-hour premiere, while the second hour maintained a respectable 920,000 viewers.

“That’s right! Keep those offers for sponsored Instagram posts comin’!”

Monday’s big numbers are similar to those the show pulled in during the last few episodes of Season 7B in December, which ranged from 953,000 to 1,000,600. While the 7B Reunion episodes only brought in 497,000 and 513,000 viewers, respectively, the episodes did air on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, so that more than likely had something to do with the decrease in people tuning in.

Despite the changes the show’s cast has had over the years, ‘Teen Mom OG’ fanbase has remained strong. Last season, Farrah Abraham was replaced by Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd. Cheyenne is still on the show, but, as The Ashley previously told you, Bristol officially retired her ‘Teen Mom OG’ ripped notebook paper name card in April, though her absence in the new season doesn’t seem to be phasing viewers.

“If you only knew how many denim overall moments you guys are missing out on…”

‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers seemed to have mixed feelings about Bristol joining the show’s cast, even from the beginning. Following Monday’s premiere, many took to Twitter to express their happiness that Bristol was no longer on the show.

“This might be the BEST season of @TeenMom ever!” one person tweeted. “I finally like every single cast member. Bristol not coming back is the gift that keeps on giving.”

“I’m glad Bristol isn’t on this season of Teen Mom,” another wrote. “Her story was boring.”

With ratings holding strong, it looks like Farrah’s offer to return and save the show from those “low ratings” won’t be needed after all… though maybe she can lend her services to Teen Mom: Young Moms Club?

“Wait, are they hiring?!”

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25 Responses

  1. huh.. kinda surprised to read this. i stopped watching OG a couple seasons ago, i wasn’t down for the random cast shake-up. looking forward to any of The Ashley’s recap masterpieces tho!!

  2. Oh god why have we been watching this for a DECADE?
    I was still in HIGH SCHOOL when it premiered.
    Since then I’ve received a university degree, moved out, had a few jobs to find something I love, gotten married and after years of successfully avoiding pregnancy (thanks Teen Mom? JK thanks to the birth control I had to go on to control my acne) am pregnant with our first.

    I can say with FULL confidence my life has been more fulfilling and exciting than any of the “characters” on this show. I say characters because perhaps they all find their lives fulfilling off-camera, but what we see on our screens is FAR from thrilling.

    Yet, I still watch the show for something to do while folding laundry, and I don’t make anywhere near what these girls do. Huh.

  3. I’m not surprised that the seasons first episode brought a high count, I’ll be surprised if those numbers continue. This was two hours of pure crap , the only thing I really enjoyed was seeing baby James, is he cute! Amber put a lump in my throat, I think her feelings are very real and they’re seriously bothersome.
    Tyler& cate: Still have done nothing in 10 years to better themselves, they’re worse. Cate is in and out of facilities, Tyler takes a month long vacation from his wife(that was far from a real separation)while she’s pregnant, and they have two very different views on how to parent-no team work in that department.
    Maci: has nothing to say or do if it’s not about Ryan..it must suck to be Taylor.
    Cheyenne: this girl must stand in the mirror all day reassuring she’s the fairest of them all, she doesn’t understand that there’s a whole world around herself and her daughter. Cory’s gf shouldn’t take photos of her butt? I guess she should reserve her bare ass for a huge family function!
    Personally, if MTV is going to keep the shows going..add Amber to TM2 and call the rest a wrap.

  4. I also really enjoyed these first two episodes, especially because they have more time for each girl. Before the segments always seem so rushed.

  5. Soo nice to see the women growing into themselves. I will admit I wasn’t too sure about how it would work when they added Cheyenne however, I think she fit right in and I like watching her and Cory navigate their coparenting especially considering he didn’t find out he was Ryder’s dad until a few months after she was born. I think they work well together.

    I must also admit that I am loving how vulnerable amber appeared on the season premiere. The girl has problems and is no where near perfect but I do like how she is going to therapy and how she really is giving it her all when it comes to parenting James and trying hard to be a presence in leah’s Life as well. I also like Andrew for her. You can tell he is trying to be there and understand her bipolar/borderline personality. I think she found the perfect partner for her.

    All in all this season looks like it will be a good one and I just hope Ryan can get his ish together! Even though I think the first step to that should be a divorce!! Mackenzie doesn’t come across as the smartest or actual supporter of him. I just don’t trust her!

  6. I like watching Catelynn and Amber’s stories this season so far … Maci doesn’t interest me because all she does is talk about Ryan. I know he has issues and I understand why shes concerned, I am just sick of hearing about him and seeing Mackenzie’s contorted scowling face in her scenes. Still such a bitch! And I have always fast forwarded thru Cheyenne’s scenes.

    1. I stopped watching when they brought on Cheyenne. One pig (Amber) is my limit. I don’t watch either TM anymore because I also had to stop watching TM2 when they brought on Briana because again my one pig limit (Kail) was exceeded.

    2. @nicole.. Agreed, Maci had five conversations in the two hours we watched, All 5 were strictly about Ryan, even her own voice overs!

  7. I like the fact that they’re doing so well especially since MTV kept Farrah around for so long (and even brought in TWO new story lines after she left) because they thought the show couldn’t carry on without her antics and demonic attitude…It’s a nice slap in Farrah’s face. Just goes to show that the ones that think they’re the stars of the show, are in fact replaceable…and if TM OG is doing this well without Farrah, then TM2 will probably be just fine without Jenelle.

  8. I actually didn’t mind Bristol being on the show, just for Dakota’s storyline though. I think it was great to have him on there actually talking about his PTSD.

    Also, while putting Farrah on “Young Mom’s Club” would probably help the ratings, she should stay off reality TV and get an actual dose of reality. She needs help.

    1. I liked that Dakota was raising awareness for PTSD as well since it’s still a taboo subject. I 100% related to those scenes as a veterans wife.

    2. I agree about Bristol, and I still have no idea what she was complaining about when she said that she didn’t like the way she was being portrayed on the show…I think they gave her a really good/fair edit. I actually liked her story because of her situation with Dakota, and his condition…all of the other girls had failed relationships for petty and trivial reasons, her and Dakota’s situation was legit.

      1. Tbh I think she was pissed that Levi got his own special “being Levi,” like the other teen mom dads have had. She always tried to paint Levi in a negative light, when in reality I think he’s not really a bad guy. Levi’s special made me want to see more of his family, too bad that won’t happen now.

      2. Bristol was just pissed that she was so unlikeable to the viewers. I think she expected to be so highly revered and she couldn’t handle that no one gives a shit about her and we all liked Dakota so much more for being himself and calling her ass out lol

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