North Carolina Animal Shelter Begs ‘Teen Mom 2′ Fans to Stop Calling Them About David Eason; Sheriff Confirms David Eason Hasn’t Been Charged for Death of Jenelle Evans’ Dog Nugget

The animal shelter near The Land is begging fans to stop their phone calls!

It’s been over a month since Jenelle Evans‘ dog Nugget died at the hands of her husbandDavid Eason, but Teen Mom 2 fans have not forgotten about the poor pup and are still calling for justice…literally!

The Columbus County Animal Shelter told local WECT6 News that it is still receiving more than 100 calls each day in regard to Nugget’s death. The shelter’s director, Loretta Shipman, told the news station that the shelter is receiving so many calls that they are interfering with other county animal-related calls. She says she discussed the issue with the Commissioner on Monday, stating that the shelter has received over 7,000 calls and emails total since news of Nugget’s death broke on April 30.

“Our answering machine in the morning is nothing but the ‘Teen [Mom]’ dog incident,” she said. “Once we clear them off and more get back on, and then we get complaints from the County that we can’t get their calls in because we’re trying to clear out all the calls from this ‘Teen Mom’ incident.”

“I wouldn’t mind gettin’ some phone calls…did you hear that MTV? Call me, day or night!”

As The Ashley previously reported, David and Jenelle admitted that David killed Nugget in late April, claiming that the small French bulldog “nipped” at their two-year-daughter Ensley. Jenelle revealed more details of the brutal way Nugget died, initially stating she was “devastated” by his death. She soon defended David in the killing, though. An investigation was launched by the Columbus County Sheriff’s department and Animal Control. CPS also investigated and ended up removing all of the Eason’s kids from their care.

Anyway, the Columbus County Animal Shelter’s director begged fans to stop calling them, stating that the Animal Shelter is not the correct division to handle the incident, as Nugget is already deceased.

“We have been getting calls from Day 1 and [are] still [getting] calls every single day,” she said. “And we still advise them that we are not in the process of handling that [incident] because a dog has supposedly been killed. Once the dog is killed, it’s no longer the department of Columbus County Animal Shelter, it becomes the department of the Sheriff’s department to investigate.”

Although it’s been over a month since the Columbus County Animal Control and Sheriff’s Department announced they were launching a joint investigation into Nugget’s death, there has been very little information released about it since then.

However, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department told WECT6 News on Wednesday that, to date, no charges have been filed against David in regard to the death of Nugget.

“She added that the Sheriff’s Office is still receiving daily calls and emails from people across the country and outside of the United States,” the site reports.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Of course, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans aren’t the only ones tying up the public service phone lines in Columbus County. Earlier this month, a rep from North Carolina’s Emergency Services Department confirmed that there have been 25 emergency services calls made to (or from) Jenelle and David’s home on The Land in the last year.

Watch the local news report (which aired on Wednesday) in the Twitter video below! 

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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    1. I’m not sure what’s going on, I need to catch up with the articles. Last I heard they were in DC happily riding scooters down the street!!!! Pity a bus didn’t hit them !

  1. I thought it was established already and well-known that they cannot charge David unless Jenelle testifies and or gives up the body of nugget there’s no body so there’s technically no murder do you understand now? A month after everyone else who grasps basic laws and not using playground rules.

  2. Has anyone ever watched the interviews of Diane Elizabeth Downs who shot her children and “trapped” a man she was obsessed with by getting pregnant whilst she was still under investigation? Every time she speaks it is like looking at & listening to Jenelle! It is blood chilling!!

        1. Yeah it was , I remember it now , she had 3 kids I think and then shot them because the boyfriend didn’t want kids ???? Is that the one ! Great movie, but very chilling when you Know it’s based on a true story……That a mother would go to those lengths just for the sake of a guy !

        1. I was just about to Google it ! LOL . What year was it made ? It must have been a fair while ago , I’m trying to work out the time frame and I think l saw it when I was pregnant with my son , he was born in 1986. I’d love to see it again.
          She was a cold hearted bitch that one !

        2. Thank you! I had no idea it was on YouTube I have been trying to find it on Amazon and Google Play and Apple the last few months. No luck. And when you look at the interviews with Diane Downs it’s chilling. Uncanny, her mannerisms, the way she talks, the dead eyes, putting dick before her own kids. So much so she actually shot them. So sad. Her oldest daughter who survived has to live with it.

          1. Really heartbreaking….. You would definitely have to be a certain kind of evil to even THINK about doing something like that.
            I remember watching it and the way she chased after that guy and made her kids feel like an inconvenience was sickening! She was a cold hearted bitch.ABSOLUTLEY sickening!

      1. Yes, the movie was called Small Sacrifices. She was in love with a man that didn’t want children, so she shot her own kids! Then intentionally got pregnant again to trap a man. She even managed to escape once & was found in a nearby house with several strange men where she was trying to get pregnant again, though sentenced to life +50 years! She looks so much like Jenelle…same eyes & chin. But, its when you hear her speak & her victim mentality that it gets scary!

          1. The book, by Ann Rule, is great. The DA who prosecuted her adopted the two surviving children?

          2. Oooooohhhh ok , Thanks for that.I’ll definitely check it out. I loved the movie so I’d love to read the book. ?

        1. As a side note I don’t know if Small Sacrifices was a Lifetime movie but you cant beat the old lifetimes based on true stories! I remember Judith Light killing son Ricky Schroeder’s wife out of jealousy, the Jahnke siblings (had Mallory from Family ties) who shot abusive dad and Tracey Gold shooting much older boyfriends (big from sex and city) wife……(not Lolita). Thanks for letting me reminisce! Hate the new movies they show!

      1. I agree….. I Loooooove older movies..Maybe that’s why they’re called “Oldies but goodies” ? I love true life movies though! Its really interesting watching how a life / lives unfold .

    1. I remember seeing the movie and I think I might have caught her interview but I’m not quite sure. I just remember how it just gave me chills. She was one evil bitch.
      I think I was pregnant with my son (1986) when I saw it , but I can’t be sure !

  3. @theashleyrealityroundup. There is a problem with this site, when posting. All is clear to post. You spend 10 minutes composing your post, and only THEN, does it show “reload this page to post comment” As a result, your comment is lost! This is so frustrating, I just don’t visit your site often, it’s so annoying, and a waste of my time. I refuse to compose a message several times, any longer!

    1. I learned to check the read bar at the bottom. I also type my comment, than copy and paste if need be.

    2. Yeah I find this happens quite often as well …… Its quite frustrating, so what is the best way to avoid / or solution to this? …. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Cheers ?

      1. Copy your comment after typing so you can paste it in immediately after you reload before the page has time to time out.

    3. Does anyone else have this happen to them…on mobile if I click on a picture it will take me to the picture link and i have to go back but then it takes me back to all articles. When scrolling through an article i try to not click or touch on the photos, otherwise it will redirect me

      1. Yes this annoys me so much! I hope it will get fixed soon. I often avlid to read the articles because its so annoying to get to the one who interests me.

        1. I hope so , its really frustrating! No offense but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one ! I though th I must have been doing something wrong…. but I couldn’t figure out what .

          1. The monsters are in DC meeting with people for her makeup line. I think it was US Weekly that put the article and the photos out. They were riding Segways. You think the animals have been left without food or water? They don’t care. Who would buy anything of hers. If I knew who she was meeting with, I’d put these monsters on blast!

          2. I thought they might have gone to take “SELFIES” with their friends from the SS


        2. Yeah , its happening quiet frequently its becoming really quiet annoying actually. I actually went and bought a new phone (I was due for a new one though) thinking that my phone had finally died !
          I hope this problem gets resolved soon because it’s an awesome site, its these glitches that are making it frustrating!

    4. Glad these issues came up. Ditto on posting comments. The other thing is I always click the option to be notified of posts, etc but haven’t received the “follow this article” email in a month or so. My address is correct and not in spam.

        1. LOL, It happened to me a couple of times today ! Talk about making me feel like an idiot !

          But it is still happening so I know I’m not imagining things .

      1. Ashley uses WordPress, I think. I always click on to receive new post, and I get them. The first time WordPress will send you a consent to click yes for new post. I also click on to receive new comments, and WordPress sends me a consent to receive new comments.

  4. Jenelle posts “click bait” articles on social media, a person ‘clicks’ on it, and she makes money, each time. The articles are misleading, they have NOTHING to do with what they state. This article was about “celebrity” pregnancies. It was not about the Junkie, at all. Just a way for her to make money! Please don’t fall for these articles, these idiots just profit from it. Don’t help them out!

  5. Everyone needs to leave this family alone. Clean out your own closets, skeletons are hidden there…

    1. Then she Jenelle should have shut her f***g trap and got off of TV….then we wouldn’t be here. And my closet is clean. I don’t beat the shit out of my animals then shoot them ….then have the audacity to put it on social media

        1. I think about 3/4 0f the worlds population have the same opinion! These two are just oxygen thieves. I wouldn’t spit on either of them if they were on fire !

    2. Oh hi, Juhnelle. You’re right – everyone needs to leave this family alone. But not for the reason you put, Juhnelle. It’s because if we leave your family alone, maybe y’all will go away and you won’t be a blight on humanity anymore.

    3. Okay Jenelle. You never hid a skeleton, you just fling them around to get attention. No kids have been abused and no animals have been killed on my watch.

  6. Well maybe if they would charge his ass for the death of the dog, people would quit calling, huh?
    Disgusting pig!
    And I live not far from them low lives. Thank God the children are gone, maybe they will keep them away forever.

  7. Can the shelter put something on their voicemail recording saying “if you’re calling to report Jenelle, direct your calls to ###-####”? Maybe that would filter out at least some of the calls.

  8. As I said from the beginning, David is not going to be charged for shooting their dog that supposedly bit their kids. I don’t agree with it, but it is what it is. They also live in BumFudge North Carolina, so…country ppl are different about killing animals, farmers raise animals to slaughter them. I understand ppl’s initial outrage, and I wonder if these ppl understand that shooting a dog is not going to fall into a Murder charge. It just isn’t. The kids were removed after MANY issues with CPS and others involved in their life. The Nugget incident was just what pushed it to happen faster (thank God). Better to see the dog die, than one of the kids. Nugget’s death may have saved the kids. At this point, I have no sympathy for Jenelle and if something happens to her (we all know it will). I’ve been in abusive relationships myself – I used to be on her side, but at this point, she’s just being dumb. I’m also of the opinion that she stays bc she is afraid of the backlash she would receive about “another broken relationship”. 3 baby daddies – she is ashamed, I’m sure. No one sets out to do that, but she’s gonna have to put her big girl panties on and do what’s needed. I don’t think she’ll get the kids back, ever. I also think that her & David alone on The Land now, won’t last too long. MTV $$$ will be gone, and David will either hurt her/kill her, or dump her when she’s broke.

  9. Jenelle rang the authorities and “dobbed” David in ……. David “admitted” to the crime! WHY in the hell has he not been charged?
    No wonder phone lines are blowing up everywhere…People want answers , People who love and care about animals want

    1. Exactly. I didn’t call or message but I sure thought about it. I figured enough ppl probably already did….and apparently still are.

  10. Well, they need to realize these fans calling aren’t of the highest caliber in the brain department. Chage the message and add “if this call is regading the death of TM2 Janelle Easons dog, please contact the sheriffs office.” Add the number. Simple.

    1. These people aren’t bright = they won’t understand what that means and they’ll leave the message anyway.

  11. This IS the department that would remove the living animals on the land with probable cause. Animal control is waiting on the Sheriff departments outcome, as of now animal control has no evidence that the animals are being subjected to harm.
    The sheriffs office: still has an ongoing investigation,this is North Carolina so, it’s not like the statue is nearing an end..they’ll take the time they need.
    Now the tricky part: after the investigation is complete all the information will be presented to the prosecutor; the prosecutor will NOT take a case unless they feel they can win it beyond any doubt. They are looking for hard core, solid solid solid evidence, all the calls from viewers is unwanted hearsay.
    So, if the district attorney takes the case David will be served by the sheriff , should the DA think there’s not enough the case will then close.
    I think it’s fair to say that all of us want to see justice served, we’re going to have to be patient and let the law work.
    For those of us that are FANS of the show,we all know Jenelle will be the one to eventually give the police all the info that’s needed just as soon as she gets pissed at David and needs to open her big mouth.

  12. I don’t understand why is this devil of a man still not charged? He needs to be held accountable for his evil actions. David Eason is a pure evil and Janelle is a piece of trash for staying with this animal. The rest of the animalls nee to rescue from these 2 losers.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I don’t understand why is this devil of a man still not charged? He needs to be held accountable for his evil actions. David Eason is a pure evil and Janelle is a piece of trash for staying with this animal. The rest of the animalls nee to rescue from these 2 losers.

  14. These ‘fans’ really need to get a life. Yes it’s incredibly sad that Nugget died but harassing an animal shelter isn’t how you go about things. Since no charges has been filed then chances are very slim that the other animals will be taken.

  15. Another thing that annoys me is when they keep writing allegedly killed the dog are allegedly killed nugget. There is no allegedly he said he did it she said he did it and the kids said he did it

    1. It pisses me off when they just say shot the dog. No he beat and chocked him first. And was covered with blood I want them to get the whole mental picture.
      And please give the 911 Dispatchers a break they have no say in this fight and people are obviously making it difficult to do their job, when other emergencies could be happening.

      1. Exactly,,,,, It shouldn’t be made out to be just a matter “of putting this dog down humanely ”

        It was a vicious savage nasty MURDER!

  16. I understand why they can’t do anything about nugget but because of the situation can’t they remove the other animals from “the land”. And if not, information to the public who does have the power to remove them would be appreciated.

    1. Might be a chain of command thing – like the Sheriff’s depth outranks Animal Control. Like if the Sheriff AND CPS have *ongoing investigation* AC cannot supercede them an proactively remove animals or file charges. Idk how that works in NC, but I’d imagine if the Sheriff’s dept has issues with these people, they could most likely call AC to remove the animals at that point. Most government agencies will try not to step on the other’s toes

  17. I don’t believe anything’s going to come of this he’s never going to pay for killing that dog and neither will she they would have done something by now

    1. When the story first hit and I predicted animal lovers would be the end of Jenelle and Lurch, the story said “they (Animal Control/Sheriff’s dept) were trying to verify Nugget’s owner – if it was legally Jenelle, SHE would have to press charges” if that is the case, obviously Jenelle ain’t gonna press charges. If no charges are pressed, David very well could get off, even if he admitted to it, of Nugget’s death. Sadly alot of states do not presue animal cruelty. Especially if children are removed, they foolishly believe removing the kids are punishment enough. I still say Nugget’s death is not in vain, he saved those kids.

      1. @painintheash
        Let’s go have wine ? You hit the nail on the head, Jenelle is pretty much the keeper of the keys as far as David facing charges. A pet is considered personal property, not only was she the owner, she’s the only RELIABLE witness to what happened as far as the law is concerned. All of the Instagram confessions will come down to “ we lied for publicity”,it can’t be proven to be true unless Jenelle presses it. There was no other witness and no remains, so what do they have to go on? David’s sick post about nugget isn’t a formal confession…unfortunately, there’s nothing to go on.
        In this country you have a right to meet your accuser, there’s isn’t one in this case. As you pointed out, nugget’s death at least helped for the children’s sake. Although, I do fear that all of these people that are calling CPS are going to be a benefit to Jenelle. People that are admitting to not even be a fan of the show are calling CPS , this is character assassination, it’s fueling Jenelle’s side to say “ the kids were removed for vengeance,people don’t like her.”
        Again, I think your comment is soooo true and important, your thought process is spot on. I’d just hate to see the kids go home too soon , then it would all be for nothing.
        I hope all can have your open mind, let’s leave all our bitching and complaining right here ( to each other) and let the departments do their jobs fairly. There’s nothing left to do other than wait and see.

    1. Yes, ABSOLUTELY, Wildcat! I am someone who is familiar with the a$$wipe we know as Chinelle and her monster spouse. In no way could I be characterized as a FAN! That is the greatest insult: to call someone a FAN of The Chin and Sasquatch. LOL!

      1. that’s what she says but I guess she posted something on her Instagram or something I don’t know and then it came up on my YouTube feed

        1. She’s just desperately trying for clicks on her IG. I saw that post but we all know she isn’t pregnant.

      2. Getting your tubes tied doesn’t mean you still can’t get pregnant. Sure the stats are like 1 out of 200 but it still happens.

        1. She’s just desperately trying for clicks on her IG. I saw that post but we all know she isn’t pregnant.

        2. IF she truly got her tubes tied, which I doubt, she will not get pregnant. 1 in 200? I’m not sure about that stat, but that pregnancy could not continue, you know that right? It would be a medical emergency and she would have to have a D&C (abortion).

      3. But did she????
        Lurch says she didn’t, he’s a cunt, but he isn’t an habitual liar like jenelle.
        So who knows for sure???

    1. The post is simply a link to US magazine and their compilation of pregnant “celeb” bellies over the past decade. She isn’t pregnant.

      1. I honestly believe that her weight gain is due to the fact that they’ve had to cut back on the drugs !

  18. arrest him for animal cruelty arrest him do something for this atrocious act and people will stop calling. Maybe you should listen to the people that are calling. This is cruel Behavior what’s going to happen next

  19. I was one of the people who sent a message to the animal shelter. They responded swiftly stating they appreciated the concern but they were not able to handle it themselves.
    I am really impressed with the callers since we come from all around the world and are trying to see justice for this innocent dog. Everyone keep up the good work, but hopefully directed at the right department so we don’t tie up important lines of communication for other animals in need!

    1. I don’t believe anything’s going to come of this he’s never going to pay for killing that dog and neither will she they would have done something by now

  20. I have no idea why an animal shelter would be called about Nuggets death-what would they have to do with it? All of these misguided people think they are animal rights warriors when they are actually hindering a place that helps animals-you know animals that are still alive. I’m as angry and horrified at what happened as the rest of you but these calls are ridiculous and clearly being directed at the wrong place. They are basically making the “fans” who are outraged look like idiots. Get your ass off the phone and actually do something to help animals in your own communities.

    1. They did say a joint investigation was being conducted by both agencies. I guess people are just covering their bases.

    2. The animal shelter where I live works directly with the officers who are able to seize animals – no one is calling saying “a dog died!” we are all contacting whoever we possibly can to make this issue be taken seriously and to get charges laid and to get the rest of the innocent creatures off the land. I agree it’s not good that the phone lines are being tied up with something they can’t actually handle but the people calling ARE animal rights warriors desperately trying to help and I hope the overwhelming number of people up in arms will ensure this case is taken very seriously.

    3. Animal shelters handle cases of animal cruelty… that’s why. They are have law enforcement divisions to handle this. They don’t just adopt dogs.

    4. I agree with CasyDav… animal shelters are typically independent organizations. I think that people are getting them confused with ANIMAL CONTROL, which is the county’s legal arm for issues involving animals. And FWIW, animal control usually SUCKS when it comes to issues of animal rights. They’re run by officers that are pissed they aren’t patrol officers or corrections officers, not people that love and care about animals. They respond to calls about “hey, I have a raccoon in my yard, please come get it” or, “I found this cat at my house, come house it for 72 hours before you put it down, and hopefully it’s owner finds it before then”…

  21. Delusional long chinned turd and her demented, fermented turd of a husband. Hope they rot. How’s that MTV money going for you Duhnelle? Oh! No more vacays and new cars? Oh poor you…NOT. If I could flush them both down the toilet, I would.

  22. First of all, We are not fans! We want him arrested for the brutal beating and death of Nugget! And why do they still have animals on their property? They kids have been taken, but they just leave the other animals for that monster to harm?

    1. I thought Animal Control was being called about the other animals on the “land?” They need those out of there too!

  23. They aren’t calling just for nugget, they want all the animals taken off the land. The sheriffs office is too afraid of “the most dangerous man in 3 counties” and won’t do their job.

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