‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Gabriel & Raquell Brown Expecting Their First Child

“We did boom-boom in the Bush and now we’re havin’ a baby!”

The Brown Family is about to add another baby to the bush!

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown and his new wife Raquell just announced that they are expecting their first child. The newlyweds— who got hitched in January— told People magazine that the baby is due this fall.

“We’re so thrilled to share we’re expecting a new addition to our family this November,” Gabe and Raquell told the magazine, adding that Raquell’s official due date in November 10.

“God has blessed us in so many ways and we can’t wait to meet our little one this fall,” they said. 

Gabe and Raquell began dating in February 2018, after being introduced by Gabe’s younger sister Rain. They married in January, and renewed their vows last month.

“Gabe and Raquell are both adventurous, kind souls and I know they will be amazing parents,” Rain told People.

This will be the second grandchild for Gabe’s parents, Billy and Ami Brown. Their son Noah welcomed a baby boy, Elijah, with his wife Rhain in February.

The entire Brown clan will be back on Discovery Channel next month, when a new season of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ premieres on August 4. All of the family’s assorted weddings, pregnancies and births will be a main topic of the season. Discovery Channel already announced that a sneak peek of the couple’s wedding episode (which will appropriately be called “Wedding in the Wild”) is currently streaming on the network’s website.

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(Photos: Discovery, Instagram)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Why do they have to be secretive about everything? They just give you enough info but not what actually is happening. Frustrates me and I’m sure others, and don’t tell me privacy issues because if they want to be private don’t be on tv

  2. Why don’t they ever mention Raquell’s 2 toddlers to 2 other baby daddies? This family lies about everything. #Discoverychannelfail

  3. When is this phony bullsh*t of a show going off the air? Anyone with a brain knows this grifter family doesn’t live in the bush.

  4. Renewing vows after 25+ years.. makes sense. Renewing after a few months? Odd. I guess odd is their thing though, right? Lol

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