Amber Portwood’s Ex-Fiance Matt Baier Answers Questions About Her Anger Issues, ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ & More: “Amber’s Biggest Fear is Going Back to Prison”

“Let me tell you about life with Ambah!”

Amber Portwood‘s ex-fiance, Matt Baier, did his first interview last week, following the arrest of the Teen Mom OG star, and shocked fans when he defended Amber and stated that she never got violent with him during their three-year relationship. As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Matt and Amber broke up after appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition (where they got into some infamously brutal verbal fights).

After watching Matt’s interview on TMZ last week, ‘Teen Mom’ fans seemed to have a lot of questions for Matt — and so did The Ashley

The Ashley tracked Matt down and he agreed to answer questions— even the tough ones— that The Ashley and ‘Teen Mom’ fans had in regard to his relationship with Amber, as well as his interactions with Andrew Glennon, and more.

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber was arrested after Andrew accused her of hitting him with a shoe and her fist while he was holding their son. He also stated that she pulled a machete on him during their alleged July 5 fight. Andrew also accused Amber of being verbally abusive to him and having hit him on previous occasions.

Amber has been charged with three felonies, including domestic battery and is due in court on Thursday.

“Amber’s biggest fear is going back to prison,” Matt said. “Her second biggest fear, in my opinion, is having people think she hasn’t changed [since she was in prison].

“I knew what I had already confirmed in the past, and I know what’s out there, but I wasn’t going to pile on to anything,” Matt told The Ashley in regard to why he told TMZ Amber never got violent with him during their relationship.

“I said what I said!”

“People want to ask me if Amber is violent. Is she naturally violent? No. But I will say that Amber is very, very tough to bring down once she’s crossed a certain threshold [of anger].”

“When Amber gets past a certain point even just during an argument, she’s going to say things, horrible things,” he added. “You’re going to hear things you don’t want anyone ever saying to you. But, personally, I never saw her at that level of anger for more than about 15 minutes. Once it’s over, it’s over and it would be like nothing ever happened.”

He said that, during their time on ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ he saw Amber’s anger issues escalate.

“The footage from that show is a perfect view of what it looked like when Amber and I fought; it was no different there than it was at home,” Matt said. “That’s what scared me. When you’re in front of a camera, there’s certain things you can or can’t do, but during ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ she could not separate things, and was so angry at me or her mom her other cast for no reason.

“I wasn’t afraid she was going to hit me or whatever, but it was obvious that our relationship had come full circle and that it wasn’t going to work out anymore. I didn’t regret [the breakup]. It was the right thing for both of us.”

The Ashley went ahead and asked Matt more questions about his time with Amber…

Q: Fans are curious as to why you didn’t tell TMZ about the stuff you mentioned on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ regarding Amber allegedly getting violent with you. Did you lie to TMZ?

Matt: No, and I’m not changing my statement. That being said, I just don’t want to talk negatively about anybody for the sake of talking negatively. What happened between us has no bearing or relevance on her relationship with Andrew.

I think what people are looking for is her pattern or history [of violence] and you don’t need me for that. Anyone who watched [Teen Mom] has seen that. What I said [to TMZ] about Amber being a good mother is 100 percent true. It’s only my perspective, and I haven’t been around to see her with James. But I saw her with Leah. True, Leah wasn’t around all that much, but I never once saw Amber even raise her voice to Leah.

If I had ever seen a child being abused or hurt, I would not shut up about it. Ever.


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Can’t wait to marry this man in October taking pictures of Leah and Matt together😊

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Q: Around the time your relationship was ending, there were screenshots of text messages circulating that showed you with a bloodied face and a message implying Amber caused the injuries. Can you explain those?

Matt: Those pictures had nothing to do with Amber. If you notice on that message, there was nothing actually said about Amber. I don’t know who [published those messages], but it had nothing to do with Amber Portwood. I’m pretty sure I got the black eye after a poker game. 

Q: Did you reach out to Amber after her arrest? 

Matt: Of course I reached out to her. I texted her and wanted her to know I was thinking about her, and that she is strong and this will pass. I didn’t hear back from her and didn’t expect to. I also reached out to her when she had James. You have to remember, we were together for 3.5 years, and we pretty much spent 24/7 together during that time. I would have felt bad if I hadn’t reached out to her. I didn’t expect a response from her and that’s fine.

I didn’t ask her what happened because it’s none of my business. On reality shows, when people break up, all you see is them bashing each other. What’s the point? That’s looking for attention. 


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Sending love from LA💜💙

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Q: In the affidavit filed in court by Andrew, he stated that Amber has refused at times to take the medications she takes for her mental health issues. Did you ever see that when she was with you?

Matt: There were times for sure that she didn’t take her meds as scheduled. But— and I want this to be clear— when I was with her, she was still working out what meds were right for her. It was brand-new and some of the medications didn’t set well with her. She was still going to the doctor to try to find the right regiment. I have no idea what she’s on now. I did read something recently that said she didn’t want to take her meds because she wanted to drink, but I never saw her do anything like that while we were together. 

Also, I’ve never seen Amber do drugs, ever. I would be shocked if I heard that drugs ended up being involved [in the incident with Andrew]. She also wasn’t a big drinker when I knew her. Her take on it was that she could separate her addictions.

Q: You appeared on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ with Amber, which is where she says she met Andrew. Did you ever have any interaction with him during that time?

Matt: No, and it’s weird because the guy’s like 6’9 or something. When you’re on that show, you’re locked in that house for 16 days and you are not allowed to leave. You see people walking around all the time, and after a little while, there are so many people behind the scenes you don’t really pay attention to them. It’s totally opposite of being on ‘Teen Mom’ where you’re encouraged to talk to the producers.

On ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ they don’t want you acknowledging the crew. I remember talking to the cameraman between shots and he would not even acknowledge me or answer me. You’re always being watched and there are cameras everywhere but the bathroom. There’s no way Amber and Andrew were able to talk during the filming of that show, or sneak away. Everything would have been caught on camera. 

Q: After you did the TMZ interview, people said that you were just being nice because you were hoping Amber would want to get back with you. What’s your response to that?

Matt: Um…no. I love my life and I love my current relationship and wouldn’t give it up for the world. I have the best relationship. The [person] in my life is not a public figure and doesn’t want to be so I will not talk about my personal life. I will say, though, that people saying that I am defending Amber because I want to get back with her is ludicrous. 

I want nothing but the best for Amber and Andrew. I will always tell the truth about Amber– good, bad and ugly— but I’m not going to say something negative just to say something negative. I don’t do that. My history with Amber is different than hers with Andrew, so I can’t compare the two. I don’t know what their relationship is like. But any claims that I want to get back with Amber are absolutely ridiculous. 


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  1. The Ashley should have asked what his Twitter handle tattoo was, I’m still dying to know what he covered up!

  2. Does Matt think we forgot when he left Amber he took a backpack full of cash? Matt also kept Amber hostage in the house. He kept her drivers license so she couldn’t leave. OMG MTV has gotten Ghetto as hell.

  3. “If I had ever seen a child being abused or hurt, I would not shut up about it. Ever.”…ok Matt…but if they need child support, or a relationship with their father we won’t hear a peep from you.

  4. My husband and I met this dude in Las Vegas. I went up to him expecting him to be a total d-bag. I can’t believe I’m saying this but this dude couldn’t have been nicer. We asked him tons of questions about the show and he said nothing but nice things about Amber, Andrew and everyone on the show. Including horrible Farrah! We kept him there for over 30 minutes and he was so nice and genuine the entire time. He had no reason to be that nice to us. And he really didn’t need to say all positive things. My point is after meeting this guy I believe every word of this article. I had tons of wrong opinions about him until we met him. Everyone seems to hate the guy (I was one of them) and he was nothing like I expected. Even my husband said how nice he was. Totally unexpected. Maybe it’s time to give him a break. He really is genuinely nice.

    1. He is a con man. That is how they get you. It is all believable until you are left blindsided whispering to yourself I don’t belive it.

      1. I think people are going to be saying the same about Andrew in the future…..way better con man than Matt too

  5. “Matt: Of course I reached out to her. I texted her”

    Is this normal behavior? A married man texting an ex? To me it’s not and I would be mad af if my husband was texting exes.

    1. I do not find this weird at all. If one of my exes had a child, I would congratulate them es well and so would my husband. I think if the relationship is strong and you are secure within yourself it really isn’t a threat or a big deal. I am European though, so that might make a difference?

  6. An ABBA song comes to mind……
    Money, money,money………

    And I’ve been working, my way back to you girl

    1. A song comes to mind……
      Money, money,money………

      And I’ve been working, my way back to you girl

    2. Aww! Boo Hiss! I linked a video and everything in response to this and I guess @TheAshley removed it. Sorry Ashley, I wasn’t sure if it was allowed, but figured if it wasn’t, it would go to await moderation approval or simply not post.

      It was the video to that song by The Spinners!

      🎵I’ll keep working my way back to you, babe
      With a burning love inside (ECK! Would make sense with Matt though 🍆🔥)
      Yeah, I’m working my way back to you, babe
      And the happiness that died🎶

  7. Holy shite! Where to begin? Lets start with, “I’m pretty sure I got the black eye after a poker game.” Maybe I’m insane, but I think I’d CLEARLY recall if I got knocked in the peeper by someone at a poker game, or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s go one further considering this is Matt we’re talking about. I’m pretty sure that if someone decked that creepy geezer he’d be suing quicker than you can say “backpack full o’cash!

    For someone who supposedly has a fear of going back to prison, Ambien sure does play up her time in gel and how she was such a rill woman for going there and getting her act together for Leah, *eye roll.* I don’t think Amber gives two twirly phucks about going to jail because after all, look what these girls pull on the regular and they aren’t dealing with any consequences. Child neglect, endangerment and abuse. Animal abuse, rampant drug use, tax payment issues, blah, blah, blah. For someone like Ambien, with no education and clearly zero desire to aspire to be anything ever, except a rill G, making $300-$400k a year by emulating a sloth or beating up her baby-daddies and riding the media frenzy it creates to the tune of thousands of dollars in click-bait profits is purdy darned high-falutin’. If a few jail sentences come her way, I think she gives zero phucks about it.

    Matt’s mouth isn’t only full of smegma, but it overfloweth with heaping piles of fly covered lies on the regular. Remember, this is the guy who lied about how many kids he has, whether he’s ever paid support for them, about having this history of abuse and drug use. I don’t think Matt has uttered a single word of truth in his entire pathetic man-child life. If he has, it’s about as often as he takes a toothbrush to that gaping horror of a maw he calls his mouth.

    I think good ole’ Matt is definitely looking for a way back into Ambah’s flea ridden bed and piss covered couch. These two are like Jenny and Forrest, peas and carrots.

    Have fun getting chi-chi-chi-ha-ha-ha’ed 🔪 when Ambah finally snaps and is successful in actually hurting someone, you greasy sentient enema. It couldn’t happen to a bettah guy!

    1. @BRUJA…….👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽
      You’ve nailed it….
      Excellent and true comment.

      1. Thank you, though apparently my opinion ain’t too popular! 🤣

        hehehe, I can handle it though, I’m a rill woman! 😁

  8. I wonder what kind of con this dude is running now. Didn’t he try to cozy up to Farrah first, then moved on to Amber when she didn’t take the bait? A real winner, this guy.

  9. I agree with him and I said that from the beginning about how if he was just doing this for attention or money, that he would have said things AGAINST Amber to make her look bad because he would have gotten paid tons for that and got a lot of Amber bashers would have supported Matt and since he never had that, it would have been nice for Teen Mom fan base to like him for once. But he didn’t do that. He didn’t sell her out or throw her under the bus and I respect the guy for that. That’s a stand up thing to do. I think Andrew is shady and he’s suppose to have a ton of his own money, which makes no sense of why he is going after Amber for child support and suing for her to cover his legal fees, that’ don’t sound right to me. Where is all this wealth of his that I keep hearing about? I mean damn, he is being incredibly cruel to Amber. I am going to wait until I hear Amber’s side of the story on things. Innocent until proven guilty.

  10. He’s a proven con artist and liar, so whatever he says or doesn’t say hold no weight at all. This scum bag will never tell the truth about anything!

  11. Well, all I can say after reading this article is Matt is by far the most decent person who ever appeared on this shit show, Oh, and Mimi Jen, she is pure gas.

  12. You forgot to ask why his current wife, Jennifer, filed for child support. Their relationship sounds “wonderful”. Also, abandoning your kids DOES hurt them, Matt.

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