‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Tells Fans “Remember Who I Am Not What You Hear,” While Andrew Glennon Insists He Did Not Setup Amber

“We can quit each other, but we can’t quit social media!”

As the drama between Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon brews on, both continue turning to social media to reference what’s going on between the two of them, albeit, in very different ways. 

Amber, who The Ashley told you was arrested July 5 for domestic battery after allegedly attacking Andrew with a shoe while he was hold the couple’s infant son James and also for pulling a machete, took to Instagram on Monday—less than a week after a judge lifted the no-contact order, allowing her to see James—- to show appreciation to one of her supporters of the four-legged variety. 

“Every morning this beautiful soul is right by my side to make me feel comfortable when I’m a bit down..remember who I am not what you hear,” she told her fans. “Still sending all my love and prayers to everyone in need and I won’t stop helping even when I’m going through pain.”


While Andrew’s past few posts have echoed a peaceful and positive vibe similar to Amber’s, he’s (continued to) indulge some of his followers by engaging in the comment section, denying rumors and attempting to defend himself from some of his critics.

In one response, Andrew defended himself after a person insisted he and Amber’s current situation was something he had planned all along.

In another reply, Andrew expressed that he envisioned a life with Amber that included a mansion, though currently, Amber is living at her mother’s house while Andrew continues to live with James in the house he and Amber were sharing. Andrew went on to say that what happened was in no way part of his plan to “trick, entrap or deceive” Amber.

He also took a moment to throw some shade at Amber’s ex-boyfriend Matt Baier—a controversial character from her past who has spoken out about the recent situation as well. 

“ … There isn’t a sinister scheme behind everything in life, Dr. Evil. Sometimes life just does what life does and HAPPENS,” he explained. “I saw us in a mansion and my vineyard producing… and with brothers and sisters for James. I plan for the best and to help those I love, not to trick, entrap or deceive. You’re thinking of Matt Baier.” 

“What’d I ever do to you, Andy?”

Another one of Amber’s exes, Gary Shirley—- the father of her daughter Leah—- has continued to stick by her side following her latest run-in with the law, even appearing at both of her recent court dates to show his support. On Monday, Gary reiterated on Twitter that he has Amber’s back, noting that all he asks is for Amber “to be happy & healthy” …and that everyone continue watching ‘Teen Mom OG,’ of course.   

The Ashley will continue to keep you updated as the Andrew/Amber saga plays out…

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Twitter) 


  1. I’m just gunna stick to the facts here… AMBER was the one who got arrested YET AGAIN for beating up another man, while a child was present, but this time Andrew was holding their infant son in his arms and HAD to call the police on her! The police and CPS both found her guilty AF of charges! This was NOT over some fireworks bullshit, nor was it some strummed drama for TMOG! It’s as simple as if Amber would take her meds and not drink alcohol or do any other substances, like she did with Gary, things would go a hell of a lot better for her! She’s not 17 any more, she needs consequences for her actions these days! She’s already lost Leah do to the first one, one would think she’d learn from it! Why she wanted to bring another child into this world, when she can’t even take care,nor does she want to see her 1st born, is beyond me! Andrew is a wonderful dad, and an all around great guy!
    As for Gary… OMFG… Please have several seats! Of course you want another season of TMOG… You don’t have a job otherwise! If I have to hear another fake AF lie about how many “jobs” you do have, I’m gunna scream and puke! You’re only job is to sit on your recliner and talk bad about Amber! So how you’re on her side now is revolting!
    As for Caitlyn…. You are not a prime example of a great mom either… So you can have several seats with Gary too! I’d understand if you were there for Amber because the both of you have mental illness issues, but to say that you’re there as great moms is such a stretch!
    Ok… Rant over!

  2. Why would Andrew stay in the same house as Amber? That part makes NO sense. If someone hit me with a shoe and used a machete in a fit of rage, I would move out. I thought there was a no contact order and that James was supposed to be on supervised visits?

  3. I get it if a man hits a woman its abuse, if a woman hits a man she was forced to do it, it must have been entrapment, it was something HE did. He must have made her mad.

    And now you realize you’re no different from men who say ” she was asking for it, look at what she was wearing. Either way you cut it is sick.

  4. The comment made by Hannah ad Lillian should be reported and removed. Who is allowing rhem to post these off color comments? While my comment is waiting yo be approved….

  5. First off, me and my sister wear our hearts on our sleeves and take things VERY personal!!! If you come at (innocent or not) we snap, and vice versa I am sure. I am getting on here to apologize because Hannah doesn’t have the guts to get on here, apologize and mean it (I can’t believe she is OLDER)

    Hopefully people will see (and read) this post and accept out apologizes.

      1. There is no help for a person who wears their heart on their sleeves. If there were, we would seek it.

        1. What does wearing your heart on your sleeve have to do with anything?
          I wear my heart on my sleeve & i dont snap at people.

    1. You and “sis” or you and your other personality? *gives side-eye* 👀 You sound like fucking Gollum/Smeagol. “We wants you to fuck off! No, no, Hobbits, we’re sorry! We didn’t means it!

      What the fuck is going on here at The Ashley lately? The crazy is seriously crawling out of the woodwork here!

      1. Bruja……

        I’m so so glad your back, you and your comments have been missed.

        You made my tea, go up my nose 😂😂😂👍🏼☕️👃🏽

    2. You can’t always be snapping on people. Trust me I was the same and than I started shutting people out so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. All you end up doing is hurting people and pushing them away. Got make some changes in your life, take to a therapist.

  6. Okay, so why hasn’t amber kicked his butt out so she can hurry up and fix the door she machete the heck out of? LoL none of it makes sense. Someone said he has a very good job so that mean he can afford a rental. This is ridiculous.

    1. Her lawyer probably told her it would make her look bad if she kicked him out while he has custody of the baby.

    2. If it was only him, sure. It is about James. If he really wanted to screw Amber he probably would get a rental and everything needed for baby James at her expense, since SHE caused this to occur. She is actually lucky that he is simply staying at the house for James and didn’t leave her and James behind which does happen a lot. You think he wants to stay in his abusers home,where multiple attacks have happened? It is much more about James’ comfort. At least he has the brain to understand that. It seems maybe even Amber geys it since she is staying with her mom and allowing it. You sound ridiculous!

    3. If it was only him, sure. It is about James. If he really wanted to screw Amber he probably would get a rental and everything needed for baby James at her expense, since SHE caused this to occur. She is actually lucky that he is simply staying at the house for James and didn’t leave her and James behind which does happen a lot. You think he wants to stay in his abusers home,where multiple attacks have happened? It is much more about James’ comfort. At least he has the brain to understand that. It seems maybe even Amber geys it since she is staying with her mom and allowing it.

  7. Who does she think she is helping and how???? So delusional. Shouldn’t she be attempting to help herself? I mean it’s kinda too little too late but…

    Can’t understand why she hasn’t been fired yet.

    1. She is a little delusional because her teen mom fans reply to her on twitter and tell her how she’s helped them. Not sure how 🥴🤣🥴

      1. Wow, it amazes me the comments being made that are defending Amber over Andrew. He has tried to stick by her as she goes through her mental instability. But, how much more can he allow to go o with his son being in danger of getting hit with a shoe,or a machete being used. You all have seen her attack Gary when Leah was little. If you care for…pray she gets help and takes her meds. Andrew stop liaten8ng to ppl’s comments and take care of the baby.

  8. I have an couple questions, what would Ashley’s Reality Roundup do if all the drama shows on MTV, TLC etc stopped filming? It would have to shut down, right?

  9. She needs to b fired. Being viloent against Anyone should b reason enough. All she talks about is her mental illness,she obviously needs some serious in patient help, not reality tv.

  10. I feel sorry for Andrew. My God even if he did cheat people cheat and get divorced everyday. But that dosen’t give Amber the right to attack with a machete. Take your son Andrew. MTV needs to cancel the Teen Mom shows they are a joke, None of them are teen moms with teen mom financial problems.
    Amber needs to be in jail not followed around by MTV and her cast minions. Such a joke

    1. @Jessica there are og’s of the show that have raised their children exceptionally. Maci has done a great job. I feel it is good for young teens to see how they struggle and how it wasn’t a picnic when the babies were born. Yes, there are a few that have crashed and burned, Amber being one, Farrah the other. These are the og’s. Don’t have much to say about the other teen mom shows.

  11. I believe Andrew! Amber has done this b4 she is capable of doing some serious damage! And I think supervised visitation for her kiddos is in their best interest!!!

  12. Amber, please leave this site. Rounduppers are tired of you starting stuff for no reason. Turn off your phone, and go back to your couch.

  13. It’s pretty shitty that MTV runs off to film this in court and offers no formal statement on the topic of violence. I wouldn’t care too much if they stayed low key while this plays out in court, they didn’t though – they’re by her side filming it.
    We all need to pull together for an episode and turn off teen mom ( no recording either) let the ratings hit an all time low that night, just to take a stand and get the point across that the viewers are appalled at their form of entertainment.

    1. Shows how much you know, if you actually watched the show you’d know that cameras aren’t allowed in the courtroom. That is why Kail’s mediation with Jo wasn’t televised and none of the court stuff involving Jenelle and Kieffer/Jenelle and Nathan/Jenelle and Lurch or Jenelle and Barb were televised and neither was Ryan’s court appearances!!!

      1. We watched Jenelle in court when she attacked Nathan’s gf. Family Court is different because it involves minors so no they don’t televise that. Criminal court on the other hand is very different, have you never heard of CourtTv??!! Most trials are open to the public and televised … educate yourself!!! Unless they make a special request or the judge decides based on certain circumstances of the case, cameras are very much allowed in the court room.

    1. 🖕🖕🖕!!! FYI I am 5 years clean and sober and Lillian has been clean and sober for nearly a year!!! Not that it is ANY of your business!!!!

      1. Ugh then this is the monster YOU r when u r sober thats even worse. U made it my business when u came at me, miss badasswithafingeremoji i just assumed you must be drunk texting cuz you are a complete bitch and a bully and u r totally freaking out on strangers online. Not the epitome of rational sober behavior.

  14. “remember who I am not what you hear”

    -Amber Portwood

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

    -Maya Angelou

  15. “Remember who I am, not what you hear?” Amber you’ve already shown us who you are and it’s not pretty. You have a horrible mouth, you like to threaten people in live videos, no less and you’re physically violent. This violence didn’t happen one or two times. It’s happened MANY times!! Actions speak louder than words. I don’t think you should be throw out with the trash, you deserve love and support too but I’m shocked at the behavior of some of your close supporters. They’re blaming Andrew? Fucking seriously?? You physically attacked the man you claimed to love and now you say this was a set up by Andrew. How fucking delusional are you people? Amber if you want us to care, admit to what you have done. Take responsibility even if it means jail time. You’re not even owning up to what you did and you’re blaming and shaming the victim. And you want to feel good about yourself? No wonder Leah doesn’t want to be with you. She’s probably afraid you’ll beat the shit out of her too. I mean hell, you went after Andrew while he was holding your baby son. You don’t give a fuck about anyone. Your so-called friends aren’t doing you any favor by being yes-men. They need to feed you a hard dose of reality. I don’t care what Andrew did. That behavior is unacceptable. I hope you go to jail for many many years and they cancel the shit show and make everyone get real jobs.

  16. I can only imagine what those cough cushions smell like. That combination of wet dog plus Ambers farts must be intoxicating.

  17. I don’t believe she’s crazy and violent Bc of rumors I have heard, I believe it Bc it’s what I have seen.

  18. Until other information comes out. Iam on Andrews side. I think he’s well educated and came from a different world than Amber. I think Andrew tried to help her. I think he truly loved her. I just think Amber needs to find the love she sends to people. Amber is angry. Once again people Andrew has money. I don’t believe Andrew is a Matt or a Javi.

  19. Lol girrrrrrllllllll……you might want us to forget who you are lol, because we all “remember” seeing you in action whoopin the hell outta Gary on that staircase.

    She really needs to get off social media, leave TMOG for her own sanity, and cut any toxic people out of her life…some people can handle fame from an early age and transition into functioning adults…Amber, Jenelle, Rhine, Farrah, and Adumb clearly couldn’t make that transition and it’s kinda sad.

  20. Off with this show!!! She has anger issues and is she an abuser?Attack the person who was abused?? Gary she attacked you. So hang together for a paycheck. Disgusting. No Gary. No watching any new episodes of this need to be gone from TV show.👎👎

  21. Um, Amber, are you sure you want us to remember who you are? Because, we have watched you be volatile, angry, violent, abusive, and selfish. And that’s why so many of us don’t doubt that you flew off the handle and attacked Andrew while he was holding James. That behavior is right up your alley from what I *remember.*

  22. Don’t worry Amber we all remember that your a convicted felon. And having mental health issues is no excuse for physical violence. I think it would be very smart for all parties involved to stay off of social media until after the trial is over.(even tho we all no that’s not going to happen)

      1. Actually @haveseveralseats, being a felon IS illegal!!! That is the ultimate meaning of the word FELON!!! A felon is someone who does something ILLEGAL!!! You must be one, or else you’d be smart enough to realize that!!!!

        1. Omg u r literally the dumbest person I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing from. It is not illegal to BE a felon, when u commit illegal acts you are classified as a felon. It is a name for people in society. Just like when u talk stupid shit online u r are classified as an idiot and a troll, hannahbananalilliansmeagol

        2. @Hannah – it’s a joke referring to keiffer. We ALL get it except you, you obviously don’t watch the show. Does your mommy know you’re on here?

          1. Yep she knows!! She’s looking down on me and Lil saying “you tell them baby girls!!”

          2. Lol my fav part is she still dont get it 😂 bless u for trying Bailee but this person was obviously raised by wolves

  23. Who does Amber help from her couch? Maybe she should help herself, and James & Leah, and get her lazy, entitled ass out of the bed/off the couch, out of the onesie pajamas, and into school or something to help HERSELF instead of worrying about helping others. Amber is always too damn worried about what everyone thinks of her.

    1. You can help without having to PHYSICALLY do something. People who say something to motive a person is HELPING!!!

      1. Lol even when she talking about her dog it’s all about what he does FOR HER how entitled

        I know shes trying to show her better side in this post but it isn’t helping, rather it highlights how everyone wishes she had the same calm meditative medicated state of mind when dealing with the actual humans in her life.

        1. OoOok lillianhannah and btw if u think any1 is buying that goofy sisters excuse for your trolldom expansion pack u must be blinded by your amazing new middle finger emoji

  24. Who does she think she is helping? And helping with what? If she really wanted to help others, she’d enroll in school, get a degree and actually help people. You don’t help people by acting a fool!

  25. The victim blaming going on here is making me fucking sick!! If Andrew had gone after Amber with a machete while she was holding James, he’d probably still be in jail! And I can absolutely GUARANTEE that NOBODY would be asking amber ‘what she did’ to piss him off!! She basically admitted she did it, of course she’s going to deny the machete & downing Klonopin parts because even SHE knows that sounds bat shit crazy!

    1. Yes!! I totally agree w everything you said. I can’t believe the comments that are asking “what did Andrew do to make Amber mad!?” Like seriously WTF!! 1st I didn’t know he had control over closed rds on the 4th of July lol..but even if he did push her buttons (which I doubt) that doesn’t give her the right to go after him especially when holding the baby. She’s insane & if it were a guy who did that to Amber he wld still be in jail

  26. I think Andrew is a good guy. Amber has a track record of putting her hands on the men she is in a relationship with, and you could see her getting visibly agitated with Andrew many times in this season and last, for the littlest things.

  27. I believe Amber!! I don’t trust Andrew !! He is a leach he talks so sweet but i would too if I was lying and wanted everyone to believe me.he want Ambers money just doesn’t want Amber

    1. Why wouldn’t you trust Andrew? He’s back a police report. Are the police lying too? Are you also 12 by any chance?

    2. I do think something is off about him, the way they met is weird and he knew what kind of personality she had before pursuing her, I think he sought her out because she’s vulnerable so it’s hard for me to see him as genuine, not defending her actions at all either ….

    1. I don’t think this was a set up or planned.

      I feel for those suffering mental illness but also for those who care about them. It’s tough for both.

        1. Hypocrite.

          Sorry they didn’t have an emoji for that word but its super similar to your favorite 1

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