‘Counting On’ Stars John-David & Abbie Duggar Are Expecting Their First Child

“I can’t believe there’s a little Dug inside of me!”

The Duggar Family baby boom continues!

John-David Duggar‘s wife Abbie is the latest Dug to announce she’s been sperminated! The Counting On stars announced their big pregnancy news in an interview with People magazine on Thursday. (Naturally, the announcement was aviation-themed because, in case you haven’t heard, John-David is a pilot!)

“We are on Cloud 9 about welcoming our own little Duggar into the world,” the couple told the magazine. “It really is amazing to think about being parents and having our own child to raise.”

The couple held a baby onesie that said, “Baby Passenger On Board” as they sad smiling in a plane.

In a video made for TLC (and posted on the Duggar Family’s official website), John-David and Abbie reveal how they found out Abbie was pregnant.

“We went to the Urgent Care because I was feeling a little under the weather, and then she said, ‘Oh, and by the way, we always do a pregnancy test and yours came back positive,” Abbie said. “And I was like, ‘WHAT?! I think I’m gonna cry out of excitement and shock.'”

“It’s not the way she had planned to find out, but we’re so happy,” John added.

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A pilot’s dream world! ✈️💕 #OSH19

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John then showed off some of that Duggar Homeschooling knowledge by talking about the odds of the baby being a boy or a girl.

“When it comes to the gender, I think it could go either way,” he said. “I’ve been thinking girl for a long time, but I also think it could be a boy. I’m kind of telling myself it’s going to be a boy.”

As ‘Counting On’ fans remember, JD and Abbie got hitched (with an aviation-themed wedding) in November 2018. Their marriage came after a lightening-fast courtship of just one month. John-David proposed (aviation-style, naturally) in July of that year.

Nearly every married Duggar (or their spouse) is currently pregnant, or was recently pregnant (except for Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo). In addition to Abbie, Kendra Duggar and Lauren Duggar (wives of Joseph and Josiah, respectively) are pregnant, as is Anna Duggar (wife of Josh). Jessa Seewald recently gave birth to her third child.

Sadly, Joy Forsyth was recently pregnant, too; however she and her husband Austin suffered a tragic miscarriage of their second child last month.

John and Abbie talked about how excited they are to become first-time parents.

“I’m really looking forward to having a little one around,” John said. “I’m really just thrilled and just excited for the next step in our little family’s life, as we expand.”

Abbie’s “expansion” will surely be a topic of discussion when the new season of ‘Counting On’ premieres in October on TLC.

Watch John-David and Abbie talk about the pregnancy below!

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(Photos: TLCme, Instagram)


  1. The first ever Duggar to not take a pregnancy test at 10 DPO.
    Kind of ironic considering her medical training.

  2. I pretty sure if anyone enters a Duggar house it must smell like my first dorm room in college. It was a nice mixture of jizz, lube, Busch lite and Right Guard. Not going to lie, the young ladies did like it!

    1. Even worse, she’s a nurse! You’d think not only would she know better than to waste urgent care doctors time with just feeling under the weather, but she’d also know that if she’s having sex, not using protection, and now she’s feeling a little sick, that she’d easily be able to figure out that she could be pregnant and to take a test at home!

  3. She’s 27 and he’s 29, will be 30 by the time he becomes a father. Those two are the only ones I can be excited about because they actually have careers they pursued before getting hitched!


    1. I wouldn’t say there the only one’s I would be happy. Jinger and Jeremy seem like responsible people/parents. But that’s my own personal opinion.

  4. This fertile family has to be hard on Joy and Austin. They will say they are happy for them but you know deep down it hurts.

  5. I’m also convinced that there was some pre-marriage hanky panky going on between Jill and Derick because when they found out she was pregnant they had been married for 6 weeks but she was 7 WEEKS ALONG!!!

    1. That’s only because in the US our way of counting weeks of pregnancy starts on the first day of a woman’s most recent period – two weeks BEFORE actual conception. So the moment a woman conceives she is considered “2 weeks” pregnant.

      1. Oh. Sorry, that was an ignorant ass comment on my part about Jill and Derick. Thank you @TJL for straightening me out.

        1. Not a big deal. I think it’s a very common misconception. I admit it would be fun to have a little Duggar pre-marital sex scandal. Unfortunately just adds up to be a honeymoon baby. Oh well.

      2. Btw, it’s not only in the US. Technically a woman is considered pregnant two weeks before actual conception takes place.

  6. Ashley – I don’t think it’s right to call what happened to Joy a miscarriage. I consider that a stillbirth. As someone who has experienced both miscarriages and a stillbirth of a child at 32 weeks, calling it a miscarriage kind of diminishes the horror of what happened. My miscarriages, although tragic and so sad, were absolutely nothing compared to losing my daughter weeks before I would have held her alive in my arms.

      1. Thank you. Still trying to figure out why someone would thumbs down me for my comment. Didn’t think I was offensive in any way?

          1. If you vote wrong keep pushing on the other one and eventually it corrects itself.

      2. You have two 👎 @STEPH, now I’m starting to lean more towards someone being spiteful because there was absolutely NOTHING offensive about your comment.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, I too had a miscarriage but you are right I don’t know how I would have survived a stillborn. And I did not know Joys was a stillborn my heart breaks for anyone going thru this.

      1. I am sorry for your loss @ROAST BEEF. I have fortunately never had to experience this kind of thing. But my sister gave birth to my niece back in 2012 via c-section, she was 3 weeks and 1 day premature and died 2 days later of severe brain damage. We all hoped that since she survived the birth (the drs said that she would die once the umbilical cord was cut) that maybe things would be okay. But they weren’t. I used to look back on it with regret because I never got to meet her, hold her, kiss her, etc. But now I look back on it (nearly 7 years later) and I am actually glad that I never got the opportunity to do those things because when it comes to babies and small children I have a HUGE heart that just melts and I become attaches VERY quickly. It was hard enough looking at her pictures, baby blanket, and the little ringlets of blonde hair that they cut from her head the day after she was born.

          1. I’m so sorry for your miscarriage @Roastbeef. I would never wish the pain of that on anyone.
            I feel even worse for Joy knowing the pain she feels, but also knowing that she’s a child who was never allowed to feel any emotions outside of ‘happy, joyful woman.’
            She won’t be given the chance to grief this loss properly, and that’s so sad to me.
            @Hannah, my condolences to your sister and to you and your family. My thoughts are with you all.

    2. Sorry for your loss, I have had a early miscarriage and that was hard, but stillbirth is a fear of mine. My kids are my life. I will a candle in honor of your daughter.

    1. Out of all the men on this show, I think JD would be the best father to a girl (other than Jeremy). He’s always seemed to respect his sisters more than the other boys do, he constantly praises Jana’s ability to do work that’s traditionally more Male, and his wife had a career before marriage.

      1. I agree. I was just thinking about Jim Bob, Josh and all the “men” and their thought processes about what a woman/girl’s is expected to do in a marriage and/or courtship.

      2. What worries me the most @Magan is that if this a girl, Jim Bob, Josh or someone else from the family who believes that a girl’s only expectation is too get married as quickly as possible and have children to expand this “family” (it’s more like a cult in my mind) will get ahold of this child and brainwash them to think the same way!!!!

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