Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Heeey Tyler! Guess what time it is again!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

More Baby Fever! Teen Mom Madness: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Says She’s Wants Another Baby ASAP 

More Info on Geoffrey’s Crazy Past! Starcasm: Details of Future “90 Day Fiance” Star Geoffrey Paschel’s Insane 2019 Arrest

Meet the ‘MAFS’ Couples! Reality Tea: ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 10 Premiere Recap

It’s Over (Finally!) The Blast: ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Christy McGinity Settles Nasty Divorce with Todd Gibel

Tania Blasted! The Hollywood Gossip: “90 Day Fiance” Star Tania Maduro Called a “Raging A**hole” By Sister Tiana Christian 

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  1. Catelynn should stick to raising unicorns or the cactus that died on the kitchen windowsill in season 6 lol. No more kids for money. IIRC there was a kid they gave away because she was so gung ho about motherhood. eyerollllllllll

  2. The only thing Cate needs ASAP is both her and Tyler (who thinks it’s ok to continue to create children with this woman because he wants a son!!) getting fixed!

    She doesn’t even take care of the kids she has now.
    Yes, PPD is horrific but you can’t keep using that as an excuse when you have the resources to seek help (many women don’t) and refuse to do so.

  3. Sure Cate, with you PPD and dropping the two girls you have at April’s every chance you have (not to mention not really caring about Carly except for the obvious “GIVE HER BACK TO US!” you scream at BrandonandTheresa (even tho they are MUCH more suitable to raise her, not to mention she now has a family she is attached to and loves them)), the best thing for you to do is to have another baby! And if it happens to be a girl? No worries, Tyler won’t stop knocking you up until you birth him a boy or kill yourself, whichever comes first. Yes, I think he is that selfish, you had post partum with both of your latest pregnancies (not sure about Carly’s).

  4. Ugh, Cait needs to stop with the babies. She barely tolerates them and there are more than enough people on this planet already.

  5. Tania is horrible! If her and syngins roles were reversed, people would be screaming that he is a piece of trash and for her to leave him. She could have at least set him up with some friends or something to do while she was gone. Totally selfish girl.

  6. Cate makes me sick with her baby fever bs. We all know she leaves the kids she does have at the drop of a dime for weeks at a time. The last thing any of them need is another spawn, just give it a rest already. TM2 won’t last forever but the needs and wants of all your children will be and we all know you have squandered any and all funds on numerous useless purchases and failed investments.

  7. Tania is a mess, I wonder how she can sponsor her fiancée when she is living in her mothers shed and probably doesn’t have a job since she was able to up and go to Costa Rica for a month. I’ve wondered the same thing about Robert as Anny, if he has 5 kids and lives in a one bedroom apartment how can he possibly sponsor a K1 visa?

    1. Maybe that is why they live that way, in order to have the money to sponsor? I have no idea but they must be getting a decent amount from appearing on the show so maybe that is how 💁

      1. Nah not likely assets – for that you need three times the amount that they list for income so it’s hard to do for someone who doesn’t have a good job recently.

        Most likely they have a joint sponsor – you can have never worked and still petition someone so long as you can find another person in the US to act as a joint sponsor.

        Typically they only get a few thousand to do the show – about enough to file all the fees for the forms and do the other requirements like medical exam but not enough to save for the financial sponsorship side.

        I did a fiancée visa thing – it was easier than the spousal visa due to family stuff but in the long run the spousal visa is a better option.

      2. I believe the income for the show is not enough. Nicole needed her father as a co-sponsor for her Visa for Azan

        1. Nicole, what a mess. She would probably have a bit of money if she wasn’t sending it all to Azan. This whole situation is just the worst. Poor May.
          I don’t even like Nicole 55 percent.

    2. She’s clearly a spoiled little girl that never had to get a real job (she’s a “bartender” and a professional protester). Her sister is spot on – I hope that Syngin gets away from her crazy ass.

    3. They are the most disturbing family this season imho. The mom is a POS and her daughter is not far behind. I don’t even particularly like Sinjin (cant stand the way boers talk or look) but they are just crappy people. Lotta hurt and anger in that family.

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