‘Sister Wives’ Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: Hopeless House-Hocking & a Holiday Ambush

Our reaction to the wives choosing to stay married to Kody week after week.

Pack away the positivity and throw on something dark and brooding — it’s time for another episode of Sister Wives

This week’s episode kicks off in Las Vegas where Janelle is back in the Cul-de-sac of Broken Dreams, armed with her awful open house signs and a fresh dose of desperation for her bi-monthly attempt to unload the two Brown family homes that are currently on the market. 

“Well, I’ve managed to stay married to Kody without ripping that stupid ponytail off his head so I’m pretty sure I can do anything!”

While Kody was initially apprehensive about Janelle taking on the role of listing agent, Janelle guilted him into it and assured the family she could handle it and that it wouldn’t be too much for her. 

Not to add any pressure to the situation, Kody continues to remind the wives that every month the houses go unsold, they are inching closer to financial ruin.

If only they didn’t have to make that very senseless and expensive move to Arizona! 


When all of your wives want to tell you that you’re the reason they’ll be living under a bridge in Arizona in a few months…but they don’t…

Despite Janelle’s best efforts (aka a sad faux floral arrangement placed on the kitchen island) the homes have yet to get any love. 

(Janelle really missed the mark on getting people to come to her open houses. She could have done a catfish-frying demo in Meri’s kitchen, given people a chance to take photos at the famed wetbar and in the bathtub Maddie gave birth in…the possibilities are limitless!)

Back in Flagstaff, it’s the week before Christmas (2018 mind you…this show is literally years behind!) and Christine is getting into the holiday spirit by picking up some pillow cases she had embroidered to say “home is where your wives are.” Ordinarily we’d throw some shade at this sort of thing, but honestly, it’s nice that the wives will finally have something to put over their heads when they go out in public with Kody. 

Polygamy-themed pillow cases: what every sister wife who’s embarrassed of her husband wants this Christmas!

Continuing in her holiday giving, Christine picks up a puppy for Gwendolyn as a way to bribe welcome her into the new Arizona home, which she admits she isn’t too fond of. However, the excitement of the puppy quickly wears off when Truly reminds her mom that she’s afraid of dogs, wants a cat and is also unhappy in Arizona. 

“Does anyone have any negative feelings about gerbils? Speak now or forever hold your terror!”

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve and the Brown girls are whipping up breakfast while secretly hoping that their wack-a-doo parents will surprise them and give them what they really want this holiday season: a move back to Las Vegas and/or emancipation papers. 

Little do they know, their father has a very different surprise in store. 

And it involves a slide show presentation. Dear God, haven’t these children suffered enough!?

First, he piles a concerning amount of bodies into the living room at Christine’s house. (WHY NOT HAVE EVERYONE GO TO MERI’S MANSION INSTEAD?!)

Kody prepares the family for a video presentation and is acting all weird and shifty, so everyone knows he’s about to drop a bombshell on them. The older kids all do their best to look interested, but you can tell they’re just waiting for Dear Old Dad to come up with yet another self-indulgent, self-serving idea that will wreak havoc on everyone’s lives. 

“We’ll light a candle for you little ones who still have to live with this crazy person…”

Kody says he’s worried his family will have “prejudice” toward his big idea. 

Um….maybe that’s because ALL OF THEM have told you the one thing they DON’T want is to live in a big house that they can’t afford with a bunch of other women they can’t stand. Just sayin’.

Kody begins his slideshow, announcing that this is “his house” and everyone is confused.

“You’re moving out?!” one person yells hopefully. 

Kody tells them that, once again, he’s pushing the “one house” idea, but this time he’s spent a ton of their rapidly-dwindling cash to have plans and photos drawn up.

“Raise you hand if you’re excited!”

Naturally, his wives are initially confused, as they all think they’re going to be getting their own Flagstaff McMansions. It’s no surprise that pretty much everyone is upset about Kody’s Polygamy-Barbie Dream House vision.

Just when you think Kody’s face couldn’t get any more punchable, he tells everyone to hush up and he refuses to answer any of their questions until his keynote presentation is complete. Of course, this only gives the Sister Wives more time to become more worked-up by his ludicrous proposal — aside from Janelle, who actually seems pretty into the idea. 

“You know….those polygamy pillowcases could also come in handy if we were to smother someone…you know…hypothetically…”

Kody tells us that his “one house” idea is really special to him and that his wives should be willing to make “some sacrifices” to make his dream a reality.


After Kody wraps up the virtual tour of his dream home, he does nothing to help his argument by announcing to the group that he “needs a break from this sometimes” and that he may also want a cabin where he can get away from the tension of the big family (that he willingly helped create) from time to time. 

“You guys really need to take my feelings into consideration. If I get too stressed out, my hair may start falling out and then we all lose.”

Everyone stares in disbelief. This is the same man who, just days ago, was bitching about being close to financial ruin because they already own so many houses, but now he’s saying he wants to buy/build TWO MORE.

Kody then spins this conversation into whether or not he and Robyn should have more kids, whom he can also avoid occasionally… in his cabin. 

“Lord give me the strength not to lock Kody in Meri’s elevator until he gets this idea out of his thick head!” 

That’s all for this week! 

On the next episode of ’Sister Wives,’ Kody proves that he must have a build-up of hair gel in his ears, making him unable to hear ANYTHING his wives are saying.

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(Photos: TLC) 


  1. I don’t understand how he can be all mad when this whole move was HIS IDEA! I also don’t understand how all 4 ru es just sit there and don’t point this out to him! He is the biggest man-baby I ever seen. And why would the other wives get jealous or mad if they saw him leaving on a date with another wife??? I don’t get that AT ALL.

    1. Personally I would never stand for a man who makes all the decisions without talking it over with everyone first. It affects everyone and no one has a say so in the matter.its his way or the Highway

  2. The crazy eyes when he is explaining his grand idea of building “his home”! Come on ladies, its 4:1 if you build this monstrosity you are trapped forever, earthbound and eternity. The genius of uprooting 1000 people from the dessert (Los Vegas) to another state without a sound financial plan is crazy. His depressed uprooted children are just being difficult towards him! Run Meri, you’re legally out.

  3. I can understand why these people want their own homes even Cody. But why do they have to have such expensive and lavish homes when they admittedly say on television they are very financially stressed . When someone is financially stressed they don’t live beyond their means and I mean these homes that they are insistent on having are very luxurious . Get real and get down to earth . If this polygamy thing works so great for you then work together as a team and really live as separate families that can get together on special occasions and really enjoy each others company and ladies if you really look at each other as sisters then really love each other as sisters

  4. I haven’t kept up with this show but I think I remember that their other plural house had multiple kitchen and such. Wouldn’t it just be easier to build and stay in a house instead of moving so much? I mean also if they build a house for all of them why not just do a house with multiple bedrooms and baths and 1 kitchen and maybe a basement kitchen. So it would be easier to sell if moved.

    It also doesn’t make much sense to me that they want to live separately when it is a plural marriage. Wasn’t the idea of living together? I don’t agree with it but why get into it when you don’t live with the husband or woves full time, when you are supposed to be a family together?

    1. I agree with you. It seems like it would make most sense to make a kind of “quadplex” style home that could be appealing to investors that would then rent out units individually.

      1. Actually I think ALL woman in polygamist relationships hate each other. They are just brain washed/born into believing it is what they’re supposed to do

  5. Why would you put the design on the pillowcases vertically instead of horizontally? For some reason this personifies the fact that everything these people do is at least slightly fucked up.

  6. They’re already struggling to sell the Vegas homes for a profit. Yet they’re going to consider building a 4 wife polygamous specific house. They really learned a lot!

    1. They struggled to sell their plural home in Utah which has probably has the highest need for this style of home state wise. They sold it at a major loss what do they think will happen if they build the home Kody wants and he has the itch to move again?

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Every week I watch in dis-belief that this Kody dude has survived this long with these women! First of all his hair is HORRIBLE! His ideas are….f’d up! He wants to bring more children into this craziness? Notice that none of his children want to be polygamist? And last but not least, how can they afford any of this? I found it hard to put one child into college never mind his brood! Just insanity!

  8. Why did they move in the first place? Nevada has no state income taxes. They actually moved to a state where they would have to pay more taxes.

    1. Because Robyn wanted to be close to the college her son is attending. She’s the master mind behind the move to AZ which dumb AF. I don’t think that she thought much about when he graduates in 4 years other than she personally is done with moving and doesn’t want too. All the others know better from experience that Kody will never settle down in one place he’s constantly on the move. The other motive to move is they have a balloon mortgages and they will be expected to pay up if they don’t unload the houses in Nevada and they obviously don’t have the cash for that lol.

  9. Kailyn did a click bait on Kobe Bryant’s death. What a piece of shitz. No one is surprised. She did a click bait on Mackenzie’s mom too. The Dejesus sisters did a click bait on Kobe too. Keep supporting trash. Shitz Show.

  10. Oh, this recap is everything. While I also cannot understand who (besides The Ashley [thanks for taking one for the team!]) is watching these fools, I’m glad TLC is airing them ONLY for the recaps!

    1. I watch the show! It’s perfect, when you need something brainless to watch. Also you can feel better about yourself, when you see these fools on tv.

      Can’t wait them to build “Kody’s Polygamy-Barbie Dream House” and film it. Oh the drama!

    1. What I don’t understand is, how is this even illegal? Polygamy is more than one legal wife. He’s only legally married to the one. It’s just a married dude with “side chicks” lol. Am I missing something??

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