Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Ditch the deviant!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Duggar Drama! The Hollywood Gossip: Amy Duggar Blasts Josh Duggar in Tweet; Begs His Wife Anna To Leave Him

’90 Day’ Idol! Monsters & Critics: “90 Day Fiance” Star Elizabeth Potthast Wows Fans With Her Amazing Voice

Janice Speaks! Page Six: Janice Dickinson Says She Does Not Regret Offensive Things She Said on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Years Ago; Claims She Was “Acting” 

WTF? Heavy:  ‘Summer House’ Star Paige DeSorbo Slammed After Making “Tone Deaf” Comments About Working Women 

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  1. Amy STFU already. Yeah, we saw you blasting Josh AGAIN. Anna won’t say “Jeez, Amy is blasting my dear husband, the husband God chose for me, and saying he’s a psychopath. I bet she’s right, I’ll file for divorce immediately”.
    Anna didn’t file for divorce after everybody found out what he did to his sisters, or after he cheated on her repeatedly or after the FBI found thousands of pics of CSA in his computer or after he was convicted for those pics. She won’t leave him because you posted ANOTHER rant on your social media. Mind your own family and go away

    1. Seriously. She’s using CSA and their marriage and their names and the victims all for clicks and views. She’s so transparent it’s embarrassing.

  2. Amy should write Anna a personal letter of concern out of love and stop blasting this mess on social media. If Anna doesn’t respond, move on.

  3. Amy King needs to find a new way to garner attention for herself. Unless Anna gets de-programmed, she is not going to leave Josh. Why not use the influence the show has brought you to help others heal from abuse? Or volunteer for an organization that helps these people?

  4. Janice meant every word she said.
    Life long drug addict. She bragged about having no filter. This was no act. That’s who she is.

    I noticed Tyra’s nonpology. “Sending love” is not an apology. Funny how vicious Tyra was to innocent girls but when the media got on her, it was a problem.

    Cancel them both.

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